Josh Turner Concert Turns Into California Lovefest

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Josh Turner played Cupid not once, but twice at a recent concert in Stockton, Calif., when two couples got engaged during the singer's show. Love was definitely in the air, as Josh stopped in the middle of his hit, 'Would You Go With Me,' to dedicate the song to couple Jeff and Alma, who had just taken the big leap. He even invited the happy couple to the front of the Bob Hope Theater, where he and his band were performing, to let the crowd in on their big moment.

"Just remember: Stay together, all right?" the Stockton Record reports Josh saying to the happy couple, giving them a quick lecture on keeping a marriage strong. The singer knows whereof he speaks: he and wife Jennifer travel together on the road and she plays keyboards and sings backing vocals in his band, the Tonkin' Honkies.

A few minutes later on stage, Josh was handed a note from Eric Nelson, another member of the audience. He promptly opened it, read it and told the crowd with a laugh, "I'm not one to do another man's dirty work." Josh handed the microphone over to Eric so he could propose to his girlfriend of two years, Jamie Gannon. After she accepted, Josh had the entire crowd remind Eric and Jamie of his previous advice to the first couple.

"You know the rule, right? What's the rule?" As the crowd chanted 'Stay together' loudly, Josh turned to his fiddle player and jokingly asked, 'You don't have anybody you want to ask, do you? It seems to be contagious!"

The crowd at this particular show was apparently in a much better mood than the audience at a show several nights earlier. According to Josh, that night's concertgoers were more about punching and beer slinging rather than kisses and lovey-dovey marriage proposals. Josh told the audience that two girls at that show had been swinging and throwing beer at each other, "but tonight, we have just the opposite. We have people who love each other."

As the father of three healthy kids himself, Josh is always willing to lend a hand to children's causes, and he and several other artists, including Darius Rucker, Rodney Atkins, Little Big Town, and Heidi Newfield have teamed up with Nashville's Iroquois Steeplechase for a horse-themed fundraiser that will benefit the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. Josh and the other artists painted miniature wooden horses that will be auctioned off online through May 15. For more information on the auction or to make a bid, check out the Iroquois Steeplechase website.

The Iroquois Steeplechase horse race, which takes place May 14, is a longtime Music City tradition, currently in its 70th year in Nashville.

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