Heavy D, Dead At 44: A Big Screen Tribute

Heavy D Hip hop artist died today (November 8) at a very young age of 44 years. "Now that we found Love" singer is best known for his work on the R & B scene, but the Heavy D was born in Jamaica, is a known quantity of the screen too. In fact, his work as an actor was recently seen as the "Tower Heist", Brett Ratner directing and starring Eddie Murphy comedy, currently in theaters.

In honor of Heavy D, look back at some of the artists most impressive change in the big screen.


It is logical that one of D's heavy initial appearance of the screen is a strong link to the final bow: He starred in the 1999 "Life", "Tower Heist" joke against future co-star Eddie Murphy. The film was produced by the producer Grazer "Heist" Brian. D starred in "Life" as well as the comedians, including Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Anthony Anderson and Bernie Mac

"Cider House California"

Strong personality and his presence lends itself easily to comedy, but is no stranger to the winner was well: Peaches played in "The Cider House Rules" were the 1999 Oscar competition of the relationship of young people in the orphanage for War II.

"Boston Public"

D is a strong presence on the small screen acting, and great. He had a recurring role in the high school drama Fox's "Boston Public" as Bob "Big Boy" Lick, love school counselor. D appeared in 13 episodes of the television series from 2000 to 2003.


OK, OK, so Mr. D is not comedy, but "Now that we found love," gives the tapestry of music that Will Smith and Kevin James danced in the final scene of the wedding. As much as we could, not hate "bottlenecks." And always dig early 90's rap.

"Tower Heist"

His last appearance was brief, but memorable: Heavy D has a cameo in "Tower Heist" last week as the guardian of the courthouse. Not too fancy, but is surrounded by a great actor and former colleague in his final film effort.

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