JoJo LeMond wastes no time bouncing back

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Six weeks ago, the 20 sections owned by LeMond, his wife, Blair, and another family burned in a grassfire that decimated thousands of acres of Texas landscape. LeMond suddenly had no grazing land, no fences and "nothing to do."
LeMond got on the phone with Canadian heeler Marty Becker, who had stayed with him in Texas last fall, when LeMond was still thinking about staying on the rodeo road, and asked him if would consider being his partner for the rest of this year.
LeMond and Becker won the first round at the Sisters (Ore.) Rodeo June 9 with a time of 4.5 seconds, breaking the arena record of 4.6 set 15 years earlier by Speed Williams and Dennis Gatz, and finished second in the two-head average behind Chad Masters and Jade Corkill (9.9 seconds to 10.0). The next day, LeMond/Becker put down a time of 4.6 seconds at the Livermore (Calif.) Rodeo, and that stood up to win the event by six-tenths-of-a-second over Wrangler NFR veterans Riley and Brady Minor.
"I have always wanted to rope with Marty," LeMond said. LeMond and Becker won the rodeo in Rosenberg, Texas, and won a round in Pasadena, Texas, last fall before LeMond decided to take his hiatus, so he had $3,144 in 2011 earnings entering the June 9-12 weekend. Becker, who has recently roped with Keven Daniel and Speed Williams, is 30th in the world with $14,332 while LeMond sits 50th with $8,636.

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