Crystal Cathedral's December donations plunge 68%

The struggle of the Crystal Cathedral has been a dramatic drop in donations, the ministry of the financial crisis.

Donations to fall during the traditional months to give their best. In December 2010, Crystal Cathedral Ministries raise $ 7.3 million. According to court documents, the numbers have dropped 68% in December 2011 to U.S. $ 2.3 million.

Decline in donations is the provider of the factors is whether they are paid back.

Vendors, some of whom have been waiting years to pay Crystal Cathedral Ministries and then went bankrupt, you may see more delays due to financial differences between the church founder, the Reverend. Robert H. Schuller, and several family members.

Schuller, his wife, Arvella, Carol Schuller Milner's daughter and her husband, Tim Milner, filed suit in the Bankruptcy Court noted that the church they owe money in case of copyright infringement, violation of rights intellectual property and contracts have not been paid.

These demands to delay payment of $ 12,500,000 for the creditors. Make payments, together with the sharp drop in donations, which means that the church is left with almost no money for the department, including the "Hour of Power" broadcast, said Nanette Sanders, attorney for the creditors .

"Basically, they were holding the hostage," he said, referring to the claims of the family.

The church was sold to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange in February to $ 57.5 million. Payments to creditors is expected this spring, but because some claims are for unknown values ​​and Milners Schuller and undertakes not to provide for the payment, the seller will not be paid until the amount is determined by the court, said Sanders.

"If the claim is allowed in the amount they say, is left for the service and the seller is not paid in full," he said.

Another blow came Monday afternoon when it was announced that Spanish growth of the church service, the head of the popular Rev. Dante Gebel, has moved to the Anaheim Convention Center next month. "We knew that sooner or later have to go to a bigger place," Gebel said in a statement.

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