Five Ways To Find Clients outsource

Although the final frenzy, about the explosion of Outsourcing, "trend" is not a new phenomenon. The concept of U.S. companies outsource various functions at a low cost, high talent pool of labor available for more than 20 years.Until new, large companies dominate the outsourcing landscape, often involving key services players such as IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Accenture (NYSE : ACN) to projects.What new information technologies is the small and medium-sized companies are recognizing the value of outsourcing, not only for technology services, but also for the business processes. Researchers at Gartner Group estimates that 80 percent of U.S. companies have been involved in high-level discussions Outsourcing in 2004, with the greatest interest in the application and business process outsourcing. Also increase interest and demand is the use of offshore delivery centers in Outsourcing strategy.

Often used interchangeably with "offshoring," the term "outsourcing" is much more wide-reaching implications. Because offshoring usually refers to hire additional labor (usually from countries like India) on a per-head-count rate per hour, the practice of outsourcing beyond conception postulates staff expansion. Now outsourcing paradigm includes advanced global delivery models, management / leadership contingency with risk, and long-term service level agreements (SLA) that covers technology and business process services.Just as market definition and scope Outsourcing has evolved over the last decade, so too buying audience. Historically, IT executives become major buyers of outsourcing services, primarily due to the intensive nature of the initial technology outsourcing arrangements. While the CIO role is still important in the decision-making process, financial executives and business-line and the CEO are now pushing that focuses on the needs of the business process outsourcing solutions and because it has emerged as a new buyer.

Mid sized professional services firm Kanbay International Inc. (www.kanbay . com) expert in a particular niche market (eg financial services) are in a strong position to achieve this new day, mid-level market with global application management and business process outsourcing solutions. Kanbay urged a number of innovative strategies to differentiate themselves and ordered vertical Outsourcing market value "Increased outsourcing economy creates new management challenges - .. And opportunities While the leading players in the industry creates demand for global outsourcing solutions, many mid-tier firms that get into the game. This opens the market practically to successfully deliver a solution provider's customer segments, "said Shiraz Patel, president of Kanbay Managed Solutions Inc.How clientsPatel lead children to discover financial Kanbay provides clients with a choice of global services and leadership models are ripe for application management outsourcing (AMO ) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). He offers the following advice for IT services / software and professional services to companies who want to enter the outsourcing market. Kanbay has been successfully used in a number of places in their own marketing strategies: 

1. Analysts look for an objective opinion. Meet at least quarterly with industry analysts such as Gartner, IDC and Aberdeen, covering Outsourcing and managed industry solutions company. To schedule an in-person visit to brief this group in the history of the company, your clients experience and vision. Also, analysts can help prove your marketing strategy, which serves as a third-party, unbiased consultants who in turn educate potential customers, partners and analysts investors.Many host conferences and publish newsletters and special reports on topics of outsourcing where you can participate.

2 . Participate in industry / educational forum. Outsourcing conference will allow companies like Kanbay to show their client success stories and achievements. This interactive format that peer-to-peer enables the business prospects in the same industry to meet common challenges, learn by example, and to meet customer outsourcing partners achievements.

3 rear. Host seminars and Webinars. In a market saturated with hundreds of seminars, company Kanbay sure you have the most success with a partial (two hours or less), highly targeted programs that demonstrate solutions geared to specific business challenges in the industry. Webinar also attractive to sponsors and clients alike because they are cost effective, does not require travel and contain similar content to live seminars.

4. To use the media. Media is a powerful and authoritative source to educate potential customers outsourcing trends and solutions. Consider contributing to publications that feature customer case studies, quotes industry experts and opinion articles published experts.

5 created by the outsourcing company. Check the partnership approach. Many small and medium-sized companies interested in the deep expertise and capabilities of the outsourcing company, but often find their service cost is too high. When targeting the market segment, Kanbay company to offer a composite model for the financial services industry, engaging with clients and managing risks, both greater outsourcer Kanbay partners - but the prices are competitive.


Four Ways To Make Case For Outsourcing

How do you convert outsourcing leads the client? You may need to make a case for outsourcing. "Companies are now kicking into survival mode," said Bill Allison, managing director for the Pacific Southwest Management Solutions and Services Group at Deloitte & Touche. "With a sluggish economy and increased competition, savvy executives turn to outsourcing as the most cost-effective approach to meet the bottom line and get a higher return on investment." Outsourcing, particularly that information technology (IT) arena, is a mechanism that allows the company to compete effectively and maintain market dominance future.According to Allison, this is something that most midsize companies must think if they want to be ready for success. Here are four arguments showed he could do to support IT outsourcing.

1. Time efficiency - Technology allows companies to create effective solutions when faced with challenges. Business is generally more demanding and complex, which is more important to technology infrastructure. However, there are companies that continue to operate their business in the IT infrastructure has not been upgraded in years. Companies that endanger their pecking order in the competitive market. In the end, the companies spend too much time on IT issues stemming from the system date, and too little time focused on eliminating customer.Outsourcing challenge to fix IT problems (eg, ineffective system, capacity is limited space), as well as the time spent in recruit and retain skilled IT work force. Dedicate less time on IT issues allows businesses to provide a higher level of customer satisfaction and more time to focus on new opportunities.

2. Cost effectiveness - Outsourcing can be based economy added scale and expertise of external service providers. Many companies share platforms for Outsourcing, meaning they reap the benefits of sharing costs with service providers, data centers and IT infrastructure for clients to have another. This allows the company to reach new projects once considered too expensive.

3. Faster time to market - the company launched a new startup division usually requires a highly automated process. Outsourcing puts the onus on the expert team of outsourcing that can be quickly and successfully connect to enterprise systems vendors and customers. Outsourcing providers can get you up and running in a single, seamless solution to support multiple users in various geographic locations.

4. Best practices - Ability to create and sustain shareholder value is what business wants. Outsourcing helps to achieve, but you have to be careful about what you outsource and to whom to outsource. Outsource it right, and you can position your company to outshine your competitors and make your investors happy.

However, outsourcing decisions are not well strategized prepare you for a declining market share and reduce margins. Businesses considering outsourcing should develop "internal description." Do you own your customers, what you want to see improvement, emphasizing removed or mixed? An honest answer would normally require a fresh, outside perspective handling by a neutral party is eligible to take a holistic view of your business.Internal characterizations done in-house personnel can get into trouble, but a peek in the mirror may be more effective at a neutral set of eyes. An error that prevents Outsourcing base your decision on what you think you are good, not what you should be well at.As to decide whom to outsource, ask yourself, "What is the basis of competition in the industry vendor Outsourcing? "Are you the right vendor to provide the combined performance dimensions that are most important to you? If so, you have made the right choice. If not, look elsewhere.


Measuring The Success Of Your outsourcing

"If you can not measure it, you can not manage it." - Peter DruckerMany who fear outsourcing software development means having little or no control over the development process. They think there is no need to measure while the programmers are there in the same room. Or is there? When I worked as a programmer in 1980, my boss used to joke that he would hire someone to turn on the kettle and put it in the corner of the room. Each time the water heater drum beat, we have written a line of code! Now, outsourcing promise huge cost savings and executives are more concerned with lines per minute than in dollars per hour. But in the end, it is important to know that your money triggers a real progress in the development of your software. How could this happen? Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Outsourcing can provide examples of successfully measured. 

Business processes such as accounts receivable and sales calls can be defined out so well that you can accurately measure how efficiently and effectively they are implemented. The new software not only help you detect problems and inefficiencies, but can predict and correct problems before they even measure arise.To new software development track how many new features have been added from time to time. Some programs required size to divide work units and then tracked how many units will be completed over time. The best way is to measure the results of each day and at least the famous weekly.Engineers optimistic about their ability to make the software work. So other metric measures how accurate their estimates for the time required to complete the development of the software. At first, their ability to predict the likelihood it will be difficult. You can set a goal for engineers to improve your development will continue so as to improve the predictability of maintenance programming process.

For you, you need to keep track of the work unit or the bugs fixed during the period. Additionally, you have to measure the amount of re-work required for QA measures fail bug after bug fix attempts.Your outsourcing team should focus on schedule to complete the work program. As part of their commitment, they also have to agree on the definition of the unit of work and the level of productivity they believe that they can achieve. Commitments they make them independent and free from need specific instructions for all their daily activities activities.You usually measure the throughput of your outsourcing team as a whole. A team is usually a combination of junior and senior members. Junior engineers will need guidance and mentoring from senior engineers. This is normal and should be expected and encouraged. But also must be measured over time. A senior engineer will be expected to spend from 5% to 25% of his / her time in junior engineers depending on the complexity of the project and previous experience engineer.

Today junior most people use a simple spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Project and Outsourcing metrics to track them. More sophisticated tools are available but expensive and best applied when you have a large portfolio of software development projects. New tools are being developed to automatically calculate your metrics as you developed.For software example the amount of time the source files checked your source code control system can be used to help measure the productivity of your engineers. Another on-line strategy to track progress and measure results will come soon.You can use the metrics as a basis for Service Level Agreement (SLA) you have your outsourcing vendor. 

But remember: the purpose of the SLA is to guide the success of software development and to detect and fix problems that arise. Not to support micro-management, the blame game or to create adversarial relationships with outsourcing software development team.Will you become predictable like BPO and allows you to fix the problem before it happens? I'm sure we'll never have this much control over the creative process of software development ... but who knows? Person who has drum makers who may not be far away!


Making Money With outsourcing

So you think to yourself "how can I expand my operation, do more business and make more money?". If you are thinking now and web design or web hosting field after outsourcing may be right for you. Now this is not to say that other companies or businesses can not do the job outsourcing. The reason I provide web design and web hosting as an example is that they are kind of related. You can not have a website without using your back is really not necessary unless you have up.

Now hosting site you can imagine what steps you need to start expanding through outsourcing. Well the first thing for you to do is to see if you have a good client base where you are:-Unable to compete with the work.-no longer work yourself (in case you run a website that gets an eclectic but there is no knowledge about the design website)., can do website and graphic work but do not have a clue about programming.Anyone of this situation can leave you want to outsource your business. Especially when you are designing a website but can not code them in anything but HTML (in which client you may need to be able to code in PHP and MySQL). Not be able to offer your clients a complete solution can cause them to go to other developers. 

Which could cause you to lose the project for $ X, XXX range.Now that you have decided to switch to outsourcing, you need to find a reliable team of developers. Although this is a website designer, programmer or both. You need to know that they can do the job, reliable and trustworthy. Make sure when you do this quest you follow these simple rules and checking a few things. Such as:-Make sure you can contact them several ways and they will call you back in a reasonable amount of time.-Get-Request sample references. their work.-be they rates.-Know their years of experience., Convinced that they are ready to sign contract.-Know how much work they can handle, what they say in the program, as well as their team got a bit of noise-It's okay to give a deposit but limit it to 25 -50% now and do not pay until the project is completed. If you want to break it down into milestones you can, but do it with either 10% or 20% increase. Ensure that the milestones set out to protect Anda.Tempat contract.

These thing the next thing you will want to do before going into each project will start with a test project. This will allow you to test your new team and see what kind of markup on projects that you get. This will really show you what the problem could be faced with if there is a new team. It will also show you if there is a significant markup for you enough to make it worth your time to outsource.The last step you will need to do is to put the system to track client fluent, email and your team. It really would help if updates are required to do. A project management system will enable your clients and your team to communicate with each other without exposing any personnel contact information. That will save you from having your clients stolen from you. Also make sure that you keep track of all contacts so you can be sure that you can trust that you are doing business outsourcing with.Just remember to take it one step at a time.


Use MRD To Control Outsourcing

Is your software development process to predict the number of weather? Is your software shadowing caused six weeks of programming? Are you marketing requirements document (MRD) or magic to predict your software release schedule? At the beginning of my career, I worked in the lab for a company that sells microwave devices. I was responsible for the computer systems running HP software is used to design the circuit. One day someone from HP technical support comes through. He asked what we were doing in the lab. 

When I told him "microwave circuit design", he said, "Oh, I hear they use a lot of FM". I paused and tried to remember if the modulation frequency is actually used in the circuit. Before I could answer, the man from HP continued, "Yes, it takes a lot of F ----- g Magic to make the circuit work!" He's right. The main issues in microwave circuits in their day by creating high-yield manufacturing process. Too often have a lot of tuning and adjusting individual devices with a toothpick and tweezers to make shipment dates.Since then I have worked on several software projects where some amount of "FM" released.

How needed to get the software on the device projects your software? Do not drift along never seem to finish? Do they require heroic efforts of a few individuals to carry out the delivery date Outsourcing can solve the problem of delayed release software with more force than your software development process -? More process than is typically used in an organization where every person working nearby. Outsourcing vendor should have clear processes and efficient communication to be successful. Software development is all they do. Outsourcing not only give you the benefits of having software that is made for less cost, but also a process that provides increased predictability, results and success.But many still fear outsourcing. The number one concern is the loss of control of client software development process.One revealed in this way. "I can not just tell the programmer what to do every day. 

It would be like hiring a contractor to build a house and asked him to put a window in the door there and here. You have to understand what effect that will have on plumbing and electrical and building a rest house. "He's right. You must have some idea about the architectural and construction plans. Working with multiple programmers in the same room can let you take shortcuts and informal sharing plan through word of mouth. "Just put a pop-up window here." Except for small projects and simple, informal communication does not work. Need a description of the requirements for the software. You need to find a way to communicate efficiently with your software needs so that you can move beyond the stage "idea" with a vision for your software.The first step in creating a software product to write a Marketing Requirements Document or MRD. It contains a brief description of all the features, functions and benefits of the product you must have to be successful in the company marketplace.Some make the difference between MRD and PRD - the product of Document requirements. PRD has more details about the software what to do. 

For example, you need both an MRD and PRD when you create a variety of services and products. MRD describes the product strategy, market positioning and sales channels needed to deliver product with a particular set of functions in the market. PRD on the other hand focuses on the detailed requirements of the software itself.The MRD or PRD should include the basic architecture and the user interface is important for your software: * Software architecture * Hardware Platform Selection * User interface functional specifications * design * Multiple "use cases" ; that describes how users interact with your software * Story demo board (optional) * Major milestone release schedule * Quality Assurance testing requirements * Technical Documentation * Detailed schedule (until the completion of the first major milestone) * Cost estimate of cost-effective and time-effective developmentYour outsourcing marketing or MRD requirements document describes the functions of the software product and how it can be sold and distributed. It is also a device to control your software development process, especially if you are outsourcing. If you are running the risk of delays, poor quality and not just knowing what you are doing.


Outsourcing and offshoring in Industrial Software

New book IT, Software and Services: Outsourcing and Offshoring by Robin Sood provides valuable insight into the world of Outsourcing and offshoring in industry.IT soft, Software and Services: Outsourcing and Offshoring is essential reading for discerning business leaders of the 21st century. If you are contemplating Outsourcing, is involved in it, or just want to stay competitive in today's fast moving and ever-changing market, you can not afford to not read this book.

Sood Outsourcing describes as a "double edged sword" : is not a universal solution for all.The book received excellent reviews and here are some comments from reviewers, BookWire Review - September 2005 "Although self-subtitle, Robin Sood is" IT, Software and Services: Outsourcing and Offshoring "reliable" strategic plan with practical point of view, "and it gives ..." Midwest Book Review - June 2005 "IT Software and Services: Outsourcing and Offshoring offers a comprehensive, specific, strategic plan for anyone who wants to offer or benefits of Outsourcing and / or offshoring of computer services the company ... 

"Here are some excerpts of the book - Page 23" If there is no strategic advantage in Outsourcing, then you do not have to do it. "Page 40" Almost every activity in your business can be Outsourced in one form or another but if it makes sense.? "Page 90" is ideal choice for Outsourcing your project? Is the overall architecture and design of the system allows you to outsource either part or the whole system? "