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Facebook seems to make users mad and / or confused with how to handle the news feed. A few months ago, actor George Takei and billionaire Mark Cuban upset at what they see as the algorithm changes Facebook makes them less visible content, and this time it's New York Times writer Nick Bilton, who complained that his job is not getting as much as they want or used to share. The assumption is that Facebook (FB) would like to pay to get this kind of reach. Whether or not that happens, it still sends an important message: You are not in control, Facebook is.Bilton described in a piece for the Times Bits, how his posts used to get lots of 50 or 100 and even wanted to share from Facebook users sign up to get his feed, with a network of new subscriptions feature. But even if the number of users who subscribe soared, from 25,000 after the feature was launched almost half a million now, he said Bilton get far fewer responses to his post, sometimes as little as 10 or 15 like and share. At one time paid Bilton Facebook to promote his position, however, the number increased nearly 1,000 have percent.I 'see the same phenomenon as Bilton feed myself, even in a relatively small scale. While Bilton nearly half-million customers, I have around 75,000, but I am also, I'm posting content that does not get much more interaction than the first day feature. I am experimenting with pay Facebook to promote my post, but I have no doubt I'll see the same kind of increase in activity if I do. It's kind of the point. (Facebook will hold a news event on March 7, which could include the announcement of further changes to the news feed.) This conclusion seems to jump all at the same time that Mark Cuban came in November when he complained about the increasing difficulty in reaching network of his fans: " sponsored tales "that Facebook accidentally tuning (or at least slower) signals coming from multiple users who can convince them to use as promotional tools such as advertising and Cuba said he was deeply disturbed by the steps that he transferred the majority of the marketing budget a variety of brands on Facebook on Twitter and other platforms.Facebook then give much the same response as in the column Bilton (as reported by my colleague Eliza Kern GigaOM): It is said that tweaks its ranking algorithm for all the time to try to reduce spam and increase the visibility of the content that users want, and say that it was not an attempt to market services such as advertising and promotion of its various features. Official post on the Facebook site, entitled "Reality Check," says: "Our goal in the News Feed is always showing each individual entry of the most relevant of the story to maximize interaction and interest. There have been claims recently showed that our algorithm suppress the distribution of News Feed posts that support organic postpaid to increase our revenue. This is not true. "It should be noted that the former YouTube (GOOG) executive-turned - Hunter Walk venture capitalists come up with some alternative theories why Bilton and become more noticeable drop-off to their liking and sharing, including the possibility that some followers and number of customers will drive the bot accounts spam or loss of interest. I definitely look after the "Subscribe" feature was launched I got a lot of spam comments, and the like and share, as well subside. In that sense, reducing the amount of activity qualifies as a good quartz thing.Zach Seward offer additional theories I think there are a lot of feasibility: In a comment on a post run, she cited frequently devotes Facebook significant amount of energy to promote new features, such as offering subscriptions and "social news reader" offer launched by a number of publications, including The Guardian and The Washington Post. After some time, the network is almost always tweak the ranking algorithm so that new features are underestimating brothers when they stand up, often causing problems for those who rely on them.The bottom line, of course, no way for anyone to know why the Facebook algorithms behave In this way, there is more than possible for us to know why some pages rank high in Google. Second black box with mysterious functions. As I tried to indicate to Cuba in my post, Facebook has the right to do whatever you want on your news feed, including use this to convince you to pay a promotional tool, because it has a news feed. You do not want to. Both are reminded that sometimes.Also from GigaOM: Social Networkers Survey: How to Compete on Facebook in 2013 (subscription required) T-Mobile Data Plan Joint Trust, too, just not for the Force Park CustomersOpen Full Release The net Mobile App crowdsourced Hadoop Ecosystem: The Elephant (Welcome) In Room (Infographic) What is the Ed Tech Can Learn From Health Care comes to Access Data


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