Mainers feel the effects of Va. quake

Portland, Maine — Southern Maine felt the effects of the earthquake magnitude 5.9, which rocked the Virginia and its environs Tuesday afternoon.

Soon after the BDN tweeted the news, people reported feeling the quake in Portland, Brunswick and Yarmouth.

"I'm in Portland and I felt, although it was very slight," said Kyle Cronin.

"Yarmouth, feel it," Luke Thomas said on Twitter. "Thought it was a train".

Thomas, a student of the University of Maine in Yarmouth, was enjoying a day when the rumbling is occurred.

"I kind of feel the shake and I was rather surprised, at first I thought the washing machine in the basement exploded," he said. ' I asked my girlfriend, ' do you feel shaking House? ' He was like, ' Oh it must train. ' "

Thomas said that the earthquake lasted about "20 to 25 seconds."

Holly Shelburne, who works in the communications and public affairs office-Bowdoin College in Brunswick, said the University had a Facebook page, numerous responses about the earthquake.

"I was active on Twitter and Facebook at the time, and you see all people and our tweeting about earthquake alumni."

When Shelburne started to feel the quake, he thought that it was building.

By BDN columnist Matthew Gagnon is based in Washington, D.C. He was on the 14th floor of his building when he felt the quake.

"At first it felt like the wind squash encircling his type really is," and then it kind of put down for a second, really aggressive for 10 seconds., you can't see the buildings shake.

"Strange things were pretty quiet," he said. "Pumping the air out of our House was very orderly, very quickly."

Maine Natives who live in Virginia also shared their experiences Tuesday's quake.

Nadezhda Cairnie, Sangerville, Maine, native who lives in Chesterfield, Virginia, about 60 miles from the earthquake's epicentre, said the noise at first sounded like a truck, going to her house, he got louder and the ground started shaking.

"He gradually obtained larger and larger, and then you realized that it was an earthquake," she said. "You don't think that you will never have an earthquake, VA. especially big."

Kern said "it shook the whole House, everything started shaking, furniture started moving, swaying curtains". She and her daughter, Hayley, combining pristine younger children, and everyone went to bath downstairs. "It looks like it took forever to stop; it's just keep going.

Her husband Russell Cairnie, Richmond, Epicenter, about 20 miles high rise buildings in building a working in one of his accountant, why the ongoing construction in the area before the employees slowly started I thought the earthquake, he said. Earthquake grows, overhead doors for open and closed, shaking the building started and fell to the pictures of the desk, he said.

"It was quite violent," he said.

The effects of the earthquake could be felt all over the area of Hampton Roads of Virginia, including 121 miles in Newport News, Virginia

George and Kathy Wade were both in their home riverfront Ferguson Cove, within 5 kilometres above the James River Bridge, from before the event began.

"I was sitting in a Chair and my chair rocked," said Kathy Hamm Wade, Brewer native has lived in the area over the past 46 years. "I thought maybe I didn't have the legs to rest are locked in. Then I looked up and the doors of France between Florida and the kitchen swinging back and forth and the lights all sway.

"We just came off in check around the House," he added. "We do not appear to damage all."

Wade called for her husband, Maine Maritime Academy graduate and retired Vice President of the Newport News shipbuilding and docking, which was at the top, at the time.

"The whole House, I swear, swayed back and forth. George said that he thought it seemed like it was going up and down, "she added. "I feel like I was in a kind of Busch Gardens ride for a while."

Wade estimated that the effects lasted for about six or seven seconds in all.

"The newspaper daily press [Newport News] registered it 5.8 in the Hampton Roads area and one of the reasons it was half mile down the Earth happened, was so far, because there is only one," said Wade. "I know not, that I've always felt before." "Were there two in Richmond in last year."

Indicate recent wadek Son Chris Arts Academy the Maritime domain is currently the captain of the tugboat at the Hampton Roads port of Quake felt while on his boat.

"Chris texted me and he said," Wow, what a quake "and my son Nathan felt it inside the building at the shipyard where he works," said Wade. "Chris said water was swelling around his boat."

Although the earthquakes on the West Coast where the East Coast, Alice r. Kelley, research professor at the University of Maine said that the quakes are not unheard.

"It is unusual, but not from the system of things," she said. "The East Coast has the following small earthquake in moderate. It is not the kind of things in California or Japan. "

After learning of the earthquake in Virginia, Kelley examined that State quake history and found that only 10 in Virginia in the last 240 years have taken place.

Buildings in New York briefly shook. Government buildings in the city, including City Hall, were evacuated. The federal courthouse 26-story in lower Manhattan has watched hundreds of people were seen leaving the building. Judiciary officials were not letting people back in.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the earthquake had a 3.7 miles Deep. The Quake was in the mineral oils, VA. Louisa County.

Writers of Badalona Diana Bowley, Andrew Neff and Ryan McLaughlin and The Associated Press contributed to this report. Cairnie hope is the daughter of Bowley. Kathy Wade is aunt of the Neff.


Earthquake closes iconic Washington monuments -- for now

The Washington Monument, and Lincoln and Jefferson public in wake of closed earthquake 5.8 today 's and remains closed until proper security assement can complete companion.

There were conflicting reports about whether late Tuesday, the Washington Monument – one of the most instantly recognizable symbols of the nation's capital, suffered no damage-. The Associated Press reported that a crack was found at the top of the monument, which is the tallest stone structure of world is higher Spire world , standing just over 555 feet high.

The National Park Service Posted another message on his website, that made no mention of such harm, but: "The complete NPS the previous building of the Washington Monument and found it to be structurally sound. The Washington Monument grounds are to be restored except for the plaza and the monument itself. In NPS, and inspect the Interior of the monument, before any decisions are taken on again by opening it to the public. "

Photos: Quake stuns eastern coast

The National Park Service temporarily closed the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and the old Post Office Tower as a precautionary measure after the earthquake, and these monuments can be already as Wednesday to a safe area.

For now, however, "the monument to Washington, because of its structural complexity, will remain closed until further notice, " says the NPS website. "

Whether NPS Memorial Martin Luther King, Jr., Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, the Memorial of World War II Memorial, the Vietnam and Korean War Memorial remain open, he said.


Puzzled East Coasters: An earthquake? No way

MINERAL, Texas (AP) — the reputation of the territory of Georgia for a few minutes, it was a question: what rang? The answer — a rare East Coast earthquake, magnitude 5.8 — had much of a list of the most unused land is shaking.

In Washington and New York. Their brain is raw thought, soon turned to terrorism in small towns and rural areas near the epicenter and other guesses ran the gamut: a truck. The failure of aircraft or train derailment break wall sound extreme to extend nuclear reactors.

After all, there are no known deaths or serious injuries, but cracks appeared in the Washington Monument and the National Cathedral, which had three capstones, the destruction of the tower. Windows shattered and grocery stores in Virginia, where the earthquake was the Center were destroyed. In the White House and the Capitol were evacuated.

10.11-anniversary. September terrorist attacks only weeks ago, people are reeling under the psychological and emotional and poured from the tall buildings like the Empire State building in New York, sick with mental imagery and bombs.

Confirmed 60 flights, said, "I" accounting officer Caitlin Trupiano. "I wasn ' t wait to lift."

Chris Kardian his work from a remote parking at suburban Richmond vs fla epicenter opted for vs. prosaic and brands: he blamed his son's shaking in overhead in the playroom.

"Just thought that they had run out and be really loud," he said. "After about 15 seconds to didnt stop, and I thought, ' I don't have so many children in the House!" "

Most required only a few minutes, find out what it was: earthquake, U.S. Geological Survey said the Center 40 km northwest of Richmond, travel km under the surface of the Earth "and for a moment his words 12 million people."

The strongest earthquake shook buildings on the East coast of 67, to find and rattled nerves. There were reports of deaths, but officials in Washington said the fire was at least some of the violations.

United States Park Service evacuated and closed all the monuments and memorials on the National Mall. The Pentagon, the White House, Capitol and federal agencies in and around Washington was evacuated. Home direct dojeżdżających were fierce roads outside the city.

D.C. stressed-out mother of four, Marion Babcock, transport that is not from their usual 25 minutes spent two hours, have a reasonable thing for them tired, scared kids: "I treat them post traumatic stress with plenty of mint and chocolate cookie dough ice cream."

Between cell phones and social networks, news of the earthquake seemed to move faster than the temblor, himself.

Jenna Scanlon of Floral Park, N.Y., ended a phone call with a person in McLean, Virginia and announced to his colleagues in the Office, that there was an earthquake. Seconds later, 7 World Trade Center began to shake.

The damage scope — or lack of it — is also soon open was on social networks. Freeways is not collapsing, files on the walls of the Turkish people perverted picture frames, lawn chairs, broken, boblihids determination of milk Cup.

On Facebook, people joked with posts like "S & amp; p has downgraded the quake for a 2.0, "a theft in that rating agency recently lowered the federal Government's solvency. Another suggested that the New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a great man, had only "jumped in" presidential race.

5.8. magnitude quake released so much energy almost eight CT of TNT, was dropped on Hiroshima, approximately half of the Japanese during the second world war, the power of the atomic bomb.

But those who are accustomed to nature along the West Coast, could not help but strike "or two."

"Really all this excited about an earthquake of 5.8 they originated in East Coast. Breakfast we have here, "writes Dennis Miller California stay fixed on the line dividing Pleasanton feel at home."

5.8 speaking will not alarm could not be even in his sleep from him.

"We laugh," said 26-year-old San Francisco resident Stellamarie Hall, "but we certainly understand that New York and some urban areas not designed around earthquake."

The earthquake that devastated Japan has released more than 60,000 times more energy than w 's, but Tuesday was the actual damages. The majestic National Cathedral, Washington at least three of the four highest rocks on the central tower fell on, and cracks appeared in the flying buttresses on the East side of the Cathedral, the oldest part of the structure. The top of the Washington monument has a tear.

The ceiling tiles fell to the ground at Reagan National Airport. Smithsonian Gothic Castle, built in 1857, had smaller cracks, and broken glass. And shaking vigorously left a crack and holes in the ceiling in the historic Union Station when a piece of plaster fell near the main entrance.

The church tower and the Bell Tower of St. Patrick Catholic Church, Baltimore, were seriously damaged and the building was closed as a precautionary measure.

Reading, PA, inspectors closed a motorway bridge after the identification of the pillar of the cracks, but said later it would have been there before.

West Virginia, environmental regulators sent engineers to inspect dams of massive coal slurry to destroy the entire community, if they have been on the release of billions of gallons of waste water and not.

Amtrak said the train on the Northeast corridor between Baltimore and Washington, to work at low speed and crew have been inspecting stations and railway infrastructure before going back to normal.

Earryl Reevey, which three heart attacks and travelling home for the funeral of his brother, seen shock after getting off the train from Baltimore Penn Station in New York.

"Suddenly, I felt someone caught me and me-like a baby", such as three seconds, waving Long Branch, n.j. "I heard from some people who were screaming and thought we would derail You remember. And then everything went normal. "

Although people know about what happened with some Quake braced for the worst to have triggered the tsunami in the Indian Ocean and the nuclear disaster in Japan.

"I knew that it was an earthquake, but my idea first, ' Oh Oh my God, something / arrives at the power plant," said the 21-year Whitney Thacker mineral, Virginia, a town near the epicentre, where sidewalks scattered with stones fallen masonry and glass broken. "It was frightening."

Dominion Virginia power to close down its two reactors, nuclear power plants in 10 miles to the quake Epicenter, but said that there was no evidence of damage to the decades-old North Anna power station.

By the standards of the West Coast, where they are much more frequent earthquakes, earthquake of Virginia was gentle. By 1900, there were 40 of magnitude 5.8 or greater in California alone. Forty-three were in the magnitude 6.

But it tends to be an earthquake in the East more widely felt a lot of one, the wave travels "pretty happy of miles," said U.s. Geological Survey seismologist Susan Hough. "

More than 12 million people live close enough to the epicentre of the quake being felt shaking. Still feeling small new attack on the Americans to 4.8 in power.

The last earthquake was equal powers to hit the East Coast, in New York City in 1944. The earthquake was the largest record East Coast 7.3, which hit South Carolina in 1886.

Fear was in some places.

Michael Leman had been cutting grass from a neighbouring mineral when a brick began by a fireplace and raised a tank of large propane on one foot on the ground floor.

"I think tank is to distribute the ' he said, and I ran with life."


WA city ending search warrant hunt for cartoonist

RENTON, wash. (AP) — the city of Renton is to stop any further efforts in the search warrant to force Google to reveal that the true name of the person who created the animated Internet video that ridiculed police and the city of Renton.

Jay Covington Renton President official, said Thursday that police so far have revealed any information related to additional criminal probe of what they called police just get cyberstalking case, search for the search term to force the Google name real filmmaker video which was posted on YouTube a search for the remainder of judge this week.

Covington, said Police believed that the Director is a current police officer. He said the continuation of an internal investigation.

Cartoon parody of all the officers in an unidentified law enforcement authority having sex in the duty on some employees receive the service, without the necessary qualifications. Renton police chief Kevin Milosevich, said that his officers and the city's several employees have objectives.


Mall of America marks 19 years in Bloomington

BLOOMINGTON, Minn.–it is 19 years since Bloomington is home to the largest shopping centre in the United States.

He was on 11 August 1992, that Mall of America for the first time opened its doors in place of the old House, Minnesota and twins, Metropolitan Stadium.

Construction of 4.2 million square foot mall cost about $ 650 million.

When the Mall was opened more than 500 shops, 50 restaurants and nation/big indoor Park.

MOA site, more than 5,500 pairs from around the world have exchanged vows at the wedding chapel there.


Rick Perry's chances spurred by underwhelming Republican debate

Possibility of Texas Governor Rick Perry became the forefront for the Republican nomination to take on Barack Obama rose Thursday after a lackluster showing other candidates in the biggest debate so far.

Perry on Thursday confirmed the Office he or she intends to announce that it will join the race Saturday at the Conference, Charleston Southern conservative in Carolina.

Perry, came too late for him to take part in a debate Thursday in Boston. It was important for the debate, leaving at the beginning of a hectic three days of the campaign in the State where the first meeting is scheduled to be held in the Republic in February.

Asked if the imminent arrival of Perry in the race, the candidates were educated, one describes him as a formidable and another welcoming him and Sarah Palin, she chose to stay. Palin is scheduled to make a public appearance in Iowa on Friday.

Pawlenty badly needs to revive its campaign doing well in Iowa straw poll on Saturday, the traditional test of potential presidential candidates. If he fails, he could see his remaining financial sponsor him in the desert.

Under pressure, his main objective was predictable, winner of the previous debate, Bachmann in New Hampshire and who is leading in the polls in Iowa. Reception of the signal to be patronising, "said Bachmann did little in his five years in Congress. "She has done some wonderful things in your life, but it is indisputable fact that the record of achievements and results is nonexistent," Pawlenty said, trying to compensate for its failure to exert influence on the New Hampshire debate and odivm dullness of tours.

But he picked the wrong candidate stepwise. Bachmann came back reiterating his record in Office as Governor of health, energy and trade. "That sounds much more like Barack Obama record," he said. Also raised his record on abortion, an issue crucial to Republicans.

After a series of personal exchanges, Pawlenty under her position as "illogical".

Romney free rest, who was delighted with his team. But Perry / her arrival could provide real competition at the next debate in California, in September.

Pawlenty jibes, there seemed to be prepared in advance, influenced hardly many skeptics. Others who failed to make much of an impression, included former Senator Rick Santorum, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich.

Jon Huntsman kicked off a debate He fought in the survey. Too close to the Centre for many conservative and also many unforgivable for Republicans, he worked on the Obama administration and the United States as Ambassador to China.

But his opening response was poor. Asked for a detailed plan for the management of the economy, he said: "the language" limply.


PGA Championship: Tiger Woods starts well, then slumps to 77

Johns Creek, GA-An hour after they began, Tiger Woods at the top of the standings Thursday at the PGA Championship and considered as the Tiger of old. He never thought he would finish with his worst score ever at the opening ceremony of the big ring.

He opened with three birdies in five holes. He followed with three wagons of double trolley over the next 10 holes.

Woods, who went to the great link, next to the name of the Supreme Council, now Steve stryker 63 Championship began. This is a child in the Woods, John Daly and Jerry Pate, 57 years old, it should be noted next to the Basketball with 77.

It was his worst round in a major since Woods shot an 81 in the vicious and pelting rain windy Muirfield in the third round of British Open nine years ago. And it was no mystery to him how everything happened.

"Come down in the great start today, three under the early mechanical thoughts through these provides the holes. and I thought, ' I can keep on going "and game instincts and feelings," he said. "And it just blew my whole round. I'm not at the moment where you can do it again. «

Woods returned to competition last week and finished his first tournament since the masters away from golf until he was convinced that the. Injury to his left leg will not cause him problems.

Not to mention the tour today still lot of work.

Woods looked serious as ever when he walked in the putting green to start the heating. Then comes the 18-foot birdie putt on the opening hole, a wooden five aggressive of a blind shot pine straw on the 12th of pair five followed a bunker of a lie to 3 feet for another birdie.

He said a unit more than 300 feet in 14 air, leaving a wedge to 3 feet for another birdie.

"He's back! a fan cried ". Not quite.

Since the last round at Bay Hill in 2007 was made at least three double bogey in a round timber. He started the carnage with an iron four to 254-yard 15th hole this qu ' look t terrible until it landed, just on the right of the green space and in the pond.

Woods was in the sand, a dozen times.

He spoke about his old swing back while trying to learn new and said that this was the case Thursday.

What about this frustration, "Woods said" "."I thought I was playing well, I don ' t you have to do. As soon as I can go out and play and let it go and play only appearance-see fire, firing, I feel. And not available at that point. Get my engine models there. Start fighting and they can't find it. "

WATERLOGGED: at least Woods fared better than Japan teenager Ryo Ishikawa, considered a strong contender that came from the show last week in the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone.

To/19-year-old has brought a swimsuit, six balls in the water and ends with a 15-over 85. greatly reduce the number of fields is missing so I came on the scene. It was so bad at times that Ishikawa said "stopped counting it."

The purpose of the second round? "The Birdies on every hole, all 18," he said.


Celiac Disease: Going Without Gluten

Three years ago, my sister had a major influence during his senior year of high school. Even days after the symptoms of the flu, she felt tired after every meal. My parents led to different doctors that classified as acid reflux symptoms and a slow gastric emptying. He tested various medications for months.

"Finally, we went to a nutritionist who diagnosed me almost in place with Celiac disease, " Carly Fabris, now 20 years old, said.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease around the gluten. You had the disease spend properly gluten, found in wheat, flour, barley and rye. According to the Celiac Disease Foundation when they eat gluten, with CD on their thin intestine villi are damaged, which of them can spend the essential nutrients necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

Many confuse CD with an allergy to gluten or gluten intolerance, but it is an autoimmune disease, so it is impossible to catch up with such as allergies. Even if one of 133 people in the United States are affected by the disease, according to the CDF, it is often diagnosed or diagnosed at all.

"We just have really bad at finding until recently, so it is diagnosed less in the United States, " Kelly Dorfman, a nutritionist and diet in Maryland, who diagnosed Fabris, said. "The Europe and Australia have much better at catching than we have, unfortunately. One study found the average time until the diagnosis is here in the United States was 11 years old. "

Stone Bridge High School Spanish teacher, Heather Goodwin, he learned to live with the disease since October 2007. He had a thing for a long time, and digestive problems while traveling abroad during the summer, I thought it captured.

"Since my grandmother also has Celiac disease, I asked if it can be I tested, " Goodwin said. Dr. "The was doubtful that this was what was causing My problems, but has agreed to test me anyway. After the blood test confirmed diagnosis and Endoscopy. "

CD is difficult to diagnose because its symptoms are not always obviously gastrointestinal. There are several symptoms that indicate the CD, and not all obviously point to the autoimmune disease. According to the CDF site, classic symptoms are usually related to digestion; These are the most obvious symptoms. Most unexpected symptoms include delayed Puberty, osteoporosis and mouth ulcers, among others.

Dorfman could hear Peter Green, the head of the Celiac clinic Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York, says that the main reason why many doctors hesitated to diagnose the disease, it is therefore no drugs to treat it, and it is easy to identify. Endoscopy is normally required, which involves inserting a tube down his throat and into the small intestine, while the patient is sedated.

"There are some difficult technical problems in the diagnosis of CD with an endoscopy," Dorfman said. "As the result of the disease, the samples have found consistently even if it is present. "

Often the results of the test for the disease is not critical, she added. The first time my sister was tested for the disease, it came back negative. Nevertheless, her doctor said she was positive that she had the disease.

[Dorfman] said i needed to take wheat, barley and rye from my diet, "Fabris says.

CDS can also be difficult to diagnose because it may entrust seemingly out of nowhere, as my sister. For many adults, the disease can be activated for the first time after surgery, viral infection, severe emotional, pregnancy or childbirth, according to the CDF.

The most important thing is that those who are suffering from a CD, do read all food labels and ask questions whenever they eat food before, "Dorfman says. "Those with CDS simply cannot reduce their need to completely avoid gluten. This means that all foods with wheat, rye, barley and spelt. Each label must be thoroughly examined and going out eating can be a minefield, patients are often given erroneous information, and then return later. "

Goodwin recommends Wegmans Food brand, which is clearly labeled if it is gluten-free. Loudoun County, it also has restaurants serving gluten-free entrees, including Manhattan pizzeria, Pizza works fire and Ford 's fish Shack, among others.

Goodwin proposed that, as more people with the disease talk about it, most people will know about the CD.

"At first I hid the food I carried with me, Weddings and other celebrations," he said. "Now openly foods I eat Service packs, and I hope that people ask about this, so you can train on the disease. Many people have discovered that they also have the disease after my discussions, and I'm so glad that I was able to help them. "


Matt Damon Gets Face-to-Face With Tiger in New 'We Bought a Zoo' Still

The number of new images of the "We bought a zoo" were presented. Come by the United States today, two of them offer a look at the Matt Damon as Benjamin. One sees that it is faced with an older Tiger Spar, and the other has him holding a poster with the Grand opening of the Zoo features that his son failed to draw.

Other photographs provided the first look at Scarlett Johansson as Kelly foster, grew up with zoos and remained as a guard. Adding pictures is Maggie Elizabeth Jones playing an orphan girl named Rosie, who according to the Director Cameron Crowe, Kelly in his mother's side.

USA Today also released a composite group photo together with the photographs. Join Damon, Johansson and Jones with other members of the cast, he shows Thomas Haden Church as a counter to brother Benjamin, Duncan; Colin Ford as Benjamin's son, Dylan; Angus MacFadyen as Peter Coleman; Elle Fanning as Kelly's niece, Lily; and Patrick Fugit as handyman Robin with Crystal monkey.

Based on the Memoir by Benjamin Mee, this film follows journalist who decided to move his family to abandon animal Rosemoor Wildlife Park after his wife, died of cancer on the brain. His life has run away in his day dealing with the Tigers added animal work. Working with skeleton crew Eclectic and readying for the Zoo

Why it adopted a draft, director Crowe United States today, said "I like to do things that were less than an achingly personal, ' just let use the courts to do so, create it and get the actors, as well as his love and rip will be there with you." "he added," let the joy of flooding in the experience, not just ' Let's go watch more funeral parlors. ""

Damon, talked about his character. "It's a little Act of desperation for Benjamin," he said of his character motivation for his family to the Zoo. "Hey it's impulsive, but at the same time, his deceased wife celebrated this type of adventure. It's a love story about a boy who still loves his wife. "


Cards prevail over Brewers in wild 11-inning game

The battle for the National League Central begun officially.

Of course, the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals are jockeying for position at the Department for the majority in the last few months. But the intensity in a big way in one of two competitors hot and Muggy Tuesday night at Miller Park.

Eighth season-please this match, the teams have a bit of everything.

Pregame untoward insinuations of gamesmanship by beer from Cardinals Manager Tony La Russa. Timely home runs from sources that are not possible. Players from both sides were exposed to the ball and their emotions flaring. Ejection.

After 11 rounds and a resolution.

Lance Berkman bloop single to left drove Matt Holliday with decision-making Run, giving St. Louis 8-7 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers ', which lead to its removal for games in the Division. 2½

Berkman hit than its completed a tone eight at-bats against soothing-Marco Estrada, who retired to Gerald Laird and Albert Pujols to start 11. Holliday, then came first in a single field and stole second base – his first of the year – the position of the leading NL batter's home-run scoring of Berkman.

"I've seen Holliday to steal", "said Brewers Manager Ron Roenicke."It is very wisely baserunner. Choose your time, get a little bent and well done. As a base to steal their software. "

Key went a bit bitter, but deep in its crucial for the bats, but the end result was the same: a competitive win for the Cardinals. Berkman threw out just a bit out of step and Low and with the strike zone, placing it between Ryan Braun and Yuniesky Betancourt plate Holliday.

It took eight full innings to reach base mash against Cardinals Starter Jaime Garcia last-standing to him on May 6 in St. Louis. During this time, it took exactly one bread, and Corey Hart leadoff single winding paved the way to what is Run, the first two inning.

Exploding solo homer high off the scoreboard in the second for the Cardinals 2-1 by Oktay. But the heart and another one-this is a driving de Josh Wilson-back to two runs on a 3-1 cushion stretch followed by Milwaukee.

Cardinals have scores Shaun Marcum stopped until the fourth of five was the core of this defense worse than explosion.

First Wilson which was not and reel in smash Centre in Pujols head of the conversions, after walking in Holliday, Hart failed to break on the ball allowing for runners in the second and third.

Skip Schumaker followed with a powerful grounder on the Prince Fielder, first, that hung fielder and hasty home of Pujols, rather than under some at first base threw. The start is high and off line, so that Pujols on the result.

Then Yadier Molina, reason-I with a check-swing popout by Daniel Descalso take once, before his career in the right side of the double Holliday. 069 hitter in a 6-3, allowing the Cardinals to a three-run Homer for the Brewers major coup-Garcia burst.

"Yes, it is demonstrated that it certainly hurt us," Roenicke said. " ["[Pujols] to me three times-the bullet hit, we should be thrown in the third, we should be thrown in his house. ”

Milwaukee rallied back to take the lead in the fifth. Fielder drove in the first run with a single right sets the stage for Betancourt, of all people. Shortstop, who emerged from the recession of the first half of July, launched a three Run Homer in the Twins bullpen in left Center to make it 7-6.

Betancourt, Homer drew a curtain call, getting the crowd warmed up for the 39,393, that conclusion is far from the fun of the seventh inning.

Soothing of Milwaukee Takashi Saito, newly inserted for Marcum, left Rafael Furcal and Jon Jay consecutive singles to open the seventh before removing a nest of wasps hit Pujols in left wrist with a 0-1 ball.

The game loaded run the bases for the Cardinals, finally reached a settlement of the scenario. Pujols is OK, as well as the liquidation and remained in the game. But it took all three courses in the Brewers ' seventh half for St. Louis, to extract its Pound of flesh. "

It comes in the form of Braun, who just so happens to the fireballing Cardinals relievers Jason Motte encounter. Ahead in the count, 1-0, Braun was forced to return to the plate soon after Motte 98-mph fastball Posted well within.

It didn't come on the Motte his next victim, frames, Braun, directly in the left shoulder with 97light offers. It was a game, which resulted in a warning to both sides of the plate umpire Rob Drake, not to mention the hook from La Russa, who then Motte removed from the game.

"I thought I hit it," said Roenicke. "I thought I had hit him deliberately submits. «

Braun, was walking at the same time, calmly in the first after the matter and remained in the game.

Milwaukee went on a base with one, but ' could not push through work as Betancourt appeared next, Jonathan Lucroy based on choice of extreme 5-2, and pinch-hitter Mark Kotsay struck out swinging to end the seventh.

Roenicke said: "that's time, when you really need to hit. Everyone is fired up and you we should wear down and somehow, you have to get these points. «

Francisco Rodriguez got loaded in the eighth inning scored jam thiriot to counter the possibility of the late Ryan White Sox, lost and then in the 10th inning after Molina to output the animal home plate in the third after Rob Drake called off.

Nyjer Morgan, Scott McClellan off the lead were the 10th day, down By gives the Brewers runner with anything. HART developed into her second sacrifice bunt, but subsequent groundouts, Jerry Hairston, Jr. and the Braun ended the threat.


Selena Gomez at 'Harry Potter' 'Wizarding World' Without Justin Bieber

In what may have been a celebration of Harry Potter birthday visited Selena Gomez the wizarding world on Friday. We own the Night tour singer visited Universal Orlando Resort.

Selena Gomez at the Harry Potter Wizarding world by Justin BieberOn Justin, her girlfriend Thursday Bieber (no they are not cracked didn) shows up to support a Selena Gomez at the concert of her joking on the Boca Raton fanai, however. He is held on a Friday when she checked out the Wizarding world of Harry Potter at universal. She did not manage to have fun without him though.

In fact, she was accompanied by Ashley Cook, Lindsey Harper and Katelyn Clampett as the Quartet attempted to Butterbeer and met conductor at Hogwarts Express. They also took on the roller coaster Hungarian Horntail Dragon challenge, which must have been a fun ride.

His visit, Selena Gomez twitteo, "First free Harry Potter day us land my girls in Orlando Florida. Have any beer of butter. [sic] "she and her friends gal looked quite Butterbeer moustache after that." What fun! It seems that she is taking some time to relax and enjoy herself between her concerts on the tour.


Did Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Break Up? Relationship is 'All Good'

When news spread, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez has broken up over the text that Bieber was sent to his girlfriend report from liquid Gomez announced that two are still together.

Collect reported that Gomez broke out after the message text view Bieber that he sent to his former girlfriend, Jasmine Villegas. But in an interview, contact music, Gomez said, relations with Bieber, "all good" Although not going to get him married.

/"No, as you like It and I'm only 19!"and he asked if he would one day marry.

According to the "daily mail" Biber girlfriend attended show in Boca Raton, Florida, along with friend Sean Kingston on 30 July, on the same day, the rumor started violently.

Bieber also surprised fans, supporting Gomez on stage during her debut appearance on July 25, where he played Justin Timberlake Cry me a river with its own track, your favorite girl. Then he tweeted, "' had # greatnight and surprised people. Felt good on stage. nothing will change. # REAL. @ selenagomez u did Great tonight. proud u. "


U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn apologizes to Obama for `tar baby' reference

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado — U.s. Representative Doug Lamborn sent an apology to the White House Monday for comments, which he has made on Friday during an interview with radio station Denver.

The Colorado Republican said during an interview on the fiscal policies of the Obama/linked with President Barack Obama that "like touching tar baby. "

"In don 't even want to associate with him. It's like touching a tar baby, and you get it — you know, you is fixed and you is part of the problem now, and you can 't get away "Lamborn said. "I don 't want to happen to us (the Republicans), but if it is not, or not, he still gets the correct — so — blame because his policies, to four years, managed the American people. "

Although "tar baby" is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary in "something that is almost impossible to extricate itself," he also long has been recognized as a derogatory term for blacks.

Whatever the definition is too serious heat Lamborn from multiple points of view. Two leaders of the local community a black congressman Chuck immediately condemned the comments and said he should know better.

Rosemary Harris Lytle Chapter President of the NAACP, Manitou Springs connotations of "tar baby in a phrase that says" well-known too makes use of the Lamborn of excusable.

"The world no longer views (El Paso County) as the ultra conservative, ultra right wing, Tea-Party loving gay bashing, Mecca, hatred. With two words, our own vitriolic, Congressman again sealed our fate, "said Lytle " Harris.

Diane Allen-Pikes Peak area, Philips Urban League president, said that the Congressman should be more conscious he is an example of the type to.

"I don ' t think you can just toss that phrase out and not have associated with the past," said Allen-Philips. "If Barack Obama were African American, would use the same terminology? "

In an email, spokesman Lamborn Catherine Mortensen wrote, "Congressman Lamborn regrets any misunderstanding. It meant simply refer to a sticky situation or quagmire. "

Mortensen said the district nor Lamborn or Washington offices received any complaint concerning "tar baby" "comment until Denver radio host David Sirota aired clip interview Monday morning on KKZN 760 AM.

On Monday night, Lamborn 's office sent a press release that said he had "sent a personal letter to President Barack Obama apologizing for using a term some find insensitive. "the release said Lamborn is" confident that the President will accept his heartfelt apology. "

Earlier in the day, El Paso county Democratic Party Chairman Kathleen Reeker called for just such an apology, stating that congressman statement was not enough.

I am ashamed to call Doug Lamborn Federal Representative for my community, I am "I " said Ricker. "For all we can do to convince the nation that our community is not a regression, hateful, foolish man, speaks before the idea because he believes that it is politically † invincible and invulnerable. "

His comments were Ricker immediately rejected because "cheap political shots " by Eli Bremer, and the El Paso County Republican Party Chairman. Bremer said his statement was Lamborn in a particular context, and not at all was also the color of the skin of Obama as a ' '.

"It 's shameful that nobody would try and insinuate that he was being racist," Bremer said. "I think there are people who believe that is a racist term, but what is important is not how people interpret, but as it of intention. It is very unfair to take something completely out of context and try to destroy them politically because of the same. "

Lamborn isn't politicians have ever landed in hot water with two of those only Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts Governor was lambasted in 2006 for using the phrase refers to a construction project and the United States, John McCain, Sen.. R-calif is unfortunately in 2007 he was President during the work. Used to refer to divorces.


Garrett maximizes Cowboys training camp schedule

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IRVING, Texas — Jason Garrett is going to have the Dallas Cowboys on the practice field during training camp for nearly as much as the new rules allow.

With a lost offseason to be made up for, and with the new coach still trying to implement a tougher work ethic than his predecessor, Garrett has tentatively scheduled the Cowboys to be on the turf of the Alamodome for four hours a day on 11 of the 14 days of camp.

Starting Thursday, the Cowboys are supposed to have a walkthrough from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., then a full practice from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. every day of camp. The only exceptions are both Sundays, when the walkthrough will be dropped, and the final day, Aug. 10, when there will only be a walkthrough because everyone will head back to Dallas for the preseason opener against Denver the next night.

The schedule was released Monday afternoon hours after word that the NFL lockout was ending. Players will be allowed to report to team headquarters on Tuesday and must be in San Antonio on Wednesday.

All NFL teams will be scrambling to get players in football shape, and to make sure guys know each other and the playbook, so it remains to be seen how extreme Garrett's schedule compares with others.

Regardless, it'll be a big change from the way Wade Phillips ran things last year.

A lazy, cross-country training camp is among the reasons many believe the Cowboys started 1-7 last season, costing Phillips his job. Garrett took over as interim coach and demanded everyone work harder. Practices became more physical and the team went 5-3 over the second half, earning him the job for keeps.

Things could still change, but the initial camp schedule clearly sends the message that Garrett means business.

"Coming off last year, I think we're all anxious about getting started," tight end Jason Witten said Monday.

As the team's labor representative, Witten was closest to the negotiations. He's thrilled to be going from contract details to Xs and Os.

"A lot's going to happen quick," he said. "Teams are going to have a lot on their plates, handling practice, free agency, negotiations, but that's part of the process. My perspective is to go into camp, work at your craft and all that will work itself out. You're hopeful that you can get the best team in place. The people that need to handle that — Jason, the Jones family and everyone else — they've been handling that, I'm sure, and have been waiting for this moment."

The Cowboys will be breaking in a new defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan, and several more new position coaches.

As for the roster, well, that's a work in progress.

The first priority is re-signing left tackle Doug Free, who has become a free agent through the new labor deal. He could be among the most sought linemen on the market.

Teams can re-sign their own players, plus sign draft picks and undrafted players, starting Tuesday. They also will be allowed to start negotiating with players from other teams, but can't sign them until Friday.

Trades also will be allowed starting Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the Cowboys could start cutting players. Running back Marion Barber and right tackle Marc Colombo are among those who could be dropped to help get under the salary cap. However, the team might need Colombo more if they are worried about losing Free.

Dallas also is expected to try restructuring the deals of players such as Tony Romo, DeMarcus Ware and Miles Austin to help clear more cap room.

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NFL Free Agency: Ronnie Brown Could Be St. Louis Rams' Next Running Back

After Reggie Bush and Darren Sproles quickly signed and links began the Rams from St. Louis, an alternative search beat Steven Jackson before him, began the team to the conventional backup options in his short trip through the NFL free agency to search. Rumor up Tuesday was Ronnie Brown, Miami Dolphins and former starter for versatility of love, buy one of the instigators NFL critical acceptance of the Wildcat offense.

Brown, his best season in the nba draft was held on the second position in 2005, 2008, when the Division ran with Ricky Williams, and 916 meters, had an average of 2.7 to move per 10 touchdown. Already at the facility, the Rams are solid rights, they are used to divide without freaking out about Brown, Steven Jackson to find a way to reduce the workload.

Of course, to solve problems that may just add–Jackson was recently quoted as saying he wanted to pass more objective, which is a prelude to attacks on his limited workload may have rushed into 2011.


Wozniacki looks to salvage summer season on hard courts

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William Shakespeare's famous, opening lines to the third act of Richard III forever linked discontent and despair to winter (Now is the winter of our discontent ... ), but there's plenty of misery to go around in the summer, too, as Caroline Wozniacki has learned.

The Dane of Polish extraction did a pretty good job of staving off the critics by locking up the prestigious year-end No. 1 ranking in 2010 without winning a Grand Slam tournament (it would have been her first). She lost a very close, high-quality semifinal to Li Na at this year's Australian Open, and even though Li faltered in the final (where she lost to Kim Clijsters), she went on to win the French Open.

Li did not have to face Wozniacki at Roland Garros, which is where we get to the root of 21-year-old's problems. She won two big hard-court tournaments in the late winter (Dubai and Indian Wells) and made the final in another (Doha), adding credence to the idea that if she wasn't gaining ground, she wasn't giving it, either. Apart from any question of how you might feel about her defensive baseline style, you had to admit that short of fulfilling the Grand Slam requirement on her resume, she was showing herself a capable and worthy No. 1 player.

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Guest blog from Alvin the MasterChef contestant: Lobsters and truffles

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WOW! How can you NOT talk about Monday night’s episode of MasterChef?! Talk about BOLD moves… The night starts off with a Mystery box… actually two mystery boxes. The traditional small one on each of the contestant’s station and a GIANT mystery box in front of the judges. In the words of Derrick Prince, the box in front of the judges is “coffin sized.”

Chef Ramsay reveals the contents of the giant box… LIVE lobster. I have a confession… I’m terrified of lobster. I don’t eat it, I don’t touch it, when I see them in the grocery store, I walk on the other side of the isle. I know, not very “foodie” or “chef like” of me. It’s not killing a live lobster that scares me; It’s the fact that they look like giant cockroach monsters. Now there are a few things that would encourage me to cook/eat lobster… $250,000 is one of those things. But the rules of mystery box challenges state that you can use as many or as few of the box ingredients as they desire. I would have been brainstorming a vegetarian dish!

Derrick, Alejandra, and Jennifer are in the top three. I would have picked Alejandra’s lobster with red curry and mango salsa (if I HAD to pick a lobster dish… ewww). Jennifer wins with her baked lobster and gets to the pantry to pick the ingredient for the elimination challenge.

The theme: aphrodisiacs… The options: oysters, artichoke, or black perigord TRUFFLE… Jennifer picks the only real option: truffle. After the judges reveal the ingredient to the other contestants, they give Jennifer the option to enjoy champagne and immunity as she watches from the balcony… or to cook alongside the other contestants (and risk elimination).

In a SURPRISING move, she bypasses her free ride into the top 10 and chooses to cook. (I would have taken the bottle upstairs with me) but mad respect to Jennifer for taking the road less traveled.

The road less traveled lands Jennifer in the bottom three with her undercooked coddled egg. I think she could have used some help from an immersion circulator! (Perfectly cooked eggs every time!) Although she’s in the bottom, she’s the first one sent back to her station.

Alone stands Adrien (HATE seeing him anywhere near the bottom) and Erryn. Both of these contestants definitely had a bad day in the MasterChef kitchen. In another twist, Chef Ramsay gives Adrien and Erryn the option of acknowledging that they had the worst dish of the day and gracefully bowing out of the competition.

Erryn takes that bold step forward! If you watch closely, Adrien tries to stop him but is unsuccessful. Erryn takes his apron off and leaves the MasterChef kitchen. I think it’s clear that Erryn didn’t quit… he held his head high and recognized that he had an off day. You can’t help but respect that. Having cooked with and alongside Erryn Cobb, I can say that he is wildly talented. I look forward to seeing what he culinary successes he has in the future. In the mean time, check out his new site Cobb Cooks.

Viva Top 10! Viva Team Adrien! Tune in tomorrow to see them cook for the judge’s moms! Houstonians, the only place to watch MasterChef is Swaye Bar (3730 Washington @ Yale) Come early to enjoy drink specials and bar snacks made by your favorite freak genius! As always, I’ll be live tweeting @AlvinSchultz during each episode of MasterChef!

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