Dave Chappelle comeback rumors swirl: don't call it a comeback?

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It's been over a half-decade since Dave Chappelle said no thanks to a $50 million offer from Comedy Central and left the top-rated Chappelle's Show during it's third season for Africa. True to his word, Chappelle has stayed away from TV in the six years since his bizarre exit from Hollywood. There have been rumors floating around for years that Chappelle was planning a comeback to television. Today saw renewed interest in the subject when an online news source, The Daily, reported, "the beloved comic is planning a new TV show with a paid subscription service like Netflix, Sony’s Crackle, or Hulu, which are now competing in the original programming game." Chappelle cited struggles with Comedy Central brass over creative control on his show and if he were to make his return on a service like Netflix -- as opposed to a traditional broadcast channel -- he would, ostensibly, have free reign to do whatever he wants. A major Hollywood star making the jump from TV or the movies to Netflix isn't completely unheard of: the service has recently recruited David Fincher and Kevin Spacey for an original program called "House of Cards."
Unfortunately, like all of the other Chappelle's Show comeback rumors, this one seems to be bogus. Entertainment Weekly looked into The Daily report and was able to obtain a comment from a Dave Chappelle representative. Carla Sims, the rep, calls the rumors "absolutely untrue."

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