Blue Cross-Blue Shield consolidating Great Falls, Helena offices

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Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Montana announced on Tuesday that it's consolidating its Great Falls and Helena offices.

BCBS MT president Mike Frank was in Great Falls to inform the employees of the changes.

The consolidation will impact the Great Falls office, which handles the company's government contracts.

Fifty employees currently work at the Great Falls facility, and it is anticipated that some employees will have the opportunity to relocate to Helena.

In an email to employees, Frank wrote that Blue Cross aims to bend the costs of healthcare down and maintain the company's financial strength," adding that consolidating facilities is one way to achieve that mission.

Frank issued a statement saying, "We intend to achieve this consolidation in a manner that will minimize the impact to our customers. Further and very importantly, our colleagues in the Great Falls office are being treated with respect and honesty."

Blue Cross-Blue Shield has developed a benefit package for employees who will lose their jobs.

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