Comedian Adam Carolla’s Take on Occupy Movement: Millennial ‘Self-Entitled Monsters’

Street occupy the movement really is? It is rooted in anger over the weakening economy and high unemployment? It is the protest against the growing gap between rich and poor in America?

It can be argued that support it.

Comedian Adam Carolla, however, seem to think it's actually a lot of complaining about "auto-worthy monster" of "all get a medal," Millennial Generation, which he defines as "** shower" , in a record nine and a half minutes it suddenly viral.

Listen here.

Although it mentions the name squatting movement, Carolla took note of the indignation against the "1 percent", he says, "they are paid more than their fair share" of taxes in California, where he made a popular podcast.

"Something has come to this country does not yet exist, envy, and this is a big problem," he said. "Now we are dealing with the first wave of participation trophies, my-own-fecal-matter-no-odor, with power ... everybody's-winner-is-there are no losers - this is the first wave of [expletive] out of a hole **. That's what we face.

"They feel ashamed," he said. "They're embarrassed for life because they are not ready to live." "

Although the record appears to have quoted from Carolla podcast was originally released in October, according to the Council, having gained traction Carolla in recent days a number of sites in the mainstream.

According to Carolla - which has its own website seen protesters occupy the quotes: ". It is now time passed and Ting *** s in the shop "- anger at the rich and successful is the price of damaging the generation of a sense of entitlement.

"Look at number 27, that workers put in an application and, guess what, I do not like your attitude ... a bath **. Get your [expletive] the feet of my desk and hit the bricks. It will not take, "said Carolla on the record. "And now, his plan is to go back and throw bricks at the window. That is their plan. That's what happened. It is the envy and shame, and no more of them.

"In the past, back in the day," he continued, "father'd run it on the sidewalk and you see someone go in a Rolls Royce and dad would say, 'There goes Mr. Jenkins. Look at it. Human beings who work hard. The man who built a business. The man who built the empire. Now look at him. He had his Rolls Royce. He got up the hill. "

"But what we do now? Now, like, "Oh! Look at it. Need a car? Why do you need a car? I drive a [expletive] Chevette. Why can not drive [expletive] car? Come and launch a [expletive] rock. "That will not help you out of the Chevette, a shower **. Get your [expletive] to operate. "

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