Atlanta Weather Forecast from FOX 5: September 5

The rest of the summer League is still ahead of the northeast of the Depression Mississippi and Alabama, some we must together with rain rain we also runs the risk of flooding and scattered violence that may occur.

Stronger climate will close at the end of this afternoon and evening as a cold front moving South through Georgia North of interacts with the remnants of Lee. Rainfall totals could reach 4-7 "in areas north of Atlanta with 3-5″, along and South of the 20.

Because Lee and the passage of a cold front through the rain will come to an end on Tuesday morning. Cooler air expected for the rest of the week high in the top 70 years a reduction in the 80 's.


Neil Patrick Harris Serenades Gender-Swapped Adventure Time

Neil Patrick Harris is the replacement of pipes geek sweet "adventure time". Excellent conversions episode Monday night, "a surreal Toon time adventure with Fiona and the cake," Earth "Ooo sobvirsivili diabetes Pendleton ward" in a world parallel gender swap.

Old adventurer Finn turns into Fionna, his Canine Companion, a magic elastic Jake transforms into a cat called cake and resident royalty Princess Bubblegum becomes Fionna's serenading sweetheart, Prince Gumball, played by Harris.

The Prince of gum will remain pink as you can tell from the above is patently super preview the clip, and he loves to watch the action babe Fionna the serious art of the sword. "Your fist touched my heart," croons him approvingly as the pisálků frown from eyeballs rushing around the romantic sunset.

At the turn of the time of the adventure is not as shaking performance Harris did Sing-a-long Blog of Dr. Horrible or the end Batman, grand: The Brave and the episode of the bold bright musical, "Chaos of the music Meister.". But it is another shining example of pop-culture reach of the NPH, who grew up in effect long enough.


Wildfire destroys nearly 500 homes in Texas

Roaring fire was holding rain and hunger ranchland in the u.s. State of Texas on Monday, destroying nearly 500 houses for fast forward some blown by the wind howls from the remnants of tropical storm Lee.

At least 5,000 people have been forced to leave their homes in Bastrop, about 25 miles east of Austin, and about 400 were in shelters, officials said.

Strong winds and drought tolerance of fire jump on hilly terrain, pine and cedar trees and over slightly by changing the nature of subdivisions, as well as ranchland. Blaze, as 25 000 acres along the track for about 16 miles, Texas forest service officials spent, he said.

Large plumes of smoke rose into the sky and she hung on downtown Bastrop, a town of about 6,000 people along the Colorado River. The fire was quite far from the city of Austin was not threatened, officials said.

Firefighters lined the roads outside of Bastrop and converged around the houses, as they caught fire, hoping to save them. Helicopters and planes loaded with water can be seen flying and fire. When the winds, the flames would Flare and pop over the tops of trees.

The fire destroyed in 476 households, and about 250 fire men treated the clock tractors and fire pumper trucks, said Monroe County Judge Ronnie McDonald.

Mike Fischer, Director of the County emergency management, said the fire was "nowhere near the controlled", and that he constantly increases the smaller Blaze South of the city.

T going to evacuate, but smoke rushed "then I was not a " and blacker and he was like: ' OK, time to go to the" ', ' "' Gina Thurman, Texas Workforce Commission 47, an analyst said.

"Waiting for a very frustrating thing" subject to the shelter, choking back tears, she sat by himself in curb, outside of boarding to the Catholic Church in the shadow, one of several sites in the farm. You're sitting there ", and Don 't know anything, but ', what is likely to be burned."

Rick Blakley, 54, was among 30 people who slept on camp beds in the Church. He said, he was in a State of shock and "do not to anything to be permanent" when he has finally returned home.

"I just Don 't know that my DocumentsMy will do," he said.

The new outbreak was caused by Governor Rick Perry to return home to Texas, cutting short a visit to Charleston, South Carolina, where he was Campaigning for the nomination of the Republican President. It also canceled the trip in California.

Perry fire out of thin air and a consultant to local officials. He said that the fire was routine "Surreal" comments found.

"I've seen several large fires in my life," he said. "It's like tool, look like I have ever seen, in particular because it was so close to the city. «

From December fires in Texas claimed 3.5 million hectares, an area the size of Connecticut, said Perry. The fires have destroyed houses more than 1,000, he said.

Perry said it was too early to say whether he would be absent Wednesday GOP in California.

"I have to pay attention to politics now," he said. "It is a lot of time. Is the life of the people and their assets are at risk, and that it is much more important. " "

Soil mobilization of the authorities and the air force to combat the largest of at least 63 fires that broke out in Texas since Sunday as wind of what than Tropical Storm Lee was swept Texas, which has suffered the worst drought since the 1950s.

"It still put up a lot of smoke and the frightening" Jan Amen, Texas Forest Service spokeswoman said.

Schools and activities associated with the school cancelled for Tuesday.

There are reports that no immediate damage and officials said they knew the inhabitants not stuck in the House.

On Sunday who die, but about 200 km North-East in Gladewater, the 20-year-old woman and her 18 month old daughter undeclared fast-paced by mobile home except. Fire is Monday, although it is still that a number of other large fire burning in at least four countries in Central and Northern Texas.

Said that at least two-thirds of 6,000 acres in Bastrop State Park had been consumed, Mike Cox of the Department of wildlife and parks of Texas. All non-essential workers were ordered to leave the Park.

"All I see is a wall of smoke," said Cox from the front gate of the Park. The Park is home to several historic rock and stone buildings, civil protection corps in the 1930 and 1940s.

"We are trying desperately to rescue them, Cox said." " "Fire closer and closer to that part of the Park."

It is also the home of Houston Toad, a species of 2 to 4 inches of Toad who appears on the list of endangered species since the 1970s.

Officials were unsure how the fire started Bastropu, but it turned out that two fires merged into the fire "monster", he said, "Amen."

West Austin in Travis County, Texas, at least 20 houses were lost, and 30 other people were injured in a fire. More than 1,000 houses disappeared under mandatory evacuation and 25 in the third fire in Austin area.

Texas suffered more than his fair share of devastating storms, including Hurricane IKE three years ago. States, however, would have appreciated the rain, tropical storm Lee poured on the easternmost Coast Gulf States.

Instead, Texas took the winds n Lee that the next cold front of the number of blazes in which crews responded almost 21,000 fires, because traditional fire season began early, in conjunction with.

Outdoor burning, including campfires and burning debris, prohibited in all but three counties 254 in Texas.

The Governor said that at least 40 aircraft the Texas forest service were involved-fighting Monday along with half a dozen military aircraft in Texas. From the beginning of the season, local and State Fire Firefighters responded to more than 20 900 fire more than 3.6 million hectares.

Joyce Payne, 62, and her husband Mac said they escaped from his home in Bastrop-area Sunday evening. Request response sent by the speakers on fire trucks, she said, her home since 2006 now passed.

"We had a swimming pool," said. "So bad it was ' t way pump this water back out."

She said the men told her she would cry and added: "I want to cry."

Graczyk said from Houston. Associated press photographer Erich Chlegel have contributed to this report.


Another Young Athlete Dies From Apparent Head Trauma

Last week, Derek Sheely, a fullback for Frostburg State University (Maryland), lost consciousness during a typical high school in football. Less than a week later, the 22-year-old died due to head trauma suffered by the sport, according to his father, who spoke on the New York Times.

As in our "Knocked Out" cover story, the shocks can be much more disastrous for participants in youth sports, in comparison with adult athletes.

In 2004, Denver area teen Jake Snakenberg collapsed and died after hitting his head in football twice within a week. In the 2008 high school football linebacker Ryne Dougherty, coma, and died after his second serious blow to the head in a month.

Both children were later found to have succumbed to second impact syndrome, a rapid swelling of the brain in a person who has suffered a second concussion before symptoms first disappeared. At the time of writing, had not been determined Derek Sheely official cause of death.

Chris Nowinski, founder of the sports legacy Institute–of that a company invested in the study, treatment and prevention of brain injuries suffered by the athletes–says that the Agency has published a project with ten points to try and save the game of Football without diluting. This includes changes to rule a helmet-to-helmet collision, reducing the visits in practice and training for every athlete, parent and coach about concussions.

"I have real concerns over what 's age-appropriate, knowing how vulnerable developing brain is. I also have concerns over what kind of football is suitable for children, "Nowinski tells the Houston Press. "Football is an adult game that we started to let the children play and that is an experiment. I think the evidence is beginning to accrue that it wasn't a good idea. "

As of the time this article was published, Derek still ' in Facebook account according to Germantown, Maryland, Frostburg State University, and worked in the United States Department of energy.

One of Derek is the favorite quotes, close to the bottom of the page in the list was one of the Late John f. Kennedy on the change of location: "Never pray for easy lives. To pray is stronger than the men. "


Four score in Loyola women's soccer 4-2 win over Saint Louis

Four women of Loyola University Maryland players–Lauren Norcia, Nichole Schiro, Kelsey Reid and Nicky Alagna–scored goals and defeated fellow Jesuit Greyhounds Saint Louis University, 4-2 on Sunday afternoon at the complex of athletic Ridley.

Norcia had two assists for a career high four points. Juniors back, had three points in it plus two years earlier at the Loyola. It was also the first Greyhound to record two assists for the game by Kelly Farrell against UMBC on 22 September 2010.

"It was great to see Lauren Norcia get involved offensively today", said coach Katherine Vettori. She did an excellent job, pushing up from the back and assist our attack… I was happy to see her get the goal and two assists. »

Didi saves a dog playing with four or more goals seven minutes after Haracic, including a range of.

Billikens (1-4-0) grabbed the early lead in the competition, Mary 0 1 Cincinnati controlled loose ball as the ninth minute of the game finished in the lower-right corner of the network.

Chrtů (1-5-0) reacted quickly, two goals in less than six minutes to lead 2-1. Norcia-first, rifling a shot from 24 yards hit the underside of the cross and entered into the back of the net for his first collegiate goal in 14 minutes. Junior Gigi Chantal Mangione and the student should have the assistance of roaming on the game.

Norcia and then on the second goal, play a long ball over the defence of St. Louis a dribble Schiro, who hit the ball over charging goalkeeper and ended in an empty net. It was the second goal at the weekend to Schiro and 26 of his career, placing her fifth career graph of Loyola.

Greyhounds finished the line without the answers to three goals in the second half when Norcia handed a perfect corner kick found the head of the Kelsey Rene, who finished the goal on the left side of the net from six yards. It was the first goal of Rene, as Hort and gave 3-1 Loyola in the 51 minute advantage.

Saint Louis tried to climb back in the League, such as the reduction of Alli Reimer Greyhound lead to 3-2, with the goal of many minutes of recovery.

Loyola added the insurance goal in the competition, along with the Commander, Europe again with Schiro in 12 minutes. The language of Okemos, Michigan, dribbled the ball beating flax bottom right two defenders of St. Louis and playing ball box Alagna Nicky Center, which, in his right foot inside the keeper Beat, and that the final Score 4-2.

Assist in providing a total of six points for the holidays and put La Schiro for fifth all-time in career points at Loyola with 61.

Four goals, greyhounds are the best for the team as the team defeated Ion year 5-0 October 16, 2009.

"Overall I was very pleased with our performance today," said Vettori. "We threw the ball around pretty well and a more rear. I was very happy, we disable the angle of preparoitujen. Didi continued also in the United States, the great work done on the network. "We still have some of the things that are working on, but this was a good effort today."