Aga boss now looking abroad

THE company behind the iconic Aga cooker steel has posted a 3% drop in profits, but still insisted to return to pre-crisis levels of trade credit. AGA RANGEMASTER want at least half of the revenue generated from outside the UK, compared with 37% last year, because it is believed to be far more appropriate products for the international market. It sold 11,000 stoves in 2011, down 6% on last year, but its sales were flat after Aga stove may launch electric equivalent, controlled by a hi-tech touchscreen, which can Heat up to 22 minutes, compared to about six hours to design original. Despite recent declines in sales, said Aga continues believes can restore the sales of iron stove with 19,600, a level seen in 2007. Sales volume for range cookers RANGEMASTER approximately 62,000 units in 2011, below the 2007 level of 76 000, but great demand from France in 2011 has fueled the hope that it will promote the Export orders. He added: "We still do not expect the volume of material changes in the UK, given the housing market and the consumer, which makes international sales - account for over one-quarter of the volume RANGEMASTER sales - so significant. " AGA has gone through a decline in sales by cost efficiencies made between 2008 and 2010. Chief executive William McGrath said: "The focus for 2011 is on maintaining our strong balance sheet and earnings growth."

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