Regis Philbin, Demi Lovato, Adam Carolla Some of the Celebs in Chicago This Weekend

Chicago - There will be many famous faces in Chicago this weekend, and our teacher Bessie output Tsionis join us to tell us that all the hot spots.

As one of our hot list is someone we all know and love, Regis Philbin will be in Naperville on Thursday night. TV host icon will sign copies of his new book, How It Has Way Wentz Concert Hall.

The Reeg, who resigned from the morning shows last month, is 80 years young, and this book shows he has no plans to stop anytime soon.

Music lovers, listen up, because we have some hot concert and hot spots in the report. First, is the trifecta, the war, Kelly Clarkson and Christina Perri mix appears Miracle on State Street. The annual holiday concert with 101.9 for Theatre performed Friday night in Chicago and will benefit Children's Hospital LaRabida.

Other radio stations takes on Chicago Theatre on Sunday evening. 93XRT launched its own holiday Florence and the Machine concert. Grammy Award candidate will interpret the success of his second album ceremony.

Demi Lovato is balancing the Rosemont Theater on Saturday night. This is something of a revival of the old Disney darling. This is their first tour since the release from rehab earlier this year. Lovato, who is openly talking about their emotional problems, are also healing through music. Her third studio album is aptly titled disturbed.

And now we all should be in the holiday season, right? Well, Adam Carolla is not, in fact, is to give stingy run for their money. Funny man comes to town Saturday night with a program standup, Adam Carolla hates the holidays. If you dare to know why he hates the holidays, you can do an antique store on Saturday night at Park West.


Comedian Adam Carolla’s Take on Occupy Movement: Millennial ‘Self-Entitled Monsters’

Street occupy the movement really is? It is rooted in anger over the weakening economy and high unemployment? It is the protest against the growing gap between rich and poor in America?

It can be argued that support it.

Comedian Adam Carolla, however, seem to think it's actually a lot of complaining about "auto-worthy monster" of "all get a medal," Millennial Generation, which he defines as "** shower" , in a record nine and a half minutes it suddenly viral.

Listen here.

Although it mentions the name squatting movement, Carolla took note of the indignation against the "1 percent", he says, "they are paid more than their fair share" of taxes in California, where he made a popular podcast.

"Something has come to this country does not yet exist, envy, and this is a big problem," he said. "Now we are dealing with the first wave of participation trophies, my-own-fecal-matter-no-odor, with power ... everybody's-winner-is-there are no losers - this is the first wave of [expletive] out of a hole **. That's what we face.

"They feel ashamed," he said. "They're embarrassed for life because they are not ready to live." "

Although the record appears to have quoted from Carolla podcast was originally released in October, according to the Council, having gained traction Carolla in recent days a number of sites in the mainstream.

According to Carolla - which has its own website seen protesters occupy the quotes: ". It is now time passed and Ting *** s in the shop "- anger at the rich and successful is the price of damaging the generation of a sense of entitlement.

"Look at number 27, that workers put in an application and, guess what, I do not like your attitude ... a bath **. Get your [expletive] the feet of my desk and hit the bricks. It will not take, "said Carolla on the record. "And now, his plan is to go back and throw bricks at the window. That is their plan. That's what happened. It is the envy and shame, and no more of them.

"In the past, back in the day," he continued, "father'd run it on the sidewalk and you see someone go in a Rolls Royce and dad would say, 'There goes Mr. Jenkins. Look at it. Human beings who work hard. The man who built a business. The man who built the empire. Now look at him. He had his Rolls Royce. He got up the hill. "

"But what we do now? Now, like, "Oh! Look at it. Need a car? Why do you need a car? I drive a [expletive] Chevette. Why can not drive [expletive] car? Come and launch a [expletive] rock. "That will not help you out of the Chevette, a shower **. Get your [expletive] to operate. "


Fox 4 struggles with death of meteorologist Don Harman

Fox took his life Tuesday, Wednesday news pod cast top-rated morning show in Kansas City.

The original 41-year resident of Marietta, Ohio, was found by his wife, Monica Johns, at her home in south Kansas City, shortly before 5:00 The police said the death was a suicide.

FOX 4, WDAF, celebrating Harman announced the news of the death because they want to reach 79 years of Harman's father, Gordon, Ohio. But he was away, and the 18 hours it took to find, filtered from the station and on social networks and blogs.

"I'm sitting here crying and asking why, how," one viewer wrote at 04:40 on Wednesday. "People loved our time is gone."

Harman, a graduate of Miami University of Ohio, was hired in 1999 to replace Gary Lezak. Fox 4, Lezak has opted for the popularity of its current position as chief meteorologists KSHB. However, Harman demonstrates, if any, to be a bigger success with viewers. He quickly became part of a great team spirit No. 1 ranking most of the last decade.

Fox 4 Wednesday, Harman much pain is compounded by its decision not to talk about it in the air with Harman's father has been reached.

As email and comments on Facebook rain, the station decided to record the great support - but not the reports.

At 4:45, the war neuroses Mark Alford, a close friend Harman, reading a statement.

"We know many of you out there have any questions about what happened. Thank you for your concern. He tells our friends, "says Alford.

His co-anchor Loren Halifax continued: "We ask you, however, as the family comes first. And we respect that. "

Ads are repeated on Fox News this morning 4. Ask other points of the stations in the city to delay the transmission of news too.

At noon, FOX 4 Kathy Quinn confirmed the radio station is a statement from Harman death.

"For all of us, Don and family as the news was a big surprise for all the people who worked on the Fox 4," the statement said.

The dilemma of reporting the death of Fox 4 Harman is clear, says Robert Steele, who teaches journalism ethics at DePauw University in Indiana.

"At some point, however, very difficult to retain in stories about community leaders who are very" says Steele. "It may be difficult to find a balance between telling the truth, which is a journalistic obligation, and reduce losses, which is a professional obligation."

Bryan Busby KMBC-TV is Harman's friend since they met in the early 1990, when Harman worked in Mason City, Iowa

"Hard work is having a good mix of left brain, right brain," Busby said Wednesday. "We are scientists, we are geeks, we know that mathematics. So to have a meteorologist who also has a personality - someone who can make you smile - a rare quality. And Don both. "


Cougars hire Mike Leach as football coach

Even as Washington State football fight the physical battles in Utah in a snowstorm in November 19, WSU director Bill Moos mass began to discover the wonderful plan for the Pumas, which was built the warmer weather.

Moos spent more than three hours with Mike Leach on November 16 in Key West, Florida, home of Leach. And then WSU loses to Utah and stayed out of bowl contention, Moos came to a conclusion that was completed on Wednesday.

WSU hired Leach, former coach of Texas Tech with a lease renewal five years it will pay $ 2.25 million guaranteed per year, well above the school record for all coaches. Former basketball coach Tony Bennett makes $ 1,000,000 per year.

"A lot of schools wanted him," said Moos Wednesday afternoon. "He wants us."

Referring to talk later, Moos said, "I put the numbers, and has never been a bargain at any time, said," That is good. We see this success. ". "

Moos believes that by taking to launch a campaign donor to improve the facilities provided at WSU, and, when asked about Leach is expected to handle 19 Cougars is committed to recruiting, Moos gave that to a lesser extent is waiting in front of others.

"I guess (new staff) dense in most of the children," says Moos. "I'll tell you: There are many who want to come here."

Training Leach container 10 teams with the offense prolific Texas Tech (2000-09) before leaving the mess that ended with him suing the school. He stopped short of making a bonus of $ 800,000, claiming he was persecuted player, Adam James, by his administration to sit on warehouse equipment, while being treated for a concussion.

Between the recession, pending lawsuits, and some eccentric ways, Leach later became a figure radioactive to potential employers. However, Moos said Wednesday afternoon, "he and I discussed that I feel comfortable when in their legal status .."

The Times reported Leach became the target of Paul Wulff WSU dismissal, but it seems that the Pumas can be strong competition from Kansas due to a long friendship between Leach and KU Director Sheahon Zenger robust.

Asked specifically about Kansas, Moos said, "I really do not feel that we are fighting a school I know there banging on the door .. Many people like him and wanted the state of Washington, and I think that says a lot. "

There are things about WSU that might interest Leach of Kansas: He was a Western man - born in Susanville, California, and raised in Cody, Wyoming. - School is a rich history and two good midfielders in the hands of Jeff Tuel and Connor Halliday, Pac-12 is more stable than the Big 12, and Moos has a solid reputation as director of athletics-minded football.

"He was a legend in this business," Leach said in a statement released by WSU.

In the same statement, WSU President Elson Floyd said, "I asked Bill Moos to select the best football coach in the country, and I'm sure you've done just that."

Moos said he took the trouble to tell Leach first visit that "I hope my football coach (Wulff) good ending." But he said Wednesday, "I have to always have other plans. I think if we have the opportunity to Mike Leach, I have to lay the groundwork for this new era of extremes.

"To be honest, he was someone to talk to and the only person I want."

Leach contract - is also "great incentive-laden," said Moos - calls on the first purchase of $ 2 million Moos said could be reduced to $ 450,000 per year through the life of the agreement. Additionally, the update package will pay a wizard "of $ 1.8 million compared with $ 1.3 million today.

Moos is credited to move Pac-12 for the same TV revenues revenue sharing among the members of the conference, and jump from television contracts with Fox and ESPN starting next year, so important for recovery.

"We can go in this direction," he said, "or that (project) the renovation of the stadium."

Raised Mormon, attended Brigham Young and Leach thought it would be a lawyer, and obtained his law degree at Pepperdine. One of the college coaches do not play several at that level, he became interested in football and a violation passed by issues related to poor Mumme at Iowa Wesleyan in the 1980s.

"We traveled all over the country to develop the idea," says Leach in 2008, referring to the passing game. "Just what I think is filled with good."

Valdosta State coach Leach 1992-1996, and work in Kentucky and Oklahoma assistant before taking over the Texas Tech Wherever you go, there is a high-octane offense.

Off the court, was known as someone who has a natural curiosity about many things, and say what you think. In 2007, criticized the performance of the Big 12 officials in the game as "a complete farce," and when it imposed a record fine of $ 10,000 for the conference, said he did not regret saying it himself.

In a 2005 article for The New York Times Magazine, author Michael Lewis explains: "Every season, Leach was something I wanted to know and learn as much as possible about it: Geronimo, Daniel Boone, whales, chimpanzees, grizzly bear (artist) Jackson Pollock. "

He is accused of leading the points on the Texas Tech and not the mind. When in 2004 against Nebraska, the team led 42-10 entering the fourth quarter and threw 16 passes the rest of the trip - usually break - and three in a row then proceeded Technology, 70 - 10.

Moos, meanwhile, was asked what message you want to hire Leach sent WSU fans.


Mike Leach has agreement to coach Washington State

Mike Leach is back on the sideline next season. Washington state reached a verbal agreement with former Texas Tech coach Paul Wulff days after the shooting.

Schools, Leach said Wednesday it has agreed in principle a five-year contract will be presented at a press conference next Tuesday.

Financial terms of the contract is not available, but according to a story by CBSSports.com, the agreement is for five years and will be the highest paid coach Leach third in the Pac-12.

In a statement given by the school, Leach said: "I always admired the tradition of the state of Washington is a growing movement of college I was very excited about what they do with the facilities and equipment .. has struggled through difficult times and it showed great promise in the future.

"I am proud to be part of the team."

Leach, 50, was fired by Texas Tech in December 2009 after a dispute over the handling of receiver Adam James. ESPN announcer Craig James's son, James Adam Leach said forced him to sit in a small room in a building during training after suffering concussion in a game.

Responding to the dismissal, Leach filed a lawsuit against the school and ESPN. Case is still pending.

In the field, Leach was a great success. His team of 84-43 and reached a bowl game in each of its 10 season.

Tommy Tuberville happen and 13-12 in two seasons, including a 5-7 mark this year, first school losing record since 1992.

Leach will have a great task to reorganize the State of Washington, who has never played in a bowl game since 2003, after the Rose Bowl appearance following the period of 1997 and 2002.

Wulff was 90-40 in four seasons the Cougars, but the team improved to 4-8 in 2011.