Fox 4 struggles with death of meteorologist Don Harman

Fox took his life Tuesday, Wednesday news pod cast top-rated morning show in Kansas City.

The original 41-year resident of Marietta, Ohio, was found by his wife, Monica Johns, at her home in south Kansas City, shortly before 5:00 The police said the death was a suicide.

FOX 4, WDAF, celebrating Harman announced the news of the death because they want to reach 79 years of Harman's father, Gordon, Ohio. But he was away, and the 18 hours it took to find, filtered from the station and on social networks and blogs.

"I'm sitting here crying and asking why, how," one viewer wrote at 04:40 on Wednesday. "People loved our time is gone."

Harman, a graduate of Miami University of Ohio, was hired in 1999 to replace Gary Lezak. Fox 4, Lezak has opted for the popularity of its current position as chief meteorologists KSHB. However, Harman demonstrates, if any, to be a bigger success with viewers. He quickly became part of a great team spirit No. 1 ranking most of the last decade.

Fox 4 Wednesday, Harman much pain is compounded by its decision not to talk about it in the air with Harman's father has been reached.

As email and comments on Facebook rain, the station decided to record the great support - but not the reports.

At 4:45, the war neuroses Mark Alford, a close friend Harman, reading a statement.

"We know many of you out there have any questions about what happened. Thank you for your concern. He tells our friends, "says Alford.

His co-anchor Loren Halifax continued: "We ask you, however, as the family comes first. And we respect that. "

Ads are repeated on Fox News this morning 4. Ask other points of the stations in the city to delay the transmission of news too.

At noon, FOX 4 Kathy Quinn confirmed the radio station is a statement from Harman death.

"For all of us, Don and family as the news was a big surprise for all the people who worked on the Fox 4," the statement said.

The dilemma of reporting the death of Fox 4 Harman is clear, says Robert Steele, who teaches journalism ethics at DePauw University in Indiana.

"At some point, however, very difficult to retain in stories about community leaders who are very" says Steele. "It may be difficult to find a balance between telling the truth, which is a journalistic obligation, and reduce losses, which is a professional obligation."

Bryan Busby KMBC-TV is Harman's friend since they met in the early 1990, when Harman worked in Mason City, Iowa

"Hard work is having a good mix of left brain, right brain," Busby said Wednesday. "We are scientists, we are geeks, we know that mathematics. So to have a meteorologist who also has a personality - someone who can make you smile - a rare quality. And Don both. "

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