Doncaster destroyed power tower convertible UK

AN operation to destroy the cooling tower at the site of the Power Station of former Thorpe Marsh near Doncaster has successfully completed the company's Teesside. Able Billingham-based UK said the decision to destroy the first six 100 meter high tower taken due to security concerns and urged that the discussion about destroying the remaining five will continue Doncaster Council. Permission to work on Thorpe Marsh was conducted following the approval for £ 984m gas power plant by Acorn Power development. Able UK Managing Director Andrew Jacques said: "Given the existence of Thorpe Marsh site in 1995 we have done a lot of work in the field but the basic structure still remains the cooling tower. "We must take action to reduce the tower structure is special because of concerns, and it gave us the opportunity to use the latest techniques to avoid demolition using explosives and therefore minimize noise and disturbance . "We are in discussions with the local authorities in other cooling tower plan departure and hope that we will be able to move forward with further demolition in the near future."


Engineering giant AMEC made his presence felt in the world

Engineering, consulting and project management giant AMEC said on track for double-digit jump in sales on the back of a strong order book and growing presence in the lucrative markets of the Middle East. International business has a strong presence in the North East with offices in Darlington, Gosforth, North Shields, Stockton, Wynyard plus Sellafield in Cumbria, where he had just secured two new long-term contract. Said business performance for the first three months of this year in line with expectations and the use of order "remains strong". The order book stood at £ 3.7bn at the end of March, up from £ 3.1bn last year, including a number of projects in Abu Dhabi. Closer to home, he was awarded a three-year framework agreement for specialist environmental consultancy support to the Sellafield nuclear site, including a 15-year design framework to support the development and improvement of new and existing equipment there, and for the decommissioning of the site. The number of staff worldwide surged to an average of 27,242 in the January to March period, up from 22,976 in the first quarter of 2011. Chief executive Samir Brikho said: "AMEC has performed in line with expectations in the first three months of this year. "We continue to see healthy demand for our services and investing in our end markets - supported by positive trends of the industry, particularly the oil and gas and mining sectors. We believe that it supports double-digit underlying earnings growth in 2012. Acquisitions made in 2011 as retrograde as additional acquisition opportunities and pipeline remains strong. ' The group announced on-market share buy-back program of £ 400m in February and is now sharing the purchase cost of £ 75 million. AMEC, which is headquartered in London, has annual revenues in excess of £ 3.3bn and operating in about 40 countries.


Catalogue store demolished payout as profits fall

THE owner of Argos catalog retailer said it has acquired the plug on shareholder dividends because it reveals 60% jump in annual profits. Home Stores Group decision to cut the payout - described as "extremely brutal" by a City analyst - triggering further 12% drop in share beleaguered retail chain, which also owns Homebase. Said council trading conditions, which led to a 20% decrease in the market for consumer electronics in years, contributing to the elimination of the full year dividend as it looks to focus its resources on the turnaround. Benefits for the group was £ 90.2m in the year to February 25 compares to £ 426m in the financial year 2008. Argos dropped to £ 94.2m from £ 376.2m during the same period. The result has fueled speculation about whether the Home Stores plan set aside any assets over 748 shops Argos and Homebase 341 outlets. The chain is carried consultant OC & C to help the new Managing Director John Walden assessed the Argos business, but insisted that the closing area of ​​the store is not planned, considering there are only seven losing Argos store. Philip Dorgan, an analyst at Panmure Gordon, said Home Stores needs "more radical if it is to survive in the world of online" and Argos would require a "significant store closure program."


Dickinson Dees won a case for Enterprise Manydown

Leading law firm, Dickinson Dees, which has offices in Thornaby, won high profile cases for his clients plan, the Company Manydown, where Basingstoke The council ruled that the act 'illegal'. Mr Justice upheld Lindbolm review of actions taken by Dickinson Dees against Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council in conjunction with the council Manydown land purchased from the Company in 1996. Manydown company was forced to sell the land to the council in precision has been obtained for the construction of ships. However, the decision of the court characterized as "unreasonable", the board Forrester in 2011 that the land will not be considered for development planning since the barriers to ownership, despite fact that the earth is the board itself. Judges said: "I do not see a way of conclusion that the decision of the board is not only consistent with the goals Manydown land acquired and held, but it is clearly contrary to that goal." The court ruled that the board acted 'unlawfully' in deciding to get rid of the construction of new homes in the 2,000 hectares of the site and now need to put a new major development strategy for consultation. Frank Orr, director of planning skills at Dickinson Dees said: "We are extremely pleased with the outcome of this case on behalf of our clients, the Company Manydown. It is clear that the board acted against the law and we hope that the council aware of the potential Manydown land for the benefit of the local community, as it was originally intended to be the case. ' The decision was welcomed Basingstoke area which has had widespread local protests about the management board of the planning process. Development land in Manydown offers a unique opportunity to provide better infrastructure, facilities and open space for public enjoyment, along with a variety of housing improved. Council will order the court to pay Manydown Company as a result of this case.


High Boots - despite a healthy winter for Britain

A mild winter for coughs and colds and revenue pressures failed to prevent the emergence of a prescription revenue in the UK Alliance Boots health and beauty. Within the group, with more than 2,500 stores in the UK, helped by demand in beauty and toiletries like last year with the launch of an exclusive range of top Champneys bath products helped lift earnings a 2% to £ 2.15bn. Throughout the UK retail, revenue was 5.2% higher at £ 750 million, although sales fell 0.3% to £ 6.37bn for the year to March 31, cajole 1.6% decline in revenue associated dispensing and £ 2.37 bn . Meanwhile, more prescriptions dispensed last year, to 224 million items - up 1.9% on the basis of like-for-like, further reduction in Boots face reimbursement rates set by the Government. Also affected more branded drugs lose patent protection and be replaced by cheaper rivals. In the category of retail health, revenue declined by 2.4% to £ 891m due to strong competition and lower volumes of cough and cold medicines keep the quieter winter for the disease. Elsewhere in Alliance Boots, the pharmaceutical wholesale division Equipment for drugs to more than 160,000 pharmacies, doctors, health centers and hospitals in 21 countries, saw revenue surge 27.9% or 2.4% on a like-for-like basis. Group-wide revenue was 10.2% to £ 693m. Executive chairman Stefano Pessina said: "In recent years, we expect the economic environment to remain challenging with continued pressure on both consumer and government spending. It will produce both challenges and new opportunities for us. ' Providing the company, which has made private in £ 11.1bn acquisition in 2007, around 75,000 staff in the UK. Alliance Boots said it had enjoyed success in developing an international presence for major brands such as No 7, even in countries where it does not have a store. This includes a partnership with Procter & Gamble sells a variety of independent pharmaceutical laboratory Boots in European countries more. Total revenue for the retail division outside the UK increased by 6.9% to £ 965m, with revenues up 17% at a bargain £ 63m following growth in Norway, Ireland and Thailand.


Endeavour Partnership appointed five Lamp

TEESSIDE law firm, Endeavour Partnership, Five Lamps appointed as preferred legal adviser. Graeme Oram, chief executive of the Five Lights, said: "As a charity, it is important that we have access to legal advice that gives real value for money. We use the past Endeavour Partnership for legal advice, so we decided to have a significance appoint them as our official lawyer in the debate and non-debate. We have ambitious growth plans for the provision of our services and to secure significant social investment over the next twelve months. Access to expert support from Endeavour law clearly important to us. ' Endeavour Partnership is a business law firm providing commercial legal services to SMEs, large companies and organizations in the North-east. Located in Teesdale Business Park Teesside, the company is divided into five departments offer specialist commercial property, commercial litigation, corporate advice / commercial, corporate recovery and insolvency and employment law. Endeavour is widely regarded as a leading business law firm based exclusively on the Tees Valley area. Paul Bennett, senior partner, said: "It is an honor to work with such a well-run charity. Five Lights aims to support individuals in their finances, new business or enhance their work. '

These figures reveal why Aviva boss to go

THE performance is encouraging shareholders to oust Aviva CEO Andrew Moss laid bare in the figures of the company. With a share of nearly 40% lower than a year ago, the largest insurance company in the UK revealed a decrease of 5% in the long-term savings and the sale of common and average health insurance premium for the first three months of this year. Aviva £ 1.3 billion for exposure to troubled euro zone economies of Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain continued to push sales of the group, life and retirement in Italy and Spain fell 23%. Soft performance in a series of TV commercials starring actor Paul Whitehouse, who is known for his work with comedian Harry Enfield, where he played a variety of characters who promote a variety of insurance products. Stand-in boss John McFarlane reiterated his pledge to raise the financial performance of the group as he was preparing to conduct a strategic review of the business. McFarlane stepped down as deputy chief executive after the abrupt exit Moss, who stepped down after the investor held a massive protest vote against Aviva reports annual salary. McFarlane explained in the first quarter performance as "solid" and said Aviva profitability in both the life and general insurance business is in line with the target. He said: "My first task is to make improvements in capital and financial strength for the group, as well as an increase in our financial performance. "While not underestimating the importance of the challenges, I am optimistic about the results."


200 work on the road in the UK car maker Unipres section

Motor Vehicle Parts Unipres British maker expects to bring another 200 staff in the coming years due to increasing demands from clients, including Nissan and Honda. Sunderland company saw revenue jump nearly £ 30M over the past year and has increased the workforce by approximately 100 as Nissan Wearside increasing the production of Qashqai and Juke models. And look for further growth of the motor industry continues to recover. Nissan plan to make electric Leaf on Wearside next year and announced it is to create a new model Invitations and this week announced plans to create another new hatchback. Unipres delivers about 950 people. It just received confirmation that he's a £ 5 million £ 2.4bn growth fund to help projects such as the expansion of the plant. Finance Director Graham Baines said: "The continuing challenge is to manage the higher level of business we expect. We know that Nissan is at least three new models over the next two years. We will attract more business as well, and there are new developments in the electric vehicle market. "We expect to expand the plant and bring new equipment to cope with the extra level of business. Things are looking pretty positive at the moment. We still do a bit cautious due to economic conditions, but we do not hit too bad once. ' The company was formed in the UK from £ 173.3m in 2011, up from £ 145.5m in 2010. Gross margin as a percentage of sales decreased from 21.1% in 2010 to 17.7% due to increased material and outsourcing costs. Profit before tax for the year rose from £ 14.3m to £ 17.8m. Most sell Unipres manufacturer in the UK, even with a small number of export to Europe and Japan. In the report of the company's directors, Unipres show that export is affected by the "silent demand" the European automotive sector and the impact of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Nissan constitute about 85% of the order book of the company. It is pulling in more business from manufacturers such as Honda last year, but Baines said the size will remain the same as Nissan has also improved the work that has been passed on Unipres. The company also introduced the development of such "hot stamping press" and laser cutting technology.