Obama, Romney shifting focus to the national economy at the end of the debate

Mitt Romney accused the U.S. force abroad is undermined by the weakness in the home, while President Obama argued that the country is "stronger now than when I took office," the debate to focus on foreign policy issue the problem that led to the campaign: the economy.

The axes of foreign affairs are about a third of the way through the third and final debate that the candidates were asked how they perceive the U.S. position in the world.

Romney, a Republican, said the U.S. role to "create a more peaceful world", and for that, "America must be strong. United States must lead. '

"For this to happen, we need to strengthen our economy here at home. You can not have 23 million people who are struggling to find work. You can not have economic development in the past three years will continue to decrease the growth rate, "he said.

Obama replied that since he was driving end the war in Iraq, Afghanistan start moving and strengthening alliances with foreign partners, the country is in a position "to start rebuilding America."

Romney is the wrong approach both within and outside the country, Obama said, tying with what the president said the promotion of the previous government "wrong and unwise policy."

"He praised George Bush as a good economic manager and Dick Cheney as someone who shows great wisdom and judgment. And bring us back to the kind of approach that got us into this mess is not the way to maintain leadership in the 21st century, "Obama said.

Aggressive exchange underscored the high stakes in a debate two weeks before the election is a tie.

Obama, who has been the head before falling from the opening of the debate in Denver dream, of course attacking and trying to build a natural advantage as commander in chief, accusing his rival adopt a vague and indecisive approach to foreign policy can encourage the enemies of the country during the threat persists.

Romney responded by setting aside the attacks, saying they did not meet the serious challenges - and opportunities - compared to countries like the Middle East convulses in agony wide.

Romney, in line with the previous discussion, took more moderate than it has in most campaigns.

He praised Obama for the death of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, but said the country "can not kill our way" for a solution to the Middle East. He said the answer is more economic opportunities and the expansion of freedom

Obama went on the attack, citing Romney last Cold War-style rhetoric and show that Romney wants a foreign policy that was instituted in 1980 to go along with the 1950 social policy and economic policy in 1920.

"Every time I give an opinion," the president said bluntly, "is wrong."

Sitting side by side on a wooden table and address the moderator, Bob Schieffer CBS, each candidate expected progress and avoid the mistakes that can assume disproportionate importance in the final stretch of the campaign, it is important.

90 minute session on the campus of Lynn University in South Florida has been supporting Obama, at least initially. He is the commander in chief of the country, providing seriously. Furthermore, it can be assumed, as it has throughout the campaign, and achieved, including the death of Osama bin Laden, has kept his promise to end the war in Iraq and put a plan to end U.S. participation . States. Afghanistan becomes unpopular.

Just before the debate, the Obama campaign released a new television ad highlighting the withdrawal from Iraq and plans to bring the troops home from Afghanistan. "It's time to stop fighting and start building back here," says the ad, tying the economic argument for the president's message on foreign policy.

In recent weeks, however, Obama was thrown on the defensive foreign policy, considering the strong demand, as the government offered a number of explanations for the increase in attacks against a U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans killed in the attack, the details are still unclear.

Despite the opening, Romney is not very sure-footed when you deviate from the main objective of his campaign on the economy. Invalid traveled last summer in Europe and Israel, confusing and even some Republicans, calling Russia a strategic enemy of the nation, and burn an attempt to maximize the controversy over Benghazi, including errors real debate last week.

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