200 work on the road in the UK car maker Unipres section

Motor Vehicle Parts Unipres British maker expects to bring another 200 staff in the coming years due to increasing demands from clients, including Nissan and Honda. Sunderland company saw revenue jump nearly £ 30M over the past year and has increased the workforce by approximately 100 as Nissan Wearside increasing the production of Qashqai and Juke models. And look for further growth of the motor industry continues to recover. Nissan plan to make electric Leaf on Wearside next year and announced it is to create a new model Invitations and this week announced plans to create another new hatchback. Unipres delivers about 950 people. It just received confirmation that he's a £ 5 million £ 2.4bn growth fund to help projects such as the expansion of the plant. Finance Director Graham Baines said: "The continuing challenge is to manage the higher level of business we expect. We know that Nissan is at least three new models over the next two years. We will attract more business as well, and there are new developments in the electric vehicle market. "We expect to expand the plant and bring new equipment to cope with the extra level of business. Things are looking pretty positive at the moment. We still do a bit cautious due to economic conditions, but we do not hit too bad once. ' The company was formed in the UK from £ 173.3m in 2011, up from £ 145.5m in 2010. Gross margin as a percentage of sales decreased from 21.1% in 2010 to 17.7% due to increased material and outsourcing costs. Profit before tax for the year rose from £ 14.3m to £ 17.8m. Most sell Unipres manufacturer in the UK, even with a small number of export to Europe and Japan. In the report of the company's directors, Unipres show that export is affected by the "silent demand" the European automotive sector and the impact of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Nissan constitute about 85% of the order book of the company. It is pulling in more business from manufacturers such as Honda last year, but Baines said the size will remain the same as Nissan has also improved the work that has been passed on Unipres. The company also introduced the development of such "hot stamping press" and laser cutting technology.

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