Carmody hopes NU makes long NIT run

Evanston, Illinois - Northwest coach Bill Carmody said Monday he would discuss his future with the great director Jim Phillips after the Wildcats finish their games in the NIT.

"We're at the end of each year, so it is not expected for several weeks," said Carmody, who in the 12th season in college.

Wildcats are not selected to play in the NCAA tournament Sunday. They were invited to an egg in a row. Wildcats will host Akron on Tuesday.

Carmody was disappointed not only that the program has failed to reach the first NCAA tournament, but the Wildcats were No. 4 seed in the NIT. North-west are considered as a bubble team NCAA tournament begins on Sunday.

"I was shocked," said Carmody. "I think it is a seed over it. I think we are at worst, two seeds.

"It was a big disappointment yesterday, but failed to Thursday you have five days [losing to Minnesota in the Big Ten tournament.]. I think that failure. As a result, the way it would seem, though he hit men, we ride That's what it seems. It seems to beat Michigan. "

Carmody is a non-conference schedule for Northwestern improved this season, including holding Baylor and a trip to Creighton. But he said that instead of examining how the Wildcats are scheduled based on the team selected for the NCAA tournament Sunday.

"We have to look at everything," Carmody said. "It was a bad loss does not seem to hurt as much as a good team to help them win. Some teams have some very bad losses, but they were in December, so it does not seem to matter. We will definitely look into aspects of our schedule.

"Sit on my team and Phillips, Jim and see what we can do from a programming point of view will help us. We've done that, but maybe we need to do a little more, think about it a little differently. "

Carmody has confidence in the Northwest has a non-conference schedule next season, Stanford Wildcats strong accommodation and travel to Baylor. He also said he still has some openings in the northwest on your calendar.


Crystal Cathedral's December donations plunge 68%

The struggle of the Crystal Cathedral has been a dramatic drop in donations, the ministry of the financial crisis.

Donations to fall during the traditional months to give their best. In December 2010, Crystal Cathedral Ministries raise $ 7.3 million. According to court documents, the numbers have dropped 68% in December 2011 to U.S. $ 2.3 million.

Decline in donations is the provider of the factors is whether they are paid back.

Vendors, some of whom have been waiting years to pay Crystal Cathedral Ministries and then went bankrupt, you may see more delays due to financial differences between the church founder, the Reverend. Robert H. Schuller, and several family members.

Schuller, his wife, Arvella, Carol Schuller Milner's daughter and her husband, Tim Milner, filed suit in the Bankruptcy Court noted that the church they owe money in case of copyright infringement, violation of rights intellectual property and contracts have not been paid.

These demands to delay payment of $ 12,500,000 for the creditors. Make payments, together with the sharp drop in donations, which means that the church is left with almost no money for the department, including the "Hour of Power" broadcast, said Nanette Sanders, attorney for the creditors .

"Basically, they were holding the hostage," he said, referring to the claims of the family.

The church was sold to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange in February to $ 57.5 million. Payments to creditors is expected this spring, but because some claims are for unknown values ​​and Milners Schuller and undertakes not to provide for the payment, the seller will not be paid until the amount is determined by the court, said Sanders.

"If the claim is allowed in the amount they say, is left for the service and the seller is not paid in full," he said.

Another blow came Monday afternoon when it was announced that Spanish growth of the church service, the head of the popular Rev. Dante Gebel, has moved to the Anaheim Convention Center next month. "We knew that sooner or later have to go to a bigger place," Gebel said in a statement.


'Hour of Power' goes to reruns as Crystal Cathedral tightens belt

While officials of the Ministry of the Crystal Cathedral worship space and seeking a new way of reversing the sharp decline in donations, the future of the "Hour of Power" - a program of the Church of the sign of the television - now in the air .

A church spokesman said Tuesday that the repeat of a classic episode of "Hour of Power" is new in recent weeks, while the Garden Grove-based ministry made changes in the organization.

Interim CEO John Charles said in a statement that TV has become a "source of hope to hurting people around the world for over 40 years" and board the ministry is "God given" the responsibility to maintain it for future generations.

The eldest daughter of church founder Reverend Robert H. Schuller, Sheila Schuller Coleman has been a minister since 2009. He kept the local pastor of the church, but his involvement in "Hour of Power" is not certain now

In addition, the board of Crystal Cathedral Ministries, announced that the executive producer of the show, Jim Penner, and manufacturers, Gretchen Schuller Penner, was fired.

Schuller Coleman husband, Jim Coleman, director of creative services, was also completed last week.

"These changes will affect the ministry leader of the organization is not easy to do, especially when it comes to individuals who committed their lives to service and has served with great distinction," says Charles.

"This is a very difficult decision of Crystal Cathedral Ministries Board of Directors believes in prayer, it is necessary to make changes to the" Hour of Power "and reverse the recent decline in public donations. "

Last month, the church campus was sold to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange for $ 57.5 million bankruptcy settlement. The ministry has three years to find a new home. Church officials say they expect more details in the coming weeks.


Crystal Cathedral congregation in Calif relocating

Garden Grove, California. - The Crystal Cathedral is getting a new name and the financial problems of the church in Orange County to relocate, the minister said Sunday.

The Department will change the name of Christ Hope Center, Sheila Schuller Coleman said in a brief video at the Crystal Cathedral this site.

An announcement about the new location in the coming weeks, he said.

Sold the image of a cathedral church paned glass for the Catholic Diocese of Orange last month to exit federal bankruptcy protection.

"We need a new home sooner than we thought. And we are moving full speed ahead, "said the pastor.

He gave no indication whether the church will live in Orange County, where the service since it was founded by the father of the pastor, Dr. Robert Schuller, in a drive-in theater 42 years ago.

Robert Schuller was discontinued in 2006 after seeing the ministry to become a global empire of televangelist.

Saturday he and his wife, Arvella, announced that he had come down from the board of Crystal Cathedral. Some cited a financial claim negotiations with the church as part of bankruptcy proceedings.

Robert Schuller's attorney, Carl Grumer said on Saturday that the future role of priests in the ministry is "air".

Calls to a spokesman for the Crystal Cathedral this weekend was not immediately returned.

Church raised millions of dollars in grants through the "Hour of Power" was broadcast, but a series of financial setbacks led to mega-churches filing for bankruptcy in October 2010 and the forced sale of a 40 acre campus.

Turbulence in the service will include the firing of Gretchen Schuller Penner's daughter and son-in-law two weeks ago.


Trash stashed at last in litter pickup on Route 422

The waste is piling up along the ring road west bank becomes difficult to ignore.

Berks County Commissioner Mark C. Scott realized that, like other area residents who complained to him about it he said.

So Scott asked the Berks jail officials to establish a team of prison inmates in the program for community service work detail in the section of Route 422 between Penn Street and West Neversink Road interchanges. By parts of Reading, West Reading and Cumru and the city of Exeter.

Scott, who is still hampered by a serious leg injury he suffered in the accident last year in the town of Douglass trout farm, in partnership with four inmates and corrections officers to supervise between 9 and 10:30 Wednesday morning. The team will continue throughout the day and return to clean up the west side Thursday morning.

"I was very surprised on the amount of trash on the road," says Scott. "I think this is the worst is over I think one and a half that he was taking the bags of 50 or more, only six of us ..."

Solid Waste Authority area will be coordinated with the maintenance department of the county jail and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

PennDOT workers coned from the right lane and follow PennDOT crews have a dump truck for safety. PennDOT Equipment used the road closures for patching and repairs.

Deany Mount Penn resident Cameron was glad to see the cleaning, when he went to work in a pharmacy in West Reading. Previously, he said his colleagues to clean up the waste if someone can help.

"It just makes my skin crawl," says Cameron.

Cameron criticized the appearance of Route 422 in Reading Eagle March 1 letter to the editor.

Cameron recently traveled to his native Texas for a visit after many years living in Berks and see the streets are relatively free of waste in comparison with the reading of the highway in the area.

"It was awful," said Route 422 and Interstate 176. "Nowhere in all my travels, and recorded more than 4,000 miles on my car, I saw the debris we have on our roads in the area of ​​reading."

PennDOT workers do regular cleaning of litter on state highways, but they may focus on the task because there are so many other priorities in the streets of the district, said Ronald J. Young, a spokesman for the agency.

Cameron's theory that a large amount of paper used in the breeze from a nearby landfill.

"I think it's apathy," he said. "When you see people covered by the way do not really care if only increase the problem."

Scott said the diversity of the litter showed passenger-vehicle and transportation of waste contribute to the problem.


Rural Reading: Litter pick with RESCUE

When spring arrives while the state changes, sometimes invisible.

Small green bell shoots protruding through the soil, or the first song of the little grebe, all the little signs that winter is behind us.

The night had been removed, and the warmer weather.

I love to be around at times, leaning on the door, or a bridge over the river.

Not necessary to move forward both on a hot day, and silently watched the field means that I see a lot of things that would be lost if I just kept walking.

I have a favorite place where I wanted to quit at least have a view, or a place where I have a better chance than the average to see something interesting.

Too often, however, some destructive streak - crisp packets or bottles.

Some people who live near Meadows Lane gate circuit in which the prairie think they should leave their garden waste.

A cowboy builders have produced their work in the area where the tracks cross the stone pit.

Stacks of old tires in the waste field where last year I found three orchids.

Train workers on their doors on the ground, and lunch every day is a new batch of cartons, coffee cups and soda cans.

Informal waste is fairly easy to treat - I have a switch hidden in the bushes in the way that I am almost every day, in which school children and train workers often.

Minutes of plastic bags, and five and then restored.

Another area that I do, but in others this week.

Rescue, a large annual cleaning, you will see many people picking up trash around the open space around reading.

On Saturday, people picking up trash around the Kennet Meadows - What you think and give them some help?


W.F. anti-litter campaign gets new focus

West Feliciana Parish Sheriff J. Austin Daniel said he and the 20th Judicial Attorney Sam D'Aquila new plan is to focus on littering in the parish before the annual pilgrimage Audubon, scheduled for March 16-18.

During the week of March 12, the team is operating extra patrols across waste parish, in an effort to clean up the streets, and residents are asked to help clean the area around their homes, said Daniel .

Educational literature was distributed to schools for children to take home and share with their parents, he said.

"We hope that awareness begins at home, and all residents are encouraged to dispose of waste properly. The local judge is also involved in this effort and is committed to adopt a strong position in the error dump, "says Daniel.


Juan Pablo Montoya crashes into jet dryer, causing explosion and fire at Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 was discontinued by the explosion caused a fire, when Juan Pablo Montoya crashed jet dryers under caution.

This is the latest crisis to prohibit the opening time racing in NASCAR.

Montoya was driving well behind the rest of the field when something broke on his car, and he began to slide out of control toward the truck, which had 200 gallons of jet fuel.

Montoya in the No.. 42 Chevrolet hammer, explosion and sends the fuel flow to the famous track.

Montoya comes as no harm, though he seemed staggered across the infield grass. The driver has to be helped from the vehicle.

Dave Blaney was the time of the accident, followed by Landon Cassill, Tony Raines and David Gilliland. Everything is unknown in the Sprint Cup.

The Daytona 500 has a delay of more than 30 hours due to rain and rescheduled for the events in prime time under the lights.

The delays that occurred two years after the 500 was detained for hours because of the annoying hole in turn two. What damaged the tracks to the officers on board a scheduled resurfacing of the track.

Blast and finally removing the truck appears to damage the tracks, opening a line on the sidewalk.