The Pope Social Media Guru In Tweet First @ Pontifex

As Pope Benedict XVI prepares to send his first tweet on December 12, some waiting in hopes over Monsignor Paul Tighe. As Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, the Pope Tighe social media. My pastor talked about how he's Irish Born relieve the head of the Catholic Church, which is under the tweet @ Pontifex-in digital world.How Pope thought about making her first tweet? I think he was interested and pleased him. We are waiting for the question. We had to choose a question and contacted him about the question. I wish we just had lined up, but every tweet has been seen and approved by pope.Do you expect the daily tweet? First, I thought it was thin and irregular, possibly related to the current set piece in which the Pope addresses the world. On Sunday, he gave a public address on San Pedro Square. Attendance Wednesday was another opportunity the public. In preparation for that, the Pope could give attention to form that tweet actually came from him. For the initial launch, he responded directly to a question referring to the help of Twitter faith.Did? They know how to build a sense of occasion. They were really helpful, especially the vice president for social change, Claire Diaz-Ortiz.The prospect hack should be of particular concern. We are working with Twitter. They work with a large number of other international and they check them and help them with the appropriate level of security, whether Barack Obama or the Dalai Lama. We feel we have as good security as possible to have the Pope medium.Why not following anyone? The choice between obedience and disobedience in part because we see the Dalai Lama does not follow anyone. How do you decide who to follow? That is one reason why Facebook (FB), where you have to consciously decide who is and who is not a friend, not the best medium. We see the cardinals and bishops following but then what? Barack Obama followed more than 600,000 people. Maybe we should talk about the best practices for global leaders.Why Church today? The number of figures, from cardinals and bishops believe the individual, still on Twitter. In a sense, the presence of the Pope, ex post facto, an endorsement or encouragement to them. We had a lot of people say, We are actively looking at it at least since January, "If the Pope would have, it might be time for me.", When the Pope gives a message that focuses in silence before Day.Silence World Communication? Silence is an important part of communication. If you are not calm, you are not listening. He felt that if we use it properly, we could hear. Social media gives you a way to listen. This is a tremendous potential for helping people learn how to interpret your message. Pope feels new media can also help develop his silence and reflect and teach meditation. He also said that it was possible, using minimal phrase, to communicate important truths.How get the facts down to 140 characters? It is a challenge, but the essence of the teachings of the Bible short. They are not aggressive. Last year, we split the Pope a message for Easter in 40 tweets or 40 short phrase. We went to a site that we created about four years ago Pope2you.net called and asked if anyone wanted to get it. About 30,000 you want to get one of the Pope's daily tweets to Lent.I see the video on the home page to come up, Gangnam style. Sydney diocese is responsible for. This is a great site. We spent about € 2000 ($ 2599) here. In the first week, we had 5 million hits. We have 25 people working full-time on the council. The church is a community. It's not like the network. Look at the video it came. We loved it. We put it on our website and other dioceses choose it. I sent it to my nieces and nephews in Ireland and they love it. That's the power of social media.I know. Pope had 610,000 followers without a tweet made. It's not about trying to time the number of followers. But there are some small satisfaction to see that the numbers are relatively good. But we are not competing with anyone. Name of the game is not about the followers of the Pope. It's about how to reach the people who can be held by, reinforced by, encouraged by the words of the Gospel. If there are followers, they have a new place to preach Christ.So Twitter followers. It's almost like the equivalent of the old market where he was going to push people. We have, with all the ambiguities and difficulties, because that's where the people.

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