Did Tupac Hologram Impress or Creep Out Coachella Pals Rihanna and Katy Perry?

Hologram on Tupac Coachella performances overshadowed other musicians such as Rihanna, quick to tweet his reaction to the rise of rapper. So here it is disturbed or pleased with his performance?

Some musicians may have mixed feelings about the hologram, after all, not every artist out there will embrace the thought of the similarity of their use after their death. However, perhaps the modern singer can start holograms include a clause in their wills after admiring how realistic Pac looked. Immortalized by the music and the film is great and all, but now the celebs can do concerts forever.

Katy Perry and Rihanna are two celebrities who love the hologram Coachella, with Riri tweeting this: "Ironically IWASTHERE # # # # TupacBACK to STORY4myGrandKidz" Friends of Katy also attended a music festival and was also impressed, writing that he almost cried when I saw the performance.

Singers like Katy Perry and Rihanna have to start taking an interest in the technology used to bring Tupac back to life, because it could prove to be a game changer for them. Of course they can use it like Snoop Dogg produced by bringing the dead back to life a musician for a duet, perhaps deliberately trying to cause controversy Riri by Whitney Houston hologram or something. Or maybe Katy can use it in some way he always has his own anger towards digital Russell Brand made the stage.

But musicians can also use the technology in the concert stage they do not even have to be present in those clones can be done transparent to the crowds in stadiums around the world, almost makes it like they have a few places at the same time (but of course the fans will pay a reduced price because they are getting the real thing). Hologram singer can walk down the aisle and flew over the crowd, so they are even likely to perform better. Katy Perry has a 3D film of his own concert in the works, so maybe he'll try to make a hologram of his show Katy clones may persist even living, ever-changing world of holograms during their performances.

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