Third-largest Powerball jackpot

Syracuse, NY (WSYR-TV) - Powerball jackpot climbed the third highest in the history of the game on Saturday night, $ 325 million.

This amount can not think most people have in their hands, but Judy Lathrop wanted to try.

"I do not usually play I'm not a game type of person. But if it is becoming high, I, I took my chance, "said Lathrop.

Sales took off in the store when the jackpot climbed $ 325 million and Powerball fever enough to light a little. Rocky in downtown Syracuse is always a hot destination for players and officials from David Browning said he was busy doing a great prize.

"Obviously, the new faces and people travel from store to store to play one here, another there, and everything else too," says Browning.

For two dollars you have to match five numbers plus the Powerball to the jackpot. Odds of winning will be 1175223510.

"Well, I'm the only one," says Don Lathrop. "Yes, I was."

Powerball Most people say that the computer pick your numbers and 70-80% of the time, people have won. While many consumers in the Rocky Saturday night plans to pay bills, buy a house, or go on a cruise ... others are generous with their dream of a big payout.

"It probably has to contribute 25% to fund the memorial fund of some kind," said Melissa Schwartz, who saw family members battling cancer.

Judy Lathrop wants a vacation, but also helps others when he was lucky to hit the jackpot. If you go home empty-handed, well, too.

"I am the same person. I'm going to work, my wonderful family and when the pot is raised again in a year or two, maybe a few months ... know, I'll try again, "said Lathrop.


Kim Kardashian Cheated on Ray J Too?

Kim Kardashian is facing another lawsuit to further tarnish their good name of her ex Ray J Kim recently revealed that she betrayed him, while promoting his new book Death deceived him: What every woman should know about him is scarce.

In an interview with The Insider, Ray does not really say that Kim is a woman who had an affair - ". KK "On the contrary, referring to the former spouse is probably an attempt to avoid clashes in the Kardashian family, and it is certainly interesting to see if Kim complained about it - is a young woman to sue Old Navy ad featuring a woman who seems small, after all.

Kris Humphries smiled Ray J Kim Kardashian trying to bring down a few notches, because it seems you can not share what it's really like it (or at least sit down for a tell-all interview for the moment). So maybe you show your appreciation to Ray's last revelation to buy yourself a copy of the death of the man a trick: What every woman should know about the man who dispersed in time for Valentine's Day.

According to Global Grind, this is what Ray J has to say about his relationship with KK: "As for sex, it's intense on the relationship of families, this is a walk in the mountains near the shore of life and fun and emotional infidelity and lies. ... from both ends. that the same people, we have the same life, that both lie, deceive us together. that the same people just different ways. "

He said he knew that Kim Kardashian had sex with other people and I know I did the same thing. Therefore, it is difficult to know exactly what is considered cheating - as it seems to have "friends with benefits" thing happening not a real relationship.

Amber Rose Kim was recently charged with Reggie Bush misled by Kanye West, so the reality show star appears to have little problem with being honest. Maybe it just looks like her mother - Kris Jenner Kim admitted cheating on his father with another man in his memoirs.

Kim Kardashian pictures began to recover slightly after fans angry at the end of her marriage to Kris Humphries after 72 days, but he can not escape from the scandal and controversy. Partner Ray J sex tape is not like when you go dredging (Joel McHale seems to have trouble making a reference to a sex tape in the soup), so it is difficult to imagine what is now angry.

So you think that the sweet little Kimmy is actually a serial liar, or Ray J trying to create drama to sell books?


Whitney Houston cause of death still unknown; family devastated

LOS ANGELES - From the churches of New Jersey, where Whitney Houston singing career first took flight in Beverly Hills, where his life ended abruptly, family and fans of pop diva expressed his sadness at Sunday prayers, tears and suffering in the rough.

Houston only child, daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, 18, was taken by paramedics of hotels near Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Sunday suffering from anxiety, Beverly Hills police and fire officials said.

A fire brigade spokesman refused to reveal information about the illness of his daughter, but said he was "awake and talking" when he was transported.

Brown, who reported the news of the celebrity website TMZ.com that angered the government for not recognizing in the hotel room where he found the bodies of her mother, was hospitalized for stress and freedom, a source close to the family told Reuters. A hospital spokeswoman declined to comment.

A New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey, the city of Houston, fans and admirers gathered to celebrate his life for the three services on Sunday, part of which is directed to the singer and his family.

The cards and flowers tied to the fence of the church, where the congregation hugged and cried at the entrance. Among those paying homage are the Reverend Jesse Jackson, civil rights activist.

"This speed leaves us traumatized," said Jackson, who grew up singing in Houston and New Hope. This is a red brick church on a quiet side street near downtown Newark, where Houston began a career as a soloist in the gospel choir in 1970.

"We rely on our faith. Our hearts are full now, "said Jackson.

The cause of the mystery of death

Houston, who raised his voice rose to the top of the pop music world, but that rejection is driven by staff in drug abuse, died on Saturday afternoon on the fourth floor room at the Beverly Hilton. He was 48.

Police and coroner's office in Los Angeles continue their investigation to determine cause of death, which came on the eve of the Grammy awards in the same hotel where the Houston mentor, mogul Clive Davis, the party was held a year before the event.

Police said there were no immediate signs of foul play.

Los Angeles Times, citing an unidentified source who reported the case, said investigators tried to determine whether he could drown in the bathtub shortly before he was scheduled to attend a pre-Grammy celebration.

The Times said Houston, matted, sweaty and smelling of alcohol, behave erratically when he was stopped by Hilton, two days earlier, accompanied by his daughter, for testing. He was seen waving his arms frantically, jumping up and down on the dance floor and wander through the lobby aimlessless, the newspaper said in its online edition.

Houston's death, is expected to be the central hub of the Grammys on Sunday, and Jennifer Hudson slated to sing the song during the program.

Houston family expressed their grief in a brief statement on Sunday.

"We are devastated by the loss of our dear Whitney. It is an unimaginable tragedy and we miss him a lot, "he said. "We appreciate all the love and support from fans and friends."

Ex-wife was "very sad"

In a statement given by People magazine, the former wife of Houston, R & B singer Bobby Brown, with whom he shared a long battle with substance abuse, says: "I am saddened by the death of my ex-wife, Whitney Houston. "

Brown, father of Bobbi Kristina, described by an unidentified family as "beside himself" sick, the magazine said.

On the West Coast, First AME Church of Los Angeles, the city's oldest African American congregation, held a special moment of silence in memory of Houston.

"Many of us are rooting and pulling it out because it was a great blessing for generations, anointed with a special voice," said the Rev. John Hunter parishioners. "He replied. This world does not understand. "

Up to 200 people attend church in Newark, where Denise Dean, 57, recalled once hearing Houston sing. Dean says he's still a signature faded old checkbook.

"That we pray for the family," Dean said later.

Coroner released the body of the Beverly Hilton Hotel Houston after midnight back door to avoid the crush of media set up to cover up his death.

Typically, forensic autopsy in one or two days, when they can release some initial information about the death. If drugs or alcohol, however, the official cause of death was not released until after toxicology tests, which can take six to eight weeks.

On Sunday afternoon, police or forensic offer updates. However, TMZ reports that the autopsy is completed.

Houston song dominates Internet sales of music early on Sunday. Her album "Whitney Houston - the biggest hit," is the biggest seller in the music category at Amazon.com, and his signature hit, "I Always Love You" is the No. 1 download on iTunes.

During a career of 30 years was established as one of the most admired and influential singers of his time, Houston has won six Grammy awards, 30 Billboard awards and 22 American Music awards.

Soundtrack to the hit film that starred in "The Bodyguard" is one of the best selling movie soundtrack ever.

In early 1990, the success of Houston at this stage is accompanied by an increasingly personal life issues. In 1992 she married singer Bobby Brown and tumultuous 14 years together marred by drug abuse and domestic violence.


Cause of Whitney Houston's death under investigation

LOS ANGELES - Police and forensic officers tried to determine the cause of death of singer Whitney Houston as her teenage daughter was hospitalized on Sunday in a desperate reaction to the loss of his mother.

Houston plans to attend the event, Grammy, go without him.

Autopsy begins on Sunday, but the results were withheld at the request of Beverly Hills police, said Capt. office. John Cades Los Angeles County coroner. Toxicology tests will probably take some time.

Ed Winter, coroner Houston said he found in his hotel bathroom Beverly Hilton. He declined to say whether he was drowned.

Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Houston with her former husband, singer Bobby Brown, taken from the hotel Cedars-Sinai Hospital at 10:30 am on Sunday "for medical purposes," says Beverly Hills Fire Department.

18 were treated for stress-related conditions and released, according to sources close to the family declined to be identified by name.

Houston, who became a pop sensation in 1980 with a debut album became a worldwide success, has struggled with personal demons, including alcohol, pills and cocaine.

Beverly Hills Police Lieutenant Mark Rosen said: "There is no obvious signs of criminal intent" in the death of Houston. His body was found by a fellow member, said Rosen.

Houston attended the training for pre-Grammy party hosted by music mogul Clive Davis, an annual ritual for some of the biggest stars of pop music and entertainment. Party that runs the body remained in Houston to the top floor of his hotel room and investigators gathered evidence.

Outside the hotel, at a busy intersection in the heart of Beverly Hills, the fans of an emergency altar with flowers, candles and a record prize of the singer.

Bobby Brown, a troubled 15-year marriage to Houston ended in 2007, appearing in Mississippi, died after Houston.

He told his audience, "I said, 'I love you, Whitney." The hardest thing for me to do is get to this stage. "


The boldest play you'll see on NBC this year may not have happened during the Super Bowl.

Tonight, the fourth largest in the network hopes to launch the season against the most watched network CBS, which is strongest in its Monday night. The success or failure of the "Voice" and "success" is likely again to decide whether Bob Greenblatt is the first full season as president of NBC Entertainment has finally deemed a success or failure.

See also: 6 Show that we are doomed

"Voice" is a surprise hit NBC past midseason. In hopes of making a big push for a second season, NBC has given his magical debut after the Super Bowl.

I hope the show, which airs from 8 to 10 on Monday night, providing an ideal lead-in to a new "Smash" music, a drama that comes into the range of 10 which led to the characterization of a nuisance to cancel "Playboy Club" and " ; Rock Center ", said earlier this season.

See also: See the 'fall' premiere

This is a big risk. CBS Monday comedy lineup of 10.08, including "Two and a Half Men" and new hit ", two young women out of order" has the most bullets during this period. Sometimes even beat a new episode of the program network with other replacement.

NBC adds to the challenge, this Monday is the full length of the ABC hit "The Bachelor" and "House," Fox, and the new "Alcatraz" which earned respectable ratings since the premiere in January.

CBS's "Hawaii 5-0" to 10 have received good grades, but give a little audience to the driving situation comedy. NBC hopes "Voice" distance can attract your audience - or at least get interested in the art of the island.

"Smash", the star players, including Debra Messing, Anjelica Huston and Katharine McPhee - it seems that the new NBC show closer to the heart of Greenblatt. Steven Spielberg to bring the production of Showtime when he joined NBC in January. And network aggressively promote it, hoping it was the second shot clock starts Greenblatt. ("Voice", the first is the construction before he took over.)

The network also offers courses online and on demand before the premiere.

In addition to high risk for "falling" is certainly not the history of music - especially music and drama. Failure "Cop Rock" ABC's shameful fear of music, through a series of hit movies that make them appear again, worth the risk. Fox is a huge success in the 2009 debut of "fun", although the rating it has entered into the third period.

No one has done more films for television at this time again the musical "Chicago" 2003 Oscar winner for best film. Not coincidentally, the "fall" has a production team behind "Chicago," The Craig Zadan and Neil. The production team is only one element of the "fall" that NBC is not left to chance.

While the ratings will not be until Monday morning, most notably "The Voice" after the Super Bowl have a strong shot to become the inaugural season, the highest value. This is to address the inaugural reconstructed "Two Half Men", which attracted 28 million viewers want to see how Ashton Kutcher Charlie Sheen fill the shoes.

Down-to-cable Finish Super Bowl Sunday between the New York Giants and New England Patriots have a strong chance of beating the previous record of 111 million viewers. (Play that beat last year's record for most watched television program in America.) That's good news for the "Voice".

But they show also joined the new musical landscape for a tight contest. Fox's "X Factor", which came in the fall, can take the "American Idol" rating fell slightly in the current series, the eleventh time since the show returned last month.

In a conference call with reporters last month, the word "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson that the entire market is going.

"I think the difference in performances of songs are definitely a little tight right now. They have every year now, 'Voice' and 'X Factor' and there are even singing 'talent'. So you have a lot of songs. So that's what happens when the market is charging. You know what I mean? "

As risky as on NBC to air two great hopes on Monday, the network may not be the best option for distributing on Tuesday 8 is set to "vote" against "fun" Even Fox announced last week that "fun" will be seven weeks, from March 6. Broadcast of "voice" on Wednesday or Thursday at 8 has been placed against "Idol."

Jackson, the judge continued the longest serving musical performances provide eleven times in a row on "American Idol" last week sounded great when he says that there is room for all the music shows. He predicted "big numbers" from "The Voice" after the Super Bowl.

"Hey, I've got a great show and I think the space for all the people out there," he said. "Look."

But NBC needs more than "The Voice" in development - to the success of the "fall" as well.

NBC has at least one card that is different to play this season - which has announced a March 1 debut last week to "wake up", an ambitious new drama about a person that the events are divided into two after a car accident. In fact, survived her husband and children died. Other life of his son and his wife died.

The format may feel tingling or loss of bad luck - but NBC tried to explain this set of ads after the Super Bowl on Sunday.


Dolphins saw best, worst of Ricky Williams

Miami - How Ricky Williams is remembered in South Florida?

Is Miami Dolphins former corridor will be remembered for three seasons of 1,000 yards, including an amazing 1853 Yards rushing in 2002? O Williams is remembered for his failed drug test, a sudden retirement / return, and will always be hesitant to play soccer?

The dolphin looks the best and worst of Williams during his tenure to eight years in Miami. It is a rollercoaster, and most of the years he spent with three NFL teams.

Williams in his prime a great runner. Williams finished with 10.009 Yards rushing in a career that essentially answered by three full-time in 2004, 2006 and 2007. The figures are not likely even greater Williams has always maintained a focus on football.

But do not focus and football add up to Williams, and it is the part that rubbed many dolphin fans the wrong way. Miami has invested in Williams - the dolphin which he changed in 2002 - but football is not something that I really loved. Williams is too easy to walk. He was more interested in other things.

After retirement and drug suspension, Williams was never the same player, after returning in 2008. He has a one year revival in 2009, rushing for 1.121 yards, because the team did not know the Wildcat offense Miami innovative. But Williams has never rushed for more than 673 meters in the rest of his career before retiring this season the Baltimore Ravens.

Williams was a wise and intelligent and have done very well in the next phase of his life. However, the phase of NFL football through a cloudy lens, especially in Miami.


Amare Stoudemire expected to play

Greenburgh, New York - New York Knicks power forward Amare Stoudemire treatment on his right ankle after going through a limited practice on Wednesday but is expected to play Thursday against the Chicago Bulls.

Stoudemire suffered an ankle injury on Tuesday night when she tripped over a jump rope in the court on his way back to the bench before the start of the third quarter.

Mike D'Antoni, Stoudemire cree will be available for Thursday's game night at home against Chicago, the first three games in three nights for the Knicks (8-13).

Knicks Blog

Knicks Looking for more information about the Knicks? ESPNNewYork.com has you covered. Blog

"She went through everything we have to go through [Wednesday]. She should be treated, but he is well, "said D'Antoni.

Carmelo Anthony played on Tuesday against Detroit after missing two games due to injury of the wrist, ankle and thumb. He scored 25 points on 9-of-14 shots and D'Antoni said he expected "good" during the race until Wednesday. But Coach Anthony said the injury to his right ankle still bothered him and can affect the rest of the season.

"I think the pain is sometimes in the middle of June or July. That's how everyone does it, "said D'Antoni.

D'Antoni, Stoudemire expects to have and Anthony are available for the next three games for the Knicks increased this week. After a home game Thursday against Chicago, the Knicks travel to Boston on Friday and return home to host New Jersey on Saturday. Because the reduced lock-66-game schedule, each team must play at least a variety of back-to-back-to-back games. Three-game series this week is just one of the Knicks list.

A player not on the field until next week at the start of Baron Davis.

The veteran point guard to go through some practice without contact during practice Wednesday, but did not participate in any contact practice when the team scrimmaged.

Davis practiced and scrimmaged for the first time last week, but was forced to sit at training on Monday and Tuesday of the team's shootaround because of back pain. Both diseases are banned from participating in a contact practice on Wednesday, so there is some concern that the disease continues to delay the progress of Davis.

Originally it was expected that the Knicks have Davis in late February or early January. D'Antoni does not want to give specific deadlines for Davis again when asked about it Wednesday due to the sensitive nature of the lesion Davis (herniated disc).

"Once you're ready, then put it there. But he was not ready, "said the coach.

Knicks lost nine of their last 11, falling far short of preseason expectations. It broke three game losing streak with a big offensive performance against the Pistons on Tuesday, one of the weakest defensive teams in the NBA.

In general, the team struggled to achieve the changes in the offensive during most of the lack of veteran base. Davis is seen as a solution to the problem.

"I hope for the best and to bring it back as soon as we could, but I really do not know. I do not know, "said D'Antoni.


Ricky Williams calls it a career

Austin, TX -

The former All-Pro running back Ricky Williams decided to retire after 11 NFL season.

34-year-old Williams is the star at the University of Texas and first-round pick of the Spirit of New Orleans announced. He spent most of career with the Miami Dolphins and played his final season with the Baltimore Ravens.

"The NFL has been remarkable in the page of a chapter of my life," Williams said in a statement released by the University of Texas, where he won the Heisman Trophy in 1998. "May I pray for all my adventures in successive offers the same potential for growth, success and most importantly fun I would like to thank all my fans, teammates, coaches and supporters of what I gave the strength to overcome so much .. ";

Williams rushed for 009 yards with 10 goals in 66 147 NFL games, but is also remembered for his many violations of the drug policy of the NFL, a disorder gay and some of the last period of stability after returning from his sudden withdrawal and suspension for one year.

The former champion runner in the NFL to take a supporting role in the Ravens this season, gaining 444 yards and scored two goals, while backup Ray Rice. News of Williams called the race came two weeks after he said he wants to return to the Ravens in the last two years the period of his contract.

"I have to thank coach [John] Harbaugh and the Ravens organization for the opportunity they gave me this year," Williams said in a statement. "I really like and appreciate the real opportunity to end a great album."

Williams spent his first three NFL seasons with the Saints, who traded six of his election in 1999 the project, and two picks next year to move up and select a prominent former Texas fifth overall pick in the year 1999.

After the two reach a plateau 1,000 meters in the Spirit, Williams led the NFL in rushing in 1853 his first season with Miami in 2002. He added that the 1372 meters in the next year suddenly stopped before training camp in 2004.

Williams rejoined the Dolphins in 2005, after he was required to return the bonus money for breach of contract. Later, he was suspended for the 2006 season after a fourth violation of drug policy in the league.

No play in the NFL in 2006, Williams signed a one-year contract with the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League. In Argos, rushed for 623 yards to 124 cavities and arrested the 24 tickets for 193 yards. He also responded to two months of the season with a broken arm.

Williams played only one game in 2007 before recovering in a hurry to 1.121 yards and 11 goals two years later. Not appear at the end of the season with the Dolphins, with only 673 total yards in 2010.

His accomplishments in Texas, including the title back-to-back NCAA rushing in 1997 and 1998. He remains all school leaders time to 6279 yards.


Gisele Bundchen gives Patriot wives more reason to hate her

Dissing G Isele anger Bundchen married Tom Brady New England Patriots teammates - when he left the Super Bowl on Sunday night - has launched a long-standing negative feelings about the supermodel.

"My wife and members of the Patriots organization has given me another player Monday Bundchen barrage of comments went viral.

Reportedly generate the New York Giants fan, who made a statement mocking Bundchen in the way of Lucas Oil Stadium, the beauty of Brazil said: "My wife is not f ------ ball throw and trap the ball at the same time. I can not believe they dropped the ball many times. "

A veteran team of staff, said: "Gisele is probably right, but had to leave the sports section and the other quarterbacks Monday morning. . . . He was liked by many players and their wives because of their arrogant attitude. . . . Of course not improve the situation. "

The evidence comes from the wife of a teammate Brady, who told me Monday, "Gisele has some friends with the wives. Of course, a lot of jealous looks and all that, but it's easy to like. Because obviously, you feel so superior to us all "

† Another source - about many patriotic wives "- I said," is Gisele. . . So arrogant and treat everyone as idiots. . . . In many cases, the wives of others are not so sophisticated, but Gisele is openly nose for some of them - that cracks on the dress and wear make-over. Things like that. "

† In fact, when he learned of Brady broke her husband, her anger - to realize how stupid comments that interacts with other patriots.

Family thing: The funeral of singer Leslie Carter was a small ceremony. Even his older brother Nick Carter does not exist, but only because he did not know. Nick told TMZ: "I want to be at the funeral of my brother, but my family will always have a complex dynamic."

While Aaron Carter comes to unhappy events, Nick - on the path - must be kept in the dark because some family members did not want him there.

Leslie Carter died last week because of a suspected overdose of prescription drugs, the diagnosis is still awaiting results of toxicology tests.

Face the facts: Although Kim Kardashian boasts a deep commitment to charity, some people are having fun that the TV star in Hollywood has always appeared in full makeup and hair neatly combed. That was when I was working at the soup kitchen in Los Angeles (which was rarely more than an hour to an hour) or during travel assistance to Haiti.

† In addition, there are reports of charity site eBay that sells designer clothing Kardashian represented only 10 percent for profit, with the remaining funds would be him.

Go here: Former Polish president and Nobel Prize winner Lech Walesa of Peace will be in town on Thursday to be honored at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation "Lincoln Leadership Award" in the enjoyment of the fourth season - Robert also attended Kupiecki, Polish ambassador the United States, and the consul general of Poland in Chicago, Zygmunt Matynia.

Previous winners of the award include Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, astronaut Jim Lovell and the late Tim Russert speaker.

TV talk: Chicago native and graduate of San Ignacio ndre Braugher was chosen to lead the pilot of "Last Resort" to the military before Shawn Ryan Rockford futuristic drama. If the last series of Ryan in Chicago, made the "Code of Chicago," The U.S. Navy theme is not filmed here.


Entertainment Over the River: Basie, Two River

This week, in the Navesink River in Middletown, Red Bank theater offers many options for entertainment for their money.

Continuous period of August Wilson classic, comedian sick and tired, and the Heart of doo-wop, there is something for everyone.

He found career success as an actor, writer and producer, but for Wanda Sykes, always in the taxi to the humor. On Thursday, the comedian who regularly finds humor in his own unbelief Count Basie to reach the stage of the show one night.

Sykes is recognized as a comic that takes more than a decade thanks in part, two HBO specials, writing credit to Chris Rock Show, the important role of the main features of Hollywood and television programs, including, recently, Fox night talk show, The Wanda Sykes Show.

The next night is the time Basie Bee Gees. Bobby Bandiera and the Jersey Shore magazine Rock-N-Soul is playing its recognition of bee combined GEE and its over 40 year career.

In general, Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb sold over 200 million albums worldwide, scored more than a couple of times, to determine the Top 40 Singles on the road.

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day from Saturday show - OK, we realize Valentine's Day this year fell on Tuesday, but it is fun - with talented musicians perform all your favorite doo-wop song?

With Basie Saturday, six different activities to play a lot of doo-wop classic. Kenny Vance and the hope to find echoes Planotones and the Boardwalk Drifters Charlie Thomas, "among many others who shared the stage.

Monmouth Symphony Orchestra wraps weekend with Basie in the matinee performance of the Brahms Symphony No. 2: Academic Festival Overture and Schumann's Piano Concerto. Gerd Nowaczyk solo pianist played during the show too.

August Wilson continues his career in the Two River Theater low this week after the opening weekend of the public. Drama, part two of Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning series called 10-play Pittsburgh Cycle, a taxi driver without a license from some centers are rushing to make a living. A "slice of life" play, tells the story of ordinary people who want cheap make your way.

Running out of cheap Wednesday through Sunday, with a total of eight shows in five days.


Tim Tebow throws his attention to Maria Menounos

Patriots and Giants will be the main attractions in the Super Bowl XLVI, but Tim Tebow getting its fair share of attention this week - starting with the introduction to "Extra", Maria Menounos beam.

The Broncos quarterback, known for his Christian faith and the squeaky-clean reputation, reportedly delighted with the entertainment sexy TV reporter, who heard from a friend at ESPN Friday game, "Wow! It is not only beautiful, she is very sweet too "They seem very comfortable at that time a little celebration ...

No word on whether something is going to build here, but Tebow and Menounos must cross the road (intentionally?) In some other Super Bowl bashes this weekend, before the big game.

† Speaking of Tebow, Denver star has lots of fun on Saturday night with Alec Baldwin, how to fix the "Tebowing" kneeling on the "honor NFL" on NBC. Exactly, Baldwin Tebow thanked "God bless you."

† as "NFL awards" new single Katy Perry gives Shoutout Tebow, saying, "Tim, my parents say hello", reminding everyone how the two parents shared a deep religious faith. The mother of the singer and his father was a minister with the possibility to prefer that their children may marry a guy like Tebow - missionary children - not that outrageous Russell Brand, who is now divorced.

Real rumors: According to sources in London, apparently with new stories of romance between Pippa Middleton and Lord George Percy, a former girlfriend. Prince William, the brother-in-law - who split last year with his friend, the banker and former cricketer Alex Louden - insisted that he and Percy just good friends. However, who should know insists Pippa is too ambitious love to catch the title similar to his sister, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Percy inherited the title of his father, the Duke of Northumberland - along with a fortune estimated at $ 500 million.

MORE Romance: There are rumors that the relationship between Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough can easily lead to a series of "American Idol" and reality TV kingpin propose that the actor and former "Dancing with the Stars" regular .

NAME IT: Fans of the end of Bernie Mac will be happy to know the city is to honor the memory of the story on the "road of Bernie Mac", the naming block Englewood West 69th Street, where raised. The opening ceremony signaling - happy Black History Month period - begins at 10 am Feb. 28.

LOCAL light: "American Idol" fans in Chicago are likely to campaign for participants in our region to qualify for the success "of Hollywood on Sunday" - Kelsey Montanez, Kyle "Kyle Dee" Robyn Driscoll and Christine Skinner.

In 2007, Driscoll said Sun-Times about punk band You frantic meetings the group to a party the day of eighth grade: "We knew it was something very special out of the blue."

Specific time: A name long associated with traditional Italian food is restored in the Near North Side. Tomaska ​​Joseph, great grandson of the late Pope of Milan restaurant entrepreneur, has launched Mama Pizza Bar Milano at 1419 N. Wells. More recently, the great grandson of Tony and Joseph Milano Tomaska ​​is a manufacturer of long duration of "Tony 'n' Tina 'Marriage".

The † speak Italian food, be sure to check in at Hotel Radisson Blu Filini new Aqua Tower is recognized Columbus Drive - the popular Chicago restaurant professionals Kathy Hanley was kept on as manager of the bar Filini.

Seen in the scene: John Cusack changed the head when he slipped in the canteen on Friday night 46. Patrick Kane ... The scene at the end of the Vertigo Sky lounge on Saturday night. Eric Benet ... will be on hand to listen to private parties Hard Rock Hotel and Capitol Records are stored in the Angels & Kings album Benet for "The One", due in May. ... The Bulls Kyle Korver, as well as ex-White Soxers Joe Crede and Cliff Politte Chicago press Cut Steak - with cheering fans when he left Crede.


Barrington native goes up ‘The River’

More optimistic for Jeff Galfer dead. His character became the first victim on February 7, ABC premiere of the paranormal television series, "The River".

"I knew it was going to die, but I do not care because I was so excited to work at this level," said Barrington native.

Landing the role of Sammy, a photographer documenting the search for the missing explorer, not easy. Galfer went to the audition because I knew the director of the pilot, Jaume Collet-Serra, but others are bumpy process. Creative team (Michael R. Perry and Oren Peli, the creator of the series "Paranormal Activity"), I wanted that role, but the network wanted a familiar face, so "no" call to come - While in the car with her boyfriend and his parents, whom he met for the first time.

Galfer But luck is changing rapidly. The next day - because it will enter the small claims court in a fight with his manager, his mechanic told him that he got the part, but is in Puerto Rico soon.

"I told my mechanic, I forgive him, and that the end of it," said Galfer.

Galfer, 32, spent the next three and a half weeks of filming the pilot. "The River" follows the varied personnel search for the explorer Dr. Emmet Cole (Bruce Greenwood), who lost the Amazon. Galfer play one of the two cameramen, to finish the recording, not only a beautiful trip down the river, but the work of evil spirits. It showed footage of portable cameras and surveillance cameras, so most Galfer face is not a lot of time in the face.

"They let us shoot something like this. I'd say my performance is great because it was shot well, "he said. "There's a scene I'm very proud of - when [the actor] Eloise Mumford has been beaten and burned on the walls, I'm sure that 99 percent had a single shot to the corner of that day."

Galfer even filmed his own death. Although the event was knowing that his character does not make it past the first episode, it is still hard to leave.

"At the end of weeks three and a half, I felt like I was part of this show. A reasonable number of the officers approached me and said, I really hope that you will die. "I could not be more grateful to be admired by people from far away, and they told me."

Galfer create said it was "too cautious about bringing people from the dead", but because they offer "The River" in the paranormal, the resurrection is not completely out of the question.

Last October, was "the best birthday present" when asked to go to Hawaii to shoot scenes for the flashback episode.

"Nobody will forget how wonderful we have to do this pilot - the sound of those who came and gave me a hug. I do not think I have to pay to eat or drink while I was there, "said Galfer.

She said she will be part of a scene shows a flashback, but in other respects, must live in LA, however, remains a serious help of "The River" to succeed, even taking into Twitter for the cause.

Galfer a regret for "The River" is that his father, Michael, you can not see. He died shortly before the show started the audition process.

However, the. Two share their experience when they attend the premiere in Hollywood for "The Orphan," Collet-Serra direct

"I am delighted to have the opportunity for him to come to the premiere of the film for me," said Galfer.

Many Galfer interest in the casting of "The River" came when his name is associated with a "soap star" in the starting lineup. Galfer has appeared in several episodes of "All My Children" as Dr. Burke, a therapist who "violate all rules of therapy" drug funniest Lavery Annie (Melissa Claire Egan).

"[My character] really Jewish. I'll just go to the scene and provide treatment for any character in any situation. They appeared at the gates of the people. "

Now, Galfer is in the middle of the madness of a test for the television pilot season. This time it was more optimistic about their chances.

"In Los Angeles, is difficult to get a hearing for any of a certain caliber if you are not a famous actor. Now the networks, ABC, at least I know who I am. I hope that now, but that's Jeff Galfer? "'A ... is ... Jeff Galfer? "

Galfer moved to Los Angeles three years ago, leaving New York when he decided that his "heart energy and unity" in the city.

"Towards the end of my time in New York, I became very anxious, I had a bad bout of depression. I was in my mid 20's, I feel entitled to something, and I'm not sure why I feel entitled. I was very uncomfortable, even leave my apartment. I think it would be easier to be around there is no way that I have. "

With the support of their parents, Galfer took the camera and started taking photos of different environments of New York, every weekend. Started as a way to get an apartment, but eventually turned the photograph on the work that continues to this day.

As for his people, Galfer back to Chicago twice a year. Visit last memory was in 2010 when he returned from 60 years of high school reunion, where Barrington alum performed songs from the musicals in high school. The rest of Galfer perform "I am the very model of modern major general" from "Pirates of Penzance," a song so powerful that she has sung in 13 years.

"That was a horrible experience," he laughed.

When the house Galfer, there is one that almost always stops - Buffalo Joe in Evanston, where the family moved after winning the high school.

"They are the best buffalo wings I've had in every city I live," he said.


In other news: Randy Travis arrested for being drunk in public

Randy Travis was arrested Monday morning after police said they found a little confused in an open bottle of wine from Texas church, smelling of alcohol and slurred. Illegal? Sounds like a pretty good song. Country star, 52, who was in a parked car, said officials from the city of Sanger argued with his girlfriend and tries to return to the ranch, 20 miles away, reports NBC affiliate in Dallas. Travis, who divides her husband-manager Lib Hatcher was 19 years old in 2010, was released after booked on misdemeanor charges of public intoxication. Then make a statement apologizing "for what turned out after a night of celebration of the Super Bowl.


A Dickens of a Reminder

Now, as the home page Google Doodle reminds us all, two hundred years since the birth of Charles Dickens.

The author is not only the greatest novelists of the English inexhaustible Victoria. He is also a clever writer with an interest in finance. In 1842, Dickens - who is known on both sides of the ocean as the author of Oliver Twist and The Old Curiosity Shop - came to the U.S. for a lecture tour. Of course, as Mark would do two decades later, Dickens tour turned into an opportunity to compile a book about what he saw and experienced.

The result is American Notes, Dickens journey where no punches on the financial situation of the United States lost cause. In the middle of the night in Philadelphia, looking across the street at an exciting vision:

"... A beautiful white marble building, with a melancholy, like a ghost, sad to see .... I quickly asked her name and destination, and then disappeared from the shock. This is the Tomb of the fate of many, the Great Catacomb of investment, a large U.S. bank "

That the Second Bank of the United States, which had been damaged earlier in the year 1841 under the weight of bad loans, year after Pres Andrew Jackson tried to end it.

Today, Americans and Europeans alike forget the 1840's. The U.S. is one of the deepest downturn in its history. A, reckless debt-fueled housing bubble burst in 1837. Many investors in U.S. real estate bond leverage is English. After pumping millions of dollars in taxes for the "improvement plan" such as channels and banks specializing in financing of land, nine U.S. states eliminated the city's debt - and five rejected their debt, refused to pay creditors.

According to an excellent new book, The Great Depression America First: the economic crisis and subsequent political panic disorder, 1837, by historian Roberts, Alasdair, UK fiscal recklessness is tempered by the United States. A British diplomat, Lord Ashburton, in the United States called The Times of London thundered in May 1842 "unruly mob anarchy and it's uncontrollable.": "For the truth and clear about the political economy was rejected with scorn by the legislature ... Obvious interests of society are sacrificed to the passions and prejudices of the people. "A good investment banker James Rothschild said the United States is not responsible for what is not" borrow dollars or dollars. "

After touring in the mid-Atlantic states, Dickens headed west. He visited Cairo, Illinois, a city at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi in 1836 was promoted as an industrial and commercial center in the future .. British investors have seized millions of pounds in developing bonds of Cairo - all defaulted and the state of Illinois who took them.

In Chapter XII of the American Notes, Dickens describes Cairo as a writer only with friends who invested in bonds in the standard are:

"... We achieved a second place to the left of what we have seen, that forlornest place where it happened, that is, compared to him, full of flowers. At the junction of two rivers, on land as flat and low and marshy, that at certain times of year it is flooded to the roof of the house, is still an area of ​​increasing fever, malaria, and death, pride in the United Kingdom as Golden Hope mine, and speculate about the faith that many representations of the problem. A dismal swamp, where the half-built houses rot: cleared here and there by the space of a few meters, and full, and then classify the poor crops, poor shadow of a criminal drifter who tempted Mari, wither and die, and lay their bones; hate Mississippi Eddying spinning and before that, and just turn off the south a slimy monster hideous to look at, plague, an ugly sepulcher, the tomb uncheered for any glimmer of promise: a place that not one single quality, in earth or air or water, I recommend: Cairo, so this bleak ".


Perry Farrell talks Joe Namath, halftime show

Perry Farrell is one of the most remarkable rock, theater actors.

On February 22, the attachment band Jane has started "The theater of escapist" tour, the first foray into the band to support the album ("The Great Escape Artist", was released in October) since 2003. Farrell described as "theater immersion", says the program will cover the entire theater every stop on the tour.

"It's a little different than going to a rock concert on average. Society is in series from time to time, "he said. "We are using around the building instead of the stage. We use the lobby and backstage. "

Farrell where to get your talent for the dramatic?

"My role model is Joe Namath," said Farrell, who was born in Queens and raised on Long Island, as a fan jet. "When I was a kid, I used to laugh at the audacity of Joe Namath had. He was running around in raccoon-skin coat. His Bachelors III nightclub. It is like a womanizer, you know? He took the woman into account. "

It may sound strange coming from a rock star of the counterculture, the person who started the Lollapalooza tour. But Farrell, it all makes sense.

"I love him, man. Athletes will then be the sexy. They have a big beard and hair, "he said. "When he faced Johnny Unitas at the top of the flat, you know ... I thought it was a long time. "

Now, after living in California for many years, he is a huge Lakers fan, but his team in the NFL, he took the Giants of his people, he beat the jet over the years. Jane dependence rolling stones are playing a Super Bowl party on Sunday, which Farrell said is unusual.

"Why do you think was the concert?" He said. "I want to go to the Super Bowl. I will bring my children. I'll try to get on the ground, man. I love the field and take my kids [Hezron, 9, and Izzadore, 7]. "


Prop 8 Decision Written For Justice Kennedy

This is the conclusion of the majority of the judges of the Circuit Court of Appeals 9 as it failed the California ban on gay marriage, proposition 8 is unconstitutional.

The court has missed the broader question of whether a gay marriage ban unconstitutional, limiting its decision purely on the proposition 8, but gave no reason to think that 128 pages will be safe. 8 Supporters of the proposal may file a petition for rehearing en banc, which means that before the judge panel of 11 judges of the Ninth Circuit, or they can go directly to the Supreme Court.

And if it is considered a right of appeal to the Court Roberts, Judge Stephen Reinhardt ensure that the voice key Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, listen. Framing the problem is all in the appellate practice, and the opinion of Reinhardt in the Ninth Circuit in the area of ​​Romer v. Evans, struck a key 1996 case written by Justice Kennedy of Colorado law unconstitutional by gay and lesbian elected to unfair treatment and prevention of the rights of legal rights.

Reinhard took the opinion that Kennedy and driven home to frame the problem, often cited decision. "Proposition 8 points to same-sex couples to unfair treatment of their own, keeping the right to marry," says Reinhard. In framing this narrow way in making it only applies to California, but broad in its rhetoric, the decision of Judge Kennedy, the Court must make the case, how an alliance with the liberal wing of the Court and find Prop 8 unconstitutional without having to make a broad statement of the law governing the whole gay marriage law currently on the books.

This is how the constitutional changes that occur. Gradually. One case at a time. Now his decision is a step towards the inevitable acceptance of gay marriage and equal rights, status and privileges as heterosexual marriage.


WhaleShark Triples Marketing Budget After 2011 Revenue Jumps 50%whale shark

Whaleshark Media Inc., which operates online coupon website, plans to triple its marketing budget this year after the acquisition is to help increase revenue.

Companies of Austin, Texas, sales increased 50 percent in 2011 to about $ 80 million, will increase advertising spending to gain market share online discount, CEO of Cotter Cunningham, 49, said today in an interview. He declined to give details of the advertising budget of the company.

Whale shark, which was established in May 2009 and VoucherCodes.co.uk RetailMeNot.com, the purchase of eight companies and easily add two more in Europe or the United States, said Cunningham. The company has about $ 100 million in cash after raising $ 150 million in private financing from JPMorgan Chase & Co.. And Institutional Venture Partners last year, he said. Whaleshark round worth $ 800 million to $ 1 billion, a person familiar with the situation said last November.

"This is the year to push the gas," says Cunningham. "You will see accelerate. We see revenue growth was reduced significantly, although it has a broader base. "

These companies are usually looking for purchases between $ 10 million and $ 50 million each, said Cunningham.

Whale shark site was visited 300 million times in 2011, conducting approximately $ 1.7 billion purchase of companies such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc.. And Target Corp.. The said Cunningham. The company offers discounts at more than 140,000 merchants and retail stores, according to a statement.

Smaller discount

Whale shark Change in net income in 2011, Cunningham said, without elaborating. And the figures are pro forma revenue growth rate, taking into account the performance of the company has purchased Whaleshark said. Company more than tripled the number of employees in Austin until 110 years ago.

This month, said Kate Sperber Whaleshark hired as vice president of operations. Sperber direct sales strategies before Yahoo! Inc. The company added Tobias Conrad, German Groupon Inc.. Companies to manage operations in the country.

While leaders Groupon online coupons are likely to offer discounts to local businesses, usually give a discount Whaleshark lower for online purchases at national retailers, said Cunningham. Neither the whale shark size Groupon use sales force, he said. Based in Chicago Groupon, which raised $ 805 million in an initial public offering last year, employs over 10,000 people on Sept. 30, said in a regulatory filing.

Whale shark has no immediate plans for further rounds of private fundraising or public offering, said Cunningham.


Prop. 8 decision cites Marx (Groucho), Monroe (Marilyn) and Kennedy (Anthony)

It's not every day that a federal appeals court quoted the late comedian Groucho Marx in the decision, especially as important as the fight against gay marriage in California to overturn Proposition 8.

However, the three-member panel of the U.S. Court 9 th Circuit Court of Appeals did on Tuesday, quoting Marx joke that "marriage is a wonderful institution ... But who wants to live in an institution? "

That's one of the few cultural references (the other is the title of a film of Marilyn Monroe, "How to Marry Millionaire") in a narrow decision depends on whether the State has the right to withdraw the right to marry after extend, as before in California by the decision of the Court of Justice of the great nation.

Federal panel ruled gays and lesbians have a constitutional right to marry, he said, "We do not do so no need to consider whether same-sex couples have the fundamental right to marry. "

However, he says voters can not stop the right of the state, saying it violated the equal protection clause of the Constitution.

Repeatedly cited 1996 decision in U.S. Supreme Court decision setting aside the size of Colorado votes limit specific rights of homosexuals, it seems that the author aims to influence the decision (Romer v. Evans), Anthony Kennedy.

The general opinion is that when Proposition 8 in California reached the Supreme Court, Kennedy will be handled in determining the vote of the other eight judges equally between liberals and conservatives and Kennedy's vote.


Seven-tonne shark pulled from sea

A whale shark 10 feet long that is displayed after found dead in the sea near Karachi, Pakistan.

Fisher said the giant found dead in shallow GADANI, a town an hour from the coast of Karachi. It took two cranes and more than four hours to pick up seven tons of fish in the harbor, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Later sold for 1.7 million rupees, ABC reported.

A man who said he saw the shark "is dead when people have found it.''

"We will try to auction. Let's see what we collect. "

The media reports that sharks are put on public display for three days and collect a couple of guests from the buyer.


Prop. 8 struck down: Will California's gay couples flock to the altar?

Federal court ruling on Tuesday that Proposition 8, the California ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, will not result directly from the increase in marriage licenses throughout California, according to legal analysts as the same-sex couples have been waiting for a court decision.

The main reason is to stay the decision, which prevents same-sex couples to get married to avoid having to cancel the wedding, if other courts invalidate the decision. In fact, this occurred in 2008 when 18 000 couples got married after the state Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is legal, voters passed Prop 8 just five months later. Their legal status is still questionable.

However, uncertainty about the state of gay marriage across the country is also a factor for some couples.

Recommended: Gay marriage in the United States: seven different ways to state

Long Beach residents Kimberlee Ward and Anne Albertine, a certificate of domestic partnership for seven years - and 13-month daughter, Ava - said they would not marry the U.S. Supreme Court weighs in.

"We waited until it was recognized by the federal and state levels," said Mrs. Ward, director of admissions at an elementary school. "We do not want to get married one day and declared illegal, or considered differently for state and federal taxes."

Ward is the birth mother of Ava, but some are given the surname of her daughter Mrs. Albertina, Albertine to provide more legal rights. Some are not through the adoption procedure.

"We liked the idea that now we can see Ava in the same light as the parents of their friends and understand our marriages and relationships are very important and loving as well as other married couples," said Ward.

Analysis Williams Institute, which compiles nationwide statistics on sexual orientation and gender identity, an estimated 100,000 same-sex couples live in California, raising more than 30,000 children under 18. Based on how many couples married in other states legalize same-sex marriage, it was predicted that more than 24,000 couples tend to marry within three years of residence is removed, or the Supreme Court's opinion in its favor.

Opponents of gay marriage is called a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco error.

"The decision today is disappointing but not surprising, coming from the most liberal circuit court in this country," wrote the president of the Family Research Council, Tony Perkins said in a statement. "It's a case of Hollywood, financed, which seeks to impose San Francisco values ​​across the country can eventually reach the Supreme Court. Management is not constitutional, but the insistence of a group of activists to force their will on their fellow citizens. "

For some of San Francisco and Abby Abinanti Nachlis Lorie, who had been in a committed relationship for 13 years, every other marriage is a covenant in the second grade. They reject the idea of ​​domestic partnership law.

"In a split second decision, the son of my text message read:" Now you have a wife? "Mother Said Nachlis, divorced from heterosexual marriage. "We have a large family so this will give a good sense of stability."

With a background in law divorce lawyer who Nachlis stay in effect until the U.S. Supreme Court policy or refuse to accept the case. But since this is about 60, Nachlis said he was willing to go to another state to get married.

"The issue of age has been home a few weeks ago when he was hospitalized, and I think that I do not have a partner, and make decisions for me," said Nachlis. "I really want to get married in California, but now it makes me realize that maybe it's time to get married in Iowa."

In fact, even outside the court's decision, the issue of gay marriage in flux, in California.

"It's time to celebrate the great success," said Eric Harrison, chief executive of Love Honor Cherish while, anti-Prop. 8 organization.

But if it is not clear in the spring or not same-sex couples can legally marry, his group is considering collecting signatures for the bill to repeal Proposition 2012. 8.

He said: "This is obviously a long, if gays and lesbians can get married right now or how long it will stay in place."


Slab City: Are we still having an American Dream?

Many of us can not recognize the city stub. The city is not as popular as other cities like New York, but the city deserves a lot of attention out. People living in cities may have similar stories. They come from middle-class people in education and have a good job to meet your needs. However, the economic crisis, the American dream suddenly collapsed because they could pay the mortgage, insurance and even your own food. As an ironic story is often found at Slab City community.

Nugget City, County Poor

We do not have to think of Slab City, and other cities in our country, because, actually, oddly enough called this place as a city because it is really a desert in California. We can find locations while driving about 190 miles southeast of Los Angeles or an hour from the border with Mexico. City name is taken from the plate and the concrete pillars of the hut to the left and abandoned World War II. This area remains a mid-80s. Slab city is now used by people who live from paycheck to the government.

Provisions of the City cut

Slab city is a city without rules, and drinking water facilities. Do not expect to get power, because they find them unless we use a solar panel or generator. This area is not under control and are frequented by people who live in caravans. This area is known as a colorful hill called Salvation Mountain created by Leonard Knight. The city is undoubtedly the dark side of U.S. plates should be enlightened.


IRS delays refunds for early tax filers

The bad news is reaching out to consumers who filed 1040 tax returns early. They will wait, maybe a week or longer than expected to get a refund.

John Hewitt, CEO and founder of Liberty Tax Service, based in Virginia Beach, Va.., Said that taxpayers who file at any time from the first day of the season Jan. 17 in tax by January 24 to face more problems.

And yes, the tax preparers who heard numerous complaints about delays in getting a refund.

The IRS said the IRS tax professional with a warning Thursday night that the delay of a week for a replacement system refers to tuning the IRS to adjust the new protections put in place this tax season to provide high protection against return fraud.

"As part of this, some taxpayers will receive refunds of about one week after the initial projections may have received, but they are still in line with the delivery time of return of history," says the IRS.

Warranties in relation to concerns about online fraud and offenders receive a refund to steal Social Security numbers, creating a false statement, electronic filing in 1040 at the start of the season and secure a tax refund.

"The IRS will provide additional screening for fraud this year before issuing refunds, but most taxpayers can still continue to wait to get a refund in a timely manner," said IRS.

But taxpayers do not expect delays and inconvenience.

Many of the early season, because they need the tax refund to pay bills - so some families may experience more difficulties than others, even with one additional day of delay.

"In general, these refunds may take a week or 10 days," said Hewitt. However, Hewitt said that refunds may take up to 14 days - if the statement was made between January 17 and January 24.

H & R Block said its customers that the IRS is using new technology this year, which will cause the IRS to have more time to verify back to the beginning of time.

If you look at the delays, tax experts that you know them - the IRS.

Hewitt said he understood that refunds are expected to return to a more normal pattern for taxpayers to file now or later.

With the opening of the 2012 tax season, IRS encourages taxpayers to file electronically and choose direct deposit their refunds can be found in just 10 days and 90% refund will be given within 21 days.

Some taxpayers receive a refund more quickly, says the IRS, but when the taxpayers expecting refunds are given as shown in the original rules of the IRS.


Comparing Josh Hamilton’s Response to Brian Cashman’s

Although the primary focus of this site is the game of baseball, there are problems that occur in areas that are part of the conversation. Yesterday, the two issues expressed by the Yankees Brian Cashman and Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton.

Back in September, Deadspin reported the story of Brian Cashman, had a problem with an unnamed woman. At that time, I mentioned that there are other means of communication as well as Deadspin posted this story. When doing research, I was told one of the major news outlets in this city voted to continue the story for fear that the impact of the Yankees. Deadspin no such concerns because it does not require access to the clubhouse (the Yankees are not going to give anyway) to do their business.

I think the story is "dying" as the brand power of the Yankees is a way to make my surprise, turned, and details of events that are out there for all to see "things." Mail voice, text messages and letters of recommendation. Worse, Deadspin has promised to report some "Pillow Talk" Cashman is a woman.

You can make arguments that Deadspin over the limit. Personally, I stay away from the stories involve the family. One thing to criticize someone for the work they did with regard to baseball, it's another when reporting information that could affect the lives of people said that his wife and children. This is what Deadspin is not, and if you agree it's a whole different debate. I had an opinion sites, and now the story is public, it is my duty to comment. This is especially true when I saw the online media and league / team started with Blur.

Mass media response was interesting. At 5:45 pm on Thursday, February 2, women in the history of Deadspin arrested and charged with burglary, attempted grand theft, stalking and aggravated harassment.

If you do not read Deadspin, the narrative is a framework for the mainstream public is that "a woman was arrested for stalking of Brian Cashman." No other event, but the general theme is that Cashman is the victim . Of course, the needs of women who just happen after Thursday, February 2 Deadspin story ran. This is not news, is in having Deadspin for months. Cashman has a relationship with a woman reported to have taken place since April last year. Clarin teased the story in September 2011.

Deadspin same day the story ran Cashman, ESPN reported that Hamilton had a relapse of alcoholism earlier this week. This is not the first time this has happened, as Hamilton crash behind her addiction in 2009. Importantly, Hamilton failed a drug test after the event.

The response of the family against the Rangers and Hamilton Cashman and the Yankees. Hamilton reported the incident to the team, his wife, Katie, posted several messages on his Twitter account to thank everyone for their support.

Earlier this afternoon, Hamilton held a press conference to apologize for the team, fans, and family. Even the demons, Hamilton did not hide from the public. So, the Rangers have not attempted to destroy the lives of the people involved in this incident. I'm not sure ESPN has denied access to this report, either.

A week ago, I wrote in the control of the means of Sports "tweet" that led to the Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter Tony Grossi retired defeating the Cleveland Browns. "He was a pathetic figure, the most relevant billionaires in the world," tweeted Grossi on Browns owner Randy Lerner of. Tweet then removed, but not before they make the rounds. Although the trial Grossi difficult, do not see why the expression should have a male outside the team reported. Then I remembered how there is a conflict of interest as a partner in the league with its own network of news agencies to use the journalists who are paid to cover the league said that objectivity. It's called "follow the money trail" as a strength and dollars have a way of strangling journalism. That's why it is not surprising that the Plain Dealer reports Cleveland appears to meet before its decision Grossi.

Two stories, two different answers. What's more interesting is how different narratives between Clarin and traditional outlets. Remember, the main output is the same in collaboration with the Yankees and Major League Baseball.

You'd be surprised if ESPN gave Hamilton spoon from falling into the wrong hands (read Clarin again), and get ahead of the story. Once again, the League partnered with the leading news outlets.

In the end, Hamilton's story is much more serious than Cashman. Josh is battling some personal problems that threaten not only end his career, but would take her life. I doubt that Cashman "stalking" because apparently willing to spend time with her since April. If such a big deal, why costs Deadspin press hours after the story ran? If you made months ago? It seems suspicious to me. The program also provides other as they do not want to talk more birdies.

Two off-field incidents, two different ways to handle the consequences.


IRS encouraging early tax filing

Although the tax filing deadline is 17 April this year instead of April 15, the Internal Revenue Service wants to present as soon as possible.

According to a spokesman for the IRS, and Boone, because the longer you wait, the more likely that a file error.

"I always find people on their taxes early to make fewer mistakes because they do not like the big jump last-minute reporting," said Boone. "We are approaching the end of January, which is the deadline for employers to have their W-2 forms available to their employees. In most cases, 1099 to benefit the banks and things like that should be available within the next week or so. One way to reduce the number of errors in the e-file. Paper returns the error rate of about 20 percent, and e-file error rate of less than 1 percent. "

The good news for taxpayers there is no news as to change a file system or the tax code this year.

"A tax rebate that used last year can be used as go through the preparation of the return for the year if your situation has not changed in any way," said Boone.

A new warning, however, increased IRS regulations for paid tax preparers.

Last year began the process of the new rules, the IRS will give you all paid preparers identification number.

"If you take a paid preparer, make sure to sign the form, not only in line with the paid preparer, but be sure to include a PTIN number in exchange for their identification," said Boone. "The next phase will begin to rule this summer, when we started to test the ability of all registered with the IRS. For now, people still have to go through the same precautions when taking a coach. Check the Better Business Bureau, check the credentials are good, make sure they have all year and not only for the reporting period, and so forth. "

Boone said people should also be aware of three self-help site tax in Houston County.

Two sites designated as vita, which means that for the Voluntary Assistance Program Income Tax, and are intended for household incomes of taxpayers below $ 50,000 per year.

Third is the site of the AARP Tax-second, which is aimed at people over 60 years with no income limit.

Sites prepare tax returns for free, but Boone also says residents can apply online through www.irs.gov.

Boone said any taxpayer with annual income below $ 49,078 should ask their tax preparer Income Tax Credit received to see if you qualify.


Steve Appleton, daredevil CEO of memory chip maker Micron, dies in Boise plane crash

Boise, Idaho - The head of the memory chip maker Micron, known for taking risks in the piloting of the action, died Friday when a small experimental plane he was piloting a sharp turn, clogged and damaged a section near Idaho.

Steve Appleton, who survived a similar accident eight years ago and has a reputation as a reckless driving hard, the only person on a plane, when according to witnesses, crashed shortly after taking off the two businesses in Boise, according to the security researchers.

Appleton's death was confirmed by Micron Technology Inc., the Council received a high-octane entertainment as part of the only work hard and play hard character. Corporate governance experts have raised questions about the latest Appleton, the CEO, should be a fascinating hobby twice as risky as driving.

Micron shares are up 23 cents to $ 7.95 on Friday before trading was halted for the announcement.

"Steve's passion and energy that left an indelible mark on the micron, the community of Idaho and the technology industry in general," said Micron's board of directors in a statement.

Micron is one of the companies that make semiconductor chips for various devices, including computers, mobile devices, cameras, vehicles and industrial systems. This makes the products under the Lexar and valuable, and Idaho is one of the largest and most influential.

The company stock traded between $ 3.97 and $ 11.95 the previous year. In the most recent fiscal year ending September 1, Micron earned $ 167 million, or 17 cents per share on revenue of $ 8.8 billion.

The 51-year-Appleton did not file flight plans and all indications are planned to remain in place for recreational aviation, researchers say.

In Zoe Keliher, researchers at the Air National Transportation Safety Board said the accident occurred during the second attempt to Appleton to fly in the morning. He said the first flight ended abruptly Appleton - the witness said the plane is only about 5 feet (1.5 meters) above the ground - when he landed and returned to the hangar for five minutes.

Keliher said witnesses reported the plane and then back to the runway to take off again, but soon Appleton told the tower he wanted to turn around and land again. The plane was about 100 or 200 feet (30 to 60 meters) into the air before witnesses say it was damaged and burned. Appleton body was thrown from the rubble.

Keliher said the remains of the pilot is not immediately recognizable, but Appleton portfolio and other assets in the ruins. He said the body was fingerprinted by the authorities.

Sunny weather. Keliher said investigators plan to look for signs of equipment failure or other problems.

The airport spokeswoman Patti Miller said the fixed-wing aircraft with the proposition Lancair aircraft, built from a kit.

Federal Aviation Administration records show the number of the tail of the plane was registered to Aviation LLC Raleighwood damaged in North Carolina.

It was released in 2007 and introduced an "amateur built" category.

As the Lancair aircraft attracted the attention of the National Transportation Safety Board, which is in the midst of its safety studies. Last year, the agency examined 222 accidents and amateur built experimental aircraft in which 67 people died. More than half of the airline involved to buy used rather than generated by the current owner.

Doug Meyer, the company's marketing and sales manager, declined to comment on the accident, said the company knew at least.

"Lancair aircraft are completely safe," he said.

In July 2004, Appleton suffers punctured lung, head injury, herniated discs and fractures after his stunt plane crashes in the desert east of Boise.

After the accident, Appleton did not immediately indicate the severity of injury of damage, and a Micron spokesman described as Appleton retain only a few, but "bumps and bruises." In 2006 an expert in disclosure corporate governance began to ask about the accident.

Appleton's death came a week after the company president and COO, D. Mark Durcan, announced plans to retire in August. Mark W. Adams, Micron vice president of global sales, was named to succeed Durcan.

Micron spokesman Francisco said Durcan and take responsibility for the company's CEO until the Board shall appoint a successor to Appleton.

Council plans to meet with the end of the week to discuss next steps.

Obituary of Appleton has soared the great support of the leaders of Idaho, by the Governor. CL "Butch" Otter praised him as a champion and a visionary entrepreneur who "understands the value and profitability."

Appleton, Micron's face for most Idahoans. This company has helped the technology boom of Idaho and is known for giving charity, recently donated $ 13 million for a new building at Boise State University.

Appleton started the factory floor of Micron in 1983 and worked his way up. In 1991 he was named president and COO of Micron, and in 1994 he was appointed to the post of president, CEO and president. He served as CEO and president in 2007.

Appleton, various types of aircraft, piloted in the air to escape and often fly a plane over Idaho. He has a tendency to other adventures as well: In 2006, he won the SCORE Tecate 20 cars Baja California Baja Challenge Class of 1000, completed 1047 miles (1685 km) extends from Enseneda La Paz, and 25 hours 25 minutes, 30 minutes ahead of his nearest rival.

At the same time, Appleton said he was not worried about putting himself and his executive team behind the wheel for the race, often brutal blows and remote terrain.

"I do not know what could be worse than being in the memory business to take risks," he said. "If we want a business, monopoly stable, I will probably be resistance from my executive team to do that, but all are dying to go."

Micron shares are up 23 cents to $ 7.95 yesterday before trading was halted on Friday afternoon for the announcement. The company stock traded between $ 3.97 and $ 11.95 the previous year.

Cam Newton made a bad game worse

I give credit to Cam Newton. He makes me look at the Pro Bowl. As long as I love the NFL, I never watch the Pro Bowl. Baseball and basketball stars throughout the game interesting. Football is rarely worth seeing.

But I want to know about Cam, from what I've seen most of the second half. Now - two, I think. Apparently a novice.

Newton threw 27 passing, completing nine years, and had two goals and three interceptions. It was not polished enough to go out and improvise. To do right, a player must have the basics, and on Sunday night, he did not.

In defense of Newton, who threw a touchdown pass in 55 pages, Steve Smith.

And he has to play the second half, when players have to worry about being polite and trying to win some. He faces more pressure than the first half of the NFC quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees, no.

Newton would be worse than other players in the field.

But scenery is beautiful, and nobody will remember the fantastic.


Carolina Panthers unveil ‘more aggressive’ logo as Nike takes over NFL rights

The Carolina Panthers 2011 has little resemblance to its predecessor, they are 2010, which ended with the NFL's worst 2.14.

Rookie quarterback Cam Newton record at the helm, the team improved 10.6 and shed its status as a less than impressive against the NFC.

Now the Panthers want to look the part. On Monday, the franchise launched a new version of the logo, designed to strike fear into the hearts of their NFC South rivals.

Change the logo for the first time in the Panther team in 18 years, had "seen, more aggressive contemporary," the team.

"We have one of the best logo and best known in the NFL and I wanted to be modern without losing the dramatic essence of the brand," Panthers President Danny Morrison said.

Other reforms are not enough professional sports team with the experience this year, but in Newton brings new hope for Carolina, a new look that makes sense.

Known what these changes might mean for Carolina in Jersey, but there may be many adjustments - two small children and uniform throughout the majors Nike assumed the role as the official supplier Reebok NFL uniform next time.

For now, Nike has begun on the feet and Handwara. Announcing 32 new gloves and designs special shoes for every team in the Pro Bowl on Sunday. (See pictures of the two here.)

What the team logo and uniforms need updating? And what I want to see your sports team on Sunday when the takeover is complete Swoosh?