Small Business Ideas - Your Image Can Lose You Business

What image do you and your people portray to your prospects and clients? Here is the situation that happened to me recently and hopefully you will collect useful small business ideas that will make you money instead of spending your money.January always a good time to pick up a bargain so when I saw two blind company famous advertising 35% off their Blind, I decided to give them a call ... and it is an interesting Athis experience.Company people show up on time which in itself is a huge bonus. He was dressed in a professional manner and is very effective in the way. I know what I want and all Mary had to do was measure and provide a quote. 

He was very helpful and pleasant face. I told Mary to call me in a few days because I had also arranged for another company to quote. 'No problem', he said. "I'll call you later." Bthis company sales representatives. truly unique. He showed up 15 minutes early which is very common. I do not mind people coming a few minutes earlier than the agreed time, but 15 minutes was a bit too early. He must first crusade to see if it was okay. John obviously a smoker because of the smell wafted through the door before he walked in. It really puts me off. Not only was he shaved and dressed carelessly. John looks like he just got out of bed, I got dressed, having a smoke and I should appear house.Maybe so quick to judge him, but his image gives me the perception that the company is very unprofessional to have people like that representing them . 

John is not a quick walk through the door, when his cell phone rang. Rather than shut it down, he answered it and had a conversation for a few minutes with someone from the company. I think it's rude. Is not it more important to focus on the sales potential? He can check the phone when he left.John made to measure blind and give somebody quote Mary vs. $ 600 cheaper. Turns out he's not one dimensional so justify why so many cheaper.However quote, I did not even bother with him to find out if this is why the price is much better than with Mary. I decided that if he was a slob after the company he worked for ugly blinds.Whether provision may be true or not, it does not matter because it's the perception I had about company.What Picture Are you and the people you are describing? Image is very important. We judge people the way they look and act. Are you dressed appropriately for your role? Are you people? Is a professional image depicting? Does it instill confidence, trust, reliability? Picture not only the physical aspects of a person. 

Environment you work and live in also says a lot about you. So your car drive.For example cluttered environment gives the impression of chaos, confusion and carelessness. Where the area clean and tidy and describe harmony control.Small Business Idea -? PonderDo points you and your people to dress appropriately answer the phone How neat is to see your neighborhood or earthquake zone you signageYour car -? This clean outside and inside your home -? It is clean and tidy WordSo Final take stock now. Look at yourself first. If you are a manager, business owner or the assessment team leader of your own people and the environment and see what you can improve, then take action.You only get one chance to make a good first impression. And it met that can make the difference between losing your own business or business idea it.For smaller check our website: www.office-organiser.com.au

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