Favor Hamilton worked as escort

The three time Olympian Suzy Hamilton said he favors overwhelmed by depression and troubled marriage, to a life of prostitution.

In a series of posts on his Twitter account, favor Hamilton admitted working as an escort after a report Thursday on the Web site The Smoking Gun about his double life.

"I do not expect people to understand," he wrote in favor of Hamilton. "But the reason for doing so sense to me at that time and is strongly associated with depression."

The Smoking Gun said athlete of 44 years working for the past year for Las Vegas escort services that are not booked to date, as well as Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago. Website said they charged $ 600 per hour for their services.

I saw one of the best middle-distance runners, favor Hamilton compete for the U.S. Olympics in 1992, 1996 and 2000, but did not win a medal. He won seven U.S. national titles. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin, where, The Smoking Gun reported that she and her husband, Mark, live in the home for $ 600,000 and apparently not in financial difficulty to examine the records of the court and city websites.

Hamilton said the site to favor her husband just do escort work, but, "he tried, he tried to make me stop him not supported at all ..."

The website reported that favor Hamilton worked under the alias of "Kelly Lundy", but said he told some of his clients about his true identity, and apparently one of them leaked.

Shortly after the story appeared online, please Hamilton publishes a series of tweets saying mostly he was "interested in including large part because it gives a lot of coping mechanisms for me when I is going through a hard on my marriage and my life. '

The nine-time NCAA champion Wisconsin, Suzy Hamilton favor favor Athlete Big is namesake of the Year Award, given to the conference's top ten female athletes. Big Ten spokesman Scott Chipman said the conference had no comment.

Favor Hamilton appeared in an ad for Nike and done promotional work for the Rock Marathon Rock 'n' Disney and run the show.

A Disney spokesman said Hamilton did not favor an employee, and not scheduled to perform at Disneyland 10K race or future events.

Favor Hamilton did not respond to requests from The Associated Press seeking comment.

Las Vegas police have no record of any arrests or contact with favor Hamilton, said Officer Laura Meltzer, a department spokesman. There is no doubt that favor Hamilton was launched in the wake of press reports said Meltzer. The phone number of escort Hamilton said he works for is not in service, and attempts to reach company representatives via email immediately successful.

Favor Hamilton three time winner of the 1,500 meters outside national and national champion three times over - his last title coming in 1999.

"As I know it sounds crazy, I never thought that I exposed, because it did not hurt anyone," he said in an announcement of Twitter.

In another, he said he was seeking psychological treatment for your problem.

He closed his series of tweets saying: ". I have every intention of making peace and return to a good mother, wife, daughter and friend "

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