Habits and Auto-Pilot That Deceive Us

Auto-PilotThe Auto-pilot direct the plane without someone should really have their hands on the stick. In case you are in the cockpit when the pilot let go of the stick and the plane began to fly itself, it was a bit of a strange feeling, like you would have if you take your hands off the steering wheel while driving your vehicle. You are now 'out of control'. However, pilots are always in the cockpit monitoring just to make sure he did the right thing.The mind is a built-in auto-pilot our bodies. Mental function is to operate all functions of the body automatically, so you do not have to think about everything in your body have to do to keep it running. Thus, the auto-pilot is a good thing. In fact, the whole universe works on auto-pilot. Evolution generated by the natural need of plants or animals coming into contact with, otherwise it can not adapt to it and will die.One area that we often forget about is that our mind can automatically do our thinking for us. 

This means that, all things that we believe, do and think is a result of how your mind is programmed automatically. Mostly, we do not have our own auto-pilot program, but we've got this program to us from various sources. Thus, through life, our thoughts shape reality'' feel'' it is true and there is no question in our lives. We believe that our thoughts always gave us the best advice, make the right decision and will not do anything to hurt us. But, in reality, the mind is only concerned with one thing, and that is to keep automation.In fact, we ourselves have little to do with our program. Most of it comes from our environment from a very early age, when our children have no choice but to believe everything you hear and see as true. In fact, we all learn from those who also programmed the same way, in a totally different era, when the world situation is different. My father was born on the farm in 1931, during the depression in a small town in rural Kentucky, so things learned in that environment. I was born in 1960, the largest city in Kentucky, and raised in a nearby town, my father is not a farmer like him, but was a teacher and since it's not like his father, actually. So, it makes sense that the world I grew up in was totally different from my father. So did my father learned the rules that apply to the life of the environment that began in 1960? Some yes and some no.The point is, just about everything that we believe in our program without our active participation. Thus, our minds operate automatically using the information that has been programmed. We are encouraged by our Auto-Pilot whether we know it or not. It is natural and not a bad thing.

However, there are times in life when you realize that you are in the area come because autopilots you drive you there. Therefore the path of least resistance, even if the path can not be easy one.So, when you realize that things are not as they should be, you ask why it came to be the method and the reason it is difficult to determine. The rules we live by are not always known to us, but we follow them because that is what we are automatically programmed to do.So, such as the pilot sitting in the cockpit watching the auto-pilot, we felt the need to take the view alone mental auto-pilot we and see what the heck he was doing, because we are not heading in the direction we wanted to go, and the only thing we auto-pilot directs our mind. Mind is part finely tuned very sharp and technology. It works extremely well and efficiently to every person in the world regardless of the situation. It is a program to keep himself, and everyone else is not important to them. So, to gain control over our own lives, need to decide as much programming needed to regain control of the ship, in this case you.By take your mind off auto-pilot, and program information, beliefs, actions consciously you know well for you, you can re-direct to the destination you want to go to. There is no other way. It takes a lot of consistency, repetition, patience, respect and determination to reprogram mind.

The mind will make it uncomfortable for you, it will send you any warning in the book, to avoid having to adopt a new program, so that you as the pilot of your own destiny should be stronger than the auto-pilot and train it automatically begins to function in accordance with the new program that you provide. Then, things will start to change for you, automatically. After this function is not a deterrent but the most important thing to remember aide.The in trying to reshape your existence is that you oppose this change of mind. Generally, the more advanced and informed thinking, the more he can find a way to oppose the change. Mind is soft and seductive tease you to do the wrong thing over and over, without any other reason than because it is what it has always done. It just assumes that intelligent right.The biggest mistake people make is to believe what their mind tells them. Take control of your life by keeping a close watch on your attitude and actions. Use auto-suggestion to establish patters of thinking. Celebrate and reenforce each victory.You is the captain of your ship! Take control!

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