Stagg family may have issues with Paterno scandal

Amos Alonzo Stagg name attached to the Big Ten football championship trophies can be evaluated if Joe Paterno has been found to be "involved" in the scandal grandson Jerry Sandusky as Stagg.

Hardware for the first Big Ten championship game next month - Stagg-Paterno championship trophy - not yet proven. However, Robert Stagg told CBSSports.com Tuesday that the association is concerned about the "proof of income" families are found in the case reached national headlines.

"If he [Paterno] is involved in this, he has resigned," said Stagg, a father of 54 years who worked in sales in Grand Rapids, Michigan "Unfortunately, that may be the case. "

Asked specifically if the "accessories" means do not go to the authorities if Paterno knew a crime was committed, Stagg said: "If you are aware of what's happening, you should alert authorities. You can not leave it to others to warn the authorities. It should be. This is the only thing to do. "

Stagg said Paterno is assumed to be innocent, but followed the situation closely. Sandusky, Paterno former defensive coordinator, was accused of multiple accounts of child abuse. Previous teaching assistant Mike McQueary currently assistant allegedly told in 2002, Paterno watched having sex with young 10-year-old Sandusky lockerroom shower Penn State.

Paterno said in the announcement, Tim Curley, called McQueary and a half weeks later. Sandusky were prohibited from taking the kids to soccer facility, but does not contact the authorities. Paterno has maintained his innocence through his lawyer. Curley and Gary Schultz Penn State finance official was charged with perjury.

"That's disgusting. It's horrible, "said a Stagg, Amos Alonzo Stagg large offspring. "We've learned these things from time to time to document both the Catholic Church or a few individuals. Only when you look at the involvement of the Knights [Sandusky] kind and charitable. I do not understand. "

Stagg did not specify what steps can make a family but said they are monitoring the situation. He said a team of 20 family members will travel to Indianapolis for the Big Ten championship game first on December 3. His father, Amos Alonzo Stagg III, was honored with the game. Stagg III, 84, are the same age as Paterno.

Amos Alonzo Stagg originally was a legendary coach who won 319 games in 57 years. Amos Alonzo Stagg is an innovator observed in both football and basketball. He trained at the University of Chicago for parts of five decades. The University of Chicago in the Big Ten is part of that time.

"Some [family] roots in the state of Pennsylvania," said Robert Stagg. "We were a little cheered by Joep. Still waiting for clarification on this issue. If someone goes out and what kind of let it go, leaving others to deal with, then you can feel very different ...

"We have to wait and see, but if we see more evidence that we are out I am sure we will have many discussions with the Big Ten."

Paterno is in 45 years as head coach at Penn State. Penn State joined the Big Ten in 1992.

"He had a wonderful career and sincerely hope that clears things up," said Stagg.


Students flock to Paterno’s house to offer support

(CBS) It seems that NAFTA will have to rename the show "19 Kids and counting."

Star of the show, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar expecting their 20th child in April 2012, reports Entertainment Weekly.

The mother of 45 years to the "Today" was surprised to find that it depends on your age. "I think God will give us another, and very grateful for that."

Some children are typically 16-18 months away, but her last child was born in December 2009, which is the longest family disappeared without a new addition, according to MSNBC.

The Duggars said before leaving the family of God's plan, reports MSNBC.

The 19 children between the ages of 23 and 23 months. This announcement coincides with the 20 children they were to end tonight, November 8.


The Duggar family of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" expecting baby No. 20

(CBS) It seems that TLC should change the name of your program "Children 19 and counting."

Stars of the show, Bob, Jim and Michelle Duggar expecting her son, April 20, 2012, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Mother of 45 years for the "Today" that he was surprised to find that expected for their age. "I do not think God will deliver us from others, and we very grateful."

Children usually have some 16-18 months away, but his last child was born in December 2009 it was the longest of the family is lost without a new addition, according to MSNBC.

The Duggars have said before leaving their families to God's plan, reports MSNBC.

19 children of age range 23 years and 23 months. The announcement coincided with the twentieth child of the event last night, November 8.


Heavy D, Dead At 44: A Big Screen Tribute

Heavy D Hip hop artist died today (November 8) at a very young age of 44 years. "Now that we found Love" singer is best known for his work on the R & B scene, but the Heavy D was born in Jamaica, is a known quantity of the screen too. In fact, his work as an actor was recently seen as the "Tower Heist", Brett Ratner directing and starring Eddie Murphy comedy, currently in theaters.

In honor of Heavy D, look back at some of the artists most impressive change in the big screen.


It is logical that one of D's heavy initial appearance of the screen is a strong link to the final bow: He starred in the 1999 "Life", "Tower Heist" joke against future co-star Eddie Murphy. The film was produced by the producer Grazer "Heist" Brian. D starred in "Life" as well as the comedians, including Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Anthony Anderson and Bernie Mac

"Cider House California"

Strong personality and his presence lends itself easily to comedy, but is no stranger to the winner was well: Peaches played in "The Cider House Rules" were the 1999 Oscar competition of the relationship of young people in the orphanage for War II.

"Boston Public"

D is a strong presence on the small screen acting, and great. He had a recurring role in the high school drama Fox's "Boston Public" as Bob "Big Boy" Lick, love school counselor. D appeared in 13 episodes of the television series from 2000 to 2003.


OK, OK, so Mr. D is not comedy, but "Now that we found love," gives the tapestry of music that Will Smith and Kevin James danced in the final scene of the wedding. As much as we could, not hate "bottlenecks." And always dig early 90's rap.

"Tower Heist"

His last appearance was brief, but memorable: Heavy D has a cameo in "Tower Heist" last week as the guardian of the courthouse. Not too fancy, but is surrounded by a great actor and former colleague in his final film effort.


CL&P to Send More Crews to Meriden Wednesday

Connecticut Light and Power (CL & P) will send 12 teams in the city of Meriden to work on the restoration of power on Wednesday, the state senator. Suzie Len (R-Meriden) said on Tuesday night, from reporting companies, worked in the city on Tuesday.

The announcement came after lawmakers and city officials that CL & P had several meetings marked as "tense" in the Emergency Operations Center Meriden pm on Tuesday to discuss the city to restore one of the Meriden Administrator City of Lawrence Kendzior was publicly criticized as woefully inadequate. At 9:41 pm on Tuesday, 79 percent of Meriden are without electricity for a third full day, down from 83 percent in the afternoon.

The press was not allowed in the meeting at 6 pm, but some of those who attended to inform the press later.

CL & P officials said the group would have expected that 99 percent of the state shall have the power for Sunday, more than a week after Hurricane defeated Alfred trees and power lines on the east coast.

Meriden official noted that CL & P representatives of more than 20,000 homes and businesses without electricity in Meriden response deserve further utility, according to the state representative. Chris Donovan (D-Meriden) after the meeting. Donovan, who has a home in Meriden currently have no power, held a meeting. [Click on the video to some of Donovan's statements after the meeting.]

"It seems to be one third of customers in this area Cheshire ... and not a percentage of the crew in this area, "said Donovan, 9 cities," Cheshire Region "in Meriden. At the meeting, promised CL & P reported that at least six crew in the city on Wednesday, and possibly more if the team is likely to go elsewhere, "I want 30 crew this morning, instead of six, was 30 years," Donovan said.

CL & P has offered an explanation of why there are so few of the crew who worked in the city on Tuesday after the meeting, especially compared to a tropical storm Irene August. According to Jim Muntz, President of Northeast Utilities transmission, this is an important personal problem.

The crew from neighboring countries came to Connecticut to help with the following operating Irene, but this time, winter storms are influenced by their countries as well - so that the help must come from afar, Munz said.

The damage is also worse than tropical storms this summer, according to Tom Dorsey, Manager of Government Affairs for CL & P.

"The damage is five times greater than is caused by Irene," said Dorsey. "This is the biggest event in the history of the company."


Greek Plans for Referendum Underscore Obama Limits

The prospect of a referendum surprises Greek European rescue plan illustrates the limited capacity of President Barack Obama to promote a quick solution to the crisis in the eurozone that could sweep across the Atlantic and threaten the fragile U.S. economy to recovery.

Unexpected call from Prime Minister George Papandreou for a public vote on the aid package, including austerity measures that are not popular, comes just two days before Obama joined with leaders of industrialized countries and major developing world as an economic summit in Cannes, France.

With the rotation of uncertainty and European rescue deal reached last week of the announcement raised fears Papandreou to a new level. European Consortium, which still must work to take their points, "may have been canceled by this decision," said Heather Conley, a researcher at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

"It really is a time of crisis, the stakes are not higher," he said.

While Obama has said that the U.S. became a leader in the global economy, the White House on Tuesday weighed on Europe to act quickly in light of Papandreou would ask for a referendum.

Barack Obama

FILE - In this file photo from July 24, 2008, then-Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, Democrat of Illinois, as the waves arriving at the Victory Column in Berlin .. In 2009, President Barack Obama traveled to London for the first summit of the world's top 20 economies as a global rock star _ the U.S. president as the candidate who could command a large crowd in Denver and Berlin. This week comes to Cannes, France, during the G-20 summit with the status of the star decreases, more as a key player in the band for the driver. (AP Photo / Jae C. Hong / File) Collapse

"The announcement that he (Papandreou) reinforces the idea that Europe needs to develop and quickly implement the decisions they made last week," said White House spokesman, Jay Carney. "It's still the case that Europe has the ability to overcome this crisis and they need to implement the important decisions that they made last week to offer customized solutions for this."

Euro area is a matter of urgent topic in Cannes, placing the peak of the most remarkable German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Obama was among the main message the Group of 20 nations to focus on growth in the short term and long-term debt. Throughout his presidency, Obama has put pressure on surplus countries like China, Germany and Japan to do more to promote domestic spending and to support global economic growth.

"The only major international issue for the G-20 is a continuation of the crisis in Europe," said Rob Shapiro, a former deputy Minister of Commerce in the Clinton administration and now president of Sonecon, an economic consulting firm.

For Obama, it means walking a fine line between encouraging Europeans to act quickly and express confidence that they are. Obama upset some Europeans when he declared last month that the debt crisis is not resolved "fear of the world."

But Obama combines some tools for G-20 to take any action in the European debt crisis. Government officials played any role in the United States to help finance eurozone leaders to create a firewall to prevent the spread of crisis from Greece. However, he mentioned that the International Monetary Fund, with U.S. help could be summoned to help.

A key issue in the meeting Thursday and Friday are the methods provided in China or Japan, you dip into their cash reserves and contribute to the European rescue fund. For the U.S. proposal is essentially out of the question.


Colorado voters overwhelmingly reject higher taxes

Denver - Colorado proposition 103, the largest tax increase proposal for the year November election, go to the sound defeat Wednesday morning, an indication that voters still expect government to solve their economic problems by cutting spending rather than increasing revenue.

Size, which increases the state sales tax to fund education, lose by a margin of 65 percent to 35 percent to 59 percent of the area around.

Vote for the 103 plan being closely watched nationally and activists in other countries contemplating their own-initiative tax increases. Efforts to put a tax increase on the ballot in 2012 and was conducted in Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho and South Dakota.

Like other states, Colorado turned sharply to the right in 2010 elections, which allowed Republicans to do the State House, two seats in Congress, and three offices throughout the state following the race for governor. He also 30 000 votes unseating incumbent Senator Michael Bennet.

Voice on Tuesday showed that voters remain conservative mood, poor sign for President Obama, who won in Colorado in 2008 and has a traditional country as an integral part of the re-election strategy. Democratic President visited the country twice since the end of September.

"If you plan 103 was lost, it is proposed that the group vote on major issues" limited government "and" no new taxes "remain dominant," said Denver pollster Floyd Ciruli.

"Whatever is done to raise important caveat, as the number of people now have half the number of people who left years from now," says Ciruli. "While the Democrats are working hard to get voters' voice is bigger and whiter. You will not have a lot of young voters, minority voters O. "

Sponsored by Democratic state Sen.. Rollie Heath, 103 proposals would increase the state sales tax from 4.63 to 5 percent and sales tax rates across states from 2.9 percent to 3 percent. The second is due to an increase in five years. The estimated $ 3000000000 raised is designated for K-12 and higher education, although critics point out that additional general fund revenue, which means it can be used for anything.

Initially regarded as a political disagreement, measures 103 appeared to accelerate in the last week of the campaign. State teacher of the two SP, where the original is left out of the race, finally agreed to support the measure and has contributed more than $ 90,000 for the campaign, according to the latest fundraising.

The campaign has raised more than $ 600,000, far above the opposition, which has collected only about $ 25,000.

Although profit fundraising, proposal 103 was always defeated by a few percent in the polls. Some Democratic leaders support the initiative - Governor John Hickenlooper Democrats remained firmly neutral - while Republicans oppose uniforms.


Referendum Will Confirm Greece in Euro: Papandreou

The Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou said the referendum on the European rescue plan to confirm the membership of the euro as he leave the plan to hold a vote among the signs that governments collapse.

"The referendum is a clear mandate and a strong message to Europe and out of Greece in our courses and our participation in the euro," says Minister Papandreou in Athens early today, according to a transcript of an email . The "make sure it is, of course, the most unmistakable." Cabinet agreed to support the plan.

Papandreou will travel to France today to meet European leaders were surprised by the decision to put the bailout plan and call a national vote of confidence vote in parliament. His power was weakened after a member of parliament from the socialist PASOK party deserted her, leaving her 152 deputies to 300-seat chamber, while others, Vasso Papandreou, called for the establishment of a government of national unity.

Four lawmakers have criticized the referendum plan, short of dropping out, and six members of the party requesting the prime minister to resign in a joint letter, the Athens News Agency said yesterday. The opposition parties have increased in the electoral process. After a nine-hour meeting, Papandreou get the unanimous support of his cabinet for the plan.

"Yes or No"

"Difficult conditions are not" the government of this or that, '"said Papandreou. "Difficult conditions are" yes or no to the loan agreement "," yes or no to Europe "," yes or no to the euro. "

The euro erased a 0.5 percent decline against the dollar after Papandreou of the cabinet supports the proposal. The money is $ 1.3711 per dollar at 10:44 in Tokyo, after having traded as low as $ 1.3637.

Elijah Mosialos government spokesman told reporters in Athens after a meeting of the referendum held "as soon as possible."

Papandreou decided to seek the help of the Greek electorate is a new challenge for the European Union-led bailout agreed last week involving 50 percent of Greek loan repayments and austerity measures in the country. The risk is that the rejection of the referendum result in a default base and cast doubt on Greek euro members.

"Coney Island roller coaster

"Every day in the treatment of Greece is like getting an agreement on the Coney Island roller coaster," says Charles Dallara, head of the Institute of International Finance, the BBC Newsnight program. "It took some sharp turns, unexpected, and every bit of shaking, but then settles and we need to move forward and that is what we should do in the last 36 hours or more. We remain focused on these agreements. "

Papandreou, 59, wanted to hold a referendum after the details of a rescue package approved last week second in Greece. The confidence vote in parliament, is scheduled to start now and finish later this week.

Papandreou will travel to Cannes, France today to inform the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and European Central Bank president Mario Draghi, and other officials on developments in that country.

They will join the Prime Minister of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, and the European Union's monetary affairs commissioner Olli Rehn.

Funding clouds

New cycle of political instability questioned Greece's ability to access emergency funds to stay afloat financially. The IMF Executive Board will meet in mid-November to decide to pay its share of the redemption of the sixth part, for a total of € 8,000,000 ($ 11 billion).

The Greek authorities also outline international officials in the coming weeks how it will ensure that the seventh round of funding. Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos said the government should implement the "rescue measures" to ensure 14400000000 Greece € of the Bonds maturing in March, according to Bloomberg data show "a long-term maintenance of public debt is Greece. ".

Papandreou was not supported by confidence surveys. 1.009 Most respondents on October 27, today announced a new rescue package, said the agreement should be submitted to referendum, according to results of survey on Kapa Research, published in the newspaper To Vima.

Forty-six percent said they oppose the plan to referendum. In the same survey, more than seven in 10 favor of the Greek left in the euro.


49ers reportedly test T.J. Houshmandzadeh as fill-in wide receiver

T. J. Houshmandzadeh worked on Tuesday at San Francisco 49ers, seeking a replacement for the receiver Josh Morgan. A veteran of 10 NFL season with 34 years, Houshmandzadeh is a free agent in the history of the Niners coach Jim Harbaugh.

49ers wide receiver need, while Morgan nursing broken right leg. She has gone insecure, and it is beyond question that can be done for this year.

To fill, Houshmandzadeh is probably not a bad choice. Now 34, had 616 receptions for 7.091 yards and 43 touchdowns in his career. The best year is the Cincinnati Bengals, but bombed in the Seattle Seahawks after signing a five-year, $ 40 million than $ 15,000,000 guaranteed - that lasted a season. And 2010 is a backup in Baltimore Ravens, where they have a good year.

What the 2010 does not provide the exposure Houshmandzadeh Harbaugh, former NFL quarterback who was an assistant to the Ravens last season. He is now in first year with Niners and the magic of working with them.

Auditions Tuesday was the last to Houshmandzadeh, as seen by the New York Giants and New England Patriots.

With the Ravens under the supervision of Harbaugh, Houshmandzadeh caught 30 for 398 yards, while starting two games. He was playing behind Anquan Boldin and Derrick Mason in Baltimore.

"I have a good year and I dropped the ball, which is really important," Houshmandzadeh said Scout.com. Example: to thwart the fourth time that Ravens playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Houshmandzadeh role may change a bit when Braylon Edwards returning from knee surgery. It must be October 30 against the Cleveland Browns, San Jose Mercury News.


Zooey Deschanel and Husband Ben Gibbard Split

Zooey Deschanel is separated from her husband, Death Cab for Cutie singer Ben Gibbard, after two years of marriage.

Deschanel publicist, Lauren Auslander confirmed Tuesday division, said isolation "friendly", not "third parties involved," according to The Associated Press. The split was first reported by the U.S. weekly basis.

The actor, 31, known for his appearance in the comedy "small" and "(500) Days of Summer", has recently found success in his Fox comedy "New Girl", which was collected through an entire season - even though new episodes will be maintained for the World Series and episodes of "The X-Factor".

Elsewhere he has found success with his band he and his, who has just released a Christmas album, while the latter played the national anthem at the World Series.

Gibbard, 35, has fronted indie rock band Death Cab for Cutie since 1997. In 2004 the band began to find commercial success and signed with Atlantic Records. 2008 record "narrow stairs" is his first album reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts.