Google pays tribute to Ada Lovelace

Warning latest Google Doodle logo pays tribute to Ada, Countess of Lovelace (1815-1852) - better known as Ada Lovelace - A computer pioneer pioneer who made centuries before the computer revolution started in so serious. It comes on the anniversary of his birth 197 years. There is often cited as the first computer programmer, but it may be an accurate dumbing their role in the history of computing. Daughter of Lord Byron - a father knows nothing - he was an admirer and collaborator of Charles Babbage, a genius who designed the Difference Engine and Analytical Engine mechanical computer was not able to develop. Modern fans, however, the difference in engine performance and build plans to build the analytical engine. Ada Lovelace His notes on the analytical engine is a table documenting an algorithm for calculating Bernoulli numbers, then the label "first programmer". One can argue whether it counts as a program or not, especially since the team was never built. And people who know more about Babbage and work There are notes I continue to debate how much of their contribution. (Babbage praised the originality of his work and said he saw a huge mistake in the calculation of Bernoulli, maybe we should pay tribute as the first debugger) Whatever role's in the history of the program, capturing the importance of the discovery of Babbage and realize that mathematics is only a part of: theorizing, for example, that the Analytical Engine could be used to write music. Be aware of things in the 1840s, long before anyone managed to build a computer, let alone people who can write songs. There's good to see the Google homepage today, where he is shown writing "programs" with feather pen - with a note next to the Google logo Curling computer from Difference Engine and Analytical Engine. The last machine shown: laptop playing modern music, and is therefore in accordance with the vision of Victoria ADA - like computers around the world every day.

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