Rural Reading: Litter pick with RESCUE

When spring arrives while the state changes, sometimes invisible.

Small green bell shoots protruding through the soil, or the first song of the little grebe, all the little signs that winter is behind us.

The night had been removed, and the warmer weather.

I love to be around at times, leaning on the door, or a bridge over the river.

Not necessary to move forward both on a hot day, and silently watched the field means that I see a lot of things that would be lost if I just kept walking.

I have a favorite place where I wanted to quit at least have a view, or a place where I have a better chance than the average to see something interesting.

Too often, however, some destructive streak - crisp packets or bottles.

Some people who live near Meadows Lane gate circuit in which the prairie think they should leave their garden waste.

A cowboy builders have produced their work in the area where the tracks cross the stone pit.

Stacks of old tires in the waste field where last year I found three orchids.

Train workers on their doors on the ground, and lunch every day is a new batch of cartons, coffee cups and soda cans.

Informal waste is fairly easy to treat - I have a switch hidden in the bushes in the way that I am almost every day, in which school children and train workers often.

Minutes of plastic bags, and five and then restored.

Another area that I do, but in others this week.

Rescue, a large annual cleaning, you will see many people picking up trash around the open space around reading.

On Saturday, people picking up trash around the Kennet Meadows - What you think and give them some help?

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