Thompson breaks Big Ten tournament scoring record

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INDIANAPOLIS — Juice Thompson's tongue. That will be the enduring image from Northwestern's record-setting 75-65 victory Thursday over Minnesota.

Considering he scored 35 points, more than any player in the 14-year history of the Big Ten tournament, Thompson had a number of chances to celebrate big shots in his patented way — by smiling and letting his tongue hang down over his lower lip. He did it twice Thursday.

"It just happens out of instinct," said Thompson, the Lincoln Park High School product whom opponents have labeled an All-American trash talker.

Teammate John Shurna said that when the tongue comes out, "that's when he's toughest to stop."

And Minnesota had no chance against him in the second half. Thompson scored 22 points in 19 minutes, nailing 7 of 9 from the field and all six free-throw tries.

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