3.7 million without power, court records in New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Hurricane Sandy "Frankenstorm" in terms of lack of energy, leaving more than 2.5 million homes and businesses in New Jersey in the dark during the day, and another 1.2 million in Pennsylvania. And that does not include 3.7 million restoration of power with many others, including more than 260,000 PECO customers in southeastern Pennsylvania. PECO at all easily overcome the onslaught of an ice storm in 1994, and Hurricane Irene Isabel in 2003 and last year. In the afternoon, 550,000 PECO customers in the dark, the rejection of 35,000 since dawn. But even with a thousand staff out of state - far from Kentucky and Tennessee - Peco twice the size of the labor force in the field, a full recovery can not happen by Election Day. "We think that the work would take up to a week," said PECO spokeswoman Liz Williamson. More than 800,000 customers lost power at some point PECO during the storm, breaking the record of 520,000 ice storm. "It's definitely historic record for us," said Williamson. Across the Delaware River in South Jersey, the deficiency was more surprising. Earlier this afternoon, PSE & G will increase the record 1.4 million customers offline, to 200,000 from 7 am, when the number of accompanying 63,000 and 23,000 in Burlington County, Camden County. Territory Utilities is a band that extends from the small portion of Gloucester County, in the far north. The work is much more complicated than deforestation, repairing poles and stringing wire. "The wall of water created by the storm surge that flooded a large number of substations along the Passaic, Raritan and Hudson" in North Jersey, according to a news release from the company. "... PSE & G is the creation of a service station and wait for the waters recede before we can assess the damage, the equipment dry and replace equipment as needed and re-energize the system to restore service. It is a slow and laborious process. ' Jersey Central Power & Light service also destroyed by Sandy, with 965,000 homes and businesses - about 90 percent of the 1.09 million customers - touched off the net by storm. That number is half of the day on more than 20,000 since morning. Not surprisingly, the counties most affected by the sea coast (206 000) and Monmouth (245,000), according to the web site utilities. Atlantic City Electric, which serves most of southern New Jersey - Gloucester County from Long Beach Island - Reports 181,000 deficit this afternoon. This is slightly lower than in the morning, but it's actually in the two districts, the Atlantic, with about 81,000 customers, and the sea with 59,000. In fact, many of South Jersey has acquired a strange sensation on with a wide swath of the city was dark. The streets are full of fallen trees, branches and utility lines. Many roads were closed. Street light at the intersection of the range. In southeastern Pennsylvania, Bucks Most missing and Montgomery County. Late in Bucks, 190,000 without electricity, 170,000 in Montgomery County, 65,000 in Delaware County, Chester County and 60,000 to 65,000 in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania a total of over 1.2 million, and the Lehigh County Northampton has a deficit of more than 100,000 each. Afternoon, PPL Electric 384 000 28 districts reported deficit, an increase of about 17,000 from about 8 Sore total including 22,000 in Bucks County, 10,000 in Montgomery, 117,000 in Lehigh County, Northampton, 60,000 and 45,000 in Monroe. Energy companies, including the first Met Ed, had 224,000 customers without power statewide, the rejection of nearly 40,000 from a few hours earlier. Berks Countdown to 55,000 from 67,000. Northampton County has 57,000 outside, other 6000 dollars. Delmarva Power & Light reported a deficit of 44,000 in Delaware and eastern Maryland, also below about 77,000 this morning. In addition to the decrease in northern Delaware County, New Castle County, which may fall to about 15,000, from 40,000 before 14 this morning. After the restoration of electrical substations and essential services such as hospitals, utilities comply with the largest deficit in the first, Williamson said. This means that the number is likely to decrease significantly in the coming days, a surprising number of small jobs take longer to complete. For example, 44,000 customers will leave Delmarva Power represents more than 1,200 separate issue - an average of about 40 homes or businesses in any repair work. While sister Atlantic City Electric utilities have an average of 90 clients for outstanding work in 2100. To report outages locally around Philadelphia Peco, or there is a problem with the cable fell, call 1-800-841-4141. Always be a live wire or equipment, and further suggested


Results Hurricane Sandy: state by state update

Although the worst appears now, a lot of the east coast under water and still feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Many cities and countries on their way to Sandy woke up Tuesday morning with a big mess on your hands. Flooding is felt across the state along the coast from North Carolina to Massachusetts, the lack of continued strength area, many homes and businesses were damaged by high winds, and thousands of commercial flights remain grounded and transit system stalled. Eight million people without power on Tuesday, without much hope of getting back in the near future. Reports of property damage and increased transportation infrastructure. At least 39 deaths associated with Sandy. Obviously, superstorm air and water is just the beginning of what is a long hard road to a full recovery. Read on to learn more about the lasting effects of Sandy states and cities of the East Coast to start adding damage.


The MBTA service is expected back on track on Tuesday after temporary closure

The MBTA service is expected to resume most of Tuesday morning, then closed for part of Monday's powerful storm hit Massachusetts, a spokesman for T.

Subway will resume regular service, but buses will replace trains on the D branch of the Green Line between Riverside and Reservoir stations, said Joe Pesaturo, MBTA spokesman.

Commuter rail service expected to return to delays and suspension Line Providence / Stoughton between Mansfield and Wickford Junction. Pesaturo encourage tourists to visit the website for updates MBTA.com authorities.

As the passengers rushed to the line of subway and commuter train station on Monday night to get the last train before the system shuts down at 2 pm because of Hurricane sand, has been criticized by several MBTA passengers waiting too long to announce the closing.

Announcement should strike on Sunday, giving people more time to prepare, says Julian Down an irritating Cambridge, pending a final Red Line train at South Station, shortly after 2 PM closing. "They knew about the storm, they know the storm is coming," says the employee Biotechnology.

No official reason was not able to make the announcement earlier, he added.

Transportation Secretary Richard Davey said he ordered the MBTA, subway and commuter rail bus service at 10 am on Monday because he feared for the safety of passengers and employees, transit agencies face growing over reports of fallen lines power, trees and branches, and worried that the flood will increase the passive system.

"We looked at the forecast and it looks like we will have a significant and sustained winds Boston metropolitan area more than 50 miles per hour,'' he said, noting that most of the extensive public transportation system on earth and are not covered by the subway tunnel.

Davey said in a telephone interview that closing was announced 10 hours for passengers who took T to work will have time to work out an alternative plan.

However, some passengers said they wish they had known before, since the announcement of the final meaning that some workers are stranded.

"It's sad," said Jim Silvers, when he took the train to North Station on Monday afternoon. "People have to work and can not go home," said Malden resident, noted that workers in hospitals, hotels and pharmacies can be taken the T to work, thinking I can do at home.

But Davey said the T confirmed on Sunday and on its website Monday that the sand storm could force the closure of transport, public places at all times. T should be credited for his choice to run the bus, subway, commuter rail and rail during Monday said.

Last year, the MBTA has been criticized by almost completely during Hurricane Irene, said Davey.

"We can not just run the service at all,'' said Davey. "But we heard about the hospital and the medical profession last year during Hurricane Irene really put a busy medical community."

"By keeping service for nine hours now, we are able to provide transportation to medical professionals and other personnel needed for emergency situations," said T spokesman said later.

Davey added: "The closing of public transportation is never perfect. But given the circumstances, the security of our customers and employees is paramount.''

Many learned of the closure of T leave work early. Train waiting at the station is so crowded south in the afternoon as usual evening rush hour, though passengers are reduced by 70 percent for the day.

But the clock approached 02:00, local thinning. At the stop of the red line, only a small number of people waiting for the last train.

Others never heard of stops and we were lucky to catch a train.

"I do not know," he said Ulises Markson, who worked at Au Bon Pain and the South Station in the afternoon.

Dave Miller, a resident of Boston, said he understands the decision to close the T Despite busy cause.

"I completely understand,'' he said. "Better be careful, but I hope they brought.''

Davey said the blue line, green line and buses in Belmont, Cambridge, Watertown, and all the charms airline and commuter rail tracks a few isolated patches of forest by.

At 3 pm, at least 15 trees or large branches fell to four subway lines and four suburban train lines.


Sandy Superstorm cut power to 8.1 million homes

Around a quarter of households in the City of New York and businesses without power 15 hours after the storm made landfall accompanied sand wave (4.2 meters) of almost 14 feet of tide that flooded the underground voids and tunnels road.

Con Edison of New York warned parts will be without power for over a week. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said at a news conference meters is likely to continue to serve for four or five days.

Lack of energy suppliers have been reported in every state of North Carolina to the Canadian border and inland to Ohio and Indiana. New Jersey was the hardest hit with 62 percent of clients suffering deficiency. Seven nation's fifth or more of all customers without electricity.

11:00 EDT (1500 GMT), a total deficit of U.S. is above 8.1 million by the Department of Energy, and the peak of 8.4 million closer to see during Hurricane Irene last year.

Include the number of homes and businesses, which means that the number of people affected is much higher.

"It was the biggest outage caused by the storm in our history," said John Miksad, Con Edison's vice president for electric operations.

An explosion at a substation in the East River in Manhattan on Monday night contributed to a power outage, and may complicate efforts to restore power. Much of the island under 39 Street - south of Times Square - without electricity.

Con Edison has told customers via Twitter that the worst affected areas could face more than a week without power. A total of 787,000 homes and businesses were without power in New York and Westchester as a whole, from 3 million subscribers in Con Edison.

New Jersey crash

In New Jersey, 62 percent of households were without electricity, according to the Energy Department. New Jersey utility Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE & G), said in a tweet that it was "the biggest storm in the history of PSE & G." The company is asking customers to be patient " , unprecedented "flood threatens to leave home without electricity for days.

Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut all statewide shortage affects 20 percent or more of the clients, according to the DOE.

One estimate of the company could eventually predict economic losses 20000000000 dollars nationally, only half of insured.

State ownership of the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) is one of the hardest hit public services, with 85 percent of the 1.1 million customers without power in New York. He said it could take up to seven to 10 days to restore power to all customers.

Connecticut Light and Power site says that 38 percent of its customers were without electricity.

Electricity providers stressed that customers should stay away from downed power lines. A New York woman died after stepping on a puddle of electricity.


NJTransit service suspended on major storm damage

NJTransit term "unprecedented destruction" Superstorm sand out the mass transit system of New Jersey suspended until further notice, officials said Tuesday. Power lines and trees falling onto the track vehicles across the state, several bridges damaged by storms, floods experienced team and part of the North Jersey Coast Line NJTransit wash, said James Simpson, Commissioner of the state Department of Transportation. and the device is immersed in water. A major intersection in Midtown direct route - a popular channel for the City of New York-bound passengers - also wash. None of the 11 rail commuter line NJTransit saved, Gov. Chris Christie told a news conference on Tuesday: "There is no major damage to any line of Railroad of New Jersey," he said. Storm chaos created by the train routes passing near the beach. Two tug boats collided on the beach Raritan River Draw Bridge Tuesday morning. Morgan Drawbridge Line, three boats and two cargo containers fell during the period Cheesequake Creek, and two boats arrived at the top left of the bridge. "The boat was removed from the bridge," said spokesman John Durso NJTransit. Major transit centers in Hoboken, Secaucus, and Newark Penn Station was flooded, the PATH station. Water also rushed through the tunnel from the Newark Light Rail and port wire catenary railway station Imperial Hudson-Bergen Light. Ease of maintenance in Kearny completely surrounded by swamp surrounding water Tuesday. NJTransit Damage is based in Newark, where 78 mph winds remained. The window broke and flooded parking lot. NJTransit crew began the process of examining 500 miles of real estate agents and over 300 songs in the entire state, including bridges, catenary lines and equipment on Tuesday morning. "It's a grueling process," said Durso. "Our customers should not expect the system to resume soon." Bus was better during the storm, receiving only minor flooding garage. Durso said the bus service likely to resume the new rail service. It is too early to determine the amount of damage or the way you pay, Mr. Durso said.


Taco Bell is giving away free Doritos Locos Tacos after the World Series

Taco Bell is giving free Doritos Locos Tacos nationally Tuesday night in honor of the World Series, San Francisco Giants won four games in a sweep of the Detroit Tigers. Mexico-style chain, sponsor of Major League Baseball, promises to offer promotions if any player steals a place during the series. On Thursday night, Giants outfielder Angel Pagan Delivered, stole second place during the eighth inning of Game 2. On Tuesday, 2-6 pm, participating Taco Bell across the country will provide free Doritos Locos Taco for visitors. Snack, which quickly became the most successful new products of the company after its launch in March, normally valued at $ 1.29. On the eastern coast, which was devastated by super Sandstorm, Taco Bell, said the location could not be opened because time is distributed free tacos at a later date. "Our main priority is the welfare of our team members and customers during a big storm," said Irvine-based company said in a statement. "In the affected areas, we are committed to the consumption of the first responders and restaurant reopened. Operator handle it on a case by case. ' Perform fast food often resort to gift to build customer loyalty and kindness. In the past, every time the Lakers won a home game, holding opponents below 100 points, fans will receive a coupon for a free tacos at Jack in the Box.

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MTA buses to run again after the hurricane hit NYC Sandy

Governor Cuomo said he expects regular bus service will resume on Wednesday. Passengers can travel for free on Tuesday and Wednesday, while they are "fighting for his life in motion." Cuomo and MTA Chairman said that the energy to try to restore part of the metro and bus network of complementary services - but said recovery services through an underground tunnel under the East River is now flooded, is a daunting task proportions. "Damage to the track tunnel, underwater, unlike other city has seen in decades, if ever," said Cuomo. MTA bridge to open at noon. Hugh Carey Tunnel and the Holland Tunnel to the Port Authority was flooded and closed. Officials did not say when the commuter rail is back online. Metro-North to helplessness - and 40-foot boat stranded on the tracks in Ossining. "Sandy engulfing our entire transportation system in each district and each individual city in the MTA district," said Lhota. Water in lower Manhattan station on the roof, Lhota said. Moved by subway and MTA bus to protected areas without bus or train car was injured, said Lhota.


'Star Wars Episode 7' And Disney: Five burning questions

Not long ago, here, in a galaxy far, Disney bought Lucasfilm, and the new "Star Wars" film was born. Disney latest acquisition and the announcement of "Star Wars Episode 7" which is easily one of the most energy and polarization of the call in the history of pop culture. Seventh film in the series "Star Wars" long rumored, and will soon become a reality, under the supervision of Disney no less. But the news just hours old, many questions still surround the Jedi back to the big screen. Here are five of them. Call Function The implications of "Episode 7" prequel titles put the land and the original trilogy. Grass scary for several reasons, the main ... well, that's coming back? Harrison Ford is hard to imagine boarding the coldness gave Han Solo reprise of "Star Wars" in recent years, but Millennium Falcon cargo box on their doorstep. It is easy to see how the other franchise really - as C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels or Chewbacca himself, Peter Mayhew - could return without the promise of equal pay. There is also a possibility that he feared: remodeling. We shudder to think. Play these By The Book Although theater history ends with "Return of the Jedi", "Star Wars" saga continues in the way of novels, comics, video games and more. There are countless stories of adventure kept records of Luke Skywalker and his friends from me - but Disney will feel obliged to respect the continuity is known only to the most dedicated "Star Wars" fans, or they can take their own histories to bear when a general public is bigger? How about George? Many fans believe that the founder of the franchise should be an example to the ongoing story. Others, like they were burned by the prequel trilogy and seemingly endless Lucas "Star Wars" changes, the possibility YUB-nubbing Ewok in their finery now. No matter how involved Lucas on, one thing is clear: simply handed the keys to one of the biggest film franchises of all time with one of the best of all time. To riff Darth Vader in his own words, Luke is a student, and Mickey is a master now. Who George again? If Lucas was not repping rebellion, Disney is entering the spotlight franchise? A big name is needed to lead the "Star Wars" in the future, someone with name recognition, people with facts geek community. "Star Trek" J. J. Helmer Abrams is obvious, but is committed otherwise, options such as "The Avengers" director Joss Whedon - though will have their hands full with their own Disney franchise. Regardless of the choice of Disney, Joe can not just be a director, a name they need to convince the fans to be one of the most important stories of all time genre is in good hands. Does this press release, right? Is the Empire wins? Like, if Luke and Leia and Han and lack any and everything that is wrong with the world today? No go. Disney "Star Wars" is a scary idea, of course, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Heck, even a good one. Think of the possibilities: the Pixar animation "The Wars" thread, does not change the original trilogy on Blu-ray (where Luke stubborn at this point, Disney will only see the dollar signs), and a new adventure starring some of the most iconic characters in film history. More "Star Wars" came with a lot of risk, but also a lot of potential reward. As Yoda so clever is called "... Do not treat or "For better or worse, Disney did. And that takes some serious balls spatial size.


'Little things', starting Address melt hearts

Prepare to fainting, directioners. Person One Way just released their new ballad, "Little Things", from the November 13 release of the album, Take Me Home. And slow jams sound will do, well, the little things that have come down to a special girl. Written by Ed Sheeran (who also worked with children from their debut album, Up All Night), the track is a melodic, slow sweet, as people jet at a special girl with a line like: "The Five suitable for me / As was made just for me / But keep in mind it / It was meant to be. ' These people will have in mind that no matter how much he does not want his little deficiencies and habits, the bit about him became unbearable. "I do not let a small problem my mouth / But if I do / It is you (oh you) / add / I love you / And all the little things."; The song is one of two Sheeran contributed to the release of the next ones, Take Me Home. "It has been written about the best things about a person, such as the things that you can not wait," said MTV News last month. "You're going to listen. I can not say much for their album. I want them in the first announcement and stuff. ' The second song Take Me Home, track increasing A video was shot for the single "Live while you're young.", But not yet confirmed for U.S. launch. Currently, there are statement-English only.


NBC to guarantee the rights of the Premier League football

NBC network will broadcast English Premier League under $ 250 million, three years from next season. Show all matches most popular football league in the world, taking the coverage outside Fox and ESPN. "The Barclays Premier League was the first football league in the world, and on the cusp of an exponential growth in popularity here in the U.S.," said NBC Sports Group Chairman Mark Lazarus Sunday. The company has taken the Major League Soccer last year and had success with broadcasting football during the London Olympics. The criticism for the use of tape delay, due to the time difference in the Olympics, NBC will not to play in the Premier League, said Lazarus. English dissemination is critical to the cable channel NBC Sports Network, Telemundo and mun2 to be used for coverage of Spain. English-language broadcast network NBC Live six games of the week. One or two other channels cable companies are also used, Lazarus said, but have not yet determined the schedule evaluated. Other games will be broadcast live online. The company is trying to expand the audience of NBC Sports Network, which was renamed from Versus after its owner, Comcast Corp., took over NBCUniversal. "I think we have a set of assets with a unique appeal of men who thrive very attractive to advertisers and attractive to cable operators," says Lazarus. And football is a potential growth area for most of the allowances under the contract in the sport, but NBC recently signed an agreement with Formula One car racing series. NBC Sports Network is the largest property NHL, running the same season in English football. EPL is an excellent complement to the hockey network coverage, Lazarus, adding live football matches in the morning and afternoon to primetime broadcast of the NHL. "It's a sport skewing younger than some others out there, as part of the championship series today," said Lazaro, a clear reference to Major League Baseball, and older viewers. EPL deal with Fox last three years, which saw some of the sublicense games to ESPN, is worth $ 80 million. NBC Sports Network is about twice as many households in the United States as football Fox, but almost 20 percent less than ESPN. EPL TV rights sold in the UK by BSkyB and BT to 3018000000 pounds ($ 4.86 billion) in three-year notes from the 2013-14 season. EPL, said NBC will give "the largest commitment and wider promotion and never in the United States" for the league. "The NBC Sports Group has an excellent track record in sports broadcasting," said chief executive Richard Scudamore EPL.


Google Nexus 4: A closer look at the new flagship Android phone

Become a fan of Android is a bit like a kid in a candy store right now. Along with the new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and release all the new features offered, Google has officially unveiled two new devices Nexus: Nexus 4, the new flagship phone which was very unexpected, Nexus 10, a high-end 10-inch tablet made by Samsung. We are a close look at the Nexus 4, right? This phone combines the basic structure of its own design sense LG Optimus M with Google Android software and pure. Prepare, band: Telephone agree to provide true Android experience - and is likely to deliver the goods. Nexus 4: LG hardware design Google LG Google NexusYou clearly see the LG Optimus Foundation Nexus G 4, but make no mistake about it: This is the core Nexus phone. The Nexus 4 stones 4.7 cm. True HD IP familiar display Nexus style curved glass. At first glance, the shape actually resembles the Galaxy Nexus that preceded it. Think about the size? With Nexus four 2.7-inch x 5.3 and 0.36. Thick. It weighs 4.9 oz. Even though the screen is larger, and in fact it does about the same size and weight as the Galaxy Nexus - just SKOSH hair thicker and heavier, but probably not enough to be too obvious. Larger screen is far from the only thing that separates you new Nexus younger, however. In general, this line of LG developed the device feels more solid and durable than the plasticky style approach favored by Samsung. With Nexus 4 Googley put a surprising twist in the design of LG phones back, with patterns, premium materials like sleek classic look wallpaper Nexus. Apart from the aesthetic exterior, Nexus 4 screen has a resolution of 1280 x 768 at 320ppi, all protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2. Based on the time I spend Optimus M, which uses the same screen technology, I hope the quality of the picture in a beautiful wild. And that's just the beginning. Nexus 4: Power, power, power LG Nexus 4Under its hood, the new Nexus 4 packs a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor with 2 GB of RAM complete. With this configuration, Optimus zoom G along as fast as any other Android phone I've ever seen, pure software joins Google should provide comparable - and probably better - ridiculous rate. With Nexus 4 is an 8-megapixel camera - a big step in the 5-megapixel lens Galaxy Nexus, which is widely seen the Achilles heel. If Optimus G is any indication, I suspect the camera on the Nexus 4 good, though perhaps not good in the camera so high-end that is used in mobile phones like HTC X and A S. Fourth Nexus One also features a 1.3 megapixel shooter on the front for video chat and all the self-nudie photos always welcome (perverted silly, silly). With Nexus 4 with either 8GB or 16GB of internal storage, and - following the typical pattern of Nexus - unfortunately does not support SD cards. Wireless charging cradle, however, and it looks very delicate area wireless charging (yes, sphere) accessories. With Nexus 4 is a 2100mAh battery listing 15.3 hours of talk time and 390 hours standby. Nexus 4: The core problem Okay, let's get to the point: Google is primarily focused on direct sales of Nexus, release 4 which is not a big surprise after the disaster Verizon Galaxy Nexus. You will be able to grab the version GSM / HSPA + phone on November 13 Google Play Store. (There are versions of LTE -. Honcho Android chief Andy Rubin anything described as making "tactical") Translation? For those of us in the U.S., the phone will work on any T-Mobile or AT & T HSPA + 4G speeds, levels, I would buy the absolute Google and then use either your current plan or a new plan. You can also choose to use it with a prepaid smart plan - something I highly recommend considering. 8 GB version of the device will be available for $ 300 and the 16GB version for $ 350. The phone will be launched in the U.S., UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and Australia, says Google Europe, Central America and South America, Asia, CIS and the Middle East will continue later this month. (In the U.S., T-Mobile will also be selling the 16GB version of the phone for $ 200 with a new two-year contract. Between you and me, however, most people will do better by buying direct Google and then select the appropriate use of plants with no contract) . Power TwitterSome Android start the week, huh? And we're just scratching the surface. I'm going to spend a lot of time in Nexus 4 and 10 by Nexus in the coming days and share my detailed hand impressions with you soon.


Update 3-crew rescued from the HMS Bounty as the storm raged, the captain disappeared

U.S. Coast Guard rescue 14 of 16 crew members abandoned ship HMS Bounty same height North Carolina in rough seas caused by sand storms, using helicopters on Monday to snatch them from the liferafts. A Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk rescue helicopter crew later recovered Claudene Christian, 42, who is described as responding, still found the 63-year captain of the ship, which sank in 18 feet (5, 5 meter) sea. Cristiano performed Albemarle Hospital in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, where a hospital spokeswoman said in a "critical condition". Liferafts Bounty crew conducted about 90 miles (145 kilometers) southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, when the ship began taking on water about 160 miles (260 km) from the eye of the storm, Coast Guard. The three-masted, 180-foot (55 meter) boat, built for "Mutiny on the Bounty '1962 film, drowned after the water pump failed. As a 16-member crew had to leave behind the cold water survival and jackets, the final three on board washed out to sea, said Coast Guard spokesman Chief Nyx Cangemi, reports from witnesses and search broadcasting equipment Save. One of them entered into the boat, but the other two remained in the sea, he said. 14 were rescued from the boat with two pavilions, the Coast Guard said. A C-130 Hercules aircraft and three rescue helicopter crew continued the search the missing two, and two Coast Guard is a way to help, Cangemi said. Captain veteran Captain Robin Walbridge generosity worked for 17 years, said his wife, Claudia McCann, contacted by telephone at home a few in St. Petersburg, Florida. "That was his passion," said McCann. "He is the best captain in the industry .... not too many captains sailing ship type. ' He said he believed that, as captain, was the last to leave the ship, carrying survival equipment. "That's the image I have in my head. I am sure that his character will be stored in their lifeboat before he got off the boat, "said McCann. The ship was en route to New London, Connecticut, in St. Petersburg, Florida, said Tracie Simonin, director of the HMS Bounty Organization LLC. He said he was not sure how the captain tried to navigate the storm. "My opinion is that they are looking to sail around the storm," said Jane Pena, 31, who drove the first rescue helicopter arrived on the scene. "Initially I thought it would be okay," said Peña. "We thought about flying bomb deep water in it, but they get so much water that we were able to get enough bombs on them." The boat was taking water and did not work well, stop at 40 mph (65 kph) and heavy in the sea, the Coast Guard said. "By the time we got there, the ship was sinking, but vertical and you can see the words coming out of the water," said Peña. The Bounty Original, British transport ship, gain infamy for the uprising in Tahiti in 1789. 1962 film starring Marlon Brando as Fletcher Christian rebel leader. A similar gift has appeared in documentaries and other films such as "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" with Johnny Depp, according to the website ship.


Soldiers Guard Tomb of the Unknowns during Hurricane sand

An image Stimulus making mischief on the Internet today reminded people to maintain elite army Tomb Arlington Cemetery service is known in all weather, even during sandstorms. The photo was actually taken in September is another thing, because even the sand storm makes its way along the east coast, there were soldiers guarding the tomb with strong winds and rain. Tomb Guard Infantry Regiment Third Army "Old Guard" Tomb guarded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without summer, since 1948. An image of three guards standing before the tomb tomb known in heavy rain as far as Hurricane Sandy taken the internet by storm today, but it turns out that the photo was actually taken in September. 18. It is one of a series taken that day by photographer Karin Markert and posted on photo sharing sites. Be fast Internet sensation social networks, photo gather comments pride universally positive duty and a commitment to service in the U.S. military. The picture can not be from now on, but is a constant guard of the tomb of the old guard who remained at their posts during the sandstorm. See more photos of soldiers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier HERE. "The old guard guarding the tombs minutes every day since April 6, 1948. Today is no exception, "said the official Facebook site post unit. The site also includes photographs protect Tomb Sentinel now heavy rain and wind during the sandstorm. ap Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Rain MN 121,029 wblog THG guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier During Hurricane sand A title for a picture says Spc. Brett Hyde live by faith in the Sentinel said: "Through the years of diligence and praise and the discomfort of the elements, I will walk tour in humble reverence to the best of my ability." Arlington Cemetery is closed to the general public today, but the old guard continues to honor the fallen normal duties at the funeral. The Sentinel implement appropriate measures at the tomb is the final resting place of an unknown soldier from World War I, World War II and the Korean War. Changing of the guard at the Tomb is a popular stop for tourists in Washington. They stood their ground in the snow or shine and extreme weather is not a concern. They stood their ground during Hurricane Isabel and Irene and the snowstorm of 2010, dubbed "Snowmaggedon", to cover the capital for the day. Usually, when it rains, Tomb guards have the option to see them standing under a green tent located on the side of the grave where they usually stay for a ceremonial wreath at the tomb. According to the website of the Society of the old guard, guard the Tomb "is fully committed to the maintenance work of the tomb. Because of that dedication, the weather does not bother them. In fact, they consider it an honor to be at his watch (which we call "walking the mat"), regardless of the weather. So cold, it's hot - but the guard has never wavered. And never let feelings of cold or heat to be seen by anyone. ' Society is the ratio of students from more than 400 soldiers who received the insignia of Sentinel since 1958. The website of the company said that despite promises, the welfare of the soldiers were never in danger: "The Tomb Guards have contingencies that are ready to be executed if the weather conditions have put the Army in a position risk of injury or death - such as lightning, high winds, etc.. This ensures that the guards to keep the Tomb Guard responsibilities while ensuring military security. It is the responsibility of the chain of the Guard Sergeant Regimental Commander to ensure the fulfillment of the mission and the welfare of the soldiers at all times. '


CNN poll: Romney 50% - 49% Obama in Florida

(CNN) - With eight days to the day of elections, a new poll shows a close race with 29 electoral votes of Florida. According to CNN International / ORC released Monday, 50% of likely voters in the Sunshine State say they support the Republican candidate Mitt Romney, with 49% support of President Barack Obama. The margin of the former Massachusetts governor point sampling error in both surveys. - View Map Calculator and CNN electoral game and its own strategy for November. "The result does not change the range of a point of Romney in mid-October, all candidates except for having a percentage point and the number of voters who really have not decided away to almost nothing," says the director of surveys CNN's Keating Holland. The survey showed that there was a small pool of voters were persuaded, often called "uncommitted voters" in the electoral cycle. "Sweeping five percent of likely voters say Florida is really in doubt or have a preference, but it does not really make a decision that are voting rests the fate of the Sunshine State -. And maybe the national results as well, "adds Holland. According to the survey, the gender gap opened again in Florida, with 55% of people who support Romney and 54% of women supported Obama. And revenue generation gap also appears, with Obama doing better among young and low-income voters hold Romney among those aged 50 years and among those earning more than $ 50,000 per year. President George W. Bush won Florida in 2004 was re-elected, but Obama closely captured the state in 2008, his victory over Senator. John McCain. This cycle is taking Florida tonne attention again during elections, candidates made frequent visits to the Sunshine State. Romney held three meetings in the state on Saturday. Schedule president to lead a rally Monday in Orlando, but returned to Washington, DC to follow federal emergency preparedness for Hurricane Sandy. Obama's campaign and Romney spent money for get-out-vote-effort state television and commercial management. Both presidential campaigns, party committees and the super PACs and other independent groups supporting the candidates, had been bombed more than $ 130 million to run ads on television in Florida since April 10, the beginning not official general election. That's according to data provided to the customer by the Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG), which follows the campaign. Political junkies think minor parties nominating Ralph Nader in 2000 is widely credited with getting enough votes from Al Gore to George W. Bush eventually claim the state. Being able to go again this year? Hard to say, but it is interesting to note that when the three minor candidates of the party are included in a racehorse question separately, 50% -49% margin Romney will be 48% -48% tie, libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein claim percentage each candidate and Party Constitution Virgil Goode came with less than half of one percent. "Statistically, there was no difference between 50% and 49% and 48%-to-48%, but it illustrates the potential impact of the party's candidates in minor-race is very close," said Holland, who also warned that "Natural predict elections near -. and elections by one percentage point separating the two candidates even more difficult, if not impossible, to predict " A CNN poll conducted by ORC International, October 25 to 28 (completely after the final presidential debate), with 1,010 adults, including 914 registered voters and 770 likely voters questioned by telephone. The sampling error of the survey likely voters is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.


The tone became threatening weather channel because the storm is imminent in Sandy

New York - The Weather Channel has a third day in a row on guard all day to come superstorm, and the tone of their tellers to be building more fun on Sunday there was evidence that their predictions have come true. Network to broadcast live coverage of TV online for people in the eastern United States lost the power to keep up with the news on their mobile devices. The storm is expected to affect nearly 50 million people. "We want them to know that we are exaggerating this storm, okay?" In the air meteorologist Vivian Brown. "We did not do that when the channel, because we want to alert and conscious." Network television news more sand storms laced with stories like the presidential campaign. In New York, the local CBS outlet publishes a split screen with the Governor of New Jersey. Chris Christie gives hurricane conference Sunday afternoon and the New York Jets play against the Miami Dolphins. But Hurricane sand, mixed with other weather systems to create a storm of unprecedented power in the region, attracting the attention of Weather Channel Forecasts. Network Julie Martin, parked on a beach in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, seems to be tired of the wind and rain storm as resistance describes a series of live reports. Meteorologist Jim Cantore, the most visible figures of the chain, said that it is like nothing ever seen or met him. I had to take a short break from their reports live from Battery Park City in New York to move their assets because their hotel was evacuated, the evacuation zone are also apartments publication. Bryan Norcross, hurricane specialist core network, said in an interview that the network is trying to keep the tone serious but urgent. Computer network model is consistent with their prediction that the storm and did as planned, it could be difficult. "Our goal is to get people to appreciate the magnitude of the storm and try to show them, based on what we know, it will be a system of their experience," said Norcross. The Weather Channel has sent a message via Twitter that he called "an incredible storm, a very serious threat" and urged his followers to re-tweet. Storm "occupies a place in the annals of history as one of the most remarkable that affect the United States," writes network. Quick, Business Insider Twitter: "Whoa. The Weather Channel meteorologists predict quite nervous. ' Full message of concern for the people in the street, and some rare twitter. Comic Ricky Gervais jokes lewd suggestions, while media mogul Rupert Murdoch tweeted: ". Feels weird, but kids are preparing to celebrate the school is not " ABC News published a news blog related to the storm, while another Twitter message contains a link to a live webcam where computer users can keep track of the storm. Cosmopolitan Magazine Twitter council "how to cut your bangs at home (because if you're going to be house-bound for Sandy, why not?) '. "Sesame Street" offers a set of tools to help children understand what is going storm. Choosing the Weather Channel, there are also people who see a business opportunity. There are companies that make announcements electric generator to keep the home when the power cord. Partly to emphasize the seriousness of the situation, the Weather Channel refrain from using "Frankenstorm" nickname coined by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration last week when hurricane computer models predicted.