U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn apologizes to Obama for `tar baby' reference

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado — U.s. Representative Doug Lamborn sent an apology to the White House Monday for comments, which he has made on Friday during an interview with radio station Denver.

The Colorado Republican said during an interview on the fiscal policies of the Obama/linked with President Barack Obama that "like touching tar baby. "

"In don 't even want to associate with him. It's like touching a tar baby, and you get it — you know, you is fixed and you is part of the problem now, and you can 't get away "Lamborn said. "I don 't want to happen to us (the Republicans), but if it is not, or not, he still gets the correct — so — blame because his policies, to four years, managed the American people. "

Although "tar baby" is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary in "something that is almost impossible to extricate itself," he also long has been recognized as a derogatory term for blacks.

Whatever the definition is too serious heat Lamborn from multiple points of view. Two leaders of the local community a black congressman Chuck immediately condemned the comments and said he should know better.

Rosemary Harris Lytle Chapter President of the NAACP, Manitou Springs connotations of "tar baby in a phrase that says" well-known too makes use of the Lamborn of excusable.

"The world no longer views (El Paso County) as the ultra conservative, ultra right wing, Tea-Party loving gay bashing, Mecca, hatred. With two words, our own vitriolic, Congressman again sealed our fate, "said Lytle " Harris.

Diane Allen-Pikes Peak area, Philips Urban League president, said that the Congressman should be more conscious he is an example of the type to.

"I don ' t think you can just toss that phrase out and not have associated with the past," said Allen-Philips. "If Barack Obama were African American, would use the same terminology? "

In an email, spokesman Lamborn Catherine Mortensen wrote, "Congressman Lamborn regrets any misunderstanding. It meant simply refer to a sticky situation or quagmire. "

Mortensen said the district nor Lamborn or Washington offices received any complaint concerning "tar baby" "comment until Denver radio host David Sirota aired clip interview Monday morning on KKZN 760 AM.

On Monday night, Lamborn 's office sent a press release that said he had "sent a personal letter to President Barack Obama apologizing for using a term some find insensitive. "the release said Lamborn is" confident that the President will accept his heartfelt apology. "

Earlier in the day, El Paso county Democratic Party Chairman Kathleen Reeker called for just such an apology, stating that congressman statement was not enough.

I am ashamed to call Doug Lamborn Federal Representative for my community, I am "I " said Ricker. "For all we can do to convince the nation that our community is not a regression, hateful, foolish man, speaks before the idea because he believes that it is politically † invincible and invulnerable. "

His comments were Ricker immediately rejected because "cheap political shots " by Eli Bremer, and the El Paso County Republican Party Chairman. Bremer said his statement was Lamborn in a particular context, and not at all was also the color of the skin of Obama as a ' '.

"It 's shameful that nobody would try and insinuate that he was being racist," Bremer said. "I think there are people who believe that is a racist term, but what is important is not how people interpret, but as it of intention. It is very unfair to take something completely out of context and try to destroy them politically because of the same. "

Lamborn isn't politicians have ever landed in hot water with two of those only Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts Governor was lambasted in 2006 for using the phrase refers to a construction project and the United States, John McCain, Sen.. R-calif is unfortunately in 2007 he was President during the work. Used to refer to divorces.

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