Visceral Fat - The Dangers Of A thick waist

Obesity is undoubtedly a growing problem in Europe, the United States and even across the developing world. Most of us know that obesity is a bad thing: it makes us more fit, more able to exercise, more and more sluggish, but overall not too damaging obesity such as fear of visceral fat, the fat we carry around in our stomach and we Waists .2 FatThere type 2 types of belly fat belly. The first is called subcutaneous fat, it is the fat that we can squeeze or pinch. It is just below the skin, and unless we remain thin, most of us have some other type of fat.

The subcutaneous fat and visceral fat that lies deep in the bowels and can not be squeezed or pinched, almost solid. It makes people look as if they have a pot belly or beer belly, even if they do not drink all that much. But it is potentially dangerous and we should all be aware of it and the risks it carries, before it's too late! Related Health Risks With Visceral FatThe for a list of health risks associated with this type of fat does not make pleasant reading. There is growing evidence that it is linked to the development of Alzheimer's disease. If you bring the type of fat in 40 or 50 if you actually increase the risk of developing fatty condition.Visceral also toxic in the sense that it releases toxins in your body, especially your heart, you have to look forward to poison and 'process' visceral fat . Because this process releases the fat in the blood in the form of cholesterol. And as we all know, the more cholesterol we have, the more we are at risk of developing high blood pressure or heart disease, because cholesterol can block up our arteries.

Excess belly fat may also increase the risk of diabetes and if you have diabetes then you higher risk of heart may also be at risk of developing several types of cancer disease.You or have stroke.So all, it really is not a good thing to have! Waist Size Matters! This really is news about visceral fat is that you can see pretty slim, but there is still a kind of fat! If you have a waist size over 40 inches (for men) or 35 inches (for women), then you have visceral fat, which increases your health risk. Although waist size sounds very generous, many people have a waist size and the only way to be sure is to measure your waist and then decline if it is greater than necessary!

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