CL&P to Send More Crews to Meriden Wednesday

Connecticut Light and Power (CL & P) will send 12 teams in the city of Meriden to work on the restoration of power on Wednesday, the state senator. Suzie Len (R-Meriden) said on Tuesday night, from reporting companies, worked in the city on Tuesday.

The announcement came after lawmakers and city officials that CL & P had several meetings marked as "tense" in the Emergency Operations Center Meriden pm on Tuesday to discuss the city to restore one of the Meriden Administrator City of Lawrence Kendzior was publicly criticized as woefully inadequate. At 9:41 pm on Tuesday, 79 percent of Meriden are without electricity for a third full day, down from 83 percent in the afternoon.

The press was not allowed in the meeting at 6 pm, but some of those who attended to inform the press later.

CL & P officials said the group would have expected that 99 percent of the state shall have the power for Sunday, more than a week after Hurricane defeated Alfred trees and power lines on the east coast.

Meriden official noted that CL & P representatives of more than 20,000 homes and businesses without electricity in Meriden response deserve further utility, according to the state representative. Chris Donovan (D-Meriden) after the meeting. Donovan, who has a home in Meriden currently have no power, held a meeting. [Click on the video to some of Donovan's statements after the meeting.]

"It seems to be one third of customers in this area Cheshire ... and not a percentage of the crew in this area, "said Donovan, 9 cities," Cheshire Region "in Meriden. At the meeting, promised CL & P reported that at least six crew in the city on Wednesday, and possibly more if the team is likely to go elsewhere, "I want 30 crew this morning, instead of six, was 30 years," Donovan said.

CL & P has offered an explanation of why there are so few of the crew who worked in the city on Tuesday after the meeting, especially compared to a tropical storm Irene August. According to Jim Muntz, President of Northeast Utilities transmission, this is an important personal problem.

The crew from neighboring countries came to Connecticut to help with the following operating Irene, but this time, winter storms are influenced by their countries as well - so that the help must come from afar, Munz said.

The damage is also worse than tropical storms this summer, according to Tom Dorsey, Manager of Government Affairs for CL & P.

"The damage is five times greater than is caused by Irene," said Dorsey. "This is the biggest event in the history of the company."

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