Lopresti: Metta World Peace still hasn't grown up

World War Metta said he sorry about the elbow. It was fun. James Harden will probably appreciate the apology, then his brain to stop the tango.

When last we saw Harden, he stays in the court of Staples Center, it looks as if both went to an NHL playoff game or tried to throw a pass against the New Orleans Ghost.

Some people mentioned the irony of a man lying prone on the ground, the victim may charge the owner of the award J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship NBA?

At the moment, lost harden from the Oklahoma City Thunder in a shaking, until the doctor says otherwise. Metta and World suspension will almost certainly be lost from the Los Angeles Lakers in the penalty, to the NBA says otherwise.

As the game be decided by the main office should not be measured. If Harden answered that last a minute, with justice.

Metta World cheap shot he did not mean to do it. Everyone has an accident, the feeling throughout the day. Like many of the defendants told the court, it appears plain to the jury.

Study Replay again, because it is more difficult to pass than a beer commercial on Monday. If only you accidentally slam your elbow into the temple of others, do not pause to see if the poor man's head still attached? Knucklehead World Metta has never looked back, but rolling around under the court, satisfied with his world and full of himself.

When some of the other Thunder players closer to a personal matter, it seemed bracing for a fight again. Hardly the language of the body of a man with a sad blow not desirable.

No, not planned by malice, it seems at least a deliberate reaction to the situation. He did not want to harden in the air because the important business at hand. May dip to celebrate.

In addition, he can always apologize later on Twitter.

So with further unrest in the world Metta What Next? Remind me again why we need to wonder.

Never mind the new name, image dry cleaned, or the time elapsed since the incident without thinking then. When push comes to shove, and push come to the elbow, it is Ron Artest.

By all accounts, there is no reason to think he's a demon or evil. Seems to have a certain charm to each other, some time. May be occasions showed his heart. Contribute to the cause of mental health is real.

But the day is too many, he became and still is, Metta selfish World. Brown never thought of his mind seems to be crazy again about how their actions are detrimental to his teammates, and his game.

If he really understood, why the November 19, 2004 has not changed forever? That is a fight in Auburn Hills when he was in Indiana, his responsibility to stand blind rage, shot from the audience, 86-game suspension that followed.

It took years to recover the Pacers, the whole franchise was nearly destroyed by the loss of the head of a player. NBA saw one of the darkest night. You would think that isolate the straight man for good.

But on Sunday, he Metta Same Old World thing. He probably has a respectable time since 2004, but he is who he is. Long rap sheet, and are not covered.

The violence of spring sports - a gift of speech Gregg Williams here, attacking hockey there - the NBA does not want to join the trend, just in time for the postseason promotion.

NBA playoffs, where the attack happened?

Meanwhile, the Lakers, who had to make on an injury, is almost certain to start the title chase short-handed.

World Metta blindly making, and his alone.

To say he needed to learn from this is ridiculous. He was 32, and Sunday was a 903 game players in the NBA. Only when the good consciousness should come?

Anyone named World Peace Metta-if he meant what he said - not ever, ever, ever let anything like Sunday's happening.

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