No Free eCards in Afghanistan

A myriad of questions that persist following the recent unification of President Obama with Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai. The agreement marks the transition of responsibility and leadership for the people of Afghanistan for their own security as U.S. draws down to continue with 23,000 troops to leave Afghanistan this summer.

The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), whose main role is to help the Afghan government in establishing a safe and stable environment, will have the responsibility to support more - but are still available for fighting if necessary .

There is no certainty vis-à-vis the field conditions, the ability of the Afghan security forces, and the extent of U.S. involvement beyond 2014 when the people of Afghanistan are expected to be fully responsible.

What we know for sure that the final settlement of the notion of war is closely associated with the majority of Americans. Many are tired of war because the number of casualties, impede the development, and the suspected corruption of the Afghan government.

At least 1,842 U.S. military personnel killed in Afghanistan since US-led invasion in late 2001.

A Reuters / Ipsos poll on May 4 were found in seventy-seven percent of Americans say they want all U.S. combat troops leave Afghanistan in late 2012. It does not include the trainers and Special Forces. 73 percent said they did not want the United States to establish permanent military bases any in Afghanistan. The poll has a credibility interval of plus or minus 4.1 percentage points.

Management complexity and cost estimates related items of the future impact of spending is a major concern. President Obama will act to properly resource the Afghanistan war. Many of the problems faced before he took office can be avoided with proper management during the Bush administration.

Since the attacks of 9/11, Congress approved a total of $ 1,283 trillion for military operations, base security, reconstruction, foreign aid, embassy costs and veterans' health care for the three operations initiated.

Congressional Research Service (CRS) estimates that operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), including primary Afghanistan and other Global War on Terror minor (GWOT) running up from the Philippines to Djibouti, has received a $ 444 billion ( 35%) to total $ 1,283 trillion.

If not for the transfer of the Iraq war, the costs of reliance on the Reserves and National Guard can be reduced. 82800142000 active duty soldiers stationed in Iraq between May 2003 and January 2005 was deployed to Afghanistan instead. Reserve cost more than active-duty personnel during the war because of the additional costs to pay for full-time rather than part-time salary.

Moreover, the costs associated with contracting with the private military security companies will be less. Private security guards working for Blackwater in Iraq, in 2007, earning up to $ 1,222 a day to more than $ 445,000 a year. Compare with an Army sergeant making $ 140 to $ 190 a day in salary and benefits totaling $ 51,100 to $ 69,350 a year.

But what it is.

It is a documented fact that Operation and Maintenance (O & M) funds to grow faster than the army. O & M is used for transporting troops and their equipment to Afghanistan, military operations, the country providing support to the base, and the repair of war worn equipment.

Operation and Maintenance (O & M) funds almost doubled between FY2004 and FY2008, from $ 42.0 billion to $ 79.1 billion, an increase of $ 37.1 billion.

However, the number of troops is an important factor driving the cost of the war in Afghanistan. The Administration cited $ 1 million per troop per year in Afghanistan to justify the extra $ 30 billion request for FY2010.

Downsizing forces are a major part of the Obama administration's plan to save $ 259 billion over the next five years and $ 487 billion in defense cuts over 10 years.

FY2013 Department of Defense (DOD) budget request includes $ 613.9 billion total budget authority indiscretionary: $ 525.4 billion for the "base budget" that is called (not including operations in Afghanistan and Iraq), and $ 88 , 5 billion for war costs, or "contingency foreign operations" (OCO).

Overall, the demand is less than $ 31800000000 customized for DOD in FY2012, with most reductions were noted by the continued withdrawal of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Additional funds are needed and getting support from other agencies that will not happen without incident.

The successful transition to Afghanistan requires the cooperation and assistance from various donor countries. No doubt, every country will show their expected benchmark for signs of improvement to request funding from their legislatures.

It is the objective of the upcoming Summit North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that President Obama will host in Chicago from May 20 to 21

Earlier this month, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen stressed the importance of Chicago in the peak month for the future of the Alliance and its mission in Afghanistan. He said Peak is one of Chicago's important to Alliance consists of 28 independent member states. The top has three main objectives: Afghanistan, capabilities and partnerships.

There is an aura of optimism among the allegations.

Department of Defense on May 1, when the background briefing on the 1230 Report on Progress toward Security and Stability Section in Afghanistan, in Sr.. State Department official said: "There - we slowly but surely making our one billion euro to the challenge. So we hope to make it. "


Pacers-Heat Preview

MIAMI (AP) minutes before the Miami-Indiana series begins Sunday afternoon, NBA commissioner David Stern was pressing in court for serving Heat forward LeBron James the league MVP award for the third time.

If the scene goes like Dwyane Wade hopes, now more about motivation than the peak for James.

'' The goal is to become the best player at the end of the season,'' Wade said. '' But if he can take a bit of history along the way, I do not think he was mad about it at all.''

So the MVP trophy given is repeated Saturday and Sunday for the ceremony will be removed, and the chase to the others - to be presented to the NBA title - resume for the Heat.

Lead in the Eastern Conference champion opened the second-round series at home against the Pacers, who won the last meeting between the clubs in the regular season after losing the first three matchups.

Some time before the series was dominated by discussions about how the failure Heat Pacers insist their way to call the referee, but the verbal jousting never really took off. NBA realized, however, the Indiana coach Frank Vogel fined $ 15,000 on Saturday for comment'' about how the judge should lead the Pacers upcoming series' with Heat,'' the league said.

And while noting that the heat can be a strong favorite, certainly bears noting that 46 Miami win was the fourth best in the NBA during the regular season - 42 wins are the five best Indiana, suggests may not be such a big gap between the clubs as some may think.

'' I think good,'' Vogel said Saturday before his team head to Miami, and a few hours before fine was announced. '' You do not know how it goes after you get out there, but as we are ready we have for every game this year and I feel good about what we can do.''

He should, given the way the club is playing lately.

From 1 April, counting both regular season and playoff games, Indiana is 16-4 - the second best record in the NBA during that span, following only the 18-2 mark of San Antonio. Pacers scored nearly 101 points on average in their last 20 games, sixth best in the league entering play Saturday.

In short, the Pacers - who beat Miami 105-90 in their last meeting on March 26 - gets hot at the right time.

'' I think this is what we all live,'' Pacers forward Danny Granger said. '' Big stage, big time, playing a team that everyone is talking about. This is definitely the place you want. ... I do not know if it's about respect. It's about basketball. It's about finding the better team. We're a good team. They are a great team. It is a battle.''

Miami did not agree with that assessment.

'' That they much different team in the last six weeks,'' Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. '' We feel that we do too. We watch some movies of the last two games (against Indiana), it is not really recognizable. Our energy level at that time, but also how we played offensively -. There are many different things from our point of view''

It is a different series for the Heat's first-round of the New York Knicks, for many reasons. Indiana started the front line of Granger, David West and Roy Hibbert stood 6-foot-9, 6-9 and 7-2, respectively.

In the last game the team ', Indiana outrebounded Miami 49-33, with three players making a lot of damage. Not surprisingly, the rebound is a point of emphasis on skills ahead of the Miami series.

'' It's a physical series,'' said Miami Chris Bosh, to see time at both power forward and center in the series. '' There are many violations were released, but we do not have to worry about foul trouble. Of course, we not only foul them. Free throws were a big part of the efficiency of their attacks. So we need to have a good balance between the two. We need to wisely use our offense but try not to litter in action shot.''

Surprisingly, one of the reasons Wade feels like Miami should be in a position to win this Sunday is as disappeared last Sunday.

Heat swept the Knicks in Game 4 of the first-round series, but Wade missed a wild shot at the buzzer and the New York extend the match by winning two points. Miami closed it at home on Wednesday night.

Clearly, Miami would rather win the match and swept the series. But Wade said the benefits to play a fifth game in the series is that Miami does not need to sit for a week and wait for the second round. Heat set off on Thursday, Friday and Saturday practice, and Wade figures that they are still keen for Game 1 against the Pacers.

'' The best thing for us is to keep playing and stay in our rhythm,'' Wade said. '' You want to kind of stay in the flow of things. And we are ready to get out there. This is a special day, a chance to share what LeBron and this team is working for all year round with our fans before the game and we'll go from there.''


MVP James gets 32, Heat top Pacers 95-86 in Game 1

MIAMI - LeBron James promised rest. Never came.

MVP is not important, not after he and the Miami Heat struck the first blow against the Indiana Pacers.

James receives MVP trophy from commissioner David Stern third before the game, then scored 26 of his game-high 32 points while playing every second of the second half - add a season high 15 rebounds and the Heat survived a rough stretch to beat Pacers 95-86 on Sunday in Game 1 Eastern Conference semifinal series from them.

"I just looked straight into his eyes and said, 'You can not flat-out tired, period," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. "And he made the MVP plays at both ends of the court."

Dwyane Wade scored 29 points for the Heat, who won the match but lost to Chris prank for the second half and maybe. Prank scored 13 points before leaving at the end of the first half because of lower abdominal injury, the team said he was scheduled for an MRI exam to determine the severity.

"Hopefully (Monday) we get good news," said Wade. "We all just want to make sure that Chris is healthy. So that everything we know today. Our brother will go (Monday) to see if he can get out there and play with us. If not, then we have someone going too big. You can fill the shoes Chris Bosh, but you can have some people go. So we'll see. "

David West and Roy Hibbert each scored 17 points and combined for 23 rebounds for the Pacers, who got 10 points each from Darren Collison and George Hill. Indiana controlled the first half and stretched by the Trail no more than two points at any time until the fourth quarter, when it outscored by 25-16.

Indiana shot 50 percent in the first half, 30 percent in the second.

"We started getting defensive stops," said James. "We started to get things rolling."

Game 2 is Tuesday in Miami.

"We apologize, not just here to play. We are here to win, "said Hibbert. "We have to win Game 2 and come back stronger."

Playing under the stars, James and Wade picked up their game after the break fit. They combined for 42 points in the third quarter and fourth, four more than the entire list of Indiana. Pacers scored 16 in the fourth, and with James that much alone.

"We're definitely going to let this go," said George Paul Indiana. "Looks like we should win this one. All this room knows we need this game. "

All is not certain until the last moment. Create a 3-pointer of the hill with 4:51 left, taking in Indiana within 86-85. But the Pacers answered their final nine shots of the game, James has a dunk in transition to make it 90-85 with 4:10 left, and jumper with 31.8 seconds left to wrap Heat victory.

"It was a battle and we know, apart from being home, being away, we play, what the circle, it is difficult to win in the playoffs and you have to fight for every single property,"; Spoelstra said. "And that's what it is."

From his seat a few rows above the court, it feels like Stern knows what will happen long before that.

Stern was on hand to present James with the MVP trophy in a pregame ceremony. Then, in a television interview in the game, Stern told ABC that James only "warm up" in three MVP, a total of only seven other players is reached.

"He's a good player," said Stern. "He's so strong and so powerful and so determined when he decided to take over the game, he is a rare spectacle."


Duck Dunn, Bassist in Booker T. and the MG’s, Dies at 70

Duck Dunn, a simple yet inventive bass playing anchored the hit track lots and help determine the Memphis soul music, died Sunday morning in Tokyo, where he was on tour. He was 70.

His death was announced online by the guitarist Steve Cropper, old colleagues and fellow members of the quartet of Booker T. paper and the MG, said Mr. Dunn died in his sleep but can not determine the cause. Mr. Dunn and Mr. reaper held the Blue Note Tokyo in a band of Stax Records alumni.

As the bassist of the population in the Stax studio in Memphis for Most of 1960, Mr. Dunn gave a solid, classic soul blues records like Wilson Pickett "In the Midnight Hour," Sam & Dave " Hold On, I'm I'm Coming, "Albert King" Born Under Bad to sign "and a long string of hits by Otis Redding, with whom he and other musicians of the Stax studio also performed in the Monterey International Pop Festival in 1967.

Stax recordings, known as their raw soulfulness that, down-home, a noticeable difference in favor of slickness friendly rival Stax, Motown. Mr. Dunn has been playing an important element of the sound of Stax.

Booker T. and the MG (the initials stood for Memphis Group), whose members - Mr. Dunn, Mr. Cropper, drummer Al Jackson and Booker T. organ Jones - as the core of the Stax studio band, has some impressive hit singles himself, including "Hip Hug-her" and (Mr. Dunn is not playing the first and biggest hit, " ; onion "Time Is strict." green, "which reached No. 3. on the Billboard charts in 1962 because he helped another group member, the Mar-Keys, which has its own No. 3 hit in 1961 with a ) The team is not unusual for the period of "Last Night" that integrates race:. Mr. Cropper, Dunn and Mr. White, Mr. Jones and Mr. Jackson is black.

After Booker T. and MG was disbanded in early 1970, Mr. Dunn remained active in Stax as a session musician and occasional manufacturer. He also performed or recorded with a long list of famous artists, including Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Levon Helm, John Fogerty and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Evaluation of a concert by the Mr. Clapton in 1985, Robert Palmer of The New York Times praised Mr. Dunn as "probably the most elastic rock bassist impeccable" and said that his presence lift band "on its own level of play. "

One of the most high-profile sideman work with Mr. Dunn of the band back to John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd in their incarnation as The Blues Brothers, a mixed repertory plays Chicago style electric blues with Stax-style R & B. The members of the band, which also includes Mr reaper, is used and the role of music in the 1980 movie "The Blues Brothers" and also the latter outcome, "Blues Brothers 2000" (1998), starring the Mr. Aykroyd and John Goodman.

"In addition to Booker Band, this is the most fun band I ever," says Mr. Dunn vintage guitar magazine in 2007.

Booker T. and MG that reunited periodically, even if they have no regular drummer after that Mr. Jackson was shot in 1975. Then their performances include a tour as the band behind Neil Young in 1993. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame than in 1992 and received a life achievement Grammy award in 2007.

Donald Dunn was born in Memphis on November 24, 1941, and earned the nickname as a child. After Mr. Cropper, a childhood friend, started playing guitar, electric bass Mr. Dunn took - because he likes to say, it has two lower string guitar - and both are working around town while still in high school with a band that would become Mar-key. He followed Mr. cropper on Stax studio and is a member of Booker T. and mg of the mid-1960s.


Andy Pettitte’s return sparks climb in Yankees ticket prices

Earlier this year, in the middle of Spring Training, it was announced that the 39-year-Andy Pettitte decides to retire, signed a minor league contract with the New York Yankees. Late mean that he would be willing to join the team until about May, and at that moment as if the Yankees face the problem of too many pitchers and not enough places in the rotation. However, the underwhelming performance from the likes of Phil Hughes and Freddy Garcia, management and fans are more than ready to Pettitte on returning to the big leagues.

Tuesday brought the announcement that Pettitte would be the beginning of the first in the majors since 2010 this week, May 13 against the Seattle Mariners. Period of 72 hours before the announcement, the average price for a ticket to Sunday's match is $ 53.23. With 24-hour period after the announcement, however, the average ticket price rose 49% to $ 79.14. Pettitte excitement surrounding the return of activity to be encouraged as well. Our estimates indicate that 2050 tickets have changed hands in the secondary market of 24-hour period after the announcement, which marked an increase of eight times the daily average for the transaction of the previous 72 hours.

If the activity and average ticket prices continue to rise, Sunday's match could end up being one of the most expensive home on the Yankees' yet this season. Not surprisingly, the Opening Day of the fight against the top spot with an average ticket price of $ 177.42. The only game behind the fight 14 April against the Los Angeles Angels, who have an average ticket price of $ 77.39. Due to recent price hikes, average for Sunday's game is easy to do at or above the 14 April game against the Angels. That being said, fans can still see Pettitte's first start for as little as $ 15 of Section 419 races. For those with deeper pockets who are looking to get a little closer to the action, Legends seats in Section 18 may have $ 1,030. To get the latest information about ticket prices and availability, go to the event SeatGeek for this game on Sunday.


Andy Pettitte Makes First Start Since Retiring Before The Original Roger Clemens Perjury Trial

Earlier this week, Jon Heyman writes that something funny about Andy Pettitte is not trusted now because he said something that could potentially help Roger Clemens, when being cross-examined by attorney Roger Clemens is. Never mind that the type of point of cross-examination, but why not write a different article? Something like Andy Pettitte can not be trusted because he had stopped before Roger Clemens he is not subject to control media for the entire period of 2011-original case was ruled a mistrial in the middle of -July on the second day of testimony, and now unretired because he has done trial.

Before making the announcement to stop, Pettitte Favre played the game for several years, but he came from his best season since 2005, the time that he is tucked safely away in the NL Central. After a groin injury limited his movement, he ended the 2010 season with a 3.28 ERA and 1.271 whip, again, the best from his days in Houston AL Central. And, Pettitte did not blame injuries for his decision to stop. He specifically says it does not matter. "" I know that my body will get to where it needs to, but my heart is not where it needed. "He also specifically denied that the Clemens case has to do with his decision, but then there is a woman that quote.

He also said that he sat for the 2011 season, but opens the possibility to return to the mound in the future.

"I can say one thing: I do not play this season, I can tell you that 100 percent." He said. "But I guess you can say no."

Andy Pettitte, covering all the bases. This is so strange to think that Pettitte (and maybe even the Yankees) decided it was best to sit for the summer during the trial and then again when it is completed? It is very easy. His testimony is quite far from the new season does not matter much (less maintenance and fewer these days, anyway). He made the stunning "ah, shucks my wife said to me 'crazy driver, I have returned! He was "routine. Jon Heyman laugh. The Yankees will go through spring training and the beginning of the season and everything is great.

Mistrial may have been mucked about the plan, but not all that much. Pettitte decision to come back late in spring training so he is still with the team when he gave his testimony to a new trial. Earlier in the week of Pettitte has WFAN Mike Francesa and respectful (he was the Andy Pettite, after all) refused to answer questions about his testimony.

Tremendous regard Pettitte is one of the good guys, so not much is done too clean "about-face," while much has been done to "change" should be the witness-which, again, is Under cross-examination where the enemy to lead the witness to certain questions and carefully chosen words. Clemens lawyer now, surprisingly, that the testimony of Pettitte was discarded, because they claim it is not consistent.

Real contradiction here, however, the possible reasons for retiring and unretiring of Pettitte. They can be completely altruistic. Maybe he did not want to put the team and organization in a position to deal with trouble-it is still not open. And, the day he made a return, no one really seems to talking about it. But it does not matter, Yankees two and a half games behind Baltimore in the AL East and you can not have too much pitching.


Mariners dispatch Yankees to spoil Andy Pettitte's return

New York - Andy Pettitte repeatedly shook his head, smiled and glanced at the interview table in the room while he tried his "aw shucks" way - to find something that makes her return to the big leagues feel weird.

Pettitte will be back on the mound for the Yankees Sunday, begin delegated to worship while pitching the seventh inning despite giving a pair of two-run homers in the 6-2 loss to New York for the Seattle Mariners.

As if he never left.

"I can not believe how comfortable it is to me," Pettitte said. "I do not know how to explain it."

Almost lost amid the excitement over the big league appearances Pettitte's first since retiring after the 2010 season are invited Kevin Millwood performance for Seattle - aided by three double plays. 37 years old Millwood (1-4) gave three hits in seven innings and earned 2000 th career strikeout as Seattle avoided a three game sweep.

Pettitte Yankees try to avoid their old friends from the allocation of losses in a rally in the eighth against Seattle four relievers. Robinson Cano walked with two outs Charlie Furbush bases loaded to make it 4-2. Mark Teixeira, though, the strike to end the inning.

The lovefest for Pettitte (0-1) begins when the lefty appeared in a number of players in a video welcoming fans at Yankee Stadium after batting practice. The cheers grew as he walked out of the bullpen warmups and the fans rose to a standing ovation when the five-time World Series champion teammates followed to the field for the first inning.

"I think it was so horrible I was so excited I know we lost today and that is what many people will focus on the -. I really care about it, "said Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher. "We have our son back."

The four core members even got special treatment from being bleach. They solve their protocol after the apple and starts the song to Pettitte that most of the 41 631 who attended to join in on. These creatures usually do not include pitcher start when calling a player's name in the first round.

Yankee Stadium got a terrible calm, though, when Casper Wells homered in the sixth to give Seattle a 4-1 lead in the first season, opposite-field drive of the net on the right-field pole. Justin Smoak homered for Seattle's first hit with two outs in the fourth.

Pettitte will return more important to the Yankees because their rotation is struggling, with Freddy Garcia relegated to the bullpen. But through the first five-game homestand, the starter is 4-0 with a 1.31 team ERA, and Yankees manager Joe Girardi thought their performance would take some pressure of Pettitte.

39-year broad chest seemed calm as usual in the first major league start in 573 days, since Game 3 of the AL Championship Series against Texas On October 18, 2010. He Sat last season before deciding in mid-March to make a comeback.

In his hat pulled low, and peered over his glove held in front of his nose, as if No. 46 had never left New York.

"To me it looks like he does not answer the Beat," Girardi said.

After the leadoff batter of the Swisher caught Dustin Ackley flies to right to jump the wall, Pettitte walked Wells. Then he Ichiro Suzuki to ground into a double play. Pettitte walked with two outs Alex Liddi second but Mike Carp grounded to end the inning.

Not allowed to hit two outs in the fourth, Pettitte walked the former Yankees expect him to sniper and Smoak lines from Homer to the left. Typical Pettitte showed little emotion on the mound.

Wells homered after a leadoff single in the sixth Ackley. Mariners then loaded the base with one to three straight singles but Girardi stuck with Pettitte, and redness for the first reason. Teixeira stepped on the base and threw home, and catcher Russell Martin is characterized by sliding sniper.

The gunman, wearing pink shoes for Mother's Day, limped off the field.

Pettitte back for one batter out of the seventh and induced 12 groundball her. He left a strong praise in the following 4-1 and waved to fans as he entered the dugout.

"There is no question in my mind how it will all play for me," Pettitte said. "It's not about a beginning. I'll measure it was successful or not returned at the end of October. "

Millwood nearly answered the 2011 season as well, but not by choice. He spent most of the small to the Yankees and Red Sox before joining the Colorado Rockies rotation in August. He signed with Seattle on this offseason.

"I think he's tremendous today," said Mariners manager Eric wedge. "He is a very good job on his secondary stuff."

Millwood has a little trouble with his best start this season. With runners on first and second in the third, he's Derek Jeter to ground the first of two double plays.

Jeter also hit into inning ending double play after Martin Millwood walked to force in a run in the fifth. The Alex Rodriguez grounded a sharp 6-4-3 double play after a leadoff walk to Curtis Granderson, one of four layers with at Millwood.

"We've had some big double plays," Millwood said.

Millwood fanned Granderson leading from the fourth to 2,000 th strikeout of his career.


Rangers' Josh Hamilton bashes four home runs

2008 Home Run Derby shades, except as.

Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton, who put on a great show of power a day before the 2008 All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium, becoming the 16th player in history to hit four home runs in the game when he connected with the eighth inning Tuesday against the Baltimore Orioles right-hander Darren O'Day.

MARK box: Rangers 10, Orioles 3

All home runs in Hamilton two-run shot, others come first, third and seventh round as the Rangers beat the Orioles 10-3. He also doubled in the fifth and finished 5-for-5 with 18 total bases, which made the American League record and fell one shy nucleus to mark the league.

"It is clear, in addition to the World Series, major league highlight of my career," said Hamilton. "I was told after I hit the two I've hit three in the previous game, and what a blessing. Then press the four is just horrible feeling, to see how excited I missed my teammates.

"It reminds you when you're in Little League and a small child, and just the excitement and why we play the game. Things like that. You never know what might happen. This is just an absolute blessing. "

Hamilton connected off the inaugural two times before facing Jake Arrieta lefty Zach Phillips in the seventh. Hamilton is hitting .378 off left-handers in and pounce Phillips as well as new delivery record for the next round of binding hard off sidearming O'Day.

Hamilton, a free agent after this season, becoming the first major league goes away four times in a game for the toronto blue jays' Carlos Delgado on 25 September 2003 on the then-Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

And it marked another milestone in a career that might not ever be threatened by Hamilton with a good record battle with drug addiction and alcoholism.

"This is an absolute blessing," said Hamilton ESPN. "For all I've gone through, are in a position to do so is respect."

Hamilton even make it sound easy.

"I do not need to make power. I just need to make solid contact. You know what? "He asked. "Work. I just need to put a good swing, and it will go. "

"He did a lot of teams in baseball,'' said Manager Buck Showalter of the Orioles." He's a great player, very good player. He is one of the best players in the game. You can see why. "

Hamilton, 30, set a career high with eight RBI and now has 36 for the season, in addition to 14 home runs. Both the amount of lead the majors.

Career high for home runs in a season is 32, made in 2008 and in 2010, when he was named the AL MVP.

This is the first time in major league history to Homer four games and a perfect game - in this case, thrown by Phil Humber - occurred at the same time.


The 16 players in history to hit four homers in a game:

Player, team competition Date

* Josh Hamilton, Texas on September 8, 2012 vs. Baltimore

* Carlos Delgado, Toronto on September 25, 2003 vs. Tampa Bay

* With Shawn Green, LA Dodgers May 23, 2002 vs. Milwaukee

* Mike Cameron, Seattle on May 2, 2002 compared to the elegance. White Sox

* Mark Whiten, St. Louis on September 7, 1993 vs. Cincinnati

* Bob Horner, Atlanta on July 6, 1986 vs. Montreal

* Mike Schmidt, Philadelphia on April 17, 1976 compared to the elegance. Cubs

* Willie Mays, San Francisco on April 30, 1961 vs. Milwaukee Braves

* The Rocky Colavito, Cleveland vs Baltimore June 10, 1959

* With Joe Adcock, Milwaukee Braves on July 31, 1954 compared to Brooklyn

* Gil Hodges, Brooklyn on August 31, 1950 vs. Milwaukee Braves

* In Pat Seerey, elegant. White Sox on July 18, 1948 vs. Philadelphia Athletics

* Chuck Klein, Philadelphia on July 10, 1936 vs. Pittsburgh

* In Lou Gehrig, NY Yankees on June 3, 1932 vs. Philadelphia Athletics

* At Ed Delahanty, Philadelphia Phillies on July 13, 1896 compared to the elegance. Cubs

* Bobby Lowe, Boston Beaneaters in on May 30, 1894 vs. Cincinnati


North Carolina passes Amendment 1 banning same-sex unions

North Carolina voters approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union only between a man and a woman, a defeat for supporters of gay rights.

It has become the 30th state in the union to perpetuate the constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in his country. Same-sex marriage is illegal in NC for 16 years but can now only be legalized by a popular vote.

With more than 97% of the area around the report Tuesday night, again unofficially showed the amendment passing 61% support and 39% against. The amendment states that "marriage between a man and a woman is a combination of domestic law only applicable or recognized in this country".

North Carolina is one of several state elections are closely monitored by a wider audience on Tuesday. In Indiana, Senator Richard Place lost re-election bid in primary states, 36-year career that ended in victory for the Republican state treasurer, Richard Mourdock, which is supported by the Tea Party and the National Rifle Association.

In Wisconsin, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, won the Democratic gubernatorial primary election to recall the circumstances, which prove him to fight the Republican governor, Scott Walker, in June.

Tami Fitzgerald, chairman of the NC vote for the Marriage, the main group behind the amendment, said: "We're not anti-gay, we are pro-marriage point is not to rewrite the nature of God's design for marriage-based. needs of a group of adults. "

Supporters celebrated the victory with a tiered wedding cake at a party at the North Raleigh Hilton Hotel. They say change is needed to stop the test to define marriage and prevent future action by the judge.

Gay and lesbian rights group expressed their disappointment with the results but said the fighting has brought them together.

President Barack Obama's campaign said in a statement Tuesday that he was "disappointed" in a state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, and described it as "divisive and discriminatory". Obama has not supported the legalization of gay marriage but said that his view is "evolving".

Jeremy Kennedy, Coalition to Protect All Families of NC, who fought the amendment, said: "It's just a battle in the battle, a war we can win."

In an emotional speech, his supporters said they would "leave no stone unturned" in bringing people together to fight the change.

"Tonight we go proudly with head held high and we will continue to fight it."

Kennedy and other opponents of the measure warned could lead to a number of problems for unmarried couples, including the erosion of health benefits and for their children. They said it could affect domestic violence laws to protect women.

Evan Wolfson, founder and president of Freedom to marry, said the voice that contrasts with the momentum given the freedom to marry elsewhere in the United States and described it as "a painful reminder of what happens when a pre-emptive action in a ballot that stampeded through before people have enough time to get into a real conversation about who gay families and why marriage is important to them. "

In February, Wolfson and gay rights activists scored a success in California after a federal appeals court struck the state ban on same-sex marriage, ruling it unconstitutional.

Jasmine Beach-Ferrara Pastor, Executive Director of the Southern Campaign for Equality, said: "We are very disappointed that Amendment 1

passed. But now we also know that the more common North Carolina to support LGBT people. "

Twenty-eight states passed constitutional amendments defining marriage only between a man and a woman. The changes are beyond the North Carolina state law to prevent other forms of local unions from bringing legal status.

Legal experts warned that the broad words of these changes may cause some problems for unmarried couples. Several cities in North Carolina offers benefits to unmarried couples in domestic partnership attorney Guardian and said those rights could be lost if the changes are passed.

They can interfere with the order of protection for unmarried couples and the impact of domestic violence victims. The term "domestic legal unions" are not defined by law in North Carolina.

Holning Lau, a professor of law at the University of North Carolina, writes about the implications of Amendment 1, said: "The language is too broad compared to other countries is a common misconception that only affects the same. -Sex marriage. "

A report by Lau and other agencies was "impossible to predict" how courts will resolve issues such as protection for victims of domestic violence, to be raised by the ambiguous language of change.

It concluded that it would take years of costly litigation to resolve the meaning and "when the dust [all] young couples to have fewer rights in their most important decisions in life than if they were not human beings".

Earlier Tuesday, a senior official in the council elections in the state capital said the vote to decide the state constitutional amendment is "the most crazy in 13 years".

Gary Sims, deputy director of the Wake County board of elections in Raleigh, said the Guardian was "some people really angry" on both sides of the highly charged debate.

Observers of the republican party has sought to "oppose and confront" the police officer of the board and "clog the lines of" back at the headquarters of Wake County. "This is the craziest election I've seen in 13 years," said Sims, in his office next to the courthouse.

"We have seen no political party observers Precinct officers. They can request to become an observer. They want to challenge and to face and this is a problem for our police officers. "

He said the reason for the confrontation vary from call to complain that the board of elections no seats for them to sit in encouraging officials to get people to show ID at polls.

"They clog the phone lines and angry at us," said Sims. "People have to say the name and address and we them. But they are difficult for officers to make them show ID. They have a purpose, those we take the issue of. "

When asked if the problem comes from the group or against the first amendment, Sims said: "Look:. We have a zero watchers of the Democratic party "He added:" I might say more than it should. "

High-profile figures, including Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, who recorded phone calls to voters, has weighed in on the debate over the amendment, urged voters to reject it. Opponents also hold a rally, putting the ads on television and gives speeches, including one by Jay Bakker, son of televangelist Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye Bakker's too late.

Billy Graham, an evangelical pastor at age 93 remains influential in the country where it has a stretch of road named after him, was featured full-page ads in newspapers that support the amendment.

Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York and the District of Columbia allow gay and lesbian marriage. Maryland, New Jersey and Washington state this year passed legislation approving same-sex marriage, but Governor Chris Christie vetoed the law of New Jersey and the other in Maryland and Washington has warned the initiative on the ballot to overturn the state law.


Indiana's Lugar loses; North Carolina passes gay marriage ban

Six-term Indiana senator Richard Place is directed by the right wing of the Republican Party's own party tonight, and North Carolina voters unanimously decided to strengthen their nation's ban on gay marriage - show conservative spirit and strength six months before the nation to choose between Democrat Barack Obama and the enemies of the Republic President Mitt Romney.

Romney republican who swept the three primaries, moved closer to sealing the nomination.

"I have no regrets about running for re-election, though can be a daunting task," said 80-year-Place as he admitted to the tea party supported GOP opponent ended his nearly four decades career in the Senate. Enemy area, state Treasurer Richard Mourdock, Republican senators are painted as too moderate to conservative states.

North Carolina chose to change their state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman, effectively banning gay unions.

Also, the Democrats choose a candidate to challenge Republican Wisconsin governor Scott Walker in a recall election in June.

Romney contest overshadowed by continued progress toward the Republican presidential nomination. He won the Republican presidential primaries Indiana, North Carolina and West Virginia, drew close to 1,144 delegates he needed to win the nomination. He is likely to win 100 or more delegates from the 288 it is still necessary.

Even Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, essentially ignoring the primaries. He spent the day campaigning in Michigan, where he condemned Obama as "old-school liberal" policy is the country back.

Results from far-flung polling day provide clues about the state of the voters - and highlights the political minefield faced by both Republican and Democratic candidates in presidential race goes well.

In the biggest race of the night, Places Mourdock lost from the state Treasurer, Democratic Rep. presence. Joe Donnelly in the November general election.

In a few minutes to lose Areas, Mourdock painted the Democrats as too intense for the state.

Tea Party groups are crowing about the success, and urged his supporters to donate Mourdock for the general election campaign, said: ". We all left the table to win the main "

Republicans need to gain four seats to control the U.S. Senate, and the loss of place "gives Democrats a pickup opportunity," says Sen. Charles Schumer, DN.Y.

Earlier today, Area, 80, insists he will stand by the results Tuesday, ruled out running as an independent candidate.

"This is it," he said.

Playing in the conservative country, breed description voter hostility toward many of the old players and anyone who has deep ties to Washington. Obvious when Lugar, who is facing questions about living in recent decades, finds himself over his own defense if he had lived in Indiana or northern Virginia. Area also serves as too moderate to conservative Republicans in Indiana, and he took heat for his work with Democrats on issues such as nuclear nonproliferation, underlining the deep polarization in the country as well as a split in the GOP between the wing establishment of the tea parties and the rebels.

In a statement, Obama praised his former colleague in the Senate as someone "who wants to reach across the aisle and get things done."

On Capitol Hill, Republicans are willing to lose the area throughout the day.

"He said if you served, better not lose contact with home," said South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

Mourdock Donnelly compared the match could develop into a hotly contested race that may potentially influence the White House contest.

Obama carried Indiana in 2008, partly because of its relationship to the northwestern part of the densest in the nearby town of Chicago. Democrats acknowledged that it is difficult to win Indiana again this year. However, the country could be more friendly to Obama if the Democrats believe they have a better chance to place the race, spent heavily to compete with Mourdock. Countries that now the Obama team to watch list.

On the other hand, North Carolina voters have moved in opposite directions from a series of countries - the Democratic-leaning areas such as New York and Vermont as well as the conservative Iowa - where same-sex marriage is legal now. Six states and Washington, DC, today recognized gay unions.

North Carolina law prohibits gay marriage, but changes in state votes effectively slammed the door.

In the days before the vote of North Carolina, two top administration officials - Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan - expressed support for gay marriage. Obama supports gay rights but most have stopped short of supporting gay marriage.

Biden and Duncan of the comments sent to the White House damage-control mode as the gay rights advocates pressed for him to publicly support same-sex unions before November. Aides also tried to use the focus on this issue to criticize Romney of equivocations on gay rights today.

Romney, in turn, emphasized his position that marriage should only be done between a man and a woman. She said she supports a federal constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

In Wisconsin, voters were deciding whether to give the Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett - one of four Democrats on the ballot - a rematch against Governor Walker in a recall election June 5, or if it supports one of its Barrett fellow Democrats.

Trade union rights dominated remember.

Walker effectively end the right of collective bargaining for most state workers and, since then, has emerged as a national hero to conservative. The recall effort, mounted by opponents of his actions, has dominated the political landscape in the country, even overshadowing Romney has a major victory that essentially end the nomination fight.

Now the candidates stand, Romney is no serious opposition in Indiana, West Virginia and North Carolina.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum in, which gave a warm support Romney on Monday night by e-mail, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich end of the race. Texas Rep.. Ron Paul is still fighting the nomination, but he lags far behind in the number of the yoke.


NC’s lieutenant governor, former Charlotte mayor advance to November race to succeed Perdue

North Carolina Democratic lieutenant governor and former republican mayor of Charlotte is Square in November to win the one-term Democratic Governor Beverly Perdue served after the main race victory Tuesday.

Lieutenant Governor Walter Dalton beat former U.S. Rep.. Bob Etheridge on a six-candidate Democratic primary, which opened in late January when Perdue decided not to seek re-election. In almost all areas around reporting unofficial results, the Dalton with 45 percent vs. 38 percent Etheridge. Dalton takes over 40 percent to avoid a runoff.

Republican Pat McCrory cruised the victory of the primary, receiving more than 83 percent of the vote in nearly complete returns. Paul Wright, a former judge, is in second place with 5 percent. There are four other GOP candidates.

The Libertarian Barbara Howe also run in the November gubernatorial election.

Fall election race is likely to be overshadowed by the presidential election in North Carolina, which is expected to be a battleground state. Obama narrowly won the state's 15 electoral votes in 2008, ending a series of Republican presidential victories that dates back to Ronald Reagan.

McCrory, who narrowly lost the 2008 general election Perdue, Perdue expected rematch in this year in an effort to reclaim the Executive Mansion of the Republican Party in Raleigh for the first time in 20 years. He was a simple core and will have first fundraising advantage in Dalton, who spent most of his money to appear on television in the main.

Communicate with supporters in celebration of Charlotte early Tuesday night, McCrory warned voters to "accept a leader that my opponent could be part of the good ol 'boy system - and yes the good ol' girl system - last decade or two. "

McCrory, 55, said in an interview in the main decisive victory "gives us a strong momentum going into the general election ... Now our goal is to expand that base to become more independent and more Democratic. "

Dalton, 62, is a former state senator from the mountains of North Carolina elected lieutenant governor in 2008. He tried his party to victory to connect McCrory, who is not elected office because-stepping apart as the largest city in North Carolina mayor in late 2009, the education policy-led republican legislature which he says has ruined the country.

"If he wants to separate himself from the Republican leader, I have not seen it," Dalton said in an interview.

Etheridge, a four-decade career in elected office ended abruptly in 2010 when he lost his eastern North Carolina congressional seat in republican Renee Ellmers, pledged to work with Democrats to prevent McCrory from winning.

"I have a career that stand for a bright future for North Carolina," said 70-year-Etheridge.

Dalton campaign outraised Etheridge with an income of about 4-to-one until the end of April, according to records filed with the State Board of Elections.