Another Young Athlete Dies From Apparent Head Trauma

Last week, Derek Sheely, a fullback for Frostburg State University (Maryland), lost consciousness during a typical high school in football. Less than a week later, the 22-year-old died due to head trauma suffered by the sport, according to his father, who spoke on the New York Times.

As in our "Knocked Out" cover story, the shocks can be much more disastrous for participants in youth sports, in comparison with adult athletes.

In 2004, Denver area teen Jake Snakenberg collapsed and died after hitting his head in football twice within a week. In the 2008 high school football linebacker Ryne Dougherty, coma, and died after his second serious blow to the head in a month.

Both children were later found to have succumbed to second impact syndrome, a rapid swelling of the brain in a person who has suffered a second concussion before symptoms first disappeared. At the time of writing, had not been determined Derek Sheely official cause of death.

Chris Nowinski, founder of the sports legacy Institute–of that a company invested in the study, treatment and prevention of brain injuries suffered by the athletes–says that the Agency has published a project with ten points to try and save the game of Football without diluting. This includes changes to rule a helmet-to-helmet collision, reducing the visits in practice and training for every athlete, parent and coach about concussions.

"I have real concerns over what 's age-appropriate, knowing how vulnerable developing brain is. I also have concerns over what kind of football is suitable for children, "Nowinski tells the Houston Press. "Football is an adult game that we started to let the children play and that is an experiment. I think the evidence is beginning to accrue that it wasn't a good idea. "

As of the time this article was published, Derek still ' in Facebook account according to Germantown, Maryland, Frostburg State University, and worked in the United States Department of energy.

One of Derek is the favorite quotes, close to the bottom of the page in the list was one of the Late John f. Kennedy on the change of location: "Never pray for easy lives. To pray is stronger than the men. "

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