Cards prevail over Brewers in wild 11-inning game

The battle for the National League Central begun officially.

Of course, the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals are jockeying for position at the Department for the majority in the last few months. But the intensity in a big way in one of two competitors hot and Muggy Tuesday night at Miller Park.

Eighth season-please this match, the teams have a bit of everything.

Pregame untoward insinuations of gamesmanship by beer from Cardinals Manager Tony La Russa. Timely home runs from sources that are not possible. Players from both sides were exposed to the ball and their emotions flaring. Ejection.

After 11 rounds and a resolution.

Lance Berkman bloop single to left drove Matt Holliday with decision-making Run, giving St. Louis 8-7 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers ', which lead to its removal for games in the Division. 2½

Berkman hit than its completed a tone eight at-bats against soothing-Marco Estrada, who retired to Gerald Laird and Albert Pujols to start 11. Holliday, then came first in a single field and stole second base – his first of the year – the position of the leading NL batter's home-run scoring of Berkman.

"I've seen Holliday to steal", "said Brewers Manager Ron Roenicke."It is very wisely baserunner. Choose your time, get a little bent and well done. As a base to steal their software. "

Key went a bit bitter, but deep in its crucial for the bats, but the end result was the same: a competitive win for the Cardinals. Berkman threw out just a bit out of step and Low and with the strike zone, placing it between Ryan Braun and Yuniesky Betancourt plate Holliday.

It took eight full innings to reach base mash against Cardinals Starter Jaime Garcia last-standing to him on May 6 in St. Louis. During this time, it took exactly one bread, and Corey Hart leadoff single winding paved the way to what is Run, the first two inning.

Exploding solo homer high off the scoreboard in the second for the Cardinals 2-1 by Oktay. But the heart and another one-this is a driving de Josh Wilson-back to two runs on a 3-1 cushion stretch followed by Milwaukee.

Cardinals have scores Shaun Marcum stopped until the fourth of five was the core of this defense worse than explosion.

First Wilson which was not and reel in smash Centre in Pujols head of the conversions, after walking in Holliday, Hart failed to break on the ball allowing for runners in the second and third.

Skip Schumaker followed with a powerful grounder on the Prince Fielder, first, that hung fielder and hasty home of Pujols, rather than under some at first base threw. The start is high and off line, so that Pujols on the result.

Then Yadier Molina, reason-I with a check-swing popout by Daniel Descalso take once, before his career in the right side of the double Holliday. 069 hitter in a 6-3, allowing the Cardinals to a three-run Homer for the Brewers major coup-Garcia burst.

"Yes, it is demonstrated that it certainly hurt us," Roenicke said. " ["[Pujols] to me three times-the bullet hit, we should be thrown in the third, we should be thrown in his house. ”

Milwaukee rallied back to take the lead in the fifth. Fielder drove in the first run with a single right sets the stage for Betancourt, of all people. Shortstop, who emerged from the recession of the first half of July, launched a three Run Homer in the Twins bullpen in left Center to make it 7-6.

Betancourt, Homer drew a curtain call, getting the crowd warmed up for the 39,393, that conclusion is far from the fun of the seventh inning.

Soothing of Milwaukee Takashi Saito, newly inserted for Marcum, left Rafael Furcal and Jon Jay consecutive singles to open the seventh before removing a nest of wasps hit Pujols in left wrist with a 0-1 ball.

The game loaded run the bases for the Cardinals, finally reached a settlement of the scenario. Pujols is OK, as well as the liquidation and remained in the game. But it took all three courses in the Brewers ' seventh half for St. Louis, to extract its Pound of flesh. "

It comes in the form of Braun, who just so happens to the fireballing Cardinals relievers Jason Motte encounter. Ahead in the count, 1-0, Braun was forced to return to the plate soon after Motte 98-mph fastball Posted well within.

It didn't come on the Motte his next victim, frames, Braun, directly in the left shoulder with 97light offers. It was a game, which resulted in a warning to both sides of the plate umpire Rob Drake, not to mention the hook from La Russa, who then Motte removed from the game.

"I thought I hit it," said Roenicke. "I thought I had hit him deliberately submits. «

Braun, was walking at the same time, calmly in the first after the matter and remained in the game.

Milwaukee went on a base with one, but ' could not push through work as Betancourt appeared next, Jonathan Lucroy based on choice of extreme 5-2, and pinch-hitter Mark Kotsay struck out swinging to end the seventh.

Roenicke said: "that's time, when you really need to hit. Everyone is fired up and you we should wear down and somehow, you have to get these points. «

Francisco Rodriguez got loaded in the eighth inning scored jam thiriot to counter the possibility of the late Ryan White Sox, lost and then in the 10th inning after Molina to output the animal home plate in the third after Rob Drake called off.

Nyjer Morgan, Scott McClellan off the lead were the 10th day, down By gives the Brewers runner with anything. HART developed into her second sacrifice bunt, but subsequent groundouts, Jerry Hairston, Jr. and the Braun ended the threat.

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