7 Mistakes To Avoid Cash Flow Management

Working with small businesses over the past 20 years has brought with it some very interesting experiences. One of the most common experience is that the cash flow management wrong with the business owners make. You might think that only business owners have experienced near death experiences in their company, but I have worked with some very experienced, very savvy business owners who have made this same mistake we mistakes.Much made us cash flow, both in business and in our personal lives has more to do with how we think about money, than they do about how we think about money. Do not cringe - just keep reading! Start to smile and nod, as I'm sure you've made at least one mistake does not matter how logical and comfortable you feel you are about to money.

Mistake # 1 - impulse shopping spendingImpulse shows itself in many forms. This is a networking event you sponsor, a table last minute you take a trade show or computer you just bought for the office. The third item that looks like the things you need to buy in the normal course of business right? For most of them, but we see a computer purchase. You ask me how the computer is impulse buying, you need to run your business and the old just fell. Yup, this is the appropriate sentence is WHY it an impulse purchase. All equipment is mission critical to your business should have a plan and a budget replacement place.

Mistake # 2 - Pay your bill by Bank balanceThis one is by far my favorite mistakes and probably the most common businesses struggling with cash flow. This one is also closely related to impulse spending. Usually what happens is that squeakiest wheel gets the check. You have someone in office or phone payment requirements, so rather than have a potential confrontation by saying, "No, I can not cut a check right now, but I can get a check on Thursday" For example, your online banking logon you and see that you have money in the account and then write it check.This more damaging than not paying vendors to day. You've just taught the people on the other end who wants to put their needs before your own business needs'. Use your imagination about how damaging it can be in the bigger picture of your relationship.

Mistake # 3 - Extending credit to customers who do not creditworthyWhen decide to give credit to your customers, actually lend money to your customers. Your customers fill out loan applications and includes trade references and bank references. References actually call them to find out how much they have been outstanding credit to the vendor. It is important to know how much credit they are looking to receive from you and if they have the same amount of credit in the past in good condition. If you sell high ticket items, do not be afraid to ask for financial statements.

Mistake # 4 - Allowing you to ageYou've may accept credits to your customers and now you need to collect on the invoice. You have many reasons for not collect the money due. You're busy, you do not want to be a pest, or do not want to jeopardize the next major deal pending with your customers. All of these factors, or should I say the reason, great way to mismanage your current cash.Staying your collection as important as timely delivery of your products. Enabling customers consistently pay late to teach them it important for you to pay on time. Be sure to have a consistent system in place to collect payments from your customers and help them keep current with you.

Mistake # 5 - Payments to vendors too earlyYou're intention is to foster a good relationship with your vendors, but only the initial time to pay vendors when you receive a discount for early payment. Even then, you have to weigh the pros and cons of whether or not the discount is worth giving up your cash faster than you need. Keep a constant balance of cash while paying your bills on time will have long-term benefits for your company, especially as you grow your business.

Mistake # 6 - stocking over inventory and suppliesIncremental bulk order savings lose their value when inventory is on the shelf and the money Cash is not available for other efforts. In other words, do you think you are saving your per piece price and increase your gross income. However, you have cash tied and unable to act quickly opportunities.You need to consider whether the small savings of buying in bulk is worth the amount of time inventory is on the shelf. Inventory does not earn interest, but in general only lose more value time.

Mistake # 7 - Not Controlling Payroll costsIt easier to allow the days grow longer and longer and slowly crept salary. Way to increased salary costs include the lack of planning and lack of direction. How long does it take your team to refocus each time a new fire broke out? A customer calls about the final sequence where all the demonstrations to make the customer happy is more expensive than planning a work schedule and sticking to it. Set standards and have a "standard" for how long a task should take to help keep your costs Payroll consistent.Are still nodding your head as you realize that you made some mistakes yourself? Do you make other mistakes that I have not covered here?


Three Important Features Superior Automated Packaging Systems

Company into a packaging system automatically to save time and money as they attempt to fill the ever increasing demands of their customers. As the global economy has grown rapidly in recent years, it is more important than ever to be able to fulfill orders and meet client expectations in a way that both more efficient and more cost effective. It's a tall order, but one that is automated packaging system can become a reality if the business you choose the right system for the industry and the relevant materials. If the business you're looking for an automated solution that can be used for different industries, there are three important features that you need to look for: 

1. SolutionsYour packaging and delivery systems Customized Software is only as good as the software that runs it. In most industries, downtime is too tied to problems in software rather than hardware issues. Equipment itself rarely fails, but the computer program or the operating system platform that runs can fail in a number of different ways. To ensure this can not happen in your pack and ship center, ensure that suppliers to design and install your system can also provide you with a custom software program that will work seamlessly maintain order fulfillment operations running smoothly. If they try to force a pre-fab, pre-packaged software into your company, keep looking. When you buy automated packaging systems should also get a custom software system has been developed by engineers in partnership with your employees that meet certain technology requirements and configuration of your choice, to pack and send model.

2. Integrated packaging slip CapabilityFor years the only way to ensure that the packing slip included in each order that has manually entered or stayed out of each box or container in a plastic bag. Each has its limitations, not least of which is the additional labor required for manual insertion and the high cost of plastic bags (which are also environmentally questionable). Now you can find a complete automated packaging systems also print out, fold and insert a packing slip with each order or container or attach to the outside of the box without the use of plastic bags that become more profitable as the company moves toward a more environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

3. Reliable Visual AuditingNo matter what size or shape of boxes and shipping containers and no matter how fast automated packaging solutions to fulfill orders, they will not succeed if you do not compensate for inaccurate orders. That is why a reliable visual inspection is important. Look for a system that can "see" or photographing the contents of each container from more than one angle and are easily triggered by a bar code scanner. You also should be able to easily recover data and images needed from a given transmission supported by the serial number so that customers can get quick answers to their questions if there are no misunderstandings or unintentionally. For optimal diversity and to better meet the needs of your customers, you also have to look for a solution that can automatically export the tracking number and verify information to their own customer shipments databases.

Automated Packaging Systems: Flexibility For FutureNot every pick, pack and ship solution will work for every manufacturers or packaging center. However, if you are looking for one that allows maximum flexibility so that you can fulfill orders for third-party customers as well as small and large businesses or packaging goes, you will experience more less down time and a higher level of customer satisfaction across the board.


Cash Flow Statement: What Is Its Purpose ?

Activities Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, large or small. If you do not have a solid plan go out of business in no time! You may be surprised to learn that small changes can make a big difference when it comes to managing your company money.Before we discuss the purpose of the cash flow statement, let's discuss what it is. Three sections of the statement of operating, investing and financing activities. There are two ways to use when preparing your statement, direct and indirect method.

The method statement is a summary of transactions of cash or cash equivalents that are affected (ie receivables) at a given period of time. In other words it is a summary of all cash payments and cash receipts that occurred within a month, quarter or year to business.Each statement section provides insight into the activities of your business and where your money comes from or where it goes in the operating section. cash flow statement provides information about the cash generated by sales and production activities are located in statement.

The part of the investment income from the cash flow statement will tell you how you make your money Your business.For example if you buy the equipment. Finance section will tell you if you borrow money or to pay off debt. The second part of the activities for the financing of investment and cash flow statement is reflected in the balance sheet.This brings us to the purpose of the cash flow statement. Statement that works together all the details of the income statement and balance sheet to provide a summary of the overall picture of the cash inflows and outflows for your business business.

Seeing summarized in this format will help you understand how Your business will affect the detailed transactions. When reviewing the cash flow statement should be able to see how a business cash increase or decrease in the cash flow statement period.The also removes non-cash transactions are possible on the income statement as depreciation expense for equipment. This allows us to see how and in what areas of the business to earn money, or make money. Using this information be able to make adjustments to your operations, or investing or financing activities.


What Exactly Is the Fiscal Cliff?

Fiscal cliff refers to a number of tax increases and spending cut that will take effect on 1 January 2013. If Congress and President Obama will not agree to act during this perfect storm to avoid financial disaster, the United States was, as was coined term, "falling off the cliff." Tax increases to One will be more significant than the latter half century.According a recent report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) fiscal cliff (by taking billions of dollars out of the economy) will push the U.S. into recession next years and raise the unemployment rate to 9.1% by the end of 2013. In addition, the CBO said economic output will fall by about one-half of one percent in 2013 if Congress fails to act to reverse the tax increases and spending cut put in motion by the previous deals deficit. It came into force in January and integrated 7000000000000 USD worth of tax increases and spending cut over a decade. In addition, the debt ceiling - a legal limit on the federal government borrowing - will have to be raised at the beginning of next year from its current level of $ 16.394 trillion.So what tax increases and spending cut Lets establish the exact fiscal cliff? look.

Automatic spending cutsSince Congress last year failed to reach a debt deal, Budget Control Act provides for the automatic spending cut starts January 2, 2013 which will reach $ 1.2 trillion in deficit reduction over 10 years. Frankly, that only amounts to about $ 120 billion per year which is a decrease bucket.Defense deficit spending is cut about $ 55 billion in 2013, which means at least a 10% cut for each program, project and activities that are not explicitly exempt.Another $ 55000000000 will be deducted from the expected level of nondefense spending, which would include things such as education, food inspection and safety of air travel. That amounts to about an 8% cut to programs, projects and activities.

The current tax rates cuts The Bush we enjoyed in the past ten years is set to expire December 31 as follows: rate / income tax brackets: Up to 15%. 28%, 31%, 36% and 39.6%, up from 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33% and 35% capital gains rate: The increase to 20% from 15% for most filers.Qualified dividend rate: Rises to judge a person on income tax, up from 15% for most filers.Increased itemized deduction limitation: high-income taxpayers may not be able to take some itemized deduction and personal exemption tax credit full.Child:Falls to $ 500 per child of $ 1,000. Also partially restored reduced.American Opportunity Tax Credit: This credit expired. The smaller the expectation value tax credit for college tuition is restored. Some little education tax benefits also expire.

Earned Income Tax Credit: expanded eligibility for credit penalty relief expires.Marriage:This means that the low or middle income earner married two owe more on IRS than they could if they were single making the same income taxes. Estate tax credit and the level of real exception back to the previous level. Exemption levels dropped over $ 1,000,000 from $ 5,000,000, and the maximum tax rate on taxable property increased to 55%, up from 35% holidayThe Payroll taxes Social Security tax rate of 6.2% moving, up from 4.2%, the first $ 110,100. wages. Effectively, a person making $ 50,000 would pay $ 1,000 Payroll taxes next year. Given the insolvency of the social security system as a whole, this is a very misguided provisions in the first federal extension benefits place.Unemployment extensionThe benefits ended. For workers who lose their jobs after July 1 2012, just 26 weeks of benefit payments available, down from 99 weeks of benefits that have been available. This means that an estimated 2,000,000 claimants will lose their benefits by January.

AMT patchThe Alternative Minimum Tax threshold fell to $ 33,750 for individuals and $ 45,000 for married couples. That was down from $ 50,600 and $ 78,750, respectively, if the exemption amount is adjusted for inflation. As a result, more than 30 million more people are now affected by the tax, up from 4,000,000 in date.OtherAs part of Obamacare, which is now the law of the country, some new additional taxes are added on top of tax increases above.A of.9% additional tax will apply to wages or earned income over $ 200,000 ($ 250,000 if married). This is the top 1.45% of all Medicare currently owe wages.

An additional 3.8% Medicare supplement also apply to investment income for taxpayers achieving more than $ 250,000. What do nowTax, property and financial planning is the key now. A thorough analysis of tax and financial situation should bear to determine whether it makes sense to sell long-term investment capital gains and pay tax at 15%, rather than 20% or more after the initial diagnosis year.

A The Company's portfolio should also be conducted to determine the likelihood of any adverse exposure pressure selling stock to pay dividends or funds. Also, the favorability of new municipal bonds should be considered, given the higher tax rate is above us, not to mention the additional 3.8% Medicare tax on investment income of high earners under Obamacare.Accelerating Any ordinary income 2013-2012 strategy also may, depending on individual circumstances.Finally, for anyone with assets exposed to new limits property tax (currently $ 5,000,000 per person, down to 1,000,000 per person ) an immediate review of wills, trusts and estate planning options could save millions of deaths taxes.


Benefits of SEO Services Law Firm

Search engine optimization is a service that enhances the visibility and accessibility of a web site as a result of unpaid search. We can say a website is ranked by traffic details, more visitor traffic and popularity over the website. As a result of the popularity of a website ranked high or high score appear more often when we search for certain keywords. A law firm is a group of attorneys who worked together during training and their main responsibility is to guide their clients about their rights, responsibilities and liabilities.

Multiple firm to invest money, time and SEO in mind share graphic design and page header or title to their Web site. Some law firms call for SEO promotion of their websites for targeted industries compete and maximize opportunities. Law firms actually use this service for companies / business development SEO and prominent placement. The three main ideas are used by law firms when using SEO to target more visitors and spectators, to reveal the expertise skills, to encourage or force the company to target new skills or regions.Marketing website involves two steps, if your website is displayed page or content perspective right and other SEO services and increase incoming links to a website to promote and display links to various websites to make it more visible and more accessible. Most visited sites highly ranked and well and in this way we can assess these developments. 

Law Firm SEO services are considered the building blocks in the development of marketing techniques and mixed with an offer by stem SEOs.In old days of traditional advisors consulted for advice but there is no assurance or guarantee to win this case. Therefore the trend is changing hire law firm for business solutions and development issues. Now clients resolve their problems by looking for the best law firm by Google, Yahoo or Bing to write a particular keyword or seek legal counsel. SEO helps in creating a website and make it more available, accessible and viewable by popular search engines when looking for interested clients.Legal issues must be handled with care as they are very sensitive and can be confusing experience attorneys and puzzles during the selection process to represent the responsibilities and obligations. 

That is why SEO campaigns active and experienced encouraged to solve problems by expanding client base, effective manufacturing and increase brand exposure. SEO experts not only reduce the burden of legal cases, but also increases the rate and strength of your case and help you in a very effective and fun. Boundaries and legal and ethical responsibilities are highlighted to attract visitors and SEO clients.Expert assist in building an ad from mouth-to-mouth for your law firm to publish your metadata, expertise, experience and the case to be resolved. Thus, there is only one law firm SEO services are used to generate offline presence, social networking, reputation management, localization and compete with other campaigns. The traditional approach to SEO and marketing strategies that are used as a monitoring tool for optimizing web.


Finance Organization As A Driver strategic value

In this age of creativity driven by the digital revolution, the role of financial organizations magnified as never before.The pressure points for almost all business organizations continue to: - Reduce the cost-based company to make a quick decision-Provide greater transparency to the organization's internal and external stakeholders. Finance needs to respond to this challenge by quickly moving from traditional functions such as: Repair Cycle time for operational costs processingGeneral reductionThey Financial transactions near the end of the month and need to embrace the emerging new age of strategic functions such as: Executive analytical and decision support functions Making data presentation actions Identify operational savings and efficiencies Portfolio management and resource allocation Proactive risk management company Business collaboration with the operations team The first challenge facing any financial organization is hoping to close the gap with senior business decision makers.

Recent studies indicate that there is a disconnect between what most finance organizations they consider to be priorities and what business leaders consider to be the most senior business priorities.The difference between the two represents a gap in perceptions and expectations should closed.Specifically most financial organizations still see their role given the traditional functions, while the opposite is more aligned with the business priorities of new functions identified age above.The unfortunate reality is that a significant part of the traditional finance function easily be automated, and other opportunities outsourced.Examples commoditized and includes functions such as bank reconciliation is almost eliminated by the Electronic Bank Statement and Bank Monitoring the general functions of ERP applications systems.Cash replaced receivable management and lockbox services by banks as accounts payable function is replaced by features such as the completion and acceptance evaluated EDI among other functions.

The silver lining here is the fact the financial organization to come to the table with a boatload of truth and expertise. This is particularly true in the field of objectivity, access to information and foresight.Finance important therefore in a position to increase the ability for strategic business partnerships. They can do this by focusing more on the new functions of age and industrialization traditional functions.At risk of sounding like an alarmist, the fact is that there is an existential threat to the role of finance organization as we know it today. To reduce the risk, there should be encouragement to adopt a radical new age rapidly.

Competencies function gradually emerged to fill the void and be morphing as professions.Competencies as Enterprise Risk Management is now seen as more strategic than the internal audit function. However, there is no reason why the current practice of internal auditing can not be easily added to create a more holistic risk management company mandate.Enterprise Portfolio Management and Resource Allocation another craft also under-represented. Yet in reality, finance has a significant headstart in managing this function. This order is the ratio of the impact on the business is the most critical areas in which finance can make immediate and impactfull difference.

By mother involved in analyzing business cases and investment proposals for approval, refinance just to learn the basics of portfolio management skills to institutionalize the framework area.Bridging This transformation transformation GapTo bridge the gap, finances have to be very committed to having a strategic perspective with highly developed skills and competencies in the following areas: Forecast Accuracy Competencies to identify the source and enterprise value drivers and risks. Strong interpersonal skills to convince communicate recommendations, and effective influence in deciding Personal responsibility