Tyneside powering up for an electric car revolution

AN international conference will open on the Tyneside tomorrow to help smooth the way to go with electric vehicles. Northumbria University is hosting the event North Sea Electric Mobility Network, an EU-funded project that aims to ensure compatibility between electric vehicle charging posts and back-up infrastructure in Europe and the UK. The aim is to give the driver confidence electricity they can travel far. Three-year project involving the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. The target is to take another form of transportation, from the fleet of cars, public transport, buses and electric scooters and bicycles, more compatibility with national borders and within the country. At the conference, Northumbria academics will present the progress made by the North East as the first English region to a low carbon economy for ultra low carbon vehicles. "All kinds of technologies are emerging, and after that is something of a haphazard system," said Dr. Richard Kotter, a specialist in regional economic development at Northumbria University. "It's about different countries learn from each other and about business travelers and tourists from other countries that have the potential to make electric vehicles. "In our conference, Northumbria strive to set the standard." Northumbria University Conference arrival experts developed a formula to predict the impact that will have electric vehicles on the electricity supply in the country. Dr Ghanim Putrus, readers in the power engineering school of computing, information science and engineering, who led the project to create a easy to use tool to help policy makers prepare for an increase in electric vehicles and how it needs to be filled affecting the national grid. Capacity calculator grid considered future electricity needs by taking measurements of the binding energy consumption area and then calculate the likely future demand for, and impact, gain increased as electric cars connected for recharging. Development of new network capacity calculator is a partnership involving Northumbria University and Charge your Car project, the Government of electric current vehicle program installed charging points in the North East. Measures include the installation of electric car charging 1,000 points in 2013.

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