Doncaster destroyed power tower convertible UK

AN operation to destroy the cooling tower at the site of the Power Station of former Thorpe Marsh near Doncaster has successfully completed the company's Teesside. Able Billingham-based UK said the decision to destroy the first six 100 meter high tower taken due to security concerns and urged that the discussion about destroying the remaining five will continue Doncaster Council. Permission to work on Thorpe Marsh was conducted following the approval for £ 984m gas power plant by Acorn Power development. Able UK Managing Director Andrew Jacques said: "Given the existence of Thorpe Marsh site in 1995 we have done a lot of work in the field but the basic structure still remains the cooling tower. "We must take action to reduce the tower structure is special because of concerns, and it gave us the opportunity to use the latest techniques to avoid demolition using explosives and therefore minimize noise and disturbance . "We are in discussions with the local authorities in other cooling tower plan departure and hope that we will be able to move forward with further demolition in the near future."

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