New calls for DST to remove

Watch across the country to roll an hour Sunday as England move to daylight saving time. Life extra hour in bed, however, the official figures showed that the survival of British Summer Time (BST) throughout the year could improve road safety. Darkest Night brings a higher level of road accidents, according to Transportation Department figures. He said that keeping BST time can prevent about 80 deaths and at least 200 serious injuries on British roads every year. The number of pedestrians killed or seriously injured that on November 14% higher than the monthly average. The number of cyclist casualties rose by 5%, while the motorcycle vehicle mileage low 28% more common. The pilot system Simon Best, chief executive of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, the belief that the light of the night to save lives. "As an extra hour during the day will help the journey home safer for all road users, children, cyclists and motorcyclists are most useful," he said. "We want to see the three year trial of the new lighting system. If the trial period proves the new daylight has a positive effect on road safety, it is clear that the system must meet. "With the strong evidence of the potential benefits, only that the new pilot." Bill will save energy given three years probation GMT plus one hour in winter (GMT +1) and GMT +2 in the summer. However, the bill was "confident" the House of Commons in January 2012 despite the overwhelming support of 120 deputies. David Williams, CEO of gem motoring Help, said: "Changing the clock has only just increase the risk to road users. "Reducing hours a day does not just mean that drivers driving in the dark during rush hour, but pedestrians and other road users, including school children, the increased risk also. "Poor weather, decreased visibility and bad road conditions are common during the winter months and have a serious impact on the increase in the number of accidents and dangerous situations of degradation."

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