Crystal Cathedral congregation in Calif relocating

Garden Grove, California. - The Crystal Cathedral is getting a new name and the financial problems of the church in Orange County to relocate, the minister said Sunday.

The Department will change the name of Christ Hope Center, Sheila Schuller Coleman said in a brief video at the Crystal Cathedral this site.

An announcement about the new location in the coming weeks, he said.

Sold the image of a cathedral church paned glass for the Catholic Diocese of Orange last month to exit federal bankruptcy protection.

"We need a new home sooner than we thought. And we are moving full speed ahead, "said the pastor.

He gave no indication whether the church will live in Orange County, where the service since it was founded by the father of the pastor, Dr. Robert Schuller, in a drive-in theater 42 years ago.

Robert Schuller was discontinued in 2006 after seeing the ministry to become a global empire of televangelist.

Saturday he and his wife, Arvella, announced that he had come down from the board of Crystal Cathedral. Some cited a financial claim negotiations with the church as part of bankruptcy proceedings.

Robert Schuller's attorney, Carl Grumer said on Saturday that the future role of priests in the ministry is "air".

Calls to a spokesman for the Crystal Cathedral this weekend was not immediately returned.

Church raised millions of dollars in grants through the "Hour of Power" was broadcast, but a series of financial setbacks led to mega-churches filing for bankruptcy in October 2010 and the forced sale of a 40 acre campus.

Turbulence in the service will include the firing of Gretchen Schuller Penner's daughter and son-in-law two weeks ago.

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