Colorado voters overwhelmingly reject higher taxes

Denver - Colorado proposition 103, the largest tax increase proposal for the year November election, go to the sound defeat Wednesday morning, an indication that voters still expect government to solve their economic problems by cutting spending rather than increasing revenue.

Size, which increases the state sales tax to fund education, lose by a margin of 65 percent to 35 percent to 59 percent of the area around.

Vote for the 103 plan being closely watched nationally and activists in other countries contemplating their own-initiative tax increases. Efforts to put a tax increase on the ballot in 2012 and was conducted in Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho and South Dakota.

Like other states, Colorado turned sharply to the right in 2010 elections, which allowed Republicans to do the State House, two seats in Congress, and three offices throughout the state following the race for governor. He also 30 000 votes unseating incumbent Senator Michael Bennet.

Voice on Tuesday showed that voters remain conservative mood, poor sign for President Obama, who won in Colorado in 2008 and has a traditional country as an integral part of the re-election strategy. Democratic President visited the country twice since the end of September.

"If you plan 103 was lost, it is proposed that the group vote on major issues" limited government "and" no new taxes "remain dominant," said Denver pollster Floyd Ciruli.

"Whatever is done to raise important caveat, as the number of people now have half the number of people who left years from now," says Ciruli. "While the Democrats are working hard to get voters' voice is bigger and whiter. You will not have a lot of young voters, minority voters O. "

Sponsored by Democratic state Sen.. Rollie Heath, 103 proposals would increase the state sales tax from 4.63 to 5 percent and sales tax rates across states from 2.9 percent to 3 percent. The second is due to an increase in five years. The estimated $ 3000000000 raised is designated for K-12 and higher education, although critics point out that additional general fund revenue, which means it can be used for anything.

Initially regarded as a political disagreement, measures 103 appeared to accelerate in the last week of the campaign. State teacher of the two SP, where the original is left out of the race, finally agreed to support the measure and has contributed more than $ 90,000 for the campaign, according to the latest fundraising.

The campaign has raised more than $ 600,000, far above the opposition, which has collected only about $ 25,000.

Although profit fundraising, proposal 103 was always defeated by a few percent in the polls. Some Democratic leaders support the initiative - Governor John Hickenlooper Democrats remained firmly neutral - while Republicans oppose uniforms.

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