Lopresti: Metta World Peace still hasn't grown up

World War Metta said he sorry about the elbow. It was fun. James Harden will probably appreciate the apology, then his brain to stop the tango.

When last we saw Harden, he stays in the court of Staples Center, it looks as if both went to an NHL playoff game or tried to throw a pass against the New Orleans Ghost.

Some people mentioned the irony of a man lying prone on the ground, the victim may charge the owner of the award J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship NBA?

At the moment, lost harden from the Oklahoma City Thunder in a shaking, until the doctor says otherwise. Metta and World suspension will almost certainly be lost from the Los Angeles Lakers in the penalty, to the NBA says otherwise.

As the game be decided by the main office should not be measured. If Harden answered that last a minute, with justice.

Metta World cheap shot he did not mean to do it. Everyone has an accident, the feeling throughout the day. Like many of the defendants told the court, it appears plain to the jury.

Study Replay again, because it is more difficult to pass than a beer commercial on Monday. If only you accidentally slam your elbow into the temple of others, do not pause to see if the poor man's head still attached? Knucklehead World Metta has never looked back, but rolling around under the court, satisfied with his world and full of himself.

When some of the other Thunder players closer to a personal matter, it seemed bracing for a fight again. Hardly the language of the body of a man with a sad blow not desirable.

No, not planned by malice, it seems at least a deliberate reaction to the situation. He did not want to harden in the air because the important business at hand. May dip to celebrate.

In addition, he can always apologize later on Twitter.

So with further unrest in the world Metta What Next? Remind me again why we need to wonder.

Never mind the new name, image dry cleaned, or the time elapsed since the incident without thinking then. When push comes to shove, and push come to the elbow, it is Ron Artest.

By all accounts, there is no reason to think he's a demon or evil. Seems to have a certain charm to each other, some time. May be occasions showed his heart. Contribute to the cause of mental health is real.

But the day is too many, he became and still is, Metta selfish World. Brown never thought of his mind seems to be crazy again about how their actions are detrimental to his teammates, and his game.

If he really understood, why the November 19, 2004 has not changed forever? That is a fight in Auburn Hills when he was in Indiana, his responsibility to stand blind rage, shot from the audience, 86-game suspension that followed.

It took years to recover the Pacers, the whole franchise was nearly destroyed by the loss of the head of a player. NBA saw one of the darkest night. You would think that isolate the straight man for good.

But on Sunday, he Metta Same Old World thing. He probably has a respectable time since 2004, but he is who he is. Long rap sheet, and are not covered.

The violence of spring sports - a gift of speech Gregg Williams here, attacking hockey there - the NBA does not want to join the trend, just in time for the postseason promotion.

NBA playoffs, where the attack happened?

Meanwhile, the Lakers, who had to make on an injury, is almost certain to start the title chase short-handed.

World Metta blindly making, and his alone.

To say he needed to learn from this is ridiculous. He was 32, and Sunday was a 903 game players in the NBA. Only when the good consciousness should come?

Anyone named World Peace Metta-if he meant what he said - not ever, ever, ever let anything like Sunday's happening.


Vicious elbow could derail World Peace

Metta World Peace scope and repent in the locker room with Los Angeles Lakers', apologized to Oklahoma City James Harden to throw the elbow that sent them both in the locker room in the second quarter.

They both answered the beauty of the game that could resonate in the postseason for two division leaders.

Kobe Bryant scored 26 points in six second overtime with the unorthodox lineup the Lakers, and Los Angeles rose from 18-point deficit in the second half in win over Thunder 114-106 yesterday.

Pau Gasol scored 20 points, 14 rebounds and nine assists for the Lakers, who made an impressive return home regularly during the end against off-target their star Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, combined to miss 42 of their 56 shot Thunder. Los Angeles was stunned Thunder rally and set the tone early for the possibility of their second round playoff times.

"It's not so much that we beat Oklahoma, but how we do it," says Bryant, who dispatched his own miserable shooting game with two key 3-pointer to end of regulation. "In the playoffs, especially if you do not have home court advantage, you need to have a game like this we must have peace and confidence to continue chipping away ..."

All after the break marred by violence 1:37 before halftime.

Peace of the world is just burrowed over Durant and Serge Ibaka on a fast break and head back upcourt when he ran to harden. While pounding his chest with his right hand, lift the left elbow of the World Peace through clean shoulder hit harden and stiffen the back of the skull.

Harden took the court and stayed for about a minute before heading to the locker room. Ibaka and Thunder players challenged but remains a separate World Peace, World Peace and released after officials reviewed the tape.

"I got very emotional and passionate, and it is unfortunate that James should be hit with an accidental elbow," said World Peace, who scored 12 points and played solid defense on Durant. "I hope he's OK Oklahoma. They play for the championship this year. I apologize to the Thunder and James Harden. It is just unfortunate. "

Harden, who scored 14 points, was diagnosed with concussion. Bryant and other Lakers before the possibility of World Peace multigame suspension recognizes only one game remaining in their regular season.

"I'm glad my team is all right," said Durant, who scored 35 points on 11-for-34 shooting. "That was a bad game I hope Ron does not do it on purpose or with bad intentions .."

Ibaka had 18 points and 14 rebounds for the Thunder, led by 11 points with 4 minutes remaining in regulation. Westbrook had 14 points on 3-for-22 shooting and 10 assists as Oklahoma City fell 1 ½ games behind San Antonio in the Western Conference with just the third loss in nine games.

Although the loss, Bryant Durant eventually graduated third in title race analysis both NBA superstar. Durant, the champion two-time defending scoring, is an average of 27.906 points with two to play, while Bryant - NBA leading scorer during the regular season is almost throughout, slipped back to second at 27.862 in only one game remaining.

Lakers rally in the Devin Ebanks and Jordan Hill are rarely used in Bryant, Gasol and backup point guard Steve Blake, who hit three key 3-pointer. Ebanks has eight points and two key defensive plays in the last minute, while Hill had 14 points and a career high-tying 15 rebounds.

"Being down double digits against a good team, we can be folded easily," Lakers coach Mike Brown. "This is probably our best team win."


Sun use WNBA draft picks to plan ahead

Mohegan - Connecticut Sun coach Mike Thibault in light of the second round of the WNBA draft pick the team before Monday and did not change his song after that when he heard the question about the selection of teams from North Carolina center Chay Shegog.

"You (journalists) are all talking about pick 21 it makes a big difference. We considered a person because we have, "says Thibault. "We would rather someone who will not come for two years, but Chay is a good player and get the chance. It is to him now to prove something. "

In other words, Shegog to beat an established veteran - even first thing I think Thibault team pick in the draft at No.. 9 is unable to do so.

Thibault used this draft to try and tackle the future, when the 6-foot-8-inch Brittney Griner phenomenon, of Baylor, has joined the WNBA, almost certainly the opposing team.

Griner was a junior.

Thibault said Labor Day, trying to Trade in the first couple of picks which player or two there to help, but do not start for the day. When that failed, the selected-Thibault birds and native Mali Astan Dabo, 19 years old, 6-foot-8-inch project.

"You're talking about writing our league getting bigger and bigger. They will get even bigger next year, to take a chance on a player ... got better in each of last three years is a good bet for us, "says Thibault.

Thibault said Dabo will rise in the French first division next season. As a plus, he was a "little (French) national team commitments," says Thibault.

Dabo is not the Mohegan Sun Arena this summer, but he was probably until next year or 2014.

Even so, pick a step Thibault think he should be made instead He also said he did not know how it will change, because he saw some teen drama "wasted vote this year." Year.

Shegog scored 15 points in a game for the Tar Heels, and Thibault said that, if any, he will provide competition to the post during training camp.

Stanford star No. 1 pick

As expected, the Los Angeles Sparks took Nnemkadi Ogwumike of Stanford in the first pick of the draft. He followed Shekinna Stricklen - one of three Tennessee players taken in the first seven picks - selected by Seattle. Notre Dame forward Devereaux Peters went to Minnesota with the third pick.

The UConn senior Tiffany Hayes, the only Husky in the draft, ended up going to Atlanta with the second pick of the second round, 14th overall.

"It does not matter to me (which he designed), all I need a shot," says Hayes of Bristol, where the draft will be held on ESPN. "I was worried all day, I was never nervous, I just want to know where I go."

UConn coach Geno Auriemma in, in an interview with ESPN, said the team a "good place" to guard the former as an up-tempo style.


Gonzaga players Kayla Standish, Katelan Redmon selected in WNBA draft

Vibration is reduced by the fact that fast.

After waiting patiently to hear his name called in the WNBA draft Monday, Gonzaga star Kayla Standish realized it was the best team in the league has chosen. The versatile forward was taken with the 19th overall pick by the defending champion Minnesota.

Not only the back most of the Lynx won the team title, they have a young list with a depth of quality.

"It was a rough training camp," said Standish, who has been invited to attend the draft in Bristol, Connecticut, and Sab his father and Gonzaga coach Kelly Graves. "No place like many on the list, so it's only going to be difficult. But basketball is not easy, and it is not easy to get to the next level. For me, I just go to a good mindset and worked my butt just to show people what I can do. "

Standish Zag not only rushed to impress WNBA coach. Katelan Redmon, who began his college career at Washington before transferring to Gonzaga, the last pick in the draft (36th overall), went to New York. These are the third and fourth player in program history to be selected, join the Vivian Frieson (2010) and Courtney Vandersloot of (2011).

Vandersloot started at point guard last season and Chicago for the All-Star reserve picks. Frieson cut by the Tulsa its first training camp, and then played a season in Australia before retiring from the ring last year.

"I believe (the Standish) best basketball is ahead of him," Graves said of Bristol. "He is a player working hard and improving her will be appreciated by laying was wonderful ...

"(Redmon) is very impressive WNBA is the kind of game that his alley ..."

Standish has two classes to complete to graduate, but a word to complete before he leaves next week for Minnesota. Storm will not host the Lynx until June 17 at KeyArena.

Crazy storm

Shortly after being elected by Seattle at No.. Second overall, ahead Shekinna Stricklen had a chance to meet new fans through a video call. Another one of their nicknames, "Crazies Storm," the Stricklen, and the crowd gathered at the headquarters of the storm erupted.

"They just started to cry and shout of fun ... I can not wait to be around the fans, "said Stricklen. "I have read about it is crazy ..."

Washington assistant coach Kevin McGuff and Adia Barnes, who is also a color analyst Storm, attended the draft in Seattle.

Pac-12 represented

Four Pac-12 players chosen Monday, including Stanford forward Nnemkadi Ogwumike, who went No.. 1 overall pick in Los Angeles.

USC guard Jacki Gemelos (31 total in Minnesota), the Oregon guard Amanda Johnson (to-33 in Phoenix) and USC forward Briana Gilbreath is (to-35 in Washington) has also been designed.


Stanford star Nnemkadi Ogwumike taken No. 1 by Sparks in WNBA draft

"I am grateful for the LA Sparks to vote for me," said Ogwumike. "It means a lot and is one of the highest honors I have received. I can not wait to go back to Cali. "

Ogwumike helped guide the Cardinal to the Final Four on the fourth time in school, including this year's loss to Baylor eventually won. The 6-foot-2 forward, averaging 22.5 points and 10.2 rebounds last season, the first Stanford player taken with the No. 1 pick. Three former Cardinal players are drafted third overall.

"I think looking back, many players can no longer No. 1," said Ogwumike. "Things that go in a different way. I am very proud to be part of this legacy. "

Although finishing with the fourth worst record in the league at 15-19, Sparks won the draft lottery in November. They have the smallest chance of four teams with a shot to win the chance is only 10 percent. They are the second team in history to win 11-year lottery in the fewest number of opportunities. Phoenix itself early in 2007 the concept.

Los Angeles also has the top pick in 2008 and chose Tennessee star Candace Parker, who went on to win Rookie of the Year and MVP awards in his first professional season.

While the selection Ogwumike almost certainty in selecting the top, the rest of the draft a little more mystery without an obvious choice would enter

Tennessee guard Shekinna Stricklen go second in the Seattle Storm, without star Lauren Jackson for the first part of the time because he would stay in Australia to train for the London Olympics this summer.

"I'm a little surprised," said Stricklen. "It helps when I do a workout with coach Brian (Agler), I have a feeling but not sure."

Notre Dame post Devereaux Peters went to third on the Minnesota Lynx champions, with five of the first 20 picks in the draft. He was surprised that he chose to higher, recovering from two ACL surgery on his left knee because of the inclusion of Notre Dame.

"I never thought I would (make) at the time," said Peters. "When they interviewed me they were talking about my knee. To come this far and have 2 ½ years where I had to play free from great danger. It's great to see all my dreams come to fruition here. "

Lynx also selected Damiris Dantas Brazil in the final selection of the first round. Minnesota organized a major mid-stars Julie Wojta of Wisconsin-Green Bay and Kayla Standish of Gonzaga in the second round. Lynx their five-round picks in the Russian guards Nika Baric.

Tulsa, which has the worst record in the league last season with three victories alone, Glory Johnson took fourth. Tennessee forward is a great opportunity to make a direct impact on the shock. The team also selected Miami guard Riquna Williams in the second round. He said the two storms NCAA tournament game after being suspended for conduct detrimental to the team coach Katie Meier.

Williams was not surprised he is sliding down draft.

"I mean after what happened at the end of time, I hope to go in the first round. This is the mistake I made and something I have to deal with the outcome, "he said. "I am a terrible person I was portrayed in the media after the error. I think Tulsa voted for me, this is a great honor for them to trust me and found the situation does not define me. "

Williams teammates in Miami Shenise Johnson went fifth in San Antonio. Phoenix took the Ohio State point guard Samantha Prahalis sixth.

"This is perfect," said Prahalis. "They like to play up-tempo and so I, I'm actually looking forward to play with Diana Taurasi."

The New York Liberty designed the seventh Kelly Cain. Natalie Novosel came eighth in Washington. The Mystics also took LSU to LaSondra Barrett 10 pick.

Connecticut chose 6-foot-8 Astan Dabo of Mali in the ninth pick. Georgia Tech's Sasha Goodlett came 11 in Indiana.

Atlanta Dream have no first round pick, but they chose Connecticut as Tiffany Hayes in the second pick in the second round. Atlanta then select Yacoubou Isabelle of France in the third round, but he was worthy to be designed because he was too old.

League rules stipulate that international players can only be conceived in the year in which they turn 20. The 6-4 Yacoubou turns 26 on Saturday. Atlanta may try to sign him as a free agent.

WNBA season begins on May 18th opening of training camp on April 29.

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GSA official asserts right to remain silent as Congress begins hearings into spending scandal

Washington - General Services Administration investigators have expressed satisfaction wild spending agency said Monday he is investigating possible bribery and kickbacks, and has recommended criminal charges in the Department of Justice. The main figures in the scandal called his right to remain silent in court House.

Inspector General Brian Miller explained that he was conducted to investigate and former GSA officials, following a report of his second term in April 2010 conference Las Vegas in October that cost taxpayers $ 823,000.

Regional executives hosted the Western Conference, Neely Jeffrey, called his Fifth Amendment rights and his seat remained empty the rest of the management of the House and Government Reform hearing. He can before a criminal investigation.

"We have other ongoing investigations, including all kinds of irregularities, including kickbacks, bribes, but perhaps I should check the exact bribes," Miller told the committee.

He later added, "We have recommended criminal charges."

Toward the end of the test in three and a half, GSA was chief of staff Michael Robertson said he knew the White House from the early findings of the inspector general last year. Robertson testified that he told White House counsel, Kim Harris, the report shortly after the May 2011 "When I became aware that the IG was given direction (then-GSA Administrator Martha) Johnson."

After the hearing, Robertson said in a statement, "To clarify the point I made in my testimony today, I just mentioned in passing the presence of IG investigations when I met a White House staff that I regularly work on issues the GSA. "

Committee members from both sides can barely contain themselves as they sometimes shout their anger over costs. They are not just going on about the total figure, but at the expense of the taxpayer for the mind-reader, over-priced commemorative coin, a bicycle for training and team building trips GSA employees and their family members in the Las Vegas strip.

MPs said they do not understand why Johnson, head of the agency resigned after Miller had discovered became public, wait for months to take action after receiving the first report almost a year earlier. And demanded to know why the Neely Johnson awarded $ 9,000 bonus after learning conference.

"I gave a $ 9,000 bonus because I will focus on performance and for me, the recommendation from the commissioner of buildings," said Johnson.

Johnson, where he resigned to allow the GSA to fix the problem under the new leadership, said he was "greatly harmed by the gall of a handful of people to abuse the federal tax dollars , twist the terms of the contract and rude names of the General Services Administration. "

He said he learned after taking office that the Western Conference "will flourish, raucous event wasteful, arrogant, self-congratulatory."

Before resigning, Johnson fired two top deputies. Since then, Neely and seven were placed on administrative leave.

He is not only for the GSA Executive apologized. David Foley, deputy commissioner of Public Buildings Department, said that he regretted that he had participated in the conference awards ceremony, which became a viral video in social media.

He made a joke in reference to Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton ceremony, District of Columbia congressional delegation, and presented an award to the GSA as a member of staff who made rap video making fun of the conference costs.

Meanwhile, the GSA has improved discipline review. Ten officers are now on administrative leave, two more than previously reported.

On Monday, the agency released the letter to one of the fired GSA executive, Robert Peck, and two on administrative leave - Neely and Robert Shepard, a regional executive - demanding they pay back a portion of taxpayers' money on a party held in their conference room in Las Vegas.

The cost is $ 922 for Shepard, $ 1960 to $ 2717 for Peck and Neely.

Previously, Neely told investigators that he threw the party was $ 2,717 in Las Vegas hotel suite is an employee-appreciation events, according to the transcript of the interview.

"This award is a recognition ceremony ...." Neely said internal investigators. "That is what it is. It ... Neely is not the party. I really ... is a suite that was not even me. "

The Investigators then confronted her email Neely said that he and his wife "hosts a party in our attic. With wine and beer and some snacks .... "No mention awards.

When Neely who insisted again that the awards event, I doubt investigator told him, "you understand how it feel?"

"I understand that it looked ridiculous," says Neely.


A list of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize winners in journalism and the arts

Public services: The Philadelphia Inquirer for exploring the pervasive violence in the schools of the city, using the powerful narratives illuminate the print and video for the crimes committed by children against children and raising of reforms to improve safety for teachers and students. Finalists: The Miami Herald for breaking the lethal exposure and weak state administration with the help of-living facility for elderly Florida and mental illness that resulted in the closure of dangerous houses, the punishment of offenders and creating laws and regulations more stringent, and The New York Times on the work of Danny Hakim and Russ Buettner which shows rape, beatings and more than 1,200 unexplained deaths over the past decade the development of disabled people in New York State home group, which led to the departure of two high officials, the move to sack 130 employees and law improvement.

Leading news reporting: Tuscaloosa (Ala.) News staff for its coverage of deadly tornadoes enterprising, using social media and traditional reporting to provide real-time updates, help find missing people and make deep account of printing even after power disruption forced the paper to publish in other plant 50 miles away. Finalists: The staff of The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, for comprehensive coverage of mass shootings that killed six and injured 13, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, exemplary use of journalistic tools, from Twitter for video written reports and features, to tell the ongoing story, and the staff of Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, for the enthusiastic coverage of 27 days during the whole day protests in the state Capitol for the right of collective bargaining , use the various tools of journalism to catch one after another breaking development.

Investigative Reporting: Matt Apuzzo, Adam Goldman, Eileen Sullivan and Chris Hawley of the Associated Press to highlight their secret spy program in New York Police Department monitors day-to-day life in Muslim societies , so that Congress calls for federal investigation, and the debate over the precise role of local intelligence gathering, and Michael J. Berens and Ken Armstrong of The Seattle Times for their investigations of how a little known agencies in the State of Washington to move the patient susceptible to a safer drug for pain control with methadone, a cheaper but less dangerous drugs, encouraging scope of the health warnings on all states. Finalists: Gary Marx and David Jackson of the Chicago Tribune for their inadvertent exposure to the state judicial system that allows dozens of brutal criminals to escape punishment by fleeing the country, triggering a corrective movement for changing.

Explanation of reporting: David Kocieniewski of The New York Times for the series is clearly the law by Bush to explain how the wealthiest citizens and corporations are often exploited loopholes and tax evasion. Finalists: Tom Frank of USA Today for its sharply focused exploration of retirement expensive for state and local employees, enhance the story in graphic material to show how the pump state legislator retirement benefits in a creative way but it is not fair, and The Wall Street Journal staff for a tenacious exploration of how personal information is harvested from cell phones and computers of unsuspecting Americans by companies and public officials largely without the knowledge of modern life.


Did Tupac Hologram Impress or Creep Out Coachella Pals Rihanna and Katy Perry?

Hologram on Tupac Coachella performances overshadowed other musicians such as Rihanna, quick to tweet his reaction to the rise of rapper. So here it is disturbed or pleased with his performance?

Some musicians may have mixed feelings about the hologram, after all, not every artist out there will embrace the thought of the similarity of their use after their death. However, perhaps the modern singer can start holograms include a clause in their wills after admiring how realistic Pac looked. Immortalized by the music and the film is great and all, but now the celebs can do concerts forever.

Katy Perry and Rihanna are two celebrities who love the hologram Coachella, with Riri tweeting this: "Ironically IWASTHERE # # # # TupacBACK to STORY4myGrandKidz" Friends of Katy also attended a music festival and was also impressed, writing that he almost cried when I saw the performance.

Singers like Katy Perry and Rihanna have to start taking an interest in the technology used to bring Tupac back to life, because it could prove to be a game changer for them. Of course they can use it like Snoop Dogg produced by bringing the dead back to life a musician for a duet, perhaps deliberately trying to cause controversy Riri by Whitney Houston hologram or something. Or maybe Katy can use it in some way he always has his own anger towards digital Russell Brand made the stage.

But musicians can also use the technology in the concert stage they do not even have to be present in those clones can be done transparent to the crowds in stadiums around the world, almost makes it like they have a few places at the same time (but of course the fans will pay a reduced price because they are getting the real thing). Hologram singer can walk down the aisle and flew over the crowd, so they are even likely to perform better. Katy Perry has a 3D film of his own concert in the works, so maybe he'll try to make a hologram of his show Katy clones may persist even living, ever-changing world of holograms during their performances.