Rediscovery Dairy Queen: An American Classic

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Dairy Queen at 2011 Whitney Ave. is a free standing restaurant with a walk -up window and a drive thru to order food. A classic restaurant with a long past, this location reminds us of simpler times.

Dairy Queen has been a part of American culture for the last 60 years and managed to survive. What were once just 10 stores has now grown to more than 5,000 around the world. There are Dairy Queens in the United States and Canada, as well as 20 foreign countries.

The menu includes sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs, as well as side dishes of French fries and onion rings that compliment any sandwich. In addition there is a salad menu for the weight conscious.

To top off a meal there are ice cream treats -- cones that come either plain or dipped, and fancier treats like sundaes or Blizzards for dessert. A wide range of beverages are available from ice drinks to Milk Shakes and hot coffee.

Food can be taken home or sit outside and eat and watch the cars go by. Located in an area bustling with businesses, lunchtime is very popular. Seating out front is limited but ample parking allows for eating in your car.

There is no dress code and the atmosphere is relaxing, especially during warm weather. Accessibility is always available, ordering is at street level. The menu is reasonably priced with something for everyone.

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