Apple Can't Keep Up With Demand for iPhone Updates

Apple's iPhone operating system can do many interesting things, but to ensure an easy process to upgrade apparently is not one of them.

Since the publication IOS5 on Wednesday, the first eager to upgrade their older devices have been pulling your hair out and flooded the Apple store for assistance. IPhone software is installed - to be a model 4S - really hit the stores on Friday.

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Among the complaints: overwhelmed servers, applications and download time is long gone. A minority report disturbed even "brick" or iPhone frozen.

Fear "Error 3200" seems to appear many times you can enter it (yet compact) Hall of error as an explanation of Apple's Steve Jobs for iPhone users in early issues that hold the antenna of your device is not true.

As high-tech sites like Mashable reported, beleaguered Apple service representatives are advised to call the company in an attempt to fix errors, apparently caused by a large number of customers attempting to upgrade obsolete During server software. The update process took over three hours for some users.

Technology blogger Bill Palmer said the easiest solution is, of course, to get the new iPhone and relatively expensive (from $ 199) 4S with pre-installed system.

He added: "iPhone users who are struggling day by a mysterious" error message 3200 "and will not use your phone for hours during the upgrade process can be more charitable towards Apple's idea of ​​providing a few hundred dollars to 4S as a gift to launch corrupted IOS 5 iPhone that exist. It's just a matter of time before someone creative to connect the dots and said Apple should have reduced the IOS 5 deployment to improve iPhone4S. "

Despite the inconvenience, users welcomed the new features that lead the auditor such as Walt Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal recommends a good phone as an upgrade but not essential. He liked the voice-activated control features new Siri ", an early artificial intelligence system must try to believe.

Around the same time, the iPhone was introduced, reports began circulating that Apple is preparing a plan to put movies in the cloud, which can be placed somewhere between suppliers and competitors, the Hollywood studios.

Apparently, Apple is in talks with representatives of the studio is optimistic to reach an agreement that allows consumers to purchase movies through iTunes and access it from the Apple device. This service, if made final, could start at the beginning of this year.


Bhutan wedding caps year of royal nuptials

(CBS) What year is really married!

Now, 31 years young king, Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck, was married to a regular television series Jetsun Pema ceremony for the country that have been waiting for this day since King attended Oxford, crowned five years ago.

Photos: royal wedding in Bhutan

Thousands of Bhutan from nearby Barrio joined the king and queen at their wedding in a garden outside the walls of the holy monastery of most countries, where the list of traditional dancers performed routines for the new couple.

The parties are only the latest in a long series of ceremonies to put 2011 in the history books as the "Year of the royal wedding."

First is the 29 April unity Prince William, second in line to the throne, and plain Kate Middleton, was given the title of Duchess of Cambridge.

Millions of people around the world watched on television as the two exchanged vows at Westminster abbey, and then left in a horse-drawn carriage for rotation of the party at Buckingham Palace in London.

William, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, is the son of Charles, Prince of Wales and the late Princess Diana.

Three months later, his cousin Zara Phillips to marry rugby star Mike Tindall on 30 July in Scotland with a reception at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, the Queen.

An accomplished rider, Phillips Queen's eldest grandson, was born the only daughter of Queen, Princess Anne.

Also in that month was a three-day wedding parade in Monaco, as the head of the kingdom, Prince Albert II, Charlene Wittstock to marry nobility, a former Olympic swimmer from South Africa.

Both exchanged vows for the first time in a private civil ceremony July 1 at the palace throne room and then on July 2 ceremonies attended by royalty, heads of state and hundreds of guests in the courtyard.

The summer also saw Prince Georg Friedrich Ferdinand of Prussia, married Princess Sofia of castle Isenburg in Potsdam, August 27, 2011.

Prince of Prussia, is the current head of the Imperial House Hohenzollern, the last ruling dynasty of the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia. He is the heir to great-great-grandchildren and Wilhelm II, last German Emperor and King of Prussia, who was overthrown and, initially, went into exile in Germany's defeat in World War I. 1918.

Finally, Princess Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg old married his partner Alexander Evangelical Stadtkirche Johannsmann on June 18, 2011, in Bad Berleburg, Germany. Princess has a relationship with the royal family of Greece and Denmark.

Bride of 35 years, daughter of Princess Benedicta of Denmark, sister of Danish Queen Margrethe II.


Chris Tucker performance moved to Plachta Auditorium after low ticket sales

The performance on Saturday was comedian Chris Tucker moved Plachta Warriner Hall Auditorium after selling only 1200 tickets now.

Central Michigan University Program Board decided to modify the original site planned for the CMU Events Center, but the low number of tickets sold is not sufficient to fill the available seats 5300.

Coordinator of Student Activities Damon Brown, PB adviser, said the show unfortunately had to move because of poor ticket sales. Brown said he felt it would be more appropriate Plachta Auditorium for 1,200 people who bought tickets.

"We do not sell enough tickets and must make decisions in the best interests of the whole world will be fair," Brown said. "We want to make sure it would be a good environment for Chris and for those who will show you."

Brown said he felt that the price of tickets has not played an important role in low sales, said Chris Tucker and actions in different markets in general, will cost more to attend.

"I do not think ticket prices are high by any stretch of imagination on the bench a ticket is only $ 10," Brown said. "By 1200 people with tickets will be a great show."

Damon said Plachta Auditorium was cut to show the value of tickets purchased. For example, those who bought floor seats are reserved seats near the stage.


Chris Tucker Facing Foreclosue on Mansion

Actor and comedian Chris Tucker facing foreclosure on the home millions of dollars in Florida, according to court documents filed this week.

Star of "Rush Hour" trilogy's favorite comedy "Friday", bought the house across the lake area of ​​10,000 square meters in 2007 to U.S. $ 6 million. Purchase fort made just before the housing market has taken a steep dive this year.

SunTrust Banks reported presenting documents against the perpetrators in Lake County Circuit Court in Florida. Tucker said the bank owes more than $ 4.4 million. However, local property assessors have a home currently valued at $ 1.6 million, according to AP.

According to the Orlando Sentinel Tucker property is located at Bella Collina development, a community of about 2,000 acres with waterfront homes and estates overlooking the golf course great.

Tucker reportedly has a five-bedroom house, three fireplaces, and private spa. An open kitchen overlooking the pool, and the basement tends to resemble a pirate ship, according to the Sentinel.

Even at the end of his 2007 film "Rush Hour 3" was a huge success, with more than $ 140 million at the box office in the movie since. Earlier this year he'd go back to the way stand-up, comedy in U.S. theaters

The Associated Press contributed to this report


Why was it Tim Tebow in Denver on Sunday, and not Brady Quinn?

Despite the opinion of the buyer signs the Denver area, I think it was Brady Quinn (notes) that got the call when the Denver Broncos finally were forced to judge Kyle Orton (remember). It is not. This is Tim Tebow (note).

You know now what it was like Tebow. Although the step numbers are not excessive, somehow Broncos back into the game against the Chargers. They have a chance to win on the final play, but short on funds.

I wonder what happened to Brady Quinn, though. I am not arguing for or against Tebow, or says that Quinn would have done better. You can not ask about the Broncos John Elway after Tebow was Sunday. This post is not about the benefits of a good quarterback. I wonder what happened to Quinn.

There are reports that Tebow is not even third best quarterback in the preseason list. Broncos official website, though refused to declare a winner Tebow vs. Quinn for the position of backup. Still is. Fox said last week that Tebow gives Quinn (including Orton) snaps in practice, showed no preference for either.

A youth movement is not really pure explained, either. If the decision is to play a young man and see what you have, then Quinn is as good as Tebow calls. Quinn 26; Tebow was 24. Not that Quinn was given the opportunity whenever possible to conclude that may or may not be an NFL quarterback.

I see three possible scenarios: 1) somewhere along the way, John Fox decided that Tim Tebow is a better quarterback Brady Quinn, 2) Using the bench press Orton, Fox threw in the towel at this time and plan to see both his young quarterbacks, or 3) Fox succumbed to public pressure to finally play Tebow.

I hope this is not a third option. This is not a good thing for a coach.


'Joe the Plumber' files papers to run for Congress

"Joe the Plumber", who became famous during the 2008 presidential campaign, has submitted a letter to run for Congress in Ohio.

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher nominations for the 9th Congressional District of Ohio - are in the seats and redistricting pits Democrat Dennis Kucinich and Marcy Kaptur of the primary. Wurzelbacher asked to run as a Republican.

Wurzelbacher, after a plumbing contractor employee, went to Barack Obama as the candidate wins with life in Holland, Ohio, neighborhood. Wurzelbacher suggested that Obama's plan taxes will result in higher taxes for him.

The Republican candidate Senator. John McCain took the exchange and repeatedly refers to humans Dubbed as "Joe the Plumber" in the last debate against Obama.

The Arizona senator raised Wurzelbacher as a symbol of what might happen to the middle class if the Democrats get to the White House. This led to intense scrutiny Wurzelbacher, who has no plumber's license and later said that McCain "ruin my life."


Brian Urlacher knows Bears defense ‘not up to our standards’

When the bear to allow 543 yards and 29 points and still win, the chorus is predictable after the game.

A''win win,''said midfielder Brian Urlacher. ''You can have all the appearances, such as. Never mind. We won.''

However, even if Urlacher can not ignore the obvious flaw in a 34-29 victory over the Carolina Panthers are on Sunday at Soldier Field. The defense may have been pretty good, but not enough.

''We know we have much work to do,''said Matt Toeaina defensive resolve.

Panthers rookie quarterback Cam Newton threw for 374 yards. Wide receiver Steve Smith had eight catches for 181 yards. DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart combined for 169 Newton yards and two goals in 26 carry (6.5 yards per carry). Panthers were 11 plays of 20 or more.

On this day, is not fatal. But even in victory, that intelligence.

''We played well enough to win. But do not meet our standards,''said Urlacher, credited with an eight-team handle high, tied with Lance Briggs. ''We have to improve each week. We know that. We just keep working and training.''

As bad as it looks on paper, have at least can find some solace in the fact that was recorded for DJ Moore interception back 19 yards and play well when they meet.

Moore says that in the right place at the right time when he was caught by a Newton pass intended Legedu Naanee led by Briggs.

''I was the recipient of a gift, more or less,''said Moore, a 54-yard interception return touchdown loss to the Redskins last season. ''They [Briggs and Urlacher] hit him and I came to try and help, and pop the ball to me.''

Security Charles has Godfey block belongs Bears Bears 29 Panthers 24-23 lead with 14:07 to go. But Newton 3-of-10 for 24 yards as the Panthers gained 28 yards on 11 plays over the next three possessions and Olindo Mare 52-yard missed field goal.

It was not until three-yard touchdown run to give Marion Barber took the lead 34-23 with 1:23 left Newton for comfort Panthers touchdown.

''Our setup is that we play better,''Urlacher said. ''That's what our coach told us the first time: to play better and faster.''

We will''mind-set to do the things we do,''said Moore. ''In the first round, first round, you know you have anger as soon as you go''

The defense has impressed but not overwhelmed by Newton, of 27-46 for 374 yards and rushed eight times for 35 yards and two touchdowns. However, it faded in the fourth quarter.

''We're behind him,''defensive end Israel Idonije said. ''This is a combination of training and the players say, enough. "These are people with talent. While everyone is playing a little more stable than it was still able to make plays. Luckily we were good enough to fold and take the rubber when necessary.''


Was Christopher Columbus on a religious crusade?

Two recent books argue that the Basque explorer Christopher Columbus and da Gama which is closer to Christian crusader mercenaries and adventurers eager audience. Other historians, however, remain skeptical.

The book was published in the week before Columbus Day (Oct. 10), a statement of the reasons famous sailors looking for a direct route to trade with India to destroy Islam.

"I think historians will know about it, but not seriously," says Carol Delaney, author of Delaney, a retired anthropologist, is currently a researcher at the University of "Columbus and the quest of Jerusalem . "Brown.

Delaney book argues that Columbus wanted to find gold fund a new movement to regain Jerusalem from the Muslims, the belief that Jerusalem should be in the hands of Christians before the second coming of Jesus.

"People do not usually look at Columbus in the context of religion in his day, which is very strong," says Delaney.

Nigel Cliff, author of a new book on Portuguese contemporary Basque da Gama, Columbus, agreed that the explorers to see through the lens of religion Historians in the 19th century "change of emphasis." Tends to regard regard Columbus as a heroic figure who started the "intellectual adventure interested," while in the 20th century tended to "focus on the economy, to the exclusion of much more," he said.

Cliff said the economic benefits alone is not a medieval concept.

"Faith is a matter of burning a big push Portugal (navigational) campaign 80 years ago," says Cliff, a writer and amateur historian.

Da Gama became the first person to reach India by sailing directly from Europe around Africa in 1498, six years after Columbus discovered America for the king and queen of Spain.

Cliff was a book, "Holy War", said Da Gama is coming to East is the defining moment of the supremacy of Christianity in the Islamic world trade as part of a course of "clash of civilizations. "

However, other historians say claims new book "dare to be supported by a grant from the poor. Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, a historian at the University of Notre Dame, who has written extensively about Columbus, condemned the book in The Wall Street Journal.

According to him, Cliff Delaney and "do the truth and authenticity of the sources of uncertainty, author and date are not reliable" and that the error in Columbus on his word even though it is well known fake.

Sanjay Subrahmanyam, UCLA historian who has written about da Gama da Gama said that the religion of the browser is more interested in "personal development" and ensure "meaningful, but not the only reason." Trade route that is controlled by the Portuguese nobility than the crown.

Fernandez-Armesto Cliff called the theory of "clash of civilizations" between Christianity and Islam ", a product of the imaginations of contemporary" Subrahmanyam said it was "great story for those with connection with timely events. "

According to Subrahmanyam, "no evidence whatsoever" that da Gama want to recover Jerusalem and prepare for the coming of Christ, although there is some evidence that Columbus may be their ambitions.

For example, Delaney points to the mysterious "Book of Prophecy," a compilation of biblical statements about all that seemed divine the meaning of the voyage of Columbus. The book should be drafted by Columbus himself.

Fernandez-Armesto also noted that the Spanish judge who commissioned the voyages of Columbus has long been obsessed with the idea of ​​Jerusalem.

However, "there is no evidence that Columbus particular religion ... until he consulted with God after failure of worldly ambition, "he said. Columbus died a disappointed man because he can not find the quantity of gold and part in India he asked.

At least, the debate about the books show that Columbus remains a controversial figure, more than 500 years after he sailed the ocean blue. "Everyone seems to have a personal interest in their version of Columbus," says Delaney.

Knights of Columbus, the world's largest Catholic fraternal organization, named after the explorer. Pat Korten, a spokesman for the Knights, said that the piety of Columbus is a "significant" reason for the name of the group.

"The Knights of Columbus was always seen as a major religious man, no doubt about it," says Korten.

Another factor is the strong anti-Catholic, when Knight was founded in 1882. When you connect better with the popular figure of Columbus, said Korten, the Knights sent the message, "We are as American as you we got here first!"

Despite the popularity of Columbus fell during the 20th century, the Knights are not "ashamed" of his name, says Korten. I have not heard the theory that Columbus would finance a crusade to recover Jerusalem.

If a wrong theory is that they spread, Subrahmanyam blaming "commercial (edit) press" not to submit their manuscripts to the same rigorous peer review and feedback of academic publishers.

Fernandez-Armesto, meanwhile, blame the writer.

"If you take refuge in other disciplines in the belief that history is easy, without bothering to do basic work," he wrote, "deserve to fail."


‘Girl Fight’: Florida beating story inspires Lifetime movie

"Girl Fight" was inspired by the history of Florida, Lakeland teen-beat event that became a YouTube sensation in 2008.

But it soon became apparent that we are not in the state of Florida. There is a mountain in the movie, which opens at 21:00 am on Monday in life.

"This guy must be from Florida, but was shot in Canada," says Benita situation "Bonnie" Garvin.

"Girl Fight" is trying to tell a larger story of Victoria "Tori" Lindsay, women were attacked in Lakeland. The filmmakers have the right to life is the family of Lindsay, and then go their own way, said Garvin.

"You have a story, begins to investigate," says Garvin. "I do not agree with the requirements of the network, who embellish. Was inspired by his story, but I do not see it as a story. This story is universal. "

Garvin's family spoke with Lindsay on the phone for some time. Members of the family movies have different names, including dialogue and situations created by Garvin.

"It would be unfair for me to be based on it. I do not know them quite well, "Garvin said. "I'm really in the spirit of history, not reality. There is a sign that hit on television, and that an announcement is coming. You should play with it. TV is not intended as a documentary. If you want real life, there is no need to switch to the movie for him. "

"Girl Fight" sends a message of forgiveness, the star said. Jodelle Ferland, 16, plays Haley, who was attacked by teens. "It was a normal girl trying to fit in," said Jodelle. "How came through it [the attack] has shown great courage. He was angry about that, but he never wanted revenge. "

Anne Heche and James Tupper, who is a partner in real life, playing old Haley.

"One of the most beautiful things is the way our children can teach us something. We must be open to his wisdom, "says Anne Heche. "My character comes to understand that he receives a pardon."

This film gives the keynote address Heche Garvin, said in court about what really happened.

"We struggled in the final film," says Garvin. "Ending a mother come true in an area set aside their own anger, and suddenly I saw the children and see them as children. It was a case in which there are toughie. "

Tupper said he read the script before the study was inspired by a true story. "I was surprised," he said. "The parents of our generation to address new problems created by technology."

He described the film as a lesson, and that helps families facing problems such as violence and resolve conflicts. He said he had signed on to do "Girl Fight" because of the way it ended.

"It was a very emotional and I hope people learn from it," he said.

Heche says she does not know the history of Lakeland, good, and says the film will help people to speed.

"What may help parents understand what is happening to our children is very useful and feasible to do," he said. "I have children, too, and I want to know what to look out for. You should be aware of a parent, you should know about it, and should support your child. "


GIRL FIGHT (Lifetime) Advance Review

All life is a premiere his latest film based on a teenager living on the edge, Fight Night girls. Girl fight Haley tells the story of 16 years, a learned man himself explained, is now available in the past year, would like to enjoy a little more. Enter the most popular girls, led by Alexa. Alexa Haley After some small favors, Alexa welcome to the fold. Unfortunately, not all of my friends became enemies Alexa felt the same and only requires a few comments on Facebook to change the anger that many young women seem to have.

You may remember the story behind it. The girls decide to take their revenge on Haley, Äútalking waste, the African Union to persuade them to Alexa, the protagonist in an empty house and took turns beat up while recording to be uploaded to the Internet for instant fame. Although women were arrested and charged before a movie at home has never been loaded, the prosecutor and the police finally part of the video release to the media.

Against the girl Anne Heche stars as Haley, the protagonist becomes a mother, Melissa, Jodelle Ferland and James Tupper as Haley and Haley, became father opponent, Ray. All three are superb in this film. There are times I feel frustrated with Anne Heche, star as the character became too content appearing in Haley, was the behavior changes the opponent when he started dating women. Ray's way of yelling and grounding, but Melissa seems to stop and said cheerfully, Äúoh, just bad, AU or Äúit not help the African Union, without giving an idea about how to help others to let Haley do what he wants.

The story itself is interesting and stays with you long after the film was completed. How does a group move on to another girl so soon? How to decide as fast as his legs and beat him so bad and so long as they do then this movie? The only problem with the film I repeated video playback. Sure, it is the pioneer plot. However, sometimes blinking or feel free to view. Not only was there when it happened, but then we see the party when girls are going, when you see, when parents become protagonists Haley saw it, when the detectives to do when the statement, when Haley and watches others. At some point, it is too.

That said, however, will definitely recommend this movie. The film maintains a good pace over the management to keep the viewer, the flower became the enemy as a whole. The actors are all superb, even those who play the girls said the beating. And, as I said, is something that hits you and makes you think about it later.

So set the night life for girl Fight at 09:00 ET / PT and then come back here and tell me what he thought about the film.


Curtis Painter holds his own against Bucs

Maybe Reggie Wayne on something again in August when, after the Colts signed Kerry Collins out of retirement to keep Curtis Painter out of court, said: "I do not even know [Collins] is not vanilla, man, with a simple crime. So that he can come here and be a starter, I do not see it. I think this is a step backwards. "

Implication is not that Collins was not able to reserve in the absence of Peyton Manning, as a lack of familiarity with the Indy offense to make a more attractive option than a painter, who has been with the team since 2009. We have the idea that last week when the painter, with the aid of an injured Collins, is useful against the Steelers.

Against the Buccaneers on Monday more than that, there was a phone call, changing the protection and enforcement of the no-crowd, Indy is not feasible to Collins in the middle.

In his first NFL start, completed 13 of 30 for 281 Yards Passing painters, two goals, and most importantly, no interceptions. (Although it is answered, sack, which is not surprising considering he played behind a depleted offensive line. Indy rookie Anthony handles disappear leaving Ijalana Castonzo and Ben at the time game.)

In the second quarter, beaten painter Pierre Garcon on a sideline route for 87 yards and a touchdown elegant 10-0 lead. (The longest was the first career touchdown pass as Charlie Batch threw the 98-page in 1998 is more impressive is longer than a regular season goal of Peyton Manning ..)

But it became a painter. Conclude with the Colts 17-10 in the third quarter, came Garcon, this time for 59-yard quality. But it is still not enough, the Bucs the lead in the fourth quarter and dumb painter bombarded by the rest of the night. Once completed, the Indy Tampa hobbled by losing 24-17.

This is what happens when you are without your franchise quarterback and key players missing on both sides of the ball.

So no, it's not always pretty, but let's face it: Painter surpassed all expectations of people, and it is positive for the Colts team in desperate need of good news. Unfortunately there are no moral victories in the NFL, and a quarter of the way through the season, Indy is 0-4.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeat Indianapolis Colts 24-17

Tampa - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers waited almost eight years to play Monday Night Football Raymond James Stadium and the youngest team in the league will leave an impression.

As against the Indianapolis Colts, the Bucs showed that having a baby, pushing, shoving and fighting.

And that's what they did after the beep.

Overcoming sentenced to more than a football field, the Bucs also showed the crowd in demand and a national television audience to gain and flair for the dramatic.

Quarterback Josh Freeman reached 6 feet, 6 inches from your body to a first and fundamental, and two plays later, running back Blount LeGarrette to explode 35-yard touchdown with 3:15 left in the game to give Bucs 24-17 win over Peyton Manning-less Colts.

This is the ninth win back where the Bucs have been 10 points or more from 2008, most in the NFL during that span.

"Want to go a week and play the game of football free zone, but rarely how it goes," said Freeman. "I think we showed a lot of people around the penalty - we can not change the ball - but of any disaster, we play four quarters and the last one is kind of our cosmetics, how can we do it. "

In their first three games winning streak since 2008, the Bucs (3-1) held a first place tie in the spirit of New Orleans in the NFC South.

Colts fall to 0-4 for the first time since 1998, Manning's rookie year.

Blount, who beat stomach Colts defense, rushing for 127 yards and a touchdown.

"LeGarrette is huge, just huge for us," said Freeman. "As I said, when we get to shoot big boy, it is difficult to handle. There LeGarrette together, and he is a great athlete, it is difficult to handle. "

Freeman has gone from 287 yards and a touchdown. But what a third-year career at Kansas State in his legs almost as impressive. Before the end of his knees, he ran five times for 28 yards and a touchdown while taking a key first down.

"I do not run, but I'm a little better," said Freeman. "It is what it takes to win."

As much as Bucs win, that's not enough. Tampa Bay was convicted 14 times for 106 yards.

Colts Curtis Painter, the first NFL start for beginners Manning and Kerry Collins on injured reserve, throwing objects through 87 and 59 yards to the receiver Pierre Garcon.

But the Bucs defense came big sack artist four times - two by Michael Bennett and each by Gerald McCoy and Adrian Clayborn.

"We try to treat like any other game," cornerback Ronde Barber said. "My country had the opportunity to see some of our young people take risks. That's going to show these people a little. Clearly, without (the people) have the opportunity to shine and he and LeGarrette, it's nice to kind of threat to their backfield. Nobody wants to hit the guy at the end of the game. "

The Bucs tied it at 17-17 when Freeman hit receiver Preston Parker on a 13-yard touchdown, the first of Parker's career.

Colts have a great opportunity to lead, McCoy was sacked Painter to force an attempted 43-yard field goal that Adam Vinatieri answered with 11:38 to play.

Freeman and the Bucs are vulnerable to delay the onset and Monday was no exception. Tampa Bay entered the game after scoring an offensive in the first quarter in the opener against Detroit.

The Bucs behind 10-0 in the second quarter. They could not take advantage of a field shortly after Michael Bennett fired a painter, he got the ball and recovered a fumble at the 32 yard Indianapolis. Scoring opportunity ended when Conner Barth hit the right upright with 46 field goal attempts yards.

Freeman and the offense got a boost in the second quarter. Facing first and 20 at Tampa Bay 9, arrows Freeman hum 44 yards to Arrelious Benn. After three settlements, including one from 11 yards on third down with Mike Williams, Freeman scored the second TD on the ground of many sets of one-yard sneak.

The Bucs had a chance to tie before halftime. Operate drill two minutes, five completed Freeman use to go from Tampa Bay 29-12. But facing third and two without the timeout, Freeman was sacked by Robert Mathis with 17 seconds left. The Bucs run the field goal team on the field with time running out and Barth 37-yard attempt is good. But the Bucs have 12 people on the ground and ended the first half.

The Bucs tied it at 10 by taking the kickoff in the second half and driving Barth close enough to connect to a field goal from 46 yards.

Painter starts for the first time the NFL and looked sharp early. He completed a pass to Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark on third down to move the chains and set of 45-yard Vinatieri field goal to lead 3-0.

This is the first Monday night football game Bucs Raymond James Stadium since 2003 and ran past them at this time.

Two former Bucs coach at home - Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden, who called games for ESPN. Former Bucs quarterback Trent Dilfer and Steve Young to host Countdown Monday night and attended by former quarterback Shaun King.

"We took it," said Barber. "I never felt we were doing, but winning this week. They have some talent on the team, we know. ... Get rid of the two big plays, and a dominant performance in our defense, that ugly. "


CC Sabathia's Walked 2011-Most Five Tigers Already

CC Sabathia walked four tigers in the first two rounds. There are two double-play, do not give up any runs. It also helps that the situation is not accompanied by any request.

After giving up a double by Brandon Inge at third, Sabathia has five runs in the Austin Jackson drew a free pass after failing to establish a beat.

In case you're wondering, Sabathia has not walked more than four batters in a game in nearly two full time on April 22, 2010, Sabathia walked six athletics. He lost the match, but do not throw a complete game, going 4-2 in the round of eight for the loss of the Yankees.

He is certainly a game six, and has also been doing a lot of pitches thrown. The last (so far) resulted RBI single by Ramon Santiago after he has put sacrifice bunt.

Both Sabathia and Verlander strong in the early stages, and you have to wonder whether disruption of your work - in both tone briefly suspended by rain Game 1 - plays an important role in the bizarre.


Wild CC helps Tigers take 2-1 lead in ALDS

Sabathia game playoff high with six runs and Derek Jeter with two runners attacked during the last outing in a loss of 4.5 Yankees at Detroit Tigers on Monday night that blew a hole in New York 2-1 in the best of five AL division series.

"I put us in a bad neighborhood," said Sabathia bleak. "The next time you get the ball, I'll try to go out and try to help us win."

That can not be until next year.

AL East champions are relying on the unsteady AJ Burnett in Game 4 at Comerica Park on Tuesday night. Burnett was 11-11 with an ERA of 5.15 in the regular season start was pushed out of the playoffs because Sabathia in Game 1 was interrupted by rain.

"I feel good about what AJ will do for us," manager Joe Girardi said.

Sabathia was given an early 2-0 lead, but fell short in a battle of aces, part 2.

New York scored two runs in the first off Justin Verlander close the queue before a strong MVP candidate for the next round five with a 100 mph fastball and knee-buckling breaking pitch.

"Verlander has a small number," said Alex Rodriguez. "It was always a handful."

Yankees mounted a rally for the second straight game against Jose Valverde in about the ninth inning and fell short. On Sunday, Robinson Cano grounded with runners on first and second to close setbacks.

This time Jeter attacked by two, and the captain left the course shaking his head.

"I feel good about Jeter when he was there in that situation because he has done so many times," Girardi said.

The five-time World Series champion, becoming the first player to reach 3,000 hits Yankees in July, has made a career of coming through the clutch, but can not offer the last chance.

"If I do not swing, will strike anyway," Jeter said.

A Rodriguez hit for his part, and many of his teammates are not suitable for Verlander for most of the game.

A-Rod out RBI shot to give the Yankees a 2-0 lead in the first, but ended 0 to 2, with two races and dropped to 0 for 10 in the series. MVP three times, overshadowed by a knee injury and thumb, pressing almost better than .200 the last three months of the regular season.

"My confidence is always there," says Rodriguez. "I'm ready to go."

Girardi said he was not trying to change their lineup, it seems likely that he will do what his predecessor, Joe Torre, against Detroit in Game 4 of the AIDS 2006, when the star falls Tower fell to eighth place in chronological order.

Rodriguez gave the green light to swing a 3-0 pitch to Verlander violates the eighth and beat the weak in the chair behind him. A-Rod turned and answered in the next release and waste of a field that took off at 101 mph before it prudent to take a high tone, and to attract walk-in.

Mark Teixeira has also struggled. He was 0 for 4 on Monday and 11.1 in the series.

Free pass for what was intended Sabathia.

The left-hander had no loss - Rafael Soriano after giving a young man who broke the tie in the seventh Delmon Homer - but as a $ 161 million for the fight to get the ball over the plate.

It lasted from 1 to 3 innings and provided six runs - one intentional - allowing seven hits and four runs. He had three strikeouts and threw a wild pitch, with more land or the way targeting.

"I really think he has done a lot of good pitches tonight and I think the area is a small," Girardi said. "No disrespect to anyone, but that's what I thought."

Sabathia, however, refused to make excuses about how the umpire Gerry Davis called the game.

"I've never had one to see who was calling balls and strikes," said Sabathia. "It's me get people out."

The last time Sabathia, who can opt out of his contract after this season, was lost in the playoffs is October 4, 2007, when he pitched for the Yankees against the Cleveland Indians.

Control Sabathia is so out of control that even struggled to connect with catcher Russell Martin on one of the only deliberate pitch.

"I do not take the field when I can," he said.

The Yankees plan to launch their games and an expert in Game 4, if necessary, but the rain changed the initial starting rotation after 1 ½.

Plan B put Burnett on the mound and not a root of New York is very excited about it.

Burnett signed a five-year contract for $ 82500000 Yankees during the successful season in which he spent $ 423.5 million to add two years ago, Sabathia and Teixeira.

The law has not fulfilled its part of the deal, but he has the opportunity to quickly pay dividends if you can help prevent the Yankees eliminated the Motor City.

"I'm not going out and trying to prove anything," says Burnett. "I'm going out and trying to win a game."


Amanda Knox now free in Italy

Perugia, Italy - Amanda Knox was released from prison Monday, a woman is free for the first time in four years, after the Italian appeals court rejected the murder conviction brutal stabbing death of young Americans with the British after sexual assault by the drug.

Knox, 24, grieve and then read the verdict, in a stunning reversal sensational saga cause celebre in the United States the defendant and his fellow ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito of Italy also cleared of murder 21 years Meredith Kercher in 2007.

"We are very grateful to Amanda complete nightmare," said his sister, Deanna Knox, reporters outside the court. "He suffered for four years for a crime he did not commit."

Nearly 90 minutes after the sentencing, a black Mercedes carrying Knox seen leaving the prison. Expected to board a commercial flight for home on Tuesday.

Chronology of the case of Amanda Knox

Video Exclusive: Judge Knox tells her story

Complete coverage: Amanda Knox murder appeal

Fatal blow to the prosecution case is a court-ordered DNA tests discredited the importance of genetic evidence used to convict Knox and Sollecito in 2009. They were sentenced to 26 and 25, respectively.

As a wave of relief swept the edge of the defendant in court, the Kercher family, who flew by sentiment, seemed confused and disoriented. Meredith older sister, Stephanie, warehouses, and his mother, Arline, look straight ahead.

"We respect the judge's decision, but do not understand how the decision will radically reversed the first test," which Kerchers said in a statement. "We remain confident in the courts of Italy and hope that the truth finally came out."

The Kerchers pressed by the court to defend the criminal verdict, and the theory of resistance that a third person convicted in the case, Rudy Hermann Guede, who acted alone. Guede, was sentenced in a separate trial, is serving 16 years.

There are two options for action: that there is sufficient evidence to uphold the conviction or partner not only committed a crime. The jury of eight members of some goals, Knox and Sollecito compensation.

The ruling was echoed through the streets of this medieval village, where Knox and Kercher comes with a lot of hope for the study abroad program for four years.

Hundreds of mostly college age, young people gathered in the square outside the courtroom scoffed as spreading the word about the release. "Too bad! Too bad! "He shouted, adding that a black man is to take all the blame for the killings.

Amanda Knox acquitted of murder

Savor Seattle Amanda Knox freed

Knox pale, terrified and clearly out of breath on arrival to the verdict shortly after 21:30

Chief Justice Claudio Pratillo Hellmann read the verdict in a court full of fresh underground journalists. Within five minutes, good luck Knox reversed.

"The Court of Appeals Perugia ... ordered the immediate release of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, "said Hellman.

Knox jury upheld the criminal conviction of defamation for accusing the bar owner Diya "Patrick" Lumumba to carry out the murder. I set a sentence of three years worth of service time. Knox in jail on November 6, 2007, five days after the murder.

After the verdict, Knox dropped his head into tears, and backed by lawyers from both sides of it.

Prosecutors said they will appeal to the country's highest criminal court, the Court of Appeals, after reading the legal reasoning, and that within 90 days.

"Tonight was the statement is false and confused", said prosecutor Giuliano Mignini news agency ANSA. "There is a serious conviction for defamation. Why is the cost? We do not know. "

"Court of Cassation set right" between the court and the appeals court, he said. Mignini said that "media pressure unprecedented" changes to a theme that played during the closing argument.

So far, nothing in Italian law prevents Knox returned home in Seattle.

In an interview earlier in the day, Kerchers expressed hope that the jury will deliberate regardless of the intense media coverage of the case.

Kercher's sister Stephanie complains that "nearly forgotten," as attention turned to Knox and its appeal. "We wanted to keep his memory alive," said his sister before the verdict.

The trial captivated audiences around the world. Knox and Sollecito, who just started dating, was convicted of Kercher murder in what the court said it began as a Sexual Assault by drugs.

Lawyers for Knox and Sollecito have been accused Guede was the killer, but prosecutors and lawyers for the Kercher family, said the bruises and the lack of defensive wounds to prove Kercher's body has more than one attacker holding a straight below.

After the verdict, the U.S. State Department has said that he appreciated the "careful consideration" the Italian judicial system occurred in the case. "Our Embassy in Rome will continue to provide appropriate consular assistance for Ms Knox and her family," said spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.

In Seattle, about a dozen supporters began hugging each other in a hotel suite in the middle.

"He is free" and "we" yell after they watch the trial on television.

The supporters also expressed their support for the Kercher family.

"This is a very sad occasion," said Tom Wright, one of the main organizers of the Friends of Amanda group, after fertilization. "They lost their daughter. Let us continue in our prayers. "

Kellanne Henry, a friend of Knox's mother, Edda Mellas, visiting family in Italy.

"This is the first night in four years (Edda) will know that their daughter was safe," said Henry, holding a crumpled tissue in her hand. "That thought is very unusual for me."

First Friday, Knox said fluent Italian court in tears that he did not kill the woman who shared an apartment with him when both were studying in Perugia. Knox often stopped to draw breath when he speaks eight-member jury in a crowded room, but managed to stay calm during a speech in 10 minutes.

"I lost a friend to the worst, most brutal, more subtle," he said. "I paid my life for things I do."

Knox said he always wanted justice for Kercher. "He has a room next to me. He died in our own apartment. If I was that night, I want to die, "Knox said. "But I do not exist."

"I do not kill. I do not rape. I do not steal. I'm not there, "he said.

In his speech to the jury, Sollecito said: "That hurt anyone, never in my life."

The charge has been delayed for an appeal when the court ordered that two independent experts using DNA evidence to link Knox and Sollecito crimes during the first test.

Since its inception, the weak point in the case of lack of motivation with the testimony of prosecution witnesses are fantastic and sometimes contradictory. So much depends on the scientific evidence collected by investigators.

Prosecutors say Knox's DNA was found on the handle of a kitchen knife believed to be the murder weapon and Kercher's DNA was found on the sheet. They say DNA Sollecito Kercher's bra closure as part of a mixture of data also includes the genetic profile of the victim.

But independent tests - ordered on the request of defense, which has always contested the results - have reached different conclusions.

Both experts found that the police investigation has been done to correct mistakes in evidence collection and testing below the level of pollution that raises doubts about the findings of DNA fingerprints in both leaf and in the grip of a bra, which was collected from the crime scene 46 days after the murder.

Prosecutors have been several hearings and a major part of closing arguments to try to deny the diagnosis, the emergence of experts and skilled, their original conclusions stand up and defend the scientific police work.

They also referred to prosecutors, the ease of Manuela called "big, rock solid evidence" that contributed to the original sentence.

"48 Hours Mystery" correspondent Peter Van Sant reports Knox claims the jury in which members wept openly during his speech, on the contrary belief and that the house back. "

"I confirm that I am not guilty and should be maintained. I just want to go home, back in my life, "he told the court through tears.

Van Sant said the words brought tears Knox even in the eyes of some journalists in the room.

Minutes before, a vibrant Sollecito also addressed the court pleaded not guilty and pleaded for his release.

"Do not hurt anyone, never in my life," said Sollecito, moving as he spoke, and stopped to drink water. He said at the time of the killings in the period of his life, about defending his thesis to graduate from college and you just met Knox.

Kercher was killed this weekend were the first couple planned to spend together, "tenderness and indulgent," he said.

At the end of his 17 minute address, Sollecito removed white rubber bracelets stamped with "Free Amanda and Raffaele" who said he had been four years.

"I take it off. A lot of emotions focused on this bracelet, "he said. "Now I pay tribute to the court. It's time to take it. "