Morgellons Disease Terrorizes Internet & Twitter For A Day

You are always little bugs crawling on you and bite your skin? Are you running as a result of skin lesions or granules never seen a blue, black or red or extrusion under your skin? What about the more obvious terms, such as short-term memory loss or depression and feelings of isolation?

If you experience one or more of which may have Morgellons disease. And, officially, at this point in this article, every reader formally evaluate themselves Morgellons disease.

Except ... there is a catch: there are tiny insects that occupy the skin. In fact, if you think that any of these symptoms, all in your head.

Of course, pain and depression and fatigue may be no apparent reason - not just the disease Morgellons. At least that's what the scientists suspect.


Sajak says he and Vanna White taped ‘Wheel of Fortune’ shows after several margaritas

New York - "Wheel of Fortune" is not the only one with Pat Sajak and Vanna White back in the day.

Sajak said in an interview on ESPN2 this week that a long time in the game the team showed occasionally walk into a restaurant "two or three or six" margaritas during a break in the first part of "Wheel of Fortune" ; recordings show in California. Sajak has hosted the series since 1981, White joined him a year later.

Margarita poem remember to leave after answering "yes" to questions about whether the event has received "a little drunk."

Although he joked that he had "difficulty in identifying the alphabet" to show the tape after a drink, nobody said anything to them.

It is now bigger, Sajak said he could not do that now.


Pat Sajak drunk behind the 'Wheel': Can you get a DUI for that?

Pat Sajak may have seen something more than the tire spinning wheel for a host of Fortune.

In an interview with Dan Le Batard ESPN2, game show host has long recognized that he and Vanna White wing-woman used to hit the bar for a margarita break two and a half hour film series.

"Vanna and I need to go through and have two or three or six years and then in and do the latest gigs and had difficulty recognizing the alphabet," says Sajak. "They were really good to get a hold of the tape."

While the Internet to reach encoded puns as possible (and keep looking for YouTube video), one can imagine the hidden treasures of the old episodes, as seen from the perspective of the new revelation. With Confucius as a knowledge of word games and physical aging as the Ken doll, verse is a constant source of entertainment in tires since 1983. I can only imagine how much better visual experience when I knew Sajak and Vanna are w_sted _bsol_tely. Vanna might stumble on the way to the revelation of "before and after" very smart, while Sajak said the value of each participant, no, really, how much I love, really, man, I love you.


Pat Sajak, Vanna White were drunk on TV’s “Wheel”

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - "Wheel of Fortune"

host Pat Sajak said in an interview broadcast that he and

Vanna White will host both drunk when they recorded some of the first

episodes of the series, but he is too old.

65 years of poems made the revelation that the appearance

Earlier this week in the ESPN2 cable network showed "Le Batard Y

highly questionable. "

"When I started at a much younger and perhaps

it is, we have different events, "said Sajak

in a televised interview.

Sajak explained that during the production of "The Wheel

Fortune "show, he and co-host Vanna White will be two

half-hour break, while gifts are loaded in the set

Burbank, California. Therefore, they go to the restaurants in the area

and "daisies very well," he said.

"Vanna and I went across and two or three or six

(Margaritas), and then come to make a final presentation and

to recognize the alphabet, "the poem in the program.

Further explains that the poem never mix alcohol and

hosting functions.

"Now, if I drink my bottle of wine and cork

may be permanent, I get a little more "

He said.

White Sajak and host of "Wheel of Fortune" since 1983.


Greg Kelly, son of Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly off 'Good Day New York'

"Good Day New York" co-anchor Greg Kelly is from the air to WNYW / Channel 5, while he dealt with allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman.

"Greg Kelly has asked for time off," said station general manager Lew Leone said in a statement Thursday.

Leone did not say how long Kelly was absent from work. But the Daily News has confirmed Steve Lacy was in the chair Kelly Friday and Monday, as Thursday.

In air partner Kelly, Rosanna Scotto, should air on Friday for the holiday weekend planned for a long time, but he refused to plan, the sources said.

It is unlikely that Kelly, the son of the police in New York, Raymond Kelly, Commissioner, is back before there was a resolution to the investigation, the sources said.

Scotto, who is associated with Kelly since 2008, learned to wake up early Call the co-presenter is not in the air. Study came to the East Side station at 05:30

"I love Greg," he said.

As the show begins at 7:00, Scotto clearly dimmer than normal air. He never mentioned the charges against Kelly.

At one point Lacy said, "We need a distraction."

Insiders - whether you love or hate - I do not believe the charges against Kelly.

"This is a travesty," says a colleague. "Greg does not hurt anyone. . . This will prove to be false and Greg was very liberating. "

Some describe him as a task master and said that sometimes gets away with it, because it was his father. But even they do not believe that the former Marine will commit a crime.


Channel 5 and MPG embroiled in trading dispute

Stagnation means MPG advertising clients, including Hyundai in the country, / Kia and EDF Energy, is not currently running channel stations.

The talks between Channel 5, owned by Richard Desmond's Northern & Shell, MPG and is said to take place. But sources say the MPG advertising customers can not return to the anchor line until March at least.

Some sources suggest MPG and Channel 5, which is represented by the sales director Nick Bampton, unable to reach an agreement during the operation in the fall.

If not, the time the 2012 agreement appears to be relatively smooth with a group of institutions that trade sales fell four major television at home.

Sources close to Sky Media, Channel 4 and ITV each said they were satisfied with the provisions of the agreements reached with the media agencies.

Season 2 011 agreement is also famous for its lack of a dispute, but the narrowing of margins in early 2010 that led to the advertising of consumer goods giant Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser as from multiple broadcasters.

Channel 5 is also having problems with the means of defense in 2010 resulted in a stalemate in the first half of this year.

MPG and Channel 5 declined to comment.


Missing teenager Natalee Holloway declared dead

Birmingham, Alabama (AP) - The parents of Natalee Holloway looked grim as a judge said Thursday that her daughter died, more than six years after the American teenager who disappeared during the course of a high school graduate from the Caribbean island of Aruba.

Natalee Holloway disappeared in Aruba on May 30, 2005. 18 years old was last seen leaving a bar in the morning with a young Dutch, Joran van der Sloot. His body was never found and the subsequent search of the girls will get tremendous media scrutiny and attention from around the world.

"We're dealing with his death during the last six years and a half," Dave Holloway said after the brief hearing. He said the judge's order to close a chapter in a long ordeal, but added: "We still have a long way to go for justice.

On Thursday, the hearing was scheduled long before Van der Sloot - Holloway suspect questioned vanished - pleaded guilty Wednesday in Peru in 2010 murder of a woman who met at a casino in Lima. Stephany Flores, 21, was killed five years to the day after Holloway, 18 years old, wealthy suburb of Birmingham, Mountain Brook, disappeared.

Some time after the death of Flores on May 30, 2010, van der Sloot told police that he killed a woman in Peru with rage after finding your laptop to your relationship with Holloway's disappearance. Police forensic experts have disputed that claim.

Dave Holloway, said in September the judge believed her daughter died and he wants to stop paying the insurance and the use of college funds $ 2,000 to help her sister.

The original Mother teenagers, objected, but his lawyer, Charlie DeBardeleben, said that after he changed his mind once you understand the purpose of her husband.

Natalee Holloway's parents divorced in 1993 and Beth Holloway sat in the back row of the courtroom, often looking at her hands in her lap, listening to the afternoon of Thursday in probate court in Birmingham.

Although Beth Holloway refused to speak to reporters, his lawyer said was a difficult time for him to witness the judge signs the order stated his daughter was dead.

"I am ready to graduate," he said DeBardeleben.

Mark White, an attorney Dave Holloway, the judge said before announcing his decision, there is no evidence that Holloway is still alive.

"Despite everything that there was no evidence found Natalee Holloway is still alive," said the judge, noting that an exhaustive search, the leaves of the international media coverage and even offered a reward of what is newly discovered.

The king decided in September that Dave Holloway will meet with the legal presumption of death of his daughter and it is for someone to prove that he did not die on graduation trips. It has set a hearing after a period of several months in case someone can present new information.

However, the researchers worked long assumed that the girl died in Aruba, which is officially classified as a case of murder investigations.

That the investigation remains open, although no recent activity, said Attorney General Taco Stein, an official from the prosecutor's office in the Dutch Caribbean island.

"The team that this research is still working as a team and together whenever they have information or items required in the case or the back to come," Stein said in a telephone interview Thursday.

Dave Holloway said he expects 24-year-van der Sloot's, awaiting trial in Lima, is a 30-year prison sentence requested by prosecutors in Peru.

"Everyone knows his personality. I think he is beyond rehabilitation, "said Holloway.

Lawyers say the parents expressed the hope that the next stop van der Sloot in Birmingham, where he faces federal charges accusing him of extorting $ 25,000 from Beth Holloway to show the location of her daughter's body.

Prosecutors said the money was paid, but was released in the presence of missing women.

"I hope to see in Birmingham," Dave Holloway said Thursday.


News Channel 5 won’t broadcast Ads from MPG clients

News Channel 5 is not full of ads for MPG clients. MPG clients include Hyundai / Kia, EDF Energy, and throughout the country. Yes, after talks between News Channel 5 is owned by Richard Desmond's Northern & Shell and MPG, MPG ad clients are not in this channel. Starting from a particular source of advertising clients was shelved for MPG not always, but did not return until at least March.

News Channel 5 disagree

In the news channel 5 and the discussion MPG, News Channel 5 is represented by Nick Bampton, director of sales stations. It is said that the discussions did not comply with contractual agreements for trade in the fall. We do not know about the problem of trade as an agent, MPG has made a deal very well for the 2012 season with four television channels. Based on sources that have a relationship with Sky Media, ITV and Channel 4 has reached an agreement with MPG and said they had found a satisfactory agreement.

News Channel 5 deal

What happened to the news channel 5 and MPG is definitely not the first problem of non-identifiers disagreement. In 2001, some of these entities do not speak the same voice of the customer FNCG clients such as Reckitt Benckiser and Univel. In 2010, the News Channel 5 had the same problem with Aegis Media.


Tebow, Broncos to meet Patriots in Foxboro

Tim hit Demaryius Thomas on page 80 touchdown passes on the first play of overtime to give the Broncos a 29-23 victory over the Steelers on Sunday evening. Denver won the AFC divisional playoff established a fight with the Patriots on Saturday night (7:30) at Gillette Stadium.

The meeting between the Patriots and Broncos game was a rematch of December 18 "teams in Denver, the Patriots won 41-23.

Pittsburgh returned from a 13 point halftime deficit as the Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger found Cotchery Jerrica 31 Yards with 3:56 remaining in regulation.

After the points of Steelers' next drive stalled at the Denver 35-line pages, Pittsburgh gave the ball to 24 by just over a minute remaining. Efforts to end the game in regulation ceases when the Broncos Robert Ayers 36 guests Steelers Roethlisberger was sacked as time runs out.

Steelers jumped to 6-0 lead thanks to a pair of field goals, but Tebow and the Broncos scored again with a 30-yard pass to Eddie Royal, capping a five-play, 80 Yards early in the second quarter. Denver to extend the lead to 14-6 when eight Yards Tebow ran away. The home team scored in the first half ended with two field goals by Matt Prater, making the halftime score to 20-7.

The third quarter scoring runs only one page of the Pittsburgh wide receiver Mike Wallace. Teams exchanged field goals early in the fourth quarter before taking a TD Cotchery.

Tebow finished the day going 10-for-21 for 316 Yards, Yards quarterback most anything is set in Pittsburgh this season. Denver QB also ran for 50 Yards in 10 editions kali.


Quick Strike From Tebow Helps Broncos Edge Steelers

DENVER - When Tebow met overtime. And like other obstacles that stood in the way Tebow this season, overtime and the Pittsburgh Steelers had no chance.

Tim Tebow, a stature as a social phenomenon and football is built on the basis of returns for the fourth quarter, completed 20 yards to Demaryius Thomas became a 80-yard touchdown on the first play of overtime Sunday, giving the Denver Broncos a bit annoying at the Pittsburgh Steelers 29-23 in the AFC wild card game.

This is the first game because N.F.L. overtime last year established a new policy that allows a playoff game in overtime to finish with only one team has the ball if the team scored a touchdown.

Fittingly, Tebow, who defied the conventional wisdom about what a successful offensive football to look - and he heard his boss, the executive and the Broncos icon John Elway told The Denver Post last week that it was " , pull the trigger "- the rules change in the head. He pulled the trigger. Tebow and pulled another miracle.

And now, Tebow and the Broncos face the most ironic opponent: New England Patriots on Saturday night. That was the Patriots began a three-game winning streak that nearly cost the Broncos to the playoffs with him, but on Sunday Tebow announced the acquisition of human design in Denver, Josh McDaniels, who lost their jobs long before the season Tebow last became the most interesting and controversial players in the NFL

After the Patriots defeated the Broncos last month, 41-23, quarterback Tom Brady of the Patriots met Tebow at midfield. Tebow said he has seen the Broncos Patriots again.

"You can say something like that," Tebow said, smiling. "I think he is a prophet."

Tebow can play with your own reputation in the public expression of Christian faith. But nobody is laughing at Tebow as a quarterback now, not after he threw for 316 yards against top-ranked defense in the league - 31.6 per every 10 yards for completion.

So far, the success of the difficult to explain why Tebow has a mix of game fluke, luck dumbfoundingly time majestic and well. Despite the show to win five games since he became the Broncos' quarterback starting, Tebow has broken a throwing motion, the field of vision is blurred. Lacking in the losing streak the last three.

It was so bad that in the weeks before this game, there is speculation about coach John Fox will reserve Brady Quinn, who has never thrown a pass as a Bronco, if Tebow fought.

That does not happen on Sunday, and there is nothing magical. Tebow just a better quarterback, has never taken a sack or throw the interception, and take advantage of defenses that fills the line of scrimmage, daring him to beat the pace.

That's the kind of game-winning wine. Thomas hopes Tebow, who has compiled three new Tebow in the first round in 2010, hidden behind the Steelers blitzing safety devices. Then he threaded the ball to Thomas, who said another.

"First of all, thank God," Tebow said he thought as he watched Thomas run. "So I ran after him, as he can catch the coach which then came to mean, for the first time I have."

Tebow completed the celebration with a victory lap around the stadium, hitting hands with fans that some of the few people who still believe that Tebow has this kind of performance for him. Tebow acknowledged that should be firmer in the previous game and was determined to play fast and aggressive in the playoffs.

"I do not think it is first clicked," Fox said of the offense. "But it's great. Much has been achieved due to the quarterback. Much-criticized him. He came. "

Almost did not. In the first quarter, Tebow did not complete the pass and the Broncos offense has only 8 yards. But the Steelers fought well moving the ball, but the unity of the short circuit current dropping three sites. If they are made by a pair of field goals to take a 6-0 lead.

That opens the door to a work that became staples party is Tebow. By focusing on stopping the run Steelers, even with safety Ryan Clark down the sickle cell trait, Tebow finally shoot.

Heed the call made by Elway, and can be handled by a weekly referendum on its future, Tebow threw two perfect strikes - 51 yards and 30 yards - for the first touchdown for the Broncos.

Be ignored, then the objective Tebow runs up the middle. In the first half, the Broncos led, 20-6. Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger returns to known methods, too, and nearly took off in this case.

Ploddingly Steelers back, and 31 yards to Jerricho Cotchery goal with 3 minutes 48 seconds left tied the game. Steelers a chance to win too, but the veteran Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey broke the fields of business establish-term pass.

"At no time I felt comfortable," said Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin.

Tebow is a way to do it for your opponent. And maybe even coaches and teammates. There is no middle ground for this is the most polarizing players - or frustrating or fantastic. On Sunday, he was the last.

On Saturday, will play a style of the Broncos, quarterback officials hope it's more like Tebow. Tebow probably never will as Brady. On Sunday, Tebow is enough to advance.


New Year Showcase Planned for HGTV Dream Home 2012

Escaparate year is scheduled for the 2012 HGTV Dream Home

New York, NY [will launch] HGTV Dream Home Giveaway 2012 will offer fans a chance to win a spectacular custom-built home in Midway, Utah, a 2012 GMC ® ® of the Earth in cash and $ 500,000. HGTV will announce in fact offer a modern western ranch house, designed to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts, while the HGTV Dream Home 2012 special on January 2 at 01:00 ET / PT.

Viewers can enter for a chance to win the HGTV dream home 2012 Thursday, December 29, 2011 at 9:00 ET through Friday, February 17, 2012 at 5:00 ET. During that time, may enter once a day http://HGTV.com/dreamhome once a day for Frontdoor.com HGTV, or more often as you wish by regular mail. Sweepstakes prize package valued at over $ 2 million, awarded to one lucky viewer in March. Until then, Internet users can view photo galleries and a virtual tour of 360 degrees at HGTV.com / DREAMHOME.

Located along the Provo River, HGTV dream home offering the latest easy access to Deer Valley and Park City great, home of the Sundance Film Festival. Located in one of the hottest outdoor adventures, 16 HGTV dream home is about 4,000 square meters, with beautiful views of the mountains. It has five decks covered sidewalks connecting, living room and outdoor hot tub and changing rooms with fishing accessories. The house has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a dedicated entertainment room and kitchen of a gourmet chef. During the winter, the owners and guests can ski and snowboard with unsurpassed Utah powder. In addition to activities like water sports, golf, hunting, mountain biking, hiking and fishing are available throughout the year.

During January, the television special co-hosted HGTV Monica Pedersen and John Giddings (the appeal) has joined HGTV Dream Home interior designer Linda Woodrum and House Planner Jack Thomasson take viewers on a visual tour of the house.

"This is our first HGTV Dream home on the edge of river access," said Jim, for example, president, HGTV. "It offers the ideal combination of picture perfect setting and access to a variety of outdoor season. I can not imagine a better gift for fans of HGTV Dream Home! "

HGTV Dream Home Contest

Consumer promotions more successful in the history of cable TV, HGTV home giveaway dream is based on sponsorship of national advertisers like General Motors LLC, Lumber Liquidators, Inc., Procter & Gamble Distributing's, LLC, Sherwin -Williams Company, BISSELL Homecare ®, Inc., Delta Faucet Company, Kraft Foods, Inc., increasing the insurance company of the victim, Ethan Allen Global, Inc., Owens Corning., LLC, Rinnai America Corporation, Pella Windows & Doors, PETsMART, Inc.. and Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.. .

About FrontDoor.com

FrontDoor.com is an online service backed by real information in real time HGTV, No. 1 source for home-related media content. This site currently offers more than 4 million homes for sale. In addition to providing users with new real estate, homes HGTV FrontDoor.com expert advice and videos along with original Web series and a comprehensive library of features, tools, guides and information.

About HGTV

HGTV, house leader in the U.S. and lifestyle brand is one of the cable network high ratings and the exchange of more than 99 million households in the U.S.. HGTV website, HGTV.com, is the nation's leading online home and garden attractive destination average of 4 million unique visitors per month. HGTV HOME consumer product line currently includes the exclusive supply of paint, flooring, soft materials and other products for the home oriented. HGTV Magazine, the publication of a house and a new lifestyle, which is published in association with Hearst magazine.


Steelers' Roethlisberger OK, Pouncey questionable

Pittsburgh (AP) - A sprained left ankle will not stop the quarterback Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers in the AFC wild card out Sunday game in Denver, but you can leave out from the center Maurkice Pouncey.

Pouncey is listed as questionable on the Steelers injury report and is unlikely to play after missing practice Thursday and Friday due to an increase of pain in his left ankle. Pro Bowl center, played in the regular season finale against Cleveland last week after missing two games, but complained of problems with the ankle in training on Wednesday.

Doug Legursky likely to start in place of Pouncey him as the Super Bowl last year, when down Pouncey ankle injury in the same. Legursky, who missed last week's game with Cleveland in the left shoulder injury, practiced among this week instead of Pouncey and started in the center against San Francisco and San Luis, when Pouncey could not play.


PLUS: RB coach home on fire

Legursky has started three games this year right guard, left guard of five and two in the center.

"It's no different for me," he said. "I practice every week as if he could play several positions, so it's not a problem."

Roethlisberger practiced Friday and is listed as probable despite a sprained ankle that bothered him during the previous month. At first injured the ankle Dec. 8 in a win over Cleveland and then moved to St. Louis starting on Christmas Eve. The starts against the Browns last Sunday and suffered ankle acknowledged "setbacks" in the second half.

Two time winner of the Super Bowl limited in practice Wednesday, but a full go Thursday to Friday.

Linebacker James Harrison (finger) and LaMarr Woodley (hamstring strained left), defensive end Brett Keisel (groin), safety Troy Polamalu (calf) and met with Jonathan Scott (back) also appear as possible and is expected to play.

Cornerback Cortez Allen (left shoulder) and running back Mewelde Moore (right knee) out for the Broncos game. Rashard Mendenhall regular gone from the playoffs last week with a torn ACL right.

"It's part of football," said Legursky. "Every year, it is as long as you stay focused on what you have to do to do the job, it would not be a problem .."


Beyonce: Gives Birth

Beyonce and their first child into this world last week.

The singer reportedly gave birth to a private wing of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York and according to the New York Daily News, Beyonce hospital on Friday to check the name of Ingrid Jackson and rented the fourth floor hospital full four more $ 1 million.

Husband, Jay-Z, is in the hands of his wife gave birth to a girl. Some babies reportedly called Blue Tam Carter.

Although there is no comment or confirmation representatives of his birth, several friends confirmed via Twitter.

"Welcome to The Blue World! We love you, "wrote Gwyneth Paltrow.

"My best wishes to my good friend Jay-Z and Beyonce," wrote Russell Simmons.

Rihanna Twitter: "Welcome to Carter's daughter! Love Aunt Rog. "

The couple revealed the pregnancy in the first Music Video Awards, the participation of Beyonce news about the black carpet and posed for photos holding her belly.

Beyonce's pregnancy absolute value added drama to present the award. According to the Associated Press, pregnant performance at the MTV Video Music Awards Twitter triggering notes-When Beyonce performs, with 8868 for second and Twitter tweet this rate is a record for this service.

Beyonce performed in tuxedo suit at the end, take a moment to open a jewelry jacket buttons and rubbed his stomach as the audience applauded. Proud Pop-Jay-Z was applauded by his wife and has a big hug from Kanye West.

But the controversy came with the announcement of pregnancy. The Beyonce pregnancy rumors expect that starts spinning when the image of the singer, after the awards ceremony, Beyonce appeared less than a bulging belly. MediaTakeOut different size of the stomach and postal records before and after pictures, despite reports that Beyonce is pregnant, she was not in the second quarter of the stomach is described in the Video Music Awards, which is not just a little more than eight weeks buntis.Undo suntinganUndo edicionesUndo editsUndo edits


Beyonce and Jay-Z's newborn daughter Blue Ivy Carter is an instant Twitter sensation

Beyonce and Jay-Z is a trend on Twitter at birth.

Social networking sites are busy on Sunday with famous friends and relatives of some real hip-hop to post messages of 140 characters or less.

"The most beautiful in the world," wrote sister Beyonce, Solange Knowles, new-born nephew, Blue Tam Carter.

A few hours after entering the world of Lenox Hill Hospital in upper East Side on Saturday night, he had a lineage Princess R & B and rap entrepreneur caused a stir in the Twittersphere.

Some Twitter-odd and even create fake accounts for Tam Blue attracting more than 12,000 followers before it was taken offline.

"I will fly as you feel it," said one fake tweet linked to blue baby within the first six hours of his life.

No immediate reports of long proud parent of the child and weight.

Legitimate tweet was signed with love and wine from the list of who's celebrity friends from the parents of the baby.

As a child and collaborator Jay-Z, Rihanna feels close enough to call the aunt as a baby.

"Welcome to Carter's daughter," wrote Rihanna, with the famous father of the baby names. "Love Aunt Rog."

Fellow rap star Sean (Diddy) Combs was involved in Twitter.

"Congratulations to Jay and B! God bless you! And much more! "Published Diddy.

Music mogul Russell Simmons, he said, "Congratulations to my good friend Beyonce and Jay-Z".

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, a friend from new parents, tweeted, "Welcome to blue! We love you now. "

Celebrity tweeters yandy Smith - VH1 reality TV show "Love & Hip Hop" - give conspiracy theorists something to chew on the end of the week shows Beyonce in mock surrender.

"Awwww congratulations beautiful Bey and Jay! Even children [ha \] are here for a month now, "wrote Smith. "I think you know! U love to have a healthy baby. "Undo edits edits suntinganUndoUndoUndo edits


John Terry - The Smokers for Tobacco-Free

One of my friends brought it to my notice, and the first thing I think, is blogging about it. Television! Well, if any of you smoking out there, you'll know that the King of the Golden Flake came up with a new package. Not much has changed in the field, except for the fact that the lungs are deflated in front of the pack has changed. I'm shell shocked when I saw the new picture. It is a little vague, but anyone who watched football will know that people that are not covered except for English and Chelsea captain "John Terry".

I mean, seriously, no ITC will not get another picture to put up? Forget the fact that he was not India. But when I'm not mistaken (which I most times), Terry does not smoke. So what's putting his picture on the package of cigarettes. Do not like my friend suggested, a simple google search image for a stranger topless, or perhaps sheer ignorance, or even the worst case scenario, if it's just plain wrong. Oh, and I lost the reason (not likely) that most likely, is not John Terry.

I do not believe even if someone told me that it is not JT. It just looks so much like him. I guess I still believe it was just a mistake. So someone please tell me, do you think JT will sue? And if he does, smokers beware, you can only see prices increase further the King. Terry I wont tell if you wont.

If any of you any more doubt, I guess you can check out a dent on the right shoulder. Both pics! Voila .. He him .. But the question remains .. WHY?