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Growlers are used to bring beer since the 1800s, but the procedure to fill it dramatically increased since then. And Shelton, Conn.-based beer-to-go concept complaint Station bringing the latest technology to U.S. complaints filling It all starts with customer complaints. Brothers Mark and Bill da Silva, brew pub owner in Connecticut, found that their customers are not satisfied with the quality of their complaint system. Mark, the master drinks at the pub (and for growler Station), when it took itself to find a solution. 
He found that Russian system promises to fill a complaint with a unique process that limits the exposure to oxygen so that the beer remains fresh for up to two or three months (compared to about three days in the common charge) . He and his brother share to find with John O'Connell and Tony Lane, co-founder of the company's sales and marketing S3 Consulting. O'Connell and Lane saw an opportunity for the U.S. distribution system is tested with one of the brothers of pub ', and the results are amazing: oxygen-free, foam-free, durable craft beer. 
Cheers, mate: John O'Connell complaints station saw potential in the concept of beer-to-go European. "This is basically the same skills that the bulk fill bottling lines for each beer company use, and they called for single use," said O'Connell. Inspiration hit when people began to research the market and found that the system used in the beer-to-go shop in Europe. "We thought, wait a minute: Maybe there is something here not only from the point of view of distribution, but from the point of view of self-actual store and use the system to sell growlers," said O'Connell. The decision is clear - if the concept worked in Europe, definitely take America. All four jumped at the chance. They were joined by Piero Broccardo, who served as president and CFO, and established complaint Station. Open (beer) Gates Complaint Station Store first launched in January in New York. 
Even before the doors opened, the company has built a fan base of potential customers through Facebook and Twitter followers. The team also asked the PR firm to create more buzz. While customers can not drink in the store, they can choose from a selection of 24 craft brews on tap and take it to go. Reusable glass growlers sold in 32 - and 64-ounce sizes, but also offers a choice of 2-liter plastic complaint Station, recycled (not reusable) nicknamed the "Beast." "This is the concept that we are the only one to do at this point," said Lane, who served as Chief Marketing Officer. "Now you do not have to worry about buying a glass complaint, you do not have to worry about bringing it back, you do not have to worry about cleaning it before bringing it back." Prices vary between different beer. Customers can cost as little as $ 1.99 for 12-ounce bottle of single and up to $ 34.99 for the design of special import to 64 oz complaints. (Median price for a 64-ounce domestic beer complaint craft $ 13.99) The complaint Station also sells a variety of specialty foods - from salsa and marinate for home brand GS Nutsack summer beans - to increase drinks. Intelligent Support The shop is equipped with iPad kiosks that customers can use to explore the application of Beer complaint Station Wizard and find their perfect beer.
 Users can search for craft beer based on food, family style or conformity with brands they know, and then filter the results based on criteria such as bitterness, color and alcohol content. "We want to create a customer experience," says Lane. Customers have downloaded apps on their iPhone can use it to see where beer is currently available in local stores. "The Beer Wizard app really tied into the shop, so that when they change the beer on tap at the store, it will automatically update the application," he said. More This business is self-funded so far, but the founders believe their investment will pay off. O'Connell said the store has seen consistent week-over-week sales increase of about 15 percent. Just six weeks after its opening, complaints Station is performed at the level of the founder who is expected to take five months to achieve. Broccardo said business is the breakeven point in terms of cash flow. A second location recently opened in Greenville, SC, and more are planned. 
 The founders say they have received national and international interest in the franchise, they expect to have a fully developed plan to franchise this year and soon will begin actively seeking franchise. "Surely we built a store at the product level measured high that we can move the franchise community," said Broccardo. In addition, the team will create a scale-down, store-in-store version (think: Starbucks at the grocery store), and options, the small kiosks around 20 square meters called the Complaints Station Express. The company is in final discussions with retailers interested in the stall. All of the company's revenue stream associated with complaint-filling modern technology. O'Connell said: "We are revolutionizing the way beer is sent to the consumer."

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