Nissan Sunderland factory to build against the competition Invitation

Car makes Wearside experts to overcome the competition from around the world to develop the latest Nissan models, it was revealed yesterday. The boss of Japanese manufacturing giant yesterday unveiled their new concept car - the name Invitation - and hinted at £ 125 million investment in their Sunderland plant and its people. The new model will create 400 jobs in Washington Street firms, and 1,600 supply chain. Car was built from mid-2013 to a project supported by a £ 9.3m grant from the Regional Growth Fund Government. Trevor Mann, Nissan senior vice president for manufacturing in Europe, said there was "competitive bidding" from other Nissan plants around the world to build a new car. Speaking Geneva Motor Show, which will be officially unveiled the car, he said: "The level of production is very high and the plants produced year-on-year improvement over the past few years. "This is one of the most productive Nissan plants around the world." Mr. Mann admitted that the company has some problems recruiting multi-skilled technical workers, but said there was an increase in the number of students requirements. Deal will see the highest ever recorded Nissan workforce in Washington. It also marks a major change in wealth at the factory where three years ago as a result of the recession began to bite, the workers said that more than 1,200 jobs will be fired. Now Nissan vice president for manufacturing in the UK, Kevin Fitzpatrick, said the as-yet unnamed vehicle, a concept car based on the invitation, it will bring jobs and prosperity. He said: "The unique point of marketable new car will lock in fuel economy. "It is equipped with a new generation engine, which was built in the factory as well. "The feeling here is very happy. This means that we can increase production on Line Two, where we currently Juke and Note. "We will recruit 400 additional staff and local suppliers we hire another 1,600 people, so a lot of work." Fitzpatrick said the quality of cars built in the factory and its workforce that helped during tough times during the recession. "Like every car manufacturer, we have a lot of problems during the Lehman shock, but our model Qashqai drag us it fairly quickly," he said. "And then we introduce the Juke, which is very popular in the market, hence the popularity of our products has brought us through more efficient." Is expected that the new model - which may have a different name when it goes on sale - has an initial annual volume of about 100,000. Site Washington, where assembly of the vehicle takes place, the last year celebrated the 25th anniversary of the production for the Japanese manufacturing giant. Tommy Brennan, GMB union regional officer, said: "This is really good news for the North East and all of those suppliers to Nissan where GMB members work. . On the day "CBI director-general John Cridland said:" This is brilliant news for jobs in the North East and a real help to business investment in the UK. "Trip Nissan Sunderland is a fascinating story, showing UK manufacturing capability at their best - better training, labor, skilled and committed brilliant, designated leadership." Said Stephen Tetlow, chief executive of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, it is another sign of the growing resurgence in UK car manufacturing "Sector has grown over 15% per year, creating thousands of jobs and manufacturing to drive Britain's grief," he said. "Nissan Sunderland plant the most productive crop company in Europe, which is a testament to the world class British engineer and signal to car manufacturers why we see such wonderful growth." Unite union national officer Tony Murphy praised the report as an aid for skilled jobs and a lifeline for the local economy. "The success of the British car industry is proof that, with the right support and investment, British manufacturing thrive," he said.


Years of frustration for Admiral car insurance

Car insurer Admiral reported a 13% increase in profits yesterday but admits disappointment in a year because of the amount of the damage claim. Group, the second largest insurance company in the UK with 2.9 million subscribers, saw slump sharing a quarter in November after warning results for 2011 are most likely at the lower end of expectations. Cardiff-based owner of the Elephant and Bell and Confused.com comparison website revealed the figure of £ 299m, claiming that CEO Henry Engelhardt was much less than he thought it would. It is caused by 2009 and 2010, the proportion of claims arising as a potentially large, expensive claim, and last year they were classified as having the potential to generate high costs. Admiral reinsurance contract means that only about one-quarter of the risk policy on the books, but the effect of higher claim led to decreased levels of commission income, which dropped to 15% of the premium of 25%. Engelhardt said: "It was a disappointing year. Not because it was a bad year, but because so much is expected. ' He said the business model remains solid and the Admiral had no growth in 2012. "If you enjoy our operational progress must go now. I knew we had a lot of people who work hard every day to ensure success well into the future admiral, "he added. Slump share price of Admiral staff felt they receive free sharing under the employee share scheme. Admiral said around 5,500 staff this year to do the free sharing worth £ 3,000 for 2011. Admiral share soared 10% yesterday amid signs that say the trend improved in the fourth quarter of this year. Competitiveness of Companies in the price comparison site peaked in March but then fell month to month in response to the higher claim. Admiral added that it is a more stable year for price comparison site Confused.com, which posted revenue of £ 16.1m wide flat. "This is a strong performance in the market has become more competitive again, with higher amounts spent on the media by the major competitors," he said. Confused revenue grew by 8% to £ 77.6m but this was offset by increased promotional spending time.


Aga boss now looking abroad

THE company behind the iconic Aga cooker steel has posted a 3% drop in profits, but still insisted to return to pre-crisis levels of trade credit. AGA RANGEMASTER want at least half of the revenue generated from outside the UK, compared with 37% last year, because it is believed to be far more appropriate products for the international market. It sold 11,000 stoves in 2011, down 6% on last year, but its sales were flat after Aga stove may launch electric equivalent, controlled by a hi-tech touchscreen, which can Heat up to 22 minutes, compared to about six hours to design original. Despite recent declines in sales, said Aga continues believes can restore the sales of iron stove with 19,600, a level seen in 2007. Sales volume for range cookers RANGEMASTER approximately 62,000 units in 2011, below the 2007 level of 76 000, but great demand from France in 2011 has fueled the hope that it will promote the Export orders. He added: "We still do not expect the volume of material changes in the UK, given the housing market and the consumer, which makes international sales - account for over one-quarter of the volume RANGEMASTER sales - so significant. " AGA has gone through a decline in sales by cost efficiencies made between 2008 and 2010. Chief executive William McGrath said: "The focus for 2011 is on maintaining our strong balance sheet and earnings growth."


Dickinson Dees recommends £ 75m deal

Dickinson Dees, the ratings of leading regional law firm with offices in Thornaby, advised on a £ 75m. The development group, Terrace Hill sold more than 500 units of housing in Clapham, Ealing, Kennington, Watford and Milton Keynes, Swedish private housing company, for £ 75.3m Akelius. Terrace Hill Group is the developer behind the £ 7m Skelton Asda plans. Being based in London, with offices in butwith Teesside, Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow. Experts from specialist property Dickinson Dees, residential investment, tax, construction, labor and corporate teams engaged in completing the deal. Lead partner Duncan Fisher and Nigel Emmerson Dickinson Dees team. Mr Fisher said: "This is an exciting project to work on, all the more because he was involved in the Swedish property group. "It is particularly satisfying for us to see the process through from start to finish, get a recommended portfolio of properties ranging from a few years ago." Philip Leech, chief executive at Terrace Hill, said: "This sale marks an important step in our strategy of divesting portfolio of housing investment company and we look forward to making additional sales during the year. '


Tyneside powering up for an electric car revolution

AN international conference will open on the Tyneside tomorrow to help smooth the way to go with electric vehicles. Northumbria University is hosting the event North Sea Electric Mobility Network, an EU-funded project that aims to ensure compatibility between electric vehicle charging posts and back-up infrastructure in Europe and the UK. The aim is to give the driver confidence electricity they can travel far. Three-year project involving the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. The target is to take another form of transportation, from the fleet of cars, public transport, buses and electric scooters and bicycles, more compatibility with national borders and within the country. At the conference, Northumbria academics will present the progress made by the North East as the first English region to a low carbon economy for ultra low carbon vehicles. "All kinds of technologies are emerging, and after that is something of a haphazard system," said Dr. Richard Kotter, a specialist in regional economic development at Northumbria University. "It's about different countries learn from each other and about business travelers and tourists from other countries that have the potential to make electric vehicles. "In our conference, Northumbria strive to set the standard." Northumbria University Conference arrival experts developed a formula to predict the impact that will have electric vehicles on the electricity supply in the country. Dr Ghanim Putrus, readers in the power engineering school of computing, information science and engineering, who led the project to create a easy to use tool to help policy makers prepare for an increase in electric vehicles and how it needs to be filled affecting the national grid. Capacity calculator grid considered future electricity needs by taking measurements of the binding energy consumption area and then calculate the likely future demand for, and impact, gain increased as electric cars connected for recharging. Development of new network capacity calculator is a partnership involving Northumbria University and Charge your Car project, the Government of electric current vehicle program installed charging points in the North East. Measures include the installation of electric car charging 1,000 points in 2013.


David Robinson, chief operating officer, PD Teesport port

PD port can be lost in a Spanish manufacturer of turbine, but it still has big plans for the future of Peter Jackson find a conversation that Chief Operating Officer David Robinson. Questionnaire What car you drive? Porsche Cayenne (Land Rover old to have fun) What is your favorite restaurant? Cafe Lilli, Norton Who or what makes you laugh? Peter Kay, and family and friends What is your favorite book? I do not have one What was the last album you bought? Coldplay What's your ideal job, other than that you got? Helpers at Saltburn beach deckchair If you have a talking parrot, what's the first thing you'd teach it to say? Come on Stoke! What is your biggest fear? Poor Health What is the best piece of business advice you received? Patience will bring benefits And the worst? Believe What's your poison Teessider -? Sari rigged is growing in popularity What are you reading, besides the Journal? The Times What is the salary package and what's your first? £ 80 a week to work as a porter in a hospital maternity ward How do you keep fit? Walking the dog and gardening What is your most annoying habit? Snoring (I think) What is your greatest extravagance? Buying a racehorse sharing Which historical or fictional character do you most identify with or admire? Fred Flintstone Which four famous people would you most like to eat? Margaret Thatcher, Alan Sugar (fire), Chairman Mao, and Tony Pulis How do you want to be remembered? One of the good people.


Ex-Arriva boss Bob Davies to lead the Home Group

Former Arriva chief executive Bob Davies was chosen as the next chairman of the national team of social housing provider Home. The man led the giant Sunderland transport minister during 1998-2007 and growth will replace Rod Bennion joined Newcastle-based organization in July. Davies said: "I am very excited by the prospect of working with a national organization that makes a positive difference in the lives of over 120,000 people per year. "I was impressed with the enthusiasm and encouragement of the executive team at Home Group is committed to fulfilling the mission of the organization. These are exciting and challenging times for the social housing sector, and I will try to bring my experience from the corporate world to the other council members to support the executive team to ensure Home Group change in the future. ' Davies, who is also the chairman of Biffa, as the senior non-executive director and chairman of Barratt development Euroports PLC Company Sarl. He is chairman of the Board of Governors at the University of Sunderland and also served on the board of British Energy PLC and Northern Rock Asset Management.


Additional celebs dancing enhance the company's long hair

Hair extensions company has endeavored to meet the luscious locks on some of TV's most famous celebrities in the country. Stockton-based extra length, which makes and Accessories for hair extensions and related accessories in the UK, has recently completed working on ITV's Dancing on Ice hairdresser Paul Haskell. He first discovered Teesside business when he was trawling the internet for high quality human hair extensions to meet the stars. He contacted the company's founder, Victoria Lynch, in time for this year's event. He said: "He came to us and are interested in our products because they are our own brand and we could meet them in the event that the cost of production. All of them are used for extra long branded events. Paul also worked hard in Come Dancing BBC that he would come back and use us next year. ' Yorkshire business has expanded to a second store opening retail. It has just launched a store in Leeds city center after a period of growth thanks to improved program compliance profile prime-time reality. New stores and salons, are really organized, successfully launched on March 31 with hundreds of customer visits. In addition to hair extensions salon offering Botox, fillers and liquid facelifts. To address the demand for labor will increase to 12 members of staff to operate both stores and to handle online orders, which they received from around the world. "We are very excited to launch our second store and expanded to London," added Lynch. "Shop in Leeds city center and benefits from a lot of foot traffic for style conscious people so we are excited to begin a colorful place. "We also accept the reality of the industry increased thanks to the work of the leading hair stylists and celebrities who wear our products."