Five Ways To Find Clients outsource

Although the final frenzy, about the explosion of Outsourcing, "trend" is not a new phenomenon. The concept of U.S. companies outsource various functions at a low cost, high talent pool of labor available for more than 20 years.Until new, large companies dominate the outsourcing landscape, often involving key services players such as IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Accenture (NYSE : ACN) to projects.What new information technologies is the small and medium-sized companies are recognizing the value of outsourcing, not only for technology services, but also for the business processes. Researchers at Gartner Group estimates that 80 percent of U.S. companies have been involved in high-level discussions Outsourcing in 2004, with the greatest interest in the application and business process outsourcing. Also increase interest and demand is the use of offshore delivery centers in Outsourcing strategy.

Often used interchangeably with "offshoring," the term "outsourcing" is much more wide-reaching implications. Because offshoring usually refers to hire additional labor (usually from countries like India) on a per-head-count rate per hour, the practice of outsourcing beyond conception postulates staff expansion. Now outsourcing paradigm includes advanced global delivery models, management / leadership contingency with risk, and long-term service level agreements (SLA) that covers technology and business process services.Just as market definition and scope Outsourcing has evolved over the last decade, so too buying audience. Historically, IT executives become major buyers of outsourcing services, primarily due to the intensive nature of the initial technology outsourcing arrangements. While the CIO role is still important in the decision-making process, financial executives and business-line and the CEO are now pushing that focuses on the needs of the business process outsourcing solutions and because it has emerged as a new buyer.

Mid sized professional services firm Kanbay International Inc. (www.kanbay . com) expert in a particular niche market (eg financial services) are in a strong position to achieve this new day, mid-level market with global application management and business process outsourcing solutions. Kanbay urged a number of innovative strategies to differentiate themselves and ordered vertical Outsourcing market value "Increased outsourcing economy creates new management challenges - .. And opportunities While the leading players in the industry creates demand for global outsourcing solutions, many mid-tier firms that get into the game. This opens the market practically to successfully deliver a solution provider's customer segments, "said Shiraz Patel, president of Kanbay Managed Solutions Inc.How clientsPatel lead children to discover financial Kanbay provides clients with a choice of global services and leadership models are ripe for application management outsourcing (AMO ) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). He offers the following advice for IT services / software and professional services to companies who want to enter the outsourcing market. Kanbay has been successfully used in a number of places in their own marketing strategies: 

1. Analysts look for an objective opinion. Meet at least quarterly with industry analysts such as Gartner, IDC and Aberdeen, covering Outsourcing and managed industry solutions company. To schedule an in-person visit to brief this group in the history of the company, your clients experience and vision. Also, analysts can help prove your marketing strategy, which serves as a third-party, unbiased consultants who in turn educate potential customers, partners and analysts investors.Many host conferences and publish newsletters and special reports on topics of outsourcing where you can participate.

2 . Participate in industry / educational forum. Outsourcing conference will allow companies like Kanbay to show their client success stories and achievements. This interactive format that peer-to-peer enables the business prospects in the same industry to meet common challenges, learn by example, and to meet customer outsourcing partners achievements.

3 rear. Host seminars and Webinars. In a market saturated with hundreds of seminars, company Kanbay sure you have the most success with a partial (two hours or less), highly targeted programs that demonstrate solutions geared to specific business challenges in the industry. Webinar also attractive to sponsors and clients alike because they are cost effective, does not require travel and contain similar content to live seminars.

4. To use the media. Media is a powerful and authoritative source to educate potential customers outsourcing trends and solutions. Consider contributing to publications that feature customer case studies, quotes industry experts and opinion articles published experts.

5 created by the outsourcing company. Check the partnership approach. Many small and medium-sized companies interested in the deep expertise and capabilities of the outsourcing company, but often find their service cost is too high. When targeting the market segment, Kanbay company to offer a composite model for the financial services industry, engaging with clients and managing risks, both greater outsourcer Kanbay partners - but the prices are competitive.