A Short Guide To Investor CCTV

What kind of threat monitors? Is the system responsible for the protection of human life, confidential documents and data, a large amount of cash? In addition, it is important to take into account the probability of occurrence and the attacker to take action against those who are in the early stages of the overall design of the system. All of this should affect the overall development of surveillance systems, equipment selection, means of protection against attack and destruction, such as robbery emergency procedures in case of power systems failure. Some particularly exposed to damage , so it is important to consider the use of appropriate devices and then, for example: a camera with a polycarbonate housing or ball (terminal, drunk tank). It is also necessary to install a camera disguised, hidden in that time. To increase the number of cameras visual, need to deploy fools. It is also an important way of building wiring installation, must be secured from the cut. Another important thing is that the system must withstand direct glare blinded teach camera.
2. What areas will be monitored? In design to the existing building should indicate the areas that are important to be able to observe. This will allow the system designer to choose surveillance camera with a sufficient number of the right lens and plan their deployment. 
3. What is the purpose of observing a particular zone? The purpose of the monitoring of selected zones can define alarm activation methods. One should indicate this zone. In contrast to the area just to be able to observe, we have to explain what kinds of threats may occur in some zones. 
4. What is the required level of automation? One must be aimed at the maximum level of automation, because of human-operated systems are expensive and unreliable for long term. On the other hand, there must be the possibility of manual operation in individual instances.
5. What should I do if the reaction system of each region is violated? CCTV devices after fault zone is usually triggered automatic operations such as activation record, turn on the lights, close the door, turn on the sirens, etc. 
6. What is the reaction time of the system is needed? Delay in operation may be caused by mechanical (eg rotator) or electronics (VCR, DVR, telematics devices) behind. In critical situations, where there is a delay is accepted, all devices must operate round-the-clock with a minimum number of control functions that can be implemented to bring the inertia of the system . 
7. What are the environmental conditions will have to work? One must determine the range of temperature and humidity, Dustiness level, electromagnetic interference, lighting conditions etc, but also some specific conditions, if necessary, for example hazard. 
8 explosion. What is the expected method of control systems? There should be defined where the control system is to be realized from, the people who manage it, fixed and variable parameters (all functions are not designed to be modified should be blocked) 0. 
9. How many simultaneous events should be handling system? When anticipating two or more simultaneous alarm events, required to provide adequate means for dealing with it, such as two or more separate monitoring and control system etc.
10. What is the scope and level of security sufficient signal transmission using digital signal processing techniques enable the transmission internet -? Unlimited range. However, in the design phase of a possible telecommunications connections (eg: bandwidth, fixed IP address) is required, and where the decision must be made when digitized signals: the camera (web camera), then the camera (with video server web) or a recording device (DVR card, stand alone DVR). Digital video signals transmission provide new opportunities for remote monitoring of areas and objects. 
11. How should the training of supervisory staff / security guards do? In addition to training for the entire staff of the surveillance be done to complete the written instructions for using the system, including preventive maintenance and simple method eliminates errors etc. 
12. What kind of system maintenance is needed and who will be responsible for some part of the mechanism that some devices may require routine lubrication, housing -? Check tightness, lenses - cleaning, VCR head - cleaning or exchange. It must be determined whether the basic maintenance that should be done by staff or Outsourced.

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